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The new Unconventional Gym/Elite Thread!

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by twilightespeon, Oct 23, 2005.

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  1. twilightespeon

    twilightespeon DIEplzkthnx <3

    I know the other one got closed down, but I refuse to just let the topic die! I'm a HUGE fan of all the gym leaders, and I'm not just going to let my fandom kick the bucket. FREEEDOOOOOOM!!! *coughs* I'm praying we can start anew x_x;

    So, on that note, I really would like to sort of enforce some sort of rules, that I think are fair, and if you don't, then stfu and die...XD I jest. I want this to be a democracy of sorts, moreso than "OMG I AM MORE POPULAR SO YOU CAN SHUT UP."

    1) Please, keep the downright lewd and OMGWTF MY EYES BLEED type posts to a minimum. Nothing that'll get us shut down, kay?

    2) We're trying to unite under one thread to talk about what we love and support, so let's keep the snarky b*tchfights out of the thread. We have PMs and Instant Messaging for that. :0 That means YOU, you drama-llamas.

    3) Het *and* Slash are allowed, just don't talk about how Misty and Brock are in teh love and expect us all to agree...but PLEASE, don't flame the poor little n00blet, just tell them kindly that this is for UNCONVENTIONAL ships.

    4) And for the love of god, JUST BE NICE.

    Sooo, what shall we talk about first, hmm? :3
  2. Phantom_Bugsy

    Phantom_Bugsy So hot he's on fire.

    Something that isn't Originshipping? :D *shot*

    ...reason the last thread got closed is BECAUSE of the snarky little *****fights. You got a problem with someone, kindly tell them BEFORE you go all-out on them in your LJ. I'm looking at certain ones of you :D

    All one 'ship all the time ain't cool either, but now Ciaran is in control so I have no control over that now. XD

    *puts on drama-llama hat* 8D

    *smooshes Matsu AND ITSU WTF together* HAVE BABIES.

    ....:3 Hi.

    EDIT: ...lol I smooshed just Matsu together with himself XD rofl
  3. psilocybin

    psilocybin Well-Known Member

    y halo thar. 8D

    I was wondering why the old one got closed. All I do is lurk though...
    Anyhoo, so my post won't be hella spammy~ SenOda OTP plzkthnx. ♥
  4. Dimitri

    Dimitri just disappear.

    So... um... what are we gonna talk about? So0o0o0o.... hmm.... let me see... idk...
    wait! THAT WAS SPAM I JUST DID WASN'T IT? whoops! well i really don't know what to talk about...
  5. twilightespeon

    twilightespeon DIEplzkthnx <3

    So yeah...try not to just talk about one ship and then ignore the others, and NO DRAMALLAMAING. >_> I'm gonna try my best to make this thread not die in a mass of flaming poo.

    And Psilo, so help me god if you just lurk I'm going to steal Odamaki and tickle him till he cries. You don't want him to cry, now, DO YOU!?

    And like Hmm. I want to do some...events and stuff. ; ; With prizes and everything. WE WILL BE BETTER THAN THE REST OF THE THREADS! *fistpump*
  6. psilocybin

    psilocybin Well-Known Member

    Don't make him cry. ;0;

    Andandand prizes~! Like what sort of events? Writing? Fanart?
  7. twilightespeon

    twilightespeon DIEplzkthnx <3

    Anything, I guess. I'd love to do a halloween/autumn themed fanfic contest :3 I know we have some good writers here. Aaand, maybe we could get a certian someone to do prizes? XD and if you don't want to, I can do smecksy prizes.

    lksjasldfkh I want to make a good banner for the thread. A cute image or something >-> Is that allowed?

    And as to not make this off-topic, I LOVE SUSUSHIPPING SO HARDCORE. :C I still need to write my ghey fic with all the GL's pasts.
  8. Dimitri

    Dimitri just disappear.

