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The Ninja Leauge

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Ace Chris

Ace Trainer
I was told this is PO only.. as I mostly prefer Wi-Fi then PO..


That Guy
I used to get a lot of challenges, but then you lot took a collective arrow to the knee.


That Guy
It's the best meme in the world :]

I used to know what memes were, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

also: Hello, fellow not-caring-about-signature-rules person!


Expect Epic: CB
Challenger Application Form

Forum Name: jazz14456
PO Name: [BA] jazz14456
Which division would you like to challenge first?: Wisdom, I guess.


That Guy
forum name: *kyurem*
po name: [ma] rem
which division would you like to challenge first?: Might


PM me to arrange battle times


That Guy
It would be much appreciated if ND would accept Kyurem as a challenger so he'd be allowed to face me for the badge.
Much. Appreciated.
Hint Hint.

Ninja Dewott

Ice Cold Fire
Hey guys, I'm gonna close the leauge, sorry :(

It was fun at first, but as you can see, challenges have dropped dramatically, and my absence does imply that my omnipotent precense is required elsewhere.
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