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The Nintendo Club Mk II

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The Nintendo Club

Clearly, this is the place to be for Nintendo fans. Discuss all things Nintendo here. Games, systems (current and classic), those random bits of novelty goodness you buy on impulse, those cards they made back in the day when video games hadn't been invented yet--the works.

I have taken the reigns from the former owner of this club, [AceAussie], as per his request. Frankly, it was getting kind of dead in there and needed a change of pace anyway.

One thing to know before we get started: if I refer to members as N-wads (fairly likely), it's because the old club was originally known as the Nintendo Wii and DS Club.

Now on to business.

1. We follow the universal SPPF rules. This means things such as spamming, flaming, trolling, double-posting, advertising, swearing, etc. If you haven't read them, please do so.
2. If you change your username, please inform me. I'd like to keep the list as up-to-date as possible.
3.Please use spoiler tags when revealing information to highly anticipated games, especially when it is requested by another member.
4. Avoid "one-liner" posts. It's nice to see actual discussion rather than meaningless chatter. It's still nice to be friendly, though. After all, #9 is the most important rule. (#5 is a close second.)
5. When Joining please include the club's password in your introductory post. The password is at the bottom of this post.
--Failure to use the password, which serves as proof that you read the rules, will result in a 24-hour ban from the club. You may request to join again after that period. This is the most heavily enforced of our rules.
6. dnt talk lik this. i wil h8 u 4evr. Seriously, talking like you're in a text message conversation is annoying and stupid. You're in no rush to post.
7. Rules are enforced using the baseball-inspired strike system.
--You're given a strike each time you break the rules.
--Three strikes will result in a ban from the club (temporary if the offenses were minor, permanent for major rule-breakers).
--Having two strikes will keep you from participating in club events.
--Strikes can be removed by participating actively (and without breaking rules) for two weeks.
8. DON'T ASK FOR LEADERSHIP POSITIONS. I, AerialAce!, can chose people on my own, thank you very much.
9. Have fun!

Contests and Events:
We totally do contests and events sometimes. It's crazy fun. You should join in.

See rule #8.


The owner can do pretty much whatever he wants. He's cool like that.


Co-owners can:
-Give warnings to rule-breakers
-Give strikes to rule-breakers
-Receive special treatment for being awesome

N/A (yet)

Moderators can:
-Give warnings to rule-breakers
-Report those rule-breakers to a CO or Ace!, who can give them a strike
-Receive special treatment for being awesome

Members List:
Amazing Red
fango pango
ground tamer
Skater Trainer

Password: "What are nargles?"
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Well-Known Member

I've been really inactive here over the past month, probably to do with the fact that my home hub broke and I had to buy a new one. I'm sure you're all happy enraged to see me again.

Been playing a lot of Sonic and the Black Knight over the past week. Mainly just trying to increase followers and max Knight and Paladin Styles, as I've already done Cavalier. Does anybody know what music is played when DAME Percival is introduced? I remember Unknown from M.E. and... that one from SA2 for Gawain and Lancelot, but I don't remember What are nargles? much of Rush's soundtrack, so if it's from there, I'll probably have forgotten. Excalibur Sonic FTW, Dan Green with a more British accent FTW. I didn't expect What I'm Made Of to be Sonic's medal theme.

Password's in there, by the way.


Confused and Dazed
Well, I guess I'd better join in this again, for various undisclosed reasons. So, in that case, what are nargles?

Anyway, Nintendo is great, best thing ever, I love it, etc., etc. Maybe once some topics crop up, I'll answer those, in order to make up for this mediocre post.

Skater Trainer

Like a Boss
"what are nargles?"

hurray for re-opening!!

I have been talking to AA! about this and I want to see some new stuff happening in the future with this club!

=D lets go!!


Already there, accepted, accepted, and accepted respectively. I'll probably PM the people that were active in the other thread toward the end in a couple of hours.

So, DSi Virtual Console has just been confirmed, at that Club Nintendo Platinum event. MY local one hasn't happened yet, so I'll hear about it in person on Saturday.

Thanks to noobers for spreading that around. Might as well shoot him a PM, too.

GDC is also happening. We'll have plenty to talk about with that.

I'll revive some of the classic starting topics later, when I reformat the first post. For now I'll just update with members.

