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The Next Stop. [Contestshipping] - PG-13.

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by b0redomness, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. b0redomness

    b0redomness mhmm.

    The Next Stop. [Contestshipping, maybe a little Pokeshipping.] - PG-13(Later chapters, I guess.).

    Summary: Stuck with each other on the train to Petalburg City after missing their stop, May and Drew are forced to accompany each other, meeting various people on the way. What will happen on their next stop?

    Next Stop: Petalburg City!

    "Next stop, Petalburg City!" The train conductor boomed into the loudspeaker, causing one chartreuse-haired boy to wake up from a deep slumber. "Next stop, Petalburg City!" it repeated.

    "Aa..." Drew ruffled his unruly green hair and stood up from his seat, straightening his long-sleeved black shirt and pulling on his lavender vest. "This is my stop."

    Drew held on to the cold, metal pole of the train as he waited for the train to come to a complete stop, and glanced outside the window, smirking when he caught a glimpse of his uncle, standing right outside of the train stop.

    He grabbed his suit case and walked to the nearest exit, only to bump into someone, dropping the her belongings, the contents of his own luggage spilling in the process. They both fell to the floor.

    "I'm sorry." He muttered casually, picking up all the things that were his: his wallet, his papers, his cell phone, his (now) wrinkled clothing- slightly blushing at the sight of his dark-blue boxers- and all the rest of the things that were on the ground that was his. Drew stuffed the contents into his black bag and stood up to look at the person he had bumped into.

    It was a young girl, about his age(he was 16), with chestnut hair and bright blue eyes, clothed in a red shirt and a white skirt, her hair covered by a red bandana. She seemed shy, and a bit scared of him.

    "Aa... I'm so sorry! It's my fault!" She scrunched up and looked away from him. "Forgive me!" She said, avoiding his eyes.

    Drew shook his head and offered her a hand. "No, It's my fault." he reassured her, picking up one of her items and handing it to her. She glanced at it and snatched it away from his hands in an instant, muttering a small, "Thanks."

    Awkward silence came as both pairs of eyes darted around the room. Finally, Drew broke the silence. "I'm Drew." He told her, finally getting up to straighten his clothes. She looked up at him and gave him a shy grin. "May." She said, getting up as well, a cheesy grin on her face.

    "I'm sorry, again," Drew said, offering his hand to her as a type of truce. May grabbed it and shook it softly. "It was my fault, I told you. I was in your way." she answered back.

    "It's in the past." He reasurred again, scratching the back of his head.

    May looked around the room, then at him. "So... where are you headed to?" she asked curiously, looking carefully at his luggage. Drew was about to answer, but the train conductor's voice boomed once again.

    "Now leaving, Petalburg City!" He shouted. "Now leaving, Petalburg City!"

    Drew sighed in frustration, pressing his face on the window, seeing his uncle walking off and shrugging. "That, was my stop." He muttered, sitting on the bench closest to him. He grabbed onto the nearest pole and banged his head on it. "Now what?" He told himself, yet loud enough so that everyone on the train could hear.

    May spoke up. "We can stay here; and take the next train at the next city. The trains have a circle-type schedule." she suggested, using her fingers to show him in a circular motion.

    Drew lifted an eye brow. "We?" He asked, looking straight at her.

    May twiddled with her fingers. "Well, you see, I live in Petalburg City, and I was coming from Oldale Town from vacation." she explained. "I was about to go out, but then I bumped into you. So, I missed it too." she sighed, tugging on the tip of her bandana.

    "Oh," Drew seemed to understand, scooting over to make room for May. "You can sit here then." he tapped his hand on the space next to him, motioning for May to sit.

    "Thanks." She smiled, agreeing to take the seat. "So, since we're both going to Petalburg, we have a long time to get to know each other!"

    Drew smirked. "It's been only several minutes, and I can tell you are one preppy girly girl." he laughed inwardly, facing straight into May's sapphire eyes that were burning in rage.

    "Hey, I've never seen you in Petalburg before? Are you just visiting?" May asked cheerfully, looking curiously at Drew. "I mean, I practically know everyone in Petalburg, my father is the mayor of that city, so I get to meet everyone there. I bet you're moving there aren't you! How old are you? You look my age, are you sixteen? That's my age, I-"

    "Have you noticed you talk too much?" Drew asked her, rolling his eyes in the process. "Really, May. You were quieter when I first met you, which was only a while ago."

