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The new Team Rocket

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so with team rocket actually not being a group of bubbling idiots this series i figured it might be pretty interesting to track what we know thus far, and speculate where it is all heading. not the idea is for this to focus on all things team rocket in the best wishes series.

so far we know that jessie james and meowth where sent to isshu region. do we know why yet?

also they have been told to keep on the d.l. which is why they do not have any of there there old pokemon with them (save meowth)
jessie-bat thing.

besides the new black rocket suits we also see new almost admiral type outfit for giovanni who is joined by a new mysterious female character.

also we have seen how the team rocket trio, whilst not yet overly successful, when they fail its not in the slapstick way as before.

also they have new tech. so thats what we know thus far. did i miss anything? lets keep updating with any new info, and feel free to speculate.


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*sigh* Finally, no more CyberCubed threads but of course someone HAS to replace him while he rethinks of thread ideas. What the hell! We had like 3253 Best Wishes Team Rocket threads! Goodness gracious.


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Jessie, James and Meowth were given a mission by Giovanni to infiltrate the Isshu region, as he is planning to expand operations out to there. However, the reason why he sent them is to draw out Team Plasma, since they are Team Rocket's competition.


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sorry if my thread bothers you, the idea is to be a single thread talking about the new form of team rocket. and all things about them. you dont have to read, nor do you have to comment on it. but perhaps if we keep this thread up top, people wont create dozens more like it.

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I'm personally not a fan of the new TR.

DP made them great, BW made them boring.


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honestly save for jessie doing contests i feel the old team rocket was pretty boring. i mean it was the same thing every episode. of course its possible that the same will happen now, just no bumbling or blasting off. i do hope to see team rocket doing so more active stuff and perhaps maybe even succeeding. maybe one of jessie or james new pokemon will be one where the twerps or character of the week is trying to get and they instead get it.

Haunter ゴースト

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Any notice when they 'Blasted off again' they took off on skydivers which is definetive proof now that they have got rid of their comedic ways.


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so far one week we have had them "ninja" smoke bomb there way outta a blast off, and the like haunter said they used skydivers, or hang gliders to avoid the blast off. so yes haunter they have defiantly rid themselves as of yet from their comedic ways

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I miss the humor of Team Rocket. Why can't they still goof up once in awhile, but try to shrug it off with wicked dignity, sort of like a Wizard of Oz, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" kind of deal.

But, I WOULD like to see them succeed at some schemes, maybe like two or three miniscule ones.


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The old team rocket was good, shame that Wabaffette has left though :( he was the comedic part of them, the new more professional 'blasting off' is a shame :(


Aw man! I forgot all about TR's other Pokemon! Didn't even noticed that they were MIA after all this time! Wow!

Looks like TR's starting fresh too but man imma miss Seviper and Wobbuffet which it was with TR the longest next to Meowth. Not even a proper send-off. Aw well


There could be a chance for TR to blast off this season I mean they can't stay this good forever.

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^After staying total failures for the past 600+ episodes, I think they deserve to be good villains for at least one series

I mean its only fair D:
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Hold up. People miss the old, stupid, annoying TR?! Cause I sure as heck don't.

I think DP took it WAY too far. It just got annoying to the point of I wanted TR gone for good. Especially since they appeared in EVERY episode with stupid antics, and stupider pokemon. What did Wobba-whatever have to do with anything. I'm so glad it's gone. The only good thing DP did (imo) was the Jessie doing contests, because I honestly thought that was good character development/other stuff.

I love this new TR. The comedy was so old and dried up, that this new TR with black uniforms (love) just makes it so much better. And to me they still have a small hint of humor in an evil sort of way. If they stay like this, with the occasional humorous episode thrown in, I'd be the happiest person alive. =P

I'm all for the past, and nostalgia with the old, but sometimes, the old needs changing, and TR needed to change. So I'm rather glad they did. If they go back to being annoying comedians I will go crazy.


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What did Giovanni say to team rocket at the end of episode 4?
Damn. I was hoping that Team Rocket'd show a little more humor. I mean, the way they were before was annoying, but the way they are now makes me feel like something's missing. Not that I don't like them now, but they're just too different. (Well, mainly Jessie and James. Meowth still seems pretty normal, I guess.)


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What did Giovanni say to team rocket at the end of episode 4?

thats one thing im not to sure about myself, anyone else know what was said?


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I like the new TR though I really think the writers should mix the old TR with the new ones abit, it's kinda odd seeing them so serious and all but that's just me


I'm happy they got some improvment in the Isshu region. They are now more serious, and I want to see their new pokemon, when they'll capture them. We don't know what is Giovanni's plan for them in Isshu. Let's hope they will be doing important things.
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