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The Nova Travels

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Hello, and welcome to The Nova Travels. Before you begin reading, you should know a few things about this story. First, the world of this fan-fiction is based more on the games than the anime, but will vary in certain ways in order to make more sense. Second, this is my first fic and will not be the best, but I hope to improve. Thank you, and enjoy! Credit for the banner goes to Crimson Darkness and Crazy Dragon Graphics.

Rated PG-13 for violence, mild language, and mild innuendo.

Jake Thomas: A sarcastic, introverted boy who graduated from Nuvema Town trainer school. He was forced against his will to travel with Christy, but gradually became her friend.
Age: 14
Place of Birth: Littleroot, Hoenn

Hometown: Nuvema Town

Starter: Tails;252;->;253;(treecko->grovyle)
Pokémon: Tails;253;(grovyle): The complete opposite of his trainer, Tails is a fun loving carefree pokémon who often gets in trouble for it. He was hatched from an egg in Littleroot, and is Jake's starter.
Stinger;472;(gliscor): A timid pokemon with an odd ability to sense the emotions of others. She was captured as a gligar on route two after stinging Christy's hand. Stinger loves to hug Jake's face.
Munchy;329;(vibrava): A baby vibrava who loves to bite Jake's head. He was hatched from an egg as a trapinch in Pinwheel Forest.
Buzz:595:(joltik): An unbelievably evil pokemon bent on world domination. He is tiny, fuzzy, cute, and wants to eat your soul. Caught in the Castelia City Pokemon Center after eating the wires of the electrical system and attacking Jake's face with an electroweb attack. The host of Super Ultra Mega Buzz Talk with Some John.

Christy Aden: A mischievous, happy trainer who graduated from Nuvema Town trainer school. She was forced against her will to travel with Jake, but befriended him gradually.

Age: 14

Place of Birth: Nuvema town

Hometown: Nuvema town

Starter: Leaf:495:(snivy)->:496:(servine)

Pokémon: Leaf:496:(servine): A calm and serious pokémon who doesn't laugh often. She was received as a gift from Christy's parents, and is her starter.
George:514:(simisear): A very mischievous pokémon,George finds it difficult to stay out of trouble. He was caught as a pansear in the dreamyard after stealing Christy's bag, and being healed with Christy's potion.
Paul:536:(palpitoad): A pokemon with a strong moral center that seems to love his trainer Christy, but has a particular dislike for Jake. Captured as a tympole in the lake on route three.
John;279;(pelipper): A remarkably stupid pokemon encountered as a wingull on Skyarrow Bridge after soiling Christy's hair. He has occasional moments of brilliance, but usually cannot think on the level required to form complete sentences. He has been appointed as Buzz's minion, and the co-host of Super Ultra Mega Buzz Talk with Some John.
Linda;440;(happiny): A tomboyish pokemon rescued from a Team Legend grunt in the forest northeast of Nimbasa City after helping thwart them in Liberty Gardens. While she enjoys battling, she is not very skilled at it.
Ringo;132;(ditto): An easily distracted pokemon that finds it difficult to control his transformations.

Leo Davidson: A boy who often comes across as immature, but can be serious when the need arises. He is a rival and friend of Jake and Christy's, and is out for revenge on Team Legend for killing his father.

Age: 14

Place of Birth: Striaton City

Hometown: Striaton City

Starter: Leroy;246;(larvitar)->;247;(pupitar)

Pokémon: Leroy;247;(pupitar): A well rounded pokemon who can be serious or playful depending on the situation, much like his trainer. He is the son of the tyranitar that once belonged to Leroy's father.
Philly;078;(rapidash): an easily frustrated pokemon who's fiery mane matches his personality. Captured as a ponyta just before Leo met Christy and Jake.
Gordon:559:(scraggy): a prankster from birth and Flappy's best friend, this pokemon gains a huge amount of enjoyment from seeing others fall for his jokes. captured in the desert with Flappy on route four.
Flappy;227;(skarmory):an exceedingly loyal pokemon and Gordon's, Flappy wishes nothing more than to assist his trainer in any way possible. This is usually by carrying him through the air with fly. captured in the desert with Gordon on route four.