    "Sorry." She muttered, and went back to playing with her hair; she had been doing this for the past hour. "It's a habit." And she kept quiet.

    One minute passed by. May kept her mouth shut, and Drew felt peace.

    Five minutes passed by, and Drew wondered how she allowed herself to keep quiet.

    Ten minutes passed, and he wondered if May was dead. He stole a peek at her. No, she's still alive, but very, awkwardly, freakishly quiet.

    "I'm moving to Petalburg." Drew muttered, making sure he didn't make eye contact. May glanced at him. "What?"

    "I'm answering one of your dumb questions." He couldn't believe he just said that. Of all the things that could make him answer a lame question, it was this girl he just met.

    "Oh." May looked at him. "Ano, why?"

    Drew rubbed the back of his neck in embarassment. "You were so loud a while ago, that when you shut up, I thought you were dead." He stated, turning to laugh at her. May's cheeks puffed up and the heat rose up to her face. "Drew!"

    "It's the truth." he snorted, resting his head on the wall behind him, ignoring all of May's protests.


    "You should lower your tone, May. People might mistake you for a large, red bull horn." He closed his eyes, folding his arms and facing upwards. May sighed. "You're impossible, Drew."

    Just then, "Oh my!" A voice squeaked.

    "What?" May and Drew looked around to find the origin of the sound. They were pretty suprised to see who it was.

    It was a person, clad in lime green clothing, long purple hair, and also sported a hat with the same color of the clothes and resembled a cactus.

    "Oh my!" The person said again, this time going up to May. "I love your bandana! It's so ca-yute!" he giggled, taking both her hands and holding it in front of her.

    May rubbed the back of her head in embarassment. "Oh, thanks... Erm, what's your name? I'm May," she asked, Drew looking cautiously at the person.

    "Oh, how rude of me!" he flailed his arms in the air. "I'm Harley! Pleased to meet you!" He giggled girlishly.

    "Ha- Harley?" May froze, Harley and Drew looking at her in concern.

    "May, what's wrong?" Drew asked, a bit concered for the girl. "May?"

    "Uhm... I'm sorry... I- I thought you were a girl." May shrugged, sweatdropping. "But then you said your name was Harley, which is a boys name. Whoops!"

    Harley twitched. "Y- You thought I was a... a... a girl?" There was a hint of anger in his voice. "Well, it's okay. I ... I get that sometimes."

    Drew stifled a laugh. "A girl... hah... "

    Harley glared at Drew then turned to May with one heck of a fake smile. "Uhm, will you excuse me? I need ... to... go somewh- I need to go use the bathroom, that's it!" And off he went.

    May and Drew faced each other, about to laugh their heads off, but the train conductor's voice came on the loudspeaker above. "Next stop, Rustboro City!" he boomed. "Next stop, Rustboro City!"

    May grabbed Drew and shook him vigorously. "We need to get off this train and take the next one at Rustboro!"

    Drew looked at her. "Why?" he asked.

    "I'm hungry! And I bet you're hungry too. And Drew, we have to get off this one, it says on the train schedule," She whined. Drew rolled his eyes and was about to protest, but he soon felt hunger pains. She was right. He was hungry.

    "Sure. But one question?"

    "What?" May asked.

    "Why am I going with you anyways?" Drew asked, taking his hand and pulling her hands of his shoulder. May grinned nervously.

    "I have no money."

    "WHAT?!" Drew groaned. "Moocher."

    "Please?" May looked up at him with big, puppy dog, cerulean eyes. "I'll pay you back in Petalburg City."

    Drew thought about it. Should he do it? After all, he did just meet May. But then again, she said her dad was the mayor. Oh, the rewards.

    Final answer? "Sure."
    Harley hissed as he rushed inside the bathroom, closing the door. "That May girl is going to regret calling me, Harley, a girl!" He pulled out a small notebook from his pocket and inserted her name inside, drawing a small skull on top of it. "Oh, will she regret it."

