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The Nicknaming Thread

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Crimson Fang

Crazed Nostalgia
I have a tradition of naming usually starters-only (Blaze, Pyre, Cinder, etc.) But i've named my fighting team.

Torterra: Razor (in sig. His offspring are Rizer and Raze.)
*********: Madeen (it's a misnomer or whatever. Madeen's a light element summon in FF9, and she's Dark type).
Azumarill: Ayame, then Tenchi (switched genders on me!)
Wigglytuff: Jigg (I was gonna keep her a Jiggly, but...)
*******: Aurion
*********: Dusk

Can't give away my whole team yet. =)


Pokemon Trainer
My team's nicknames are these

Titan = Torterra
Magmin = Magmortor
Sans = Milotic
Siren = Shiny Crobat
Cyanide = Toxicroak
Shade = Weavile

others i have named

Artax = Rapidash
Strife = Spiritomb
Cinder = Charizard
Goo = Ditto
Arsenic = Tentacool
Wisp = Drifblim
Mothra = Mothim
Serif = Feebas (named with sans, hee hee hee typography joke)
Lanore = Mismagius
Chronis = Hoothoot
Spiker/ Breaker = Shieldons
Serenity = Chansey
Mario = Kricketune
Bonny = Bonsly
I always nickname the Pokémon I use to battle.. =P
Mismaguis: Mistral
Absol: Moruti
Charizard: Charly
Lapras: Shonna
Garchomp: Shadra
Houndoom: Dark Rose
Raichu: Thunderchu
Luxray: Vitani
Lucario: Ryochi


Shiny nidorino: Bluey
Shiny solrock: Sunshine
Shiny cubone: Thumper
shiny golduck: Xonin
shiny venomoth: melvin
Shiny snubbel 1: Lola
shiny snubbel 2: Lilly


Piplup Master
I just nickname my PKMN names that go well with their type.
Blaziken/Infernape: Blaze
Charizard: Flame/Burner
Empoleon/Poliwrath: Bubbles
Torterra: Twiggy
Raichu: Shocker
I nickname my PKMN names like those, it just suits the PKMN.


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I always uncapitalify names so they're (for example) Empoleon instead of EMPOLEON.

Besides that I've only nicknamed online Pokemon to make them look 'professional'. Mostly it just makes them look sad.

Dracofyre the Salamence
Metaguard the Metagross
Engarde the Gallade
Poryshock the Porygon-Z
Flubbs the Blissey =D
Sazaki the Infernape
Xyarados the...Gyarados. No prize for guessing that.

And more, but I can't remember them.
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I like to put an "X" somewhere in all my pokemon's nicknames. (If you know where that comes from, you get a cookie :D )

I have a Scizor named Sa'ix
My Scarm's name is Xefarina
T-Tar as Xuku
Ninjask as Xina
Togekiss as Trixie
and many others

I used to have an Alakazam named Spoons. lol


I used to just give them random names to do with how they looked or their type. Some ended up with disasterously retarded names like "Flappy" or "Rockface". Now I just plan on giving my main team themed names.


Well-Known Member
I love nicknaming! It is so fun, but makes you a little too attached to your Pokemon. Here are my Teams:

Torterra - Atlas
Prinplup - Prince
Bastiodon - Knight

Torterra - Bombardo
Murkrow - Witch
Rapidash - Wesly
Clefable - Dollface
Lucario - Anubis
Wiscash - Tsunami


Staff member
I usually nickname Pokemon I have an attachment to, such as the ones that I use to clear the ingame challenges. In my Diamond, only my Gardevoir has a nickname (Eri), but usually I have more than that.


pure 1337ness
I don't nickname my pokemon (not normally)
tho i have a mismaguis named CRUNCH (don't ask me why i got him of the gts)

here are some names i like

porygon-z : Mr Floatyhead, Mr 1337

Machoke/machamp: arnold

Wobbufett: The Blob

weezing : Gasman (there is a guy in my clan called gasman :p)

snorlax: insert name of fat lazy person here

blaziken (if male): mr **** (male chicken) (else) tastybird

Darkrai: Sven (cuz its a cool name)

Mothra = Mothim
was it a shiny mothim? If so i think i had him for a while.
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