White Touko: The champion of the Unova region. She has a fierce, if not slightly childish, personality.

Age: 25

Place of Birth: Nuvema Town

Hometown: Pokémon League

Total Number of Pokémon Unknown
Chapter One: Graduation
Chapter Two: Home Bittersweet Home
Chapter Three: Kicking Grass
Chapter Four: Rock Climbing and Mysterious Mallets
Chapter Five: Not so Sweet Dreams
Chapter Six: Super Happy Fire Monkey Fun Time Day
Chapter Seven: Money, Meatloaf, and Other Useless Inventions
Special Chapter One: The Sting of the Crybaby
Chapter Eight: A Legendary Problem
Chapter Nine: The Day-Care Dilemma
Chapter Ten: General Stupidity, But With Water This Time
Chapter Eleven: Return of the Jerk
Chapter Twelve: The Museum of Big Giant Dragon Thingies
Chapter Thirteen: The Chapter With the Really Long Title No Longer in Use
Chapter Fourteen: The Problem with Accordions
Chapter Fifteen: A Legendary Rescue
Chapter Sixteen: Not The Face!
Chapter Seventeen: The Big Freaking Bridge
Chapter Eighteen: Escapees
Chapter Nineteen: Annoying Little Buggers
Chapter Twenty: Giving Up
Chapter Twenty One: Kidnapped for the Third Freaking Time
Chapter Twenty Two: Leech Life, Liberty Gardens, and the Pursuit of Happiny
Chapter Twenty Three: Joltik the All Powerful Soul Eater, Spawn of Darkness and Death
Chapter Twenty Four: Bug Zapper
Special Chapter Two: The Scavenger Hunt of Adventure
Chapter Twenty Five: Kidnapping Number Four
Chapter Twenty Six: Escape from the Desert
Chapter Twenty Seven: Welcome to Nimbasa
Chapter Twenty Eight: Showbiz
Chapter Twenty Nine: Remembrance
Chapter Thirty: Survival
Chapter Thirty One: Champion
Chapter Thirty Two: Return of the Meddlers
Chapter Thirty Three: Return to Society
Special Chapter Three: Night of the Living Clowns
Chapter Thirty Four: Revenge of the Hammers
Chapter Thirty Five: Basic Training
Chapter Thirty Six: I like Trains
Chapter Thirty Seven: Black and White
Special Chapter Four: Happy Birthday...With Mallets!
Chapter Thirty Eight: Yet Another Big Freaking Bridge
Special Chapters:
Special Chapter One: The Sting of the Crybaby
Special Chapter Two: The Scavenger Hunt of Adventure
Special Chapter Three: Night of the Living Clowns
Special Chapter Four: Happy Birthday...With Mallets!
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Chapter One: Graduation

“Hi!” A short teenage girl was standing in front of an even shorter boy of about the same age. The boy was reading a book with a pokéball on the cover and still not seeming to acknowledge her at all. Why is he ignoring me? She thought to herself, feeling frustrated. “What are you reading about?”

“Hmph,” the boy mumbled as he shifted positions, still ignoring the girl. I don’t get why she has to bother me. How stupid do you have to be not to realize some one’s reading?

It was the last day of trainer’s school, and Jake wanted to get some reading in before he left on his journey. Free period was over soon, and the graduation ceremony would start. If this dumb kid didn’t leave him alone, he would never finish his book.

Christy decided that this Jake kid needed to be taught a lesson. She would not leave him alone until he talked to her. “Is it about psyducks?” No response. “I bet it is.”

“Actually, it’s about genetic similarities between pokémon. Will you leave me alone now?” In fact, the book was about the myths of Unova, but Jake hoped that he could just scare her off with big words that hurt her empty little head.
“Whatever, psyduck boy.” With this, Christy walked off back into the building. The graduation started in three minutes, but Jake would figure that out later. She grinned evilly to herself.


