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The Nicknaming Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by mawile_lover1993, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. Mudkipluver

    Mudkipluver New Member

    I dont nickname my pokemon but my brother does he called his turtwig turkey ;258;;258;;258;;258;
  2. LegendaryRotom

    LegendaryRotom Failed to nab me. ;)

    If I had a female shiny Salamence I would name it 'Reget',
    meaning "She will rule",in Latin.
    A guy shiny Salamence would make a nice,Neon.

    My best Regice name ever~
  3. flygon jedi master

    flygon jedi master Why are you hungry?

    I have a Registeel that i wanted to name "Steeler", that I accidentaly named "Seeler".
    My favorite nicknames are;

    Machop-Charlie B.
    Brongzong-Waldo Man
  4. JolteonShock

    JolteonShock <<Squishy loves you!

    My current team: (I restarted recently)
    All of them are females
    Infernape: Cynder- dragon boss from Spyro
    Roselia: Nettle- a character in my fanfic that will soon be destroyed
    Murkrow: Darke- dunno, thought it was a nice name
    Golduck: Kappa- after the japanese sea monster

    Here's a few of my Pokemon nickname ideas. Use them if you want.

    Electric Pokemon : Eyclar for male, Elektra for female
    Flying Pokemon : Oiselle for female, SilentWings any gender, Feather female, Aigle for male, Streak, Sharpclaws, Iron beak...okay getting really weird.
    Fire Pokemon: Flame, Feu, Cinder, Pyra or Pyro
    Water Pokemon: Bubbles, Eau, Wave
    ...and it just gets weirder
  5. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    My current Diamond team I nickname. I just don't nickname the Pokemons I catch for the Pokedex, because there really is no point and I can just go and nickname it later, from that nicknaming guy.

    Glaceon - Icers
    Milotic - Mitch
    Shiftry - Trea
    Rapidash - Herbi
    Alakazam - Spoon
    Butterfree - Flap

  6. Woopman

    Woopman Wooptrainer

    All my Pokemon have nicknames except some I got in trades.

    Kyom = Kyogre
    Raptor = Staraptor
    Twlight = Giratina
    T-Rex = Tyrannitar

    Yesterday I got a lv. 100 Metagross on the GTS and its nickname is Bob. lol
  7. Jessie&James

    Jessie&James Beautiful...

    Ninjask - Yoroichi
    Metagross - Stoner
    Salamence (no nickname)
    Latios - Blue Bird
    Raichu - Pikachu
    Dragonite - (no nickname)
  8. Shepard

    Shepard metaphysician

    I only nicname my EV-trained pokes. Here's a few highlights:

    Crobat: Dr. Acula (Scrubs fans will remember this one!) - For a combination of a vampire bat with it's purpose of a surgical strike!

    Dragonite: Bahamut - the 'King of the Dragons' from the Final Fantasy series

    Linoone (shiny): FrankBurns - named for the character of Frank Burns from M*A*S*H (one of my favorite shows) whose nicname was 'ferritface'

    Gallade (shiny): Megaman - with the blue of his shiny version, this guy reminds me a bit of the blue bomber (and is just as awesome!)

    Charizard: Falkor - from The Neverending Story; Falkor was a good luck dragon
  9. chinafoodforlife

    chinafoodforlife New Member

    I have 12 pokemon on my team.
    Ho oh-Ho oh

    thats not including my level 50, 55, 5, and 30 teams
  10. the_eevee_breeder

    the_eevee_breeder Pokemon Breeder

    One of my pokemon proteges named his Torterra Lighting. (He meant to say lightning). Why he did so I don't know.
  11. Palamon

    Palamon Sovereign of Asunder

    Nicknaming I barley do >_> never wxcept for my mime jr. I named him Tappy
  12. dmon6

    dmon6 Member

    a love nicknames

  13. SmoG878

    SmoG878 i'm not dead...srsly

    i called my shiny absol Xero as in the megaman series. he looks like he's wearing a spiky helmet. lolz. but i nicknamed my other shiny absol (yes, i haf 2!!1!) psythe: an emo way of spelling sythe.
  14. Zazzy

    Zazzy Pal from 3P

    I named my Ralts Popsicle.
    I got so used to the name tat I didn't change it once I was done EVing it.

    I now have a Gardevoir called Popsi. Weird.
  15. MorseCoder

    MorseCoder Pokemon Champion

    Salamence- Dracula
    Porygon-Z- Albatross
    Gengar- Pervert
    Alakazam- Genius
    Rampardos- Rampage
  16. Hexi

    Hexi Meow

    I nickname all my pokemon (except traded ones, like other people in this thread) and I also mark all my pokemon with the heart mark.. I dunno why XD.. anyway this is my current team -

    Empoleon - Jasper
    Rapidash - Karrin
    Lopunny - Mimzy
    Pachirisu - Hiami
    Staraptor - Pachi
    Floatzel - Aki

    They all have seals too so that their names come up when I send them out XD
  17. Dragon Chimchar

    Dragon Chimchar wha you say!

  18. few of my names i came up with

    Registeel/Heavy=after heavy metal
    Regice/Zero= from etiher Sub Zero or absoute zero
    Regirock/Fist= i thought of hellboy's stone fist
    Lucario/Cairo= named him after the city in egypt
    Arcanine(Shiny)/Duke= named after a deceased pet i loved
    Arcanine/Ace=Named after my dog that i gave to my greatgrandma
  19. chubb-o-wub

    chubb-o-wub Well-Known Member

    Froslass - Mizore (Rosario + Vampire)
  20. Misty's Golduck

    Misty's Golduck spirit of the waves

    Well, so far I only have one Pokemon. A gloriously adorable Piplup I nicknamed Blue. =D I know, I know, not the fanciest name, but for some odd reason it stuck out for me and it's short, simple, and sweet. =)
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