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The Ninja PokeShowdown (032)

The Phantom Thief

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The episode and Gym Battle seemed a bit rushed to me. At least, Koga agreed to finish the match though. I just have a question, was that really Wing Attack that Koga's Golbat was using? It looked more like Agility to me.


Emerald Shinigami
Ninjas are so cool, but sometimes I think that they stereotype. The good thing is that they can manage to make a character look so serious even though there are some that are just plain old lame. Gym Battles seemed to be better back then because even the trainers and the spectators can have a reaction to what's happening in the battle. Right now, the trainer seems to just be the empty pod to have one Pokemon.


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This was one of my favorite Indigo episodes. I loved how Ash kept falling for the traps, LOL he's just so silly like that. Poor kid got hurt a lot in this episode. Too me it was just halerious more than any thing, I did love the battle to.


King of the Monsters
I loved this ep Venonat was cool!
It was also the ep where we see Psyduck kick butt 4 the first time.
Still unsure how a tail whip atttack would work in the Aimie world or a real world? As why would wagging youtr tail make your defence go down?

Ninja Stars always make gd eps!


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Yay for Koga. Ash fell for way to many traps in this epi. Psyduck OWNed TR in the most funniest way. 7/10


little punks!
Janine would've been better to showcase (technically they could've since in the old RBY game there is a girl that says she is Kogas daughter who is training to be gym leader..or was that just added in FRLG?) Still Aya was cool, the gym battle was accurate yet didn't drag on the whole episode like in Hoenn which is good and Psyduck showed the first of its powers. And the gym traps were hilarious. Great episode.
A great gym battle episode indeed. ^_^ I liked the overall Japanese theme the episode had too it, something rarely seen in the anime. The slapstick abuse of Ash throughout the begining was funny (poor guy XD), lots of new Pokemon introduced, and Psyduck, Charmander and Bulbsaur all battled incredably.

Koga seemed quite confident with his choice of Venonat when Ash sent in Pidgeotto. It was obvious that he knew his Venonat was on the verge of evolving so he knew it would be the best choice against Pidgeotto.

Team Rocket's Kabuki show was awesome as well, though I would have liked to see their Pokemon dressed up for it too. XD
ummm kanto and johto had chop full off japanese references,but 4KIDS edited al of it out.


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A excellent gym episode, one of the better ones in the Kanto arc. Nice seeing all those traps and stuff in the Fuschia Gym really lent itself to what it was like in the game. Poor Ash falling into most of those traps and almost getting killed, I think Aya's Venonat was their to guide them around most of the traps but still so many traps in a gym how many trainers do they actually get their? Koga a favorite of mine to bad he didn't get much screen time if TR hadn't interfered he would have most likely won against Ash. Nice to see Psyduck shine in it's first battle since Misty "caught it", and then Misty actually saying she wouldn't trade Psyduck for any other Pokemon, very touching to show her actually caring for Psyduck some, to bad it won't last. Anyway congrats to Ash for winning his 6th Gym Badge.


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I liked this episode. Pokemon is awesome with ninjas in it!


In my nightmares
I don't really get how Pidgeottos Whirlwind didn't work but Bulbasaur's fake whirlwind thing did. Just more hints that the writers favor Bulbasaur over Pidgeotto. An alright episode btw.


gym battles are the best ones if you ask me, it's allways more exciting to watch since these are the important ones.

Blue Snover

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I was really impressed with Psyduck in this episode.

I never realised it could be that strong.


I love this episode because the traps was set up in the Fushcia Gym to prevent intruders. Doesn't it remind you when you go inside on someone else's house and there are traps there? Anyways, I found it funny when the heroes had too much of trap adventures which really humored me.