    "We are now at Rustboro City. Please remember to take all your belongings out of the train, and have a nice day!"​

    What will happen May and Drew as they both step through into the city of Rustboro? What will Harley do to take revenge? Will the meet new people on their way? What about that weird cactus hat?
    Ahem. Uhm, well... I hope this story isn't all bad... and yeah. I have the next chapter already written, so it'll come soon. Please review and tell me what you think, or whatever mistakes you see.

    Next time, 'The Next Stop- Next Stop: Rustboro City!'
  2. sandygirl888

    sandygirl888 Hikari Rocks!

    Yay, first review! This is interesting, since it seems that May, Drew, and Harley have never met each other before in their lives.

    I don't see any mistakes, but I usually miss things when I read too fast. But anyways, good job.
  3. b0redomness

    b0redomness mhmm.

    Haha, thanks. I'm in the process of re-reading the next chapter, so it'll be out soon. ;munchlax;
  4. Hullo

    Hullo ...

    The Harley part was hilarious! "Cu-yute!" =P

    I like it so far. The odd part was when Drew was apologizing to May. I would've expected him to call her clumsy or something. Oh well, sometimes odd characteristics are required to keep a story going...

    We'll see how this keeps going. =) I'll be watching out for the next chapter.
  5. Esperon

    Esperon An old PS luva!

    Lol, this is a great angle to contestship!

    Harley is just great and I can see him becoming just a small thorn in May and Drew's side ;)


    Keep up the good work and please can you add me to the PM list? thank you!
  6. b0redomness

    b0redomness mhmm.

    Ch. 2 / The Next Stop: Rustboro City!

    The Next Stop.

    Summary: Stuck with each other on the train to Petalburg City after missing their stop, May and Drew are forced to accompany each other, meeting various people on the way. What will happen on their next stop?
    Next Stop: Rustboro City!

    "We're here at Rustboro." Drew sighed, lifting his luggage from the ground. He glanced at May, who was obviously excited about being here in a large city like this.

    "You haven't been out, huh?" Drew teased, causing May to hit him on the head with her luggage. "Oww..." He rubbed his sore spot.

    "Hmph." May crossed her arms stubbornly. "So... what now?" She asked him, looking around the large train station.

    "Oh yeah..." He said, thinking of what to do next. "We should go call and tell everyone where we are and what are situation is... They might be worried; I bet my uncle is. We're supposed to be in Petalburg a long time ago." He reminded her. May nodded. "Well, then. Let's go?"

    They walked in silence to the phone area, where each phone had a monitor so they can see the other person. May walked up to a phone 'booth' and dialed her parent's number as Drew went to another booth.

    Ring! Ring!

    Ring! Her brother Max answered. "May? Is that you?" He pushed his glasses back up, as if he was looking at a mirage. May nodded timidly. "Yep!"

    Max glared at her and began his 'brother acting as parent' speech. "May, where were you? I'm serious. Mom and Dad are worried about you! They're in the kitchen pacing back and forth; they've been doing that for a long time now!"

    May rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. "Well, I... I missed my stop." She told him. Max rolled his eyes and grunted. "Typical May." He scoffed, crossing his arms in disgust.

    May stuck a tongue out at him. "Know-it-all."

    "Red freak!" he stuck a tongue out back.




    "Fr-" Max slapped his head. "Ugh, let's just stop here, I'm losing IQ points talking to you. Anyways, where are you, May?" he asked, his facial expression showing worry.

    "I'm in Rustboro." She told him. Max looked at her carefully, coming up close to the screen. "How are you going to pay for your next train ride? I thought you said you spent all of the money Dad gave you for vacation?"

    "Well..." She put a finger to her lip. "... I'm traveling with someone."

    Max eyed her. "Who?"

    "Well, some guy I met named Drew! He's really nice... but he can be a little annoying... But... he's paying for my trip." She told Max all the details of her short travels, turning the camera at Drew's direction. Drew was on another phone, almost finished explaining the situation to his uncle, who was freaking out.

    Max seemed to understand as he nodded his head thoughtfully.

    Max's mouth slowly turned from a slight smile to a large smirk. "So, you're telling me you're going out with a guy named Drew, and that you're traveling with him for awhile so that mom and dad will cool off by the time we meet him?"

    May gaped. "Max..." she started sternly. "Don't you dare..."

    "Well, bye!" Max shouted to her, running away from the phone. "Mom, dad.... Guess what!"

