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the new wonder...

So what do ya think of my story dudes and dudets?

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This was my first story and I redid it so it will be longer more detalled and blah blah blah.They use roads not routes and it is in a region called kronno so there are new pokemon i am gonna provide pictures and right now in my sig is the starters seconed evelution.


I wake up on a saterday morning at 7:37am. I walk out of my house without saying good bye to my mom.Then he went over to the professer's lab[convenently 13 steps away from his house].the professer says happily, "Ah, hello Riccro, you have come two get your first pokemon, right?"

"Yup, I don't know witch to get." moaned Riccro with a sigh. "I think mabey a watcho..."

Watcho is a water type pokemon who is a light blue and looks like a snorlax and a slowpoke and likes to lay on the ground and think of stratogies for battles when it is bourd

"I see...thats a good starter pick. Well I started with a matchy myself and see all that I have become." professer stated rather fast.

Matchy is the fire type starter and looks like a match with eyes is an average choose of many bigginers.

"Umm...yeah I think i will stick with watcho."Riccro replied nervisly. So Riccro picked up the blue pokeball."This one is fine." Riccro said as he relesed the pokemon.

"wa wa watcho!" watcho said with no emotion.

" Do you want to give him a nick name at all?" asked professer

"Sure why not. How about...Wetty!" Riccro said with happiness."Do you like that watcho?"

"Watch wa watcho[yes, that sounds cool in pokemon lang.]!" So there they were he finally had a pokemon of his own.

"Ahh...thank you that hit the spot mom right, Wetty?

"wat watcho"

"Thats a yes i think. So lets go on our first adventure to be a pokemon master of the Kronno region!" Riccro hollored with honor.

"WATCHO!!" wetty also hollored with honor

" Well here we are, right about to go on the first road to our dreams..."

" Watcho wa..."

" Oh boy dude lets do this" Riccro said scared,"Return wetty!" and as fast as lightning the light blue pokemon went back into its blue pokeball.

twenty minuts later

He walked out onto the first road and thought this was it Riccro I am was taking my first step into my adventure. “I’m getting lonely out here,” I stated out loud. So I released my Wetty out of the blue ball.

“Watcho wa!” wetty spoke feeling better to be out of its pokeball

“Well here we are…” all of a sudden a smallish bird swooped down and took Riccro’s bandana of his head! “Give that back know!” Riccro commanded to it.

“Carsal cars car,” it peeped back to me.

“A Carsal aye?” Riccro questioned himself. “Well I don’t care what you are! I just want my bandana back now!” Riccro hollered up to the bird. “Lets have are first battle Wetty, what do ya think yer ready?”

“Wa wa watch watcho!” he screamed as if saying you kiddin? sher I am!

“Alright then, Wetty hit it with a, uhh…umm…water…gun?” Riccro stuttered because he was not positive if it was right.
Wetty hit it as hard as he could shooting a long stream of water going right into the sky and hitting the carsal right in his critical-hit zone. Sadly it was not strong enough to faint it. Then I got a good look at it and saw it had blue tinted wings but the rest was red. Also it looked like a pidgy and a swellow.

“Try a body slam thing on it!” I commanded. I thought, “a body slam thing” uhg I sounded so lame.
Luckily and to my surprise he actually fainted it! “We did it! Hey you look stronger did you grow a level oh well we did it!” Riccro hollered like he won the Super Bowl.

Then a random sails who looked like a conartist walked over to him and said, “very nice battle young boy you make me think of myself as a trainer before I went into the business world. In fact take these he handed me; five pokeballs, five greatballs; six potions, six super potions, an antidote, a paralyze heal, burn heal an awakening; and a personal digital assistant [p.d.a.]

“Well thanks…I think we might need these” Riccro said very much obliged.

“Good now keep up the good battling my boy. I hope to see you beating the
beating the elite four and winning the hall of fame.”

“Hall of fame, and Elite four?” Riccro questioned him

“You do not know what the elite four or the hall of fame is. Well I shall inform you it is the chance to become the best pokemon trainer in the entire region. But you have to beat the eight gym leader spread out across the region.” the salesman informed me.

“I knew about the gym battles because that’s why I left in the first place. Oh! Sir I never got your name.” Riccro said

“Sorry I forgot to say it my name is Thomas Honald the president of the sliph. Co in the Kronno region.”

“Then you’re…you’re rich!” Riccro blasted out of shock, ”Will you give me your p.d.a. number?”

“Sure I would it is 555-555-655.” Thomas answered back.

“Cool, well I gotta go if I want to make it to the next gym battle by the end of the week so see ya later!” Riccro hollered back as he and Wetty walked away.


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