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The Ninja PokeShowdown (032)

Discussion in 'Pokémon' started by Serebii, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    The Ninja PokéShowdown!

    Entering what they think may be Fuchia Gym, Ash & co. get caught by loads of traps and confronted by a girl Aya and her Brother Koga. Can Ash battle them and get to the gym Leader?

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  2. first of all, i really enjoy talking about the fisrt year, and this is my favourite ep, so...

    Aya´s venonat s less experient than koga´s, but even in johto, after a long time, her venonat didn´t evolved! and it has stun spore and psybeam that are good moves

    but maybe in cartoon each specie has some caracteristic moves, so no matter the level, the pkmn has it.. what do u think?

    2) i think koga´s venonat(before evolving) had the same moves of aya´s venonat, cos she learns with him and they have the same pkmn

    well, i hope that someone post here too...
  3. Psychic Venusaur

    Psychic Venusaur Pokemon Master

    Koga was awesome. This episode had some nice quotes.

    "Born in darkness, living in darkness, such is the fate of the ninja. I am Aya, ninja warrior"

    "My Venonat has a great deal more experience..." I liked the way he said it.

    The Kabuki scene with TR was cool.

  4. ChaosMage

    ChaosMage Izit cuz I is black?

    Probably the most accurate Kanto gym battle. I liked it.
  5. vulpix

    vulpix Guest

    i think this episode was pretty good,i love Aya's Venonat.
  6. DarkWobbuffet

    DarkWobbuffet BEEEEAAAARR!!!

    A great gym battle episode indeed. ^_^ I liked the overall Japanese theme the episode had too it, something rarely seen in the anime. The slapstick abuse of Ash throughout the begining was funny (poor guy XD), lots of new Pokemon introduced, and Psyduck, Charmander and Bulbsaur all battled incredably.

    Koga seemed quite confident with his choice of Venonat when Ash sent in Pidgeotto. It was obvious that he knew his Venonat was on the verge of evolving so he knew it would be the best choice against Pidgeotto.

    Team Rocket's Kabuki show was awesome as well, though I would have liked to see their Pokemon dressed up for it too. XD
  7. Sebok

    Sebok Banned

    The pokedex said Golbat can drain an opponent's blood! I think that was the first and only time something related to gore was mentioned in the anime.
  8. xyzman123

    xyzman123 He's Mad I tell ya!!

    I can't believe they showed Janine before G/S/C came out.
  9. Jesse GS the II

    Jesse GS the II I was frozen today!

    Janine isn't in this episode, Aya is. Don't confuse them - Janine is Koga's daughter, whereas Aya is Koga's sister.
  10. Team Rocket Admin

    Team Rocket Admin Well-Known Member

    I liked this episode, and the music in it. Charmander vs Golbat was a very good battle.
  11. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    I really HATE the kabuki motto (I think it's the only motto I hate!) because it's so bizarre, but otherwise this episode is pretty interesting. I like the gym with all its traps, especially the wall that fell out on Ash. That was a surprise. I also like Pikachu's reaction when Ash stepped on a voltorb and got shocked (that "chu chu" was so cute). It's also interesting that Team Rocket captured the voltorbs and kept from getting shocked, thanks to the webbing.

    Also, I love Psyduck in this episode!!! :D :D :D It's great that he finally got to prove himself in battle, even though his attacks only work every so often. I love him, though. :)
  12. Tazzler

    Tazzler Well-Known Member

    Finally, pidgeotto was in a good gym battle but it loses w/o doing anything. Why did the writers hate pidgeotto?
  13. Ryuko_pkmn

    Ryuko_pkmn Guest

    The problem here is that ash's bulbasuar uses whirlwind in the english version (?), I think they messed it up on the translation a little

    too much
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 13, 2005
  14. Heracross

    Heracross Custom User Title

    Actually, Satoshi orders Fushigidane to use whirlwind in the original version too.
  15. Dark Venusaur

    Dark Venusaur Banned

    I cant stand Koga
  16. Psychic Venusaur

    Psychic Venusaur Pokemon Master

    Sure you don't want to explain why?
  17. Aptenodytes

    Aptenodytes Well-Known Member

    i loved the gym battle, well mostly the beginning anyways..... koga and that other girl was fun to watch
  18. Volt Tackle

    Volt Tackle Guest

    I wished Venomoth actually battled more. Misty's *****ing at Psyduck was really annoying That was worse than Team Rocket ruining the gym.
  19. Mini Apocalypse

    Mini Apocalypse Soul Trainer

    i would be terrifide if i found myself in a building like that.....having said that thay didnt even check what the building was before thay went in
  20. Ultimate Mewtwo

    Ultimate Mewtwo Thunder Trainer

    I don't remember this episode very well, but if it involves ninjas, it was great! :p

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