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The new Unconventional Gym/Elite Thread!

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by twilightespeon, Oct 23, 2005.

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  1. jinxie

    jinxie Guest

    agathaxprofessor oak (but this is gym leaders/elites)
    agatha x blaine
    agatha x flannery. (what the fork?)
  2. Chaka27

    Chaka27 Banned

    Ive gt a few.....

    Flannery and Brawly
    Erika and Surge
    Morty and Whitney
  3. twilightespeon

    twilightespeon DIEplzkthnx <3


    And uhmm. Agatha/Ookido. XD with him as her younger plaything.
  4. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    What's unconventional about those?
  5. articuno_trumps_all

    articuno_trumps_all <========Ball Squeez

    Like I have said over and over again, Agatha is clearly screwing Blue/Green. She used to be hot and heavy with Oak, but she doesn’t like them old (hypocrite). She wanted to get with the younger version, Blue. That is why Blue got the Viridian gig. He’s slept his way to gym leader status. Oh wont somebody indulge me in my Agatha opt. Tis hetro, for once—it isn’t about love, so that is why the hetro works in this case.
  6. Kveran

    Kveran Pinin' for the fjord

    Agatha x Oak. They don't get along now (I think Agatha's tired of the whole 'relationships' thing) but it's practically canon that they were lovers at some point.
  7. twilightespeon

    twilightespeon DIEplzkthnx <3

    I agree, it IS practically canon. X3 such spite they have for eachother!

    (I don't understand Agatha/Green and I'm not going to pretend to Xp)
  8. articuno_trumps_all

    articuno_trumps_all <========Ball Squeez

    That is why she is with Blue/Green. She says she doesn't like Oak anymore because he's old, so that is why she wants to get with his grandson.
  9. twilightespeon

    twilightespeon DIEplzkthnx <3

    That totally makes me cringe. XD but in that good way.

    SEE!? This is why I think she's Karin's grandmother or great aunt or something! They're both sexual deviants!

  10. articuno_trumps_all

    articuno_trumps_all <========Ball Squeez

    XDXD If you cringe in a good way, then I have done my job. ^_^
  11. twilightespeon

    twilightespeon DIEplzkthnx <3

    Yes. Because I love you : D

    and oh sigh. ;~; Looks like we need to break out the eggnog and start a party in here!
  12. CWisgood

    CWisgood Coral Eye Trainer


    MattsXHank (Both from the manga)

    Anyone from aboveXNoland

    Or any other combination :p
  13. Kveran

    Kveran Pinin' for the fjord

    Well, I have Agatha as being Karin's mother; but then again, I also have Sabrina, Morty, and Will as Karin's brothers, so the four of them are responsible for all of Agatha's gray hairs. And that explains a lot about them. Karin's a deviant, Sabrina's psychotic, Morty's on drugs, and Will just sits in the corner of the room hiding, rocking back and forth.

    Oh, man, I'm with you on that eggnog. Can I bring in something stronger? Good for the conversation. -nods as if she knows what she's talking about-

    Should we move on to Lance? Well, hell, I'm moving onto Lance anyway, shoot me if it pleases you.

    Lance. With Lorelei. For me, it's the end of the story. Once upon a time, when I was worried that I was getting too attached to the couple, I experimented by pairing Lance with Sabrina, but that lasted for about... oh, a day. I've read (and enjoyed) other Lance pairings, including Lance x Red, but when it comes down to it, Dragon King x Ice Queen.
  14. articuno_trumps_all

    articuno_trumps_all <========Ball Squeez

    I'm not too fond of Lance--at all, so I will just say I don't ship him. *see--no flamage*
  15. Kveran

    Kveran Pinin' for the fjord

    Aww, come on, we've already got highly flammable liquids in here- and there's nothing to spice up a conversation like a good shipping war. Used to have those all the time at the DFW until we realized that if we wanted a good couple war we had to stop agreeing with each other. (What? I'm not encouraging friendly flaming, no way no how. :p)
  16. articuno_trumps_all

    articuno_trumps_all <========Ball Squeez

    Who wants to pair up Bugsy.

    For some reason I've always envisioned Clair having Tate and Bugsy over for some “maternal gl attention.”

    Oh yes, yes boys, this is the proper way to assert your dominance in a match. If I may demonstrate.

  17. Wataru

    Wataru Wattebällchen

    How someone can't like Lance? I never saw the episodes about him, but in the manga he is easily one of the best characters. I always had a soft spot for those traumatized bishounen, who turn evil and want to size world domination or turned into selfish, cold guys due to their emotional pain. Yeah, the're definitely the best!

    But for finding a appropriate partner, that's more difficult. For the manga i would just take one of the other charakters i like. Ash, Gary, Kenta, Ruby, or Yellow. But wasn't yellow a girl? Seriously when I found out that he was actually a she, i was shocked for the first time in my life about the content of a manga, I was so depressed i couldn't get any sleep for two days. So for me Yellow will always be a boy, no matter what.
    Well, in the GB Game Kenta and Lance teamed up to fight Team Rocket, i don't know if the story plot is the same in the manga, since i visited the pokemon center last time, Book 9 was sold out.

    And for the manga, I could easily see him together with Stephen or Kazuki.
  18. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    Why would Yellow being a girl make you depressed?
  19. Wataru

    Wataru Wattebällchen

    But isn't that obvious? Very much for the same reason why pokeshippers get depressed, when they see a advanceshipping hint in the anime series.
    Yellow as boy is uber-cute, while Yellow as girl is er ... still cute, but not that cute.
  20. Masumi

    Masumi Fog Trainer

    Yellow is a girl yes, but I think she's cute. ^^ Isn't Lance too old for her???
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