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The Nintendo Club Mk II

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by AerialAce!, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. BrawlMaster

    BrawlMaster Live long, & prosper

    I tried to cheat and get two on my diamond by deleting the wondercard. Didn't work lol. What has everyone been up to? I've been out snow blowing all day. This is just too much snow (3 feet!) and we're supposed to be getting more on tuesday and wednesday!
  2. Ebil McClucky

    Ebil McClucky DAT ***

    *says prayer to gods*

    Because of my current predictament,(see sig) I've been playing my DSi a fair bit,and now I need more games,especially HG/SS.
  3. Alzi

    Alzi Toon link

    I never really understood Boarding school and i am so glad someone bumped this i thought this thread died.

    Not much has been happening with me my latest game was TvC and yeah i have kinda lost intrest in buying games. JB Hi-fi has Punch out wii, animal crossing + wii speak and disaster day of crisis all for $29 btw lol.
  4. Ebil McClucky

    Ebil McClucky DAT ***

    I for one, am going to let this club die,if it doesn't get active. I mean, I'm like the only one supporting this club, and I can only get to a computer every weekend.

    I mean, come on guys.
  5. BrawlMaster

    BrawlMaster Live long, & prosper

    I've been almost everyday to see if there has been any activity. Ever since I came back, everone has seemed to stop posting. I didn't want to keep posting and risk the chance of getting a citation.
    Edit: Who got HG and/or SS this morning? I didn't, but I plan on getting SS soon. WHERE IS EVERYBODY??????
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2010
  6. BrawlMaster

    BrawlMaster Live long, & prosper

    What's going on with this club? WHy hasn't anyone else but me posted in almost a month?
  7. SilverLanayru

    SilverLanayru It's a mystery.

    OMG... *sighs* tbh, I actually forgot about this club as well as the Brawl club. :[

    I mean, I still lurk around these forums at random times but my activity on Serebii has been starting to grow dim ever since I joined a site called AllisBrawl. Not to mention, it was around mid-January of this year that I got modded as a tournament admin at that site... so yeah, I actually have moderation duties there. :/ (If anyone wants a taste of how the site is like, the link to my profile is in my signature.)

    But other than that, nothing else is new with me. I've been too engrossed playing with my Pokemon HeartGold. As a matter of fact, I beat Red last night (or should I say at 1 am in the morning), and just now, I received my fire starters from Kanto and Hoenn. <3 I still play Brawl and MKWii, though nowadays it's either for friendlying/tourney purposes or the game's custom... well... hackability. (Oiii, I better not get infracted for saying a word similiar to that. I already got warned a long time ago for getting involved in a convo at the Brawl club thread about... that word. But at least in this case, I'm not literally discussing 'em whatsoever.)

    Anyway, it feels good for me to visit once in awhile~ ^-^;
  8. BrawlMaster

    BrawlMaster Live long, & prosper

    Two years and no activity. It would be nice to catch up with old friends...
  9. BrawlMaster

    BrawlMaster Live long, & prosper

    I'm still hopeful that one day, we will talk again.
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