    The monitor shut down, and May groaned. "Great." She couldn't wait 'till she got home. She stood up and walked up to Drew.

    Drew stole a glance at her. "Done?" He asked. May nodded.


    They both walked outside of the station, May's hands behind her back, Drew's hands stuffed in his pockets.

    It was silent.

    "I'm hungry."
    "I'll have three cheeseburgers and two hotdogs, all sides fries, with extra ketchup, please?" May ordered at the nearest cafe, luggage on hand. Drew stood there in shock as he listened to every single item she ordered and wondered how much money he'd have to pay for this.

    "Wow, does she eat like this everyday?"

    "Drew..." came the singsong voice.

    'How can she still be fit when she eats that much?'


    "Impossible... she must be superhuman."


    "Huh?" Drew snapped back into reality. "What do you want now May? My house? You know how much I'm spending?" As you can see, Drew was money-concious.

    May shook her head. "I said I'll pay you back. And besides, I'm done ordering. What do you want?" she told him, pointing to the impatient cashier. Drew sighed and placed his order. "I'll just order water and a cheeseburger." He said, pulling out his wallet to pay for both their meals. "How much?"

    "That'd be $29.95, please." The cashier smiled, holding out his greedy little hands to take away Drew's money. Drew almost dropped his wallet, and his jaw. "What??"

    "The little miss over there ordered a few cheeseburgers, a couple of hot dogs, and a a lot of fries with extra ketchup packets, sir. And we do have to charge for the extra ketchup you know." The cashier spoke, pointing to the reddening May in the corner of the cafe. Drew mumbled in disgust as he calmed himself down and handed the cashier the money, not before grabbing the food and muttering, "Rip-offs."

    "Anytime!" The cashier said with a small grin on his face, stuffing Drew's cash into the register and giving him the change. "Come again!"

    "Thanks, Drew!" May cheered as she grabbed her food from Drew's arms and began unwrapping them hungrily, as Drew watched her in amazement. She quickly pulled her seat out and sat in it, eating her food. "What? Never seen a girl hungry?" She stuffed the hamburger in her mouth hastily, as well as a few fries.

    Drew shook it off and grabbed his burger, sitting down in the process. It would be awhile before he would get rid of that image in his head. "You better hurry up; our train leaves at 5:00 pm, which is one hour from now." Drew said, slightly munching on his rip-off burger.

    May nodded in delight and started to gobble down on the other items of food she ordered. "You know, this cafe's food is good!" she chewed a piece of hot dog and glanced at Drew. "Don't 'cha think so too?"

    Drew scoffed. "They better be, after I spent 30 dollars on them..." He flipped his hair in disgust.

    "Mm, we should go here again before we leave..." May grabbed a fry and chewed on it in thought.

    "Hell no."

    They ate their meal in silence, they were to hungry to argue.

    "Oh my!" a voice rang out through the streets of Rustboro. "Is that who I think it is?"

    Drew rolled his eyes. It was Harley. "May, it's your friend." Something wasn't just right with him, but he shrugged it off.

    "Hi Harley," May squealed, waving vigorously at him. "I didn't you were stopping by Rustboro!" she motioned him to come over, which he did gratefully.

    "Oh, May, and... guy here! How are you? I didn't know you guys were traveling together! Are you...? Oh wow!" Harley practically jumped for joy.

    Drew rolled his eyes at him. How could one man be so... weird! "She made us miss our stop, and we both are going to the same area. It's not traveling together; it's more of, coincidentally meeting." He simply explained with a flick of his hair.

    "Oh." May and Harley stared. "Okay."

    "So, May! Want to go shopping with me?" Harley changed the subject, practically pulling May off her seat and dragging her out. "I hear Devon Corp. is having a sale!"

    "I can’t, I’m sorry,” May told Harley, “Our train to Dewford leaves in about… well… 15 minutes.” She looked at her watch. “I don’t want to miss it.”

    "Oh, really?” Harley pulled out his train schedule. “Mine says the train heading to Dewford isn’t leaving until 6:00 pm, which means you have an hour and fifteen minutes, instead of just fifteen.” Harley flashed the pamphlet at May, who seemed entirely convinced. But Drew on the other hand, wasn’t convinced at all.

