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The New Shipping FAQ and Rules - Obey or DIE! update - 6/25/08 (Read the RED INK)

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Encyclopika, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    Rules last updated: June 25, 2008

    Q: What is shipping?
    A: To believe that two fictional characters from any sort of media (novels, fanfiction, TV, movie, etc.) are a good couple/will be a couple.

    Q: What's a shipper?
    A: The person that supports the two characters as a couple.

    If you have anymore questions, please follow the following link:
    http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shipping - Bulbapedia


    Shipping Rules: Obey or pay.


    2). PICTURES
    2.1) If you post fanart, be sure to give credit and a link to the original artist. NOT Google, their actual site. No exceptions.
    2.2) If you post in the Official Shipping Picture Thread, the picture MUST be shippy; otherwise, it shall be deleted as SPAM.

    3.1) Do not SPAM – Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. If you have to comment, elaborate your comment. Give your posts life and personality.
    3.2) Do not bash, flame, or harass any members, mods, ships, or characters. This is a serious offense, and will not be taken lightly. You will pay for it if you commit it.
    3.3) No shipping lists. If you do, however, list as the topic of the thread, then you must explain why you like/dislike the ships in your list.
    3.4) No Elite/Chat/N00b talk. Speak like a normal human being and people will take you more seriously. If you use it as a joke, that’s fine, but please don’t make it your whole post.
    3.4.1) This includes what I like to call, "cheerleading". Don't just go into a thread and say "Go *whatever*shipping!" It's annoying and it spam. >>
    3.5) Don’t reply to a thread that is over thirty days old. It’s old, it’s dead, if you want to restart the conversation, make a new thread for it.
    3.6) Don’t make a thread asking what the name of AxB is. We have the “What’s that ship called?” thread. Use it.
    3.7) Do not go into a ship thread of a ship that you don't support and then start going "anti" on it. That is deemed as off topic. And no, you cannot make an "anti-*ship" for ships you don't support, for risk of flamewars.
    3.8) If you get your thread closed, don't try to recreate a thread right away. You got your thread closed for a reason, remember that m'dearies. :] PM a mod for permission.

    4.0). DEBATES
    4.1) Don’t make a useless debate, like a nevermetship VS a canon ship, and so on.
    4.2) If you want to post in a debate thread, bring something useful to it that actually debates the other side’s reasons, or state why you think a certain way verses the other side.
    4.3) Swearing is allowed at minimum, just don’t expect to get any respect. Mature debates don’t need that sort of language anyway, to get a point across.
    4.4) No bashing/flaming any person, ship, hint, or character. If you wish to counter a hint, do it in a civilized manner.

    *******A good example of a great debate in the Contestshipping VS. Advanceshipping Debate

    The other mods and I aren’t about to take anymore of this nonsense with the over spam that’s been popping up frequently. If you break any of these rules, they and I will take any action we feel necessary depending on how severe the offense. We are not going to tolerate laziness – I have reduced the rules to a simple set up so that perhaps people will take the five minutes it takes to read them. Obey or pay. Seriously.

    EDIT: Starting Monday March 19 2007 - the shipping mods will be taking a new approach to this spam. Every piece of spam found on that date and beyond will recieve a full (3 point) infraction. That means that if you spammed twice in one day, you'll get infracted twice for 6 points. If you spam tomorrow and the next day, you're getting two infractions, and so on. Learn to post smart or to not post at all. You can make a better discussion. If that's too difficult for you, you can leave. There are plenty of members who carry on thoughtful discussions, so we know it's possible and easy. Don't be lazy and ELABORATE!

    Still not sure on your posting abilities? Go to Encyclopika's How To on it.
    If you find something that goes against the rules...help us out! Report it!

    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 25, 2008
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