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Might pick up Half-Life 2 tonight for a change of pace. Valve can make good games after playing TF2 and Portal, it's just their crappy program Steam and they delay everything they make.

Still having problems with BFH. The forum is made out of fail and AIDS seeing how they have crap moderators and you can't even find the make PM button at all, even if it's vBulletin.

http://s302.photobucket.com/albums/nn120/Matty_G33/Image Macros/ Also made this full of image macros. Feel free to use in your own image hosting thing.


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Welcome to all the new members :D

Also, Battlefield's been working for me lately although I still get kicked ot disconnected occasionly which really annoys me...
At least it's better than before where I couldn't play at all. :D
I bought 2 new hero slots with the free BF they gave us (my friend gave me his) :p and I've already made a royal gunner but am still thinking of a name for the commando...
I really want to delete my national commando and royal soldier because I don't want to spend 1960BF on renaming them because it's just a rip off...
Also, now that I've been playing a bit more without being kicked out, my stats are...

- Wo1f (Lvl 10 Soldier) (5 Combat Medicine and 1 Burning Bullets...)
- cookiemuncher (Lvl 8 Gunner) (1 Shield, 1 Explosive Keg and 3 Leg It)

- cookiecruncher (Lvl 1 Gunner...) (1 Shield)

And I've disowned the other 2 heroes :D
Any Commando name suggestions would be nice.

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They only have one Aussie server, so we can only wait until they get more of them. They should seeing it's now open to public.

EDIT: SD, add MattyG to friends (Hero wise)
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Long time no post. How's everyone going? I've been relaxing since it's the holidays.
The new remakes look really good. They're adding a ton of stuff to them, can't wait to try them. Also i'm confused about why they're making 3 new dungeon games for Wiiware. I'll probs get one of them though.


+1 cookie for troll
It's nice to see this place alive again~ ;o;
I'm definitely looking forward to SoulSilver. It's a shame that they didn't change Ho-oh's pose very much, yet Lugia has the most dynamic sprite ever!

Anyone else here besides me being overloaded with work these holidays? I've been asked to work 10 hours tomorrow, and I dunno if I can do it...


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Haven't been paying attention to the main site, just checking for posts in here.

BFH has some issues but the server problem is fixed with most of them. Lv11 Soldier and Gunner on Royals but the former's going to level up soon and I've got two other guys of the same classes in Nationals.

Also made a video right here, 1v1'ing my briglead from AR.
I need to come here more often.. I completely forget about this place sometimes.
School's back on but i've still been playing Wii like crazy. Recently got the new Wii Sports, The Conduit and Grand Slam Tennis. Wii Sports is amazing and Grand Slam Tennis rocks with Motion+. I also finished The Conduit, i thought it was a really good game.


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I need to come here more often.. I completely forget about this place sometimes.
School's back on but i've still been playing Wii like crazy. Recently got the new Wii Sports, The Conduit and Grand Slam Tennis. Wii Sports is amazing and Grand Slam Tennis rocks with Motion+. I also finished The Conduit, i thought it was a really good game.

I haven't been here in a while...
I've been to busy with school and stuff...
I find myself coming here less and less...

I'm going to get Wii Sports Resort soonish with an extra Wii Motion+...
It looks really good and once the next Wii Zelda game is out it's going to be so awesome!!!

I also can't wait untill all of the new Wii and DS games are out...
There's such along list of the ones I want that I can't be bothered typing it out :D

I'm also going to watch Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children once I have time...
I'm borrowing it from my cousin and it's supposed to be good :p
I love Final Fantasy games :D

I've been playing a bit of Battlefield recently but haven't levelled up that much...
I traded my XP Boost code for 3 Beta Medals so now all 6 of my heroes has a Medal :D

Now my Stats are...

Soldier - Level 15
Gunner - Level 10
Commando - Level 4 (Don't play as him much...)

Soldier - Level 1 (untouched)
Gunner - Level 1 (untouched)
Commando - Level 12

Also, The New outfits look pretty awesome (Templar + Dark Knight)
I just wish that I had some way to buy Battlefunds so that I could get them...
Although I'd only get parts of the outfit like in my sig in the BF:H Forums...

If anyone else here plays battlefield then add me to your friends...
My player's name is Raro <--- Click to view my profile :p

Just a few Ideas...
A Serebii Battlefield Heroes Club (here) and also a Clan on the Website???
Same goes for Gamefaqs??? Get people who are interested to join from Gamefaqs and have the Clan on the Battlefield site :D
Would you guys be interested?
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Actually I'm making some logos for a GameFAQs joint on BFH. LEAVE ARTWORK TO ME

Also, xfire username is thecoincidence if anyone wants add me. For anyone who doesn't know, you can take screenshots, videos, and chat both voice and text in game, even if you aren't playing the same game or just in the desktop.

Lv16 Soldier and Lv13 Gunner at the moment. Lv9 National Gunner and Soldier and leveling up my Lv7 Commando.

EDIT: Group has been done, clicky here.
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Nice Matty :p
I was just browsing around the Group Section and got bored so went to the last page...
I saw it and got a shock :p
That was fast :D
Then I came back here to check :)
I've Requested :p


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Still... Can't be bothered scrolling up now that I've scrolled down :p

Also, do you know anywhere that sells PC Gamer / Zone / Action / Games in NZ??? (Auckland...)
Even if they're the old ones???
I want the Rippin Rocket / Thor's Turbojet Codes for my Royal Commando and National Soldier :D

I was playing with my Gunner a bit yesterday and now he's level 11 :D

He has Level 1 Shield + Leg It and Level 4 Frenzy Fire :D
I'm considering maxing Frenzy next level for the extra point in power and then maxing Leg It untill I get to level 20 :D

EDit: Subscribed :D
I don't check my e-mail everyday though... :p
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But, take into account that I've only played a few games with my current build (around 7) and they upped my K/D ratio a lot (for only a few games...) =D
And for some reason whenever my friends come over they seem to want to use my gunner...
I think it's because of his name =( and they can't be bothered making their own Battlefield accounts which really annoys me as they sometimes will get 1-12 in a game untill I can't take it any longer and persuade them to play Wii =P
And When I first started off as a Gunner I really sucked aswell and just asked lots of questions about how to use it and tips and stuff while being mowed down by everyone else =P

But I guess that everyone has their own play styles =D (We can go 1 on 1 later when I get my gunner up a few levels... (probably to around 15 / 16 after my Commando + Soldier =P)
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