    “Okay then!” She decided, letting Harley pull her to Devon’s.

    “Wait!” Drew tugged on May’s free hand and away from Harley. “I need to tell you something,”

    “Okay…” She and Drew walked an earshot away from Harley.

    And Drew spoke. “What are you thinking?” Drew muttered to May, when they were far from Harley.

    May looked at him confusedly. "I’m thinking that I want to go shopping!”

    "But you're not thinking right, we only have fifteen minutes!" Drew argued, flipping his hair, this time without his hands, in annoyance.

    "But Harley said-"

    “Are you going to believe some guy named Harley- who you thought was a girl- that you just met, than believe me?” He scolded, making May a bit mad herself.

    “I just met you too!” May whined stubbornly. “And I can choose who I want to go with, and who I want to believe in. And… and…”

    “And what?” Drew glanced at her.

    “I choose Harley!” May finalized, and with that, she left with a final note. “My woman’s intuition tells me.” She turned and walked away.

    “You’re only sixteen!” Drew spat, and he himself, turned the other way.

    “Hey! You made it!” Harley cheered, waving at May. “Where’s your friend?”

    “Drew? He couldn’t make it.” She lied.

    “That’s great! I knew you needed to lift that extra weight! Now, we should go to Devon’s before the sale ends, neh?” Harley said, and they both went off into the direction on Devon.


    “May’s so clueless, I swear.” Drew told himself as he waited by the train station. “I bet she’s lost by now, I don’t trust Harley at all.” He flipped his hair, for the umpteenth time.

    “Excuse me?” a woman walked up to him.


    “I’m with Devon’s fashion, and I was wondering if you bought your clothes here?” she asked him carefully.

    Drew looked at her as if she was an alien. “Sure. Might I ask why?” he said.

    “Well,” she twiddled with her thumbs. “You have great hair, and I love the way you dress. I was thinking that I might take a picture of you for our latest edition of Devon’s fashion! So… will you pose for me?”

    “What?” But before Drew could react, FLASH!

    She took the picture. “Thank you very, very much. And have a nice day!”

    Drew groaned. “Oh well, at least she’s not going to put my picture in the front cover or something.” He shrugged off.


    “I was right!” Drew said, picking up his items and rushing off to the train ticket area.

    After eight minutes of incredibly fast window shopping(they didn't buy anything), Harley stopped May. “Excuse me, May, but I need the restroom. Can you wait here for me?”

    May smiled, with her bags in hand. “Sure, I’ll be right here when you’re done!”

    Harley grinned. “Okay, I won’t take long!” and he disappeared.

    May stood by the entrance of Devon’s as she waited for Harley. She glanced at her watch. “Wow, it’s already been twenty minutes!” she said. “Maybe I need to go find Harley.”

    She walked to the reception desk. “Excuse me, can you show me the way to the restrooms?”

    The receptionist shook her head. “I’m sorry, but both restrooms here at Devon have been shut down for flooding. It’s been closed since yesterday. Might want to stop by that hotel and check in there for a night, it's the only restroom available here in Rustboro.” she told her.

    "I'll just go use the restroom on the train." She muttered off, wondering where the heck Harley was. The receptionist glanced at the clock.

    "Hm... might want to go and check in that hotel anyways, the last train train today left about... just about now." she told May, who was about to faint.

    "W.. What?!" May exclaimed, grabbing her bags and running to the train station. "Harleeey!"

    She made it to the train station, only to see Harley on it.

    "Ha- Harley? Why did you say the train leaves at six? This is the last train!" She cried out to him. Harley snickered.

    "And you fell for that? Haha! You little brat'll get what's coming, for calling me a girl!" Harley said out the window, pointing and laughing. "Have fun in Rustboro!"

    May fell to the ground in disgust. "Ugh! That- I can't believe I fell for his trick! I should've trusted Drew..." She muttered as she walked out the train station. "Now, I'm stuck in Rustboro with no money and nothing to do..."

    "... but you're traveling with a person with money and incredibly nice hair." A person reminded her, coming out out of the shadows.

    May blinked. "Drew?" She blinked again, once she realized who she was talking to. "DREW!" She ran up to him and engulfed him in a awkwardly tight hug, causing Drew to fight a slight tinge or red to creep up onto his cheeks.