    What do you mean events and stuff with prizes?!?! Hmm... maybe we can talk about the ship between um... Brock and Bruno (from the manga)!!! LoL! Does that sound dumb? I made it up off the top of my head. Well there names both start with B, they both have super kool hair, they both have rock pokemon and maybe their personalities could be good ones to co-exist with each other! Hopefully this can get things going... and I don't mean an argument lol.

    edits: oh ok well i see! P.S. btw i'm a VERY good fic writer! lol not to brag ofcourse! lol
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2005
  9. Kveran

    Kveran Pinin' for the fjord

    What sort of events do you mean? Because I just thought of something some friends and I did on another forum- a round-robin writing project. One person writes one chapter, then passes it on, and so on and so forth. I know we've got a bunch of writers in this group, and I thought it would be interesting to see what we could put together. The same basic idea could also be used with drawings as the medium. Would there be any interest in doing that? I don't know how prizes could be worked in though, if prizes are a prerequisite.

    Speaking of fanart... did you guys see this pic? [http://www.geocities.jp/naitodenaito/poke015.html] (I've yet to figure out the new link coding on this site.) I can't for the life of me figure out what Itsuki has to do with a Rapidash, unless the artist is making a comment about Itsuki being a stud. (Probably one of the better pictures I've seen of Rapidash, though, as far as proportions and anatomical correctness goes.)
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2005
  10. twilightespeon

    twilightespeon DIEplzkthnx <3

    XD Oh dear, stud. I think I've seen that picture, I remember him with a Rapidash.

    And that's an interesting idea. I'd love to try something like that, even though the closest thing I've ever tried was Line Inspiration (which is my FAVORITE thing ever for writing.)

    Hmm. I'd still love to do something with prizes though. :3 Tell me that wouldn't be fun?

    (LOL BRUNO AND BROCK. XD I haven't read the manga before, but that thought makes me all snickery. They look like they could be related.)
  11. psilocybin

    psilocybin Well-Known Member

    That doesn't sound like a bad idea.

    Hoboy, if we all worked on one, I can guarentee it'll be filled with drama, sap, and something quite trippy.
    ... 8D
  12. twilightespeon

    twilightespeon DIEplzkthnx <3

    OH GOD THE TRIPPY. D: I'd probably try to work Jungian thought and archetypes and intrigue and incest and all that jazz into it. I can only imagine what the other crazies here would put.

    XD I love this group.
  13. Dimitri

    Dimitri just disappear.

    OMG IT WOULD!!! I'M EXCITED THINKING ABOUT IT!! OK! Let's pick a shipping and we'll each write a chapter of it with a fall/halloween twist to the plot or something like that! lol!
  14. psilocybin

    psilocybin Well-Known Member

    If I joined in, you'd probably have random things about fungi and amoebae. :C
  15. Dimitri

    Dimitri just disappear.

    So what are we even talking about now? Random bits of nonsense?
  16. twilightespeon

    twilightespeon DIEplzkthnx <3

    XD I dunno if I'm quite in the mood to start now. Kveran, Psilochan, what do you think?

    That's why we love you XD Nothing's anything without fungi.
  17. psilocybin

    psilocybin Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't mind starting sometime soon, but I'm just eager to write. (I'm assuming that's what we're going to be doing anyway.) But I'm obviously not everyone else (though, that'd be damn awesome), so I don't want to, like, do anything too early. Especially since the whole gang isn't here yet.

    And where would we be without our lovely little decomposers?

    ... Heehee, decomposing. Heehee, guro. +shifty looks+
  18. Dimitri

    Dimitri just disappear.

    I think I wanna write a Brock and Bruno fic suddenly... lol! The more i think about it the more cute and HOTT they are together! LOL!
  19. twilightespeon

    twilightespeon DIEplzkthnx <3

    WRITE IT. Seriously! XD Takeshisama needs people to be paired with. His hotness is totally underestimated! Mmm, Rock is weak against fighting, isn't it...X333

    And uhmm. I'd love to start something XD Maybe we should wait till some of the other regulars show up? I definately wanna do something, though.

    Edit: GAH! I have to go, but I'll be back tomorrow.

    :D Try to carry on without me~ And if I come back and I see someone closed the thread, there'll be heck to pay :C
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2005
  20. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    Wasn't the fact that Brock and Bruno look a lot alike the reason that Bruno wound up getting redesigned?
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