“You all know how the ceremony works.” Mr. Brown, one of the teachers in Nuvema Town trainer school was going over the procedure for graduation one last time before entering the auditorium. “First, Principal Benson will list off your names and- Jake, get in line, you’re late- shake each of your hands, giving you your trainer’s license. Then, you will meet your traveling partner, and you will go home to prepare for your journey. Any questions?” One boy a bit on the heavier side raised his hand. “No, Billy,” Mr. Brown sighed, “we will not have a snack break.” A small chorus of “craps” and “damns” broke out in the back of the line. “Well, let’s go then."

Christy had to bite her lip to keep herself from laughing when Jake ran into line late. He shot her a hateful look as he stepped into line. As they moved onto the stage and found their places on the bleachers, they each released their pokémon from their pokéballs. Everyone had only their first pokémon with them, as owning more than one was illegal without a trainer’s license. Christy let out her snivy, Leaf, and it sat down next to her.

“Well,” said Leaf calmly as she sat down. “We finally made it!” Only Christy could understand her, as the bond between pokémon and trainer allowed. In contrast to her calm and collected pokémon, Christy looked ready to burst with excitement. She knew that she would be the first to be called, since her last name was Aben. She waited apprehensively as Principal Benson went through her tedious speech about how far they had come, the things they will accomplish, and how important it is to buy Whitney’s Famous MooMoo Milk. I know the school needs funding, but this advertising is getting ridiculous. In just a few minutes, Christy would be getting her trainer’s license, and finding out who her traveling partner would be. She hoped it would be one of her friends. “And it is now time for our graduates to receive their trainer’s licenses. First, we have Christy Aben and Leaf.

Jake watched, smirking to himself as the stupid girl from before stumbled up towards the stage with her not nearly as clumsy snivy. His treecko, Tails, smirked as well, but for a different reason. “That snivy’s way to stuck up, huh Jake?”

Jake rolled his eyes. “You’d better not do something stupid while we’re up there,” Jake whispered towards his fun loving grass type.

“Whatever.” Tails began tossing his miracle seed up in the air.

Jake caught it immediately. “Stop that. That’s expensive, and if you drop it under the bleachers we might lose it.” Tails replied by shrugging and using bullet seed in his hand, and then playing with that instead. Jake couldn’t help but smile at his partner’s antics. He had hatched Tails from an egg back in Hoenn, and the two had been the best of friends ever since.

Finally, the principal called Jake Thomas and Tails up to the stage. “Yes, Yes, Yes!” Tails was practically jumping for joy as the duo walked towards the podium where the principal stood. “Maybe now you can catch me a hot girl pokémon! I’ve always wanted to date a larvitar. I once went out with that gible chick, but it didn’t work out.”

“First, you’ve never dated a single pokémon, second, shut up before you make a fool of yourself,” Jake whispered to his treecko. As they reached Principal Benson, Jake shook her hand and received his trainer’s license. As he turned around to leave, he noticed that Tails was missing just a few seconds too late.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OWOWOWOWOWOWOW! IT HURTS! MAKE IT STOP!” Tails had been playing with the wires attached to the speaker system, so not only was he hit by a jolt of electricity as powerful as a thunder attack, but his shouts were projected across the auditorium. Of course, everyone but Jake and the pokémon just heard ‘TREEEEEEEE! KOKOKOKOKO! TREECKO! TREECKO TREE!” Jake facepalmed in frustration before retuning Tails to his pokéball and walking back to the bleachers, his dark, brown, messy hair covering his eyes as he hung his head in shame.


Christy’s own reddish brown hair shook as she laughed uncontrollably with the rest of the school at that jerk’s treecko electrocuting itself. Even Leaf couldn’t suppress a giggle.

The rest of the awards were given out quickly and awkwardly after that incident. It finally came time to find out who would be traveling companions. Since the students were only thirteen and fourteen, they had to travel the country in pairs. The teachers were giving the students instructions to form a single file line and come forward to receive their groupings. The ones standing in between the bleachers and the table with the list of names on it were promptly trampled. Mr. Peters