    "I told you..." Drew said, returning the hug at he same time. "... I was right."

    "Thanks." She said, and they both stood there for awhile.

    After a few moments like that, Drew spoke. "You can let go now." He returned to his usual snobby mood, prying off May from himself. "One more second, and I'll lose air."

    "Sorry!" She sheepishly rubbed the back of her neck, her cheeks turning red. "I didn't notice!"


    "You never notice anything, even when you're wrong." Drew sighed; they were walking back into the heart of the city, where the only hotel stood. "That's what wrong about you, May." He joked.

    "That's not nice." May pouted, sticking her tongue out at him. "Besides, Harley looked so trustworthy!" She commented, Drew rolling his eyes.

    "I bet you'd think a thug with a candy cane out be 'trustworthy'," Drew scoffed, "... because you're so clueless."

    May couldn't deny that, it was true. "But that still doesn't answer my question. Why did you stay behind?" she asked, nudging Drew in the shoulder lightly.

    Drew shrugged. "Because... because... It's not like I could leave you behind, after I something told me that Harley wasn't right. And you did call him a girl." He said.

    "Well, thanks again!" she grinned.

    Drew inched away from her. "No problem."

    They got to the hotel, and Drew checked in. "One room please."

    The lobbyist, who was named Joy, nodded. "Single bed, or double?" she asked, eying the both of them.

    May turned red, and Drew rolled his eyes. "Double." He hissed, impatient to get to the room, he was dead tired. "And can you hurry?" He didn't want to be rude, but he had to do what he had to do.

    "Hmm... here you go!" Lobbyist Joy(haha) was unfazed by the rudeness, and after they gave their info and money, she gave them each their keys. "Room 1102." She smiled. "Enjoy!"

    They slowly walked away from the lobbyist and headed for the elevator.

    "Oh, and excuse me? Sir?" Lobbyist Joy asked. Drew motioned for May to go ahead and then went up to the lady.


    "Can I get your autograph?" She sqeualed like she was ten years younger, pulling out a magazine, with him plastered on the front cover. "I just love the way you looked on this magazine! You are so adorable!" She hastily looked around for a pen and grabbed it. "So, please?"

    "Err... Sure." He mumbled, she was scary, and signed the magazine for her. Wow, squiggly lines. "There. Happy?"

    "Oh, thank you, I can't wait to see you on the next issue!" Receptionist Joy announced to him.

    Drew rolled his eyes. "Don't count on it." And he rushed to the elevator.

    May was still there, waiting for him. "Drew!"

    "May, what are you still doing here?" Drew raised an eyebrow. May shrugged. "Well, I didn't want to get lost around this hotel, so I waited for you..." She said sheepishly.

    Drew stifled a laugh. "Then, let's go?"

    May and Drew rest up at the nearest hotel and get ready for the next train to Dewford Town, their next stop, hoping that they won't miss it this time. Will they get there on time? Will Drew get some fangirls in the way because of that magazine cover? Will I stop acting as Narrator? Find out next time, on The Next Stop!

    And there I go. Sorry about the OOCness. It had to be done, in my case anyways. Besides, I'm not that of a great writer. You should read that, if you like Naruto and all. Also, please accept my apologies on spelling/grammatical errors. I don't have spell check. Aww.

    So, next time, 'The Next Stop: Rustboro City Pt. II!' Enjoy the wait and all. 1/3rd done with the next chapter. =)

    Here's a part of the next bit. Enjoy?

    "Mm... This bed is pretty soft." Drew muttered to himself, pulling himself deeper into the covers. "And it's really warm... huh?" He felt something. Drew flipped his body the other way and his eyes slowly fluttered open. "Hm...?"

    "What the-.. AAH!" And with that, he fell off the bed.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2006
  7. Esperon

    Esperon An old PS luva!

    Hee hee. This is great!

    You've managed for Harley to get up to his old tricks, even when there isn't a pokemon contest envolved. Thats a thought, are there going to be any pokemon here or is it a non pokemon inc. ficcy?

    Somehow I have a feeling that the "single" meant two single beds and "double" means a double bed...*cackles* (not reading spolier if there is anything in there about the bed situation)

    Keep up the good work and let me know when the next chapter is about.
    Thank you!

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