EDIT: Whoa, thanks for being in alphabetical order.
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Skater Trainer

Like a Boss
So guys now that the club is back and rolling and platinum just came out in the U.S. Let's talk about it.

As I'm sure all of you saw in your plat. box, the rotom codes, well as I am a freak about collectibles, I say we share the codes to unlock all 5 sweet rotom formes wallpaper!!

Heat Rotom: T8A6EH7 (courtesy of SkaterTrainer)
Fan Rotom: 9N4A4F8 (courtesy of AerialAce!)
Mow Rotom: 7W6O3M5 (courtesy of Meta_Ridley)
Frost Rotom: ??????
Wash Rotom: ??????

So codes for anyone who want them.
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What are Nargles?

Hey guys, good news! I got Platinum! This should get me back in the DS swing! I named my character PkaNoob(stupid limit). I couldn't think of what to name my rival, so I looked up Geno's real name (heart, music note, exclamation-mark, question-mark) and did that. Prob'ly gonna get me a Chimchar.

Also, I was a bit freaked out at first when I saw that the club had closed....

Edit: Mow Rotom's (my favorite's) code is 7W6O3M5

About three of my friends have Platinum, so I'll ask them for their codes.
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What are nargles?

Good to see it's up again. This will probably be as inactive as the other one in it's later days. Oh well, I'll enjoy it while I can!


Lunar Origin
What are nargles?!

Hello Peoples! Anyone remember me? I used to be in the old Club, but I rarely posted... so, yeah...

Anyway, I have Platinum, and I'm up to Veilstone City.


It's a mystery.
What are nargles?

I know I've been a bit inactive on this club...but anyways since it's remade, of course i'd love to rejoin ^^ Yes I've been playing Platinum...and I'm one of those lucky people who caught 2 shinies on my first day :3 Anyways, it's been fun so far...just recently earned my 3rd badge :] Ughhh...I can't wait to transfer my TRU Shaymin and TRU Regigigas to my Platinum >.<


What are nargles?
what are nargles?
what are nargles?
What are Nargles?
What are nargles?
What the **** are nargles.
What are nargles?!
Well, technically they're a figment of a fictional character's imagination but she seems to think they're small, invisible creatures that float around and... I don't even know WHAT anymore. That chick was crazy.

Hello Peoples! Anyone remember me?
Nope! ^_^;

I used to be in the old Club, but I rarely posted... so, yeah...

Anyway, I have Platinum, and I'm up to Veilstone City.
That explains it. Welcome back!

I'm only two badges into Platinum, stopped when my DS's batteries hit red. I'm playing a slow game, like back in the old days, but not AS slow because I actually know what I'm doing now. Only Pokémon I traded over was an egg so I could use Charmander as the lead on my new team because I really hate Chimchar. Paired him up with Turtwig for a formidable team.

Traded a spare to fhqwhgads. Apparently his Charizard saved him in the steel gym, and when fighting Giratina (moves straight from hatching: Growl, Aerial Ace, Flamethrower, Dragon Claw).

I'll go add new people to the list.


What are nargles?

I know I've been a bit inactive on this club...but anyways since it's remade, of course i'd love to rejoin ^^
Happy to have you back. Sorry I missed you in the last post.

Yes I've been playing Platinum...and I'm one of those lucky people who caught 2 shinies on my first day :3
What di...? When...? How...? huh?

You are amazing.
What are nargles?

Hello everyone, thought I should join while I have the chance. I'll try to post here often.
And the list grows...

Skater Trainer

Like a Boss
Just checking in with some platinum updates.

I have reach veilstone, I'm off a bit training so my eevee can evolve to espeon to take on the gym and working with a roselia for Waker maybe even a shinx if I want to grind a bit, but since I just really want to go through the game at a quick pace, I might not, since any pokemon, weakness or not, just kills gyms.

I have also been talking to AA! about a weekly e-mail or pm in a memo style outline club new, nintendo news, game releases, and the club topic of the week, since most of the time, the topics are made up then people feel like it, it would be nice to have a set topic each week to liven things up a bit here. I have been talking to AA! about it, but I want to see if you guys would be interested in it.

Thanks meta_ridley for the mow forme code. Just two more.
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