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Which is Better?

  • DS

    Votes: 217 48.0%
  • Wii

    Votes: 235 52.0%

  • Total voters
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Yea, it is.
I dunno if she wants me to pay her back; it's better than waiting for a lil' less than 2 months.

Also, the £ is very strong against the $ @ the mo.

£1 = $1.9.

Or summin' like that, the game costs $35 but it'll be roughly £18.

Also, did anyone hear about Miyamoto having the 1st Wii?

Yea, nothing special but,
It was solid gold!


Awaiting October.
WTF...I so would rather have White..LOL
I was the first in Australia to have a Wii in my name..Since i won it so early it was great..

lucario 1993

don't miss with mii!
in the library in canelave city if u got to the top floor there a few legends

"betray not your anger lest ??? wil come,weep not with sorrow or ??? will draw neer,when joy and enjoyment come natural as the very air is happines,let such blessed by the hand of master???.

three pokemon there were into the lakes they dove dee deep drawing no breath deeper deeper they dove into suffocating depths they dove deeper then the deepest alight from the lake floor they rise bearing with them the power to make vast lands they rise agian

[uxie]look into the pokemons eyes in but instant youll have no recollection of who you are,return home but how?when there is nothing to remember? [mesprit]dare not touch the pokemons body in but three short day all emotions will drain away [azelf]above all above all harm not the pokemon in scant five days the offender will grow immobile in entirety

there lived a pokemon in a forest in the forest the pokemon shed its hide to sleep as a human awakened the human dons the pokemon to roam in the villiages

lucario 1993

don't miss with mii!
you finished your tests LUCARIO DUDE but why didn't u get it did u get bad grades?
With the wii you get 1 wii-mote and 1 nunchuk.
If you want more you'll have to buy them seperate.
thanks for the info but i dont think ill have enough cash for more cause after the wii ill be totally broke or maybe not doing chores might be the key
Hey everyone, new topic time!:

What colours and skins do you think that the wii + ds should come in?

For the wii, i think that there should be a gold
wii and a silver ds. NO... wait each and every time
theres a very big nintendo game like pokemon, legend of
zelda, mario and pikmin avabilble for pre-order there should
be a free wii and ds included with the game you preorder.
(for example, imagine if TLOZ Phantom Hourglass or megaman
is ready for preorder then when its released you get both the
wii and the ds in the main color of the game's main charactor
For example, zelda: green and megaman: dark blue) I don't
know about skin though.
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