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The Normal Type Pokemon Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Generic User Name, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Generic User Name

    Generic User Name Well-Known Member

    This club is designed for fans of Normal Type Pokemon (ex. Ditto, Chansey, etc.). Here, you may discuss all things Normal Pokemon. Here are the rules:

    1. All SPPF and Club rules apply
    2. Be kind
    3. Stay on topic
    4. Have fun
    5. Give credit for ALL Banners and Posters for the club (coming soon...)

    To join, you must:

    1. Ask politely to join
    2. Name your favorite Normal Type Pokemon and why
    Example: My favorite is Dunsparce because it looks funny.

    Enjoy the club!
  2. Zangoose1129

    Zangoose1129 The cake is a LIE

    1. I would like very much for you to allow me to join this club because some of my favorite pokemon are Normal-type.

    2.My favorite Normal-type pokemon is either Zangoose because it looks awesome or Igglybuff because it is super adorable
  3. Jehan14

    Jehan14 Right behind you...

    1. I would like to join this club because I always think that you need a normal type pokemon in your team in any game.

    2.My favorite normal type pokemon is Aipom because it's adorable, funny, and it's the only impression of a pokemon that I can do. :p
  4. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    1. id like to join this club cause normal types are my 2nd favorite type (after poison)
    2. regigigas because of its awesome look and battle cry
  5. Generic User Name

    Generic User Name Well-Known Member

    You are all accepted.
  6. VolcanicF

    VolcanicF Thunder Trainer

    1. I would like to join this club because every time I play a pokemon game I get a normal-type HM Slave.

    2. Mine would be Ambipom because it can learn good TM Moves.
  7. VictoriousVictini

    VictoriousVictini Victory League Owner

    1. I would like to join.
    2. My favorite Normal-type Pokemon is meloetta because she's a signer.

  8. kyogreblue3

    kyogreblue3 san junipero

    1. I would like to join this club because Normal-types are pretty awesome

    2. My favorite is Ambipom because it's based off of monkeys and monkeys are awesome XD
  9. Generic User Name

    Generic User Name Well-Known Member

    Accepted! All of you are!

    I have a topic

    Do you think Normal Type Pokemon are underrated?
    IMO, the are because they don't have very powerful or useful normals and they don't have any PURE normal legends. The exceptions are Blissey and Regigigs.

    Anyone is free to post a topic btw
  10. SweetAmy

    SweetAmy Top Coordinator

    1.Can I join the club please ? ^.^
    2. My favourite is thats a hard one a few of them because they are so cute..
  11. I wish to join this club. Normal Pokemon really don't get enough love. I personally am a fan of Ursaring's bad***ness.

    Do you think Normal Type Pokemon are underrated?

    Yesyesyesyes! Incredibly versatile, cute, and strong!

    Here's a topic.

    What are some good battling tactics involving Normal-types?
    Skill Swap Medicham in a Double Battle with Slaking. Medicham uses Skill Swap on Slaking and we now have a Pure Power Slaking. Nevermind, Medicham can't Skill Swap. Then, just a Skill Swap+Slaking combo of some sort.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2011
  12. Generic User Name

    Generic User Name Well-Known Member

    Sweet Amy and Magikarprules, you are accepted.

    Good Battle Tactics?

    Idk any.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2011
  13. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    What are some good battling tactics involving Normal-types?

    obviously skillking works well. and dont forget baton passing an acid armor, aqua ring vaporeon to blissey. and magikarp, you can do that combo, i call it the Pure Skillking. you need medicham, gardivoir and of course, slaking
  14. No. 1 Machop Fan

    No. 1 Machop Fan Well-Known Member

    Yay another Normal-type Pokemon club! :D I can haz join?

    My fave Normal-type Pokemon is either Smeargle because of Sketch or Eevee for its numerous evolutions.
  15. Ruby Blue

    Ruby Blue Well-Known Member

    I'd like to join, please~
    I love Normal-types, I tend to use at least one per playthrough.

    My favorite normal-type is Miltank, for giving me a very fun challenge in the johto games.
  16. Drayden

    Drayden Drayden Fan!

    1. I would like to join the Club please!

    2. My favorite Normal type would have to be Porygon. I love it's boxy appearance!
  17. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    i know im not the club leader, but i think you would all be accepted
  18. Jehan14

    Jehan14 Right behind you...

    A good Normal Pokemon Tactic is to teach it moves that would either help the rest of the team, or moves that aren't normal type, for example a Snorlax that knows Earthquake, Blizzard, Crunch, and ThunderBolt. That way you can choose that pokemon and have diferent defenses.
  19. Porgon-XYZ

    Porgon-XYZ Wut are you saying?

    1. I would like to join because normal types are my FAVORITE TYPE.

    2.My favorite Normal-type pokemon is Porygon-Z. He's an epic powerhouse with his abilities!
  20. SwiftSoul

    SwiftSoul Kinkmeister General

    I would like to join this club, as I am a fan of Normals.

    I tend to like several. Teddiursa, Farfetch'd, Eevee, and Porygon have always been favorites.

    As for strategies:
    Tox Orb Zangoose can have a surprise Fling is store for Ghosts wishing to block its STAB.
    Klutz Lopunny can Switcheroo an Iron Ball/Black Sludge/Flame Orb/Toxic Orb/Lagging Tail onto an opponent, or Fling Iron Ball, Flame Orb, Tox Orb, or Light Ball, for straight damage or extra effects.
    Mixed Lickilicky can run Thunder Wave/Me First/Return/Power Whip(or Fire Blast, Ice Beam, etc), whilst Leftovers restores health.
    Giga Impact or Hyper Beam will feed off of Slaking's Truant, since both are effectively the same result (with or without Choice Item or Life Orb). Slack Off and Protect can be used on him when passed Aqua Ring and/or Ingrain, holding Leftovers, when you have Toxic Spikes up, to anti-stall a PP staller, due to immense recovery and sturdy bulk. Due to Truant, PP drain is slowed by half, and Toxic poison will take enemies down fast. More bonus if Defensive boosts are passed as well.
    Classic Raticate is full-on Physical with Flame Orb and Guts, sometimes with Swords Dance.
    Thunder Dunsparce has a 60% chance to Paralyze after Serene Grace, and the slower foe can be hit by Serene Grace + flinch hax.
    Technician Persian can run Nasty Plot/Shock Wave(Thunder or Thunderbolt, too)/Icy Wind/Swift (Hypnosis, Power Gem, Shadow Ball, Water Pulse, Dark Pulse viable alternatives). Physically, they can Hypnosis, Faint Attack/Bite, U-Turn, Return/Fury Swipes/Double Edge(fully executed Fury Swipes ~ 202.5 BP, Return ~ 153 BP, Double Edge ~ 180 BP + recoil), Iron Tail, Fake Out, Last Resort, Spite, Gunk Shot, Seed Bomb, Knock Off, Areial Ace, Snatch, Shadow Claw, Psych Up, Certain Natural Gifts. Several options, depending on needs. If you don't go with any =< 60 moves, Limber is better.

    just a slice here...

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