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The new Unconventional Gym/Elite Thread!

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by twilightespeon, Oct 23, 2005.

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  1. Wataru

    Wataru Wattebällchen

    @ Toraphi

    I hope you aren't mad at me for making evil jokes about your romantical scenario. ;-)
    It's indeed funny. And would be interesting to read.

    Yeah, I already have a Oxford Dictionary, but since it's in both ways, it's not very extensive.

    But I need to get back to topic.

    What about Brock? Is he gay or not?

    Yeah, he flirt with alle the women, but his behaviour is ... well ... very exotic.

    However I don't like Brock x Ash at all.
    Brock x Misty is better.
  2. articuno_trumps_all

    articuno_trumps_all <========Ball Squeez

    *sigh* The OED gets me all hot and bothered.

    I think Brock is totally gay, but he is, at the very least, canonly bisexual. He's really into Ash in drag, as we have seen.
  3. Shatoshi

    Shatoshi Johto Trainer

    Brock...he is straight....anf Horny^^

    Ritchie and Gary on the other Hand.........

    Ash is straight though (SORRY T OGET OFF TOPIC^^)

    What about Prima....

  4. articuno_trumps_all

    articuno_trumps_all <========Ball Squeez

    How can you go against the canon. Brock tried to hump Ash when he was dressed as Juliet. He was fully aware it was Ash. Brock went mad over Ash in drag like he has never done for any girl. It is in the canon people. Brock is not straight. I'm sorry, it is the truth. Denying it just silly.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2006
  5. Kveran

    Kveran Pinin' for the fjord

    Brock is straight and confused...

    Lorelei is either straight or bi with preferences. I'm leaning towards "straight" but not above experimenting when she's had a little too much to drink. I don't think she's lesbian by any stretch of the imagination.

    Are we onto Jasmine now?

    -sighs- Ah, one of my other favorite OTPs. Kamon (Silver) x Jasmine. Hands up the one who pointed me to the fanart site that got me hooked... thou shalt be commended.
  6. articuno_trumps_all

    articuno_trumps_all <========Ball Squeez

    He likes boys Kveran. There is no denying it.
  7. Heracross

    Heracross Custom User Title

    Well, we could deny it, it just wouldn't do any good. :x

    Anyway... methinks Mikan goes well with Atsumi. Going with her shy and quiet game personality instead of her generic animé one, it kinda balances out Atsumi's rather loud and confident attitude. And by those same principles I can see her with Nagi as well. And it most definately has nothing to do with the fact that it's hot yuri. Nothing at all.
  8. Toran Frostbite

    Toran Frostbite Highrise Above All

    Nyah, Brock has absolutely no idea whose legs he wants to be between. Either Chica-of-the-Day or Ash's. Let's leave it there before we kill each other over it. ^^;

    XD;;; And y'all totally skipped over Morty. But Jasmine.... *cackle* I'm so for her and Janine, with Flannery wishing and wanting for her on the side.
  9. Kveran

    Kveran Pinin' for the fjord

    Oh, absolutely not. Nagi x Mikan would indeed be eye candy.

    Oh sh- er, sugar. I knew there was something wrong with that. Sorry, dude. Should we do Morty next after Jasmine then, or do them both at the same time? Well, I'm sure some people would do them both at the same time, but that is one pairing I've never considered.

    Um, Morty x Will, please and thank you.
  10. twilightespeon

    twilightespeon DIEplzkthnx <3

    *blink* Last time I was here, there was absolutely nothing new said except for some people going, "LOLZ I LIKE THIS COUPLE :B".

    >_> I swear, stuff always happens when I'm away.

    *slinks into the thread, ducking projectiles in the process*

    Mikan/Tsutsuji is adorable. I'm strangely fond of it, and I always have been. I'd probably find Mikan/Silver cuter if I didn't have a chronic case of "IT'S TOO PRETTY FOR A GIRL." Xp

    And Matsuba/Itsuki 4 evars. Still my OTP for both of them. :p

    (AND TAKESHI IS NOT GAY. Hiroshi doesn't count, Arti. He's a smouldering temptress who could get anything he wanted. And neither does Satoshi. >_> He's just darn pretty in drag.)
  11. Kveran

    Kveran Pinin' for the fjord

    I have absolutely no content to add to this. I just found it massively amusing that the post count (before this post) was #249.

    But in order to not spam, which of the "it"s are too pretty for a girl, TE? Call me sleep-deprived (and you'd be tellin' it like it is) but I am completely missing something here.
  12. articuno_trumps_all

    articuno_trumps_all <========Ball Squeez

    Oh twilight, are you still sticking to the whole tired Brock is straight theory. *sigh* XPXP

    I'm not going to disagree.

    Brock wants an Ash-grab of his own.
  13. twilightespeon

    twilightespeon DIEplzkthnx <3

    I meant that Kamon is too pretty to be with a girl. XD You lose some sort of Zen-Balance of prettiness when you get one really pretty person and put them with another pretty person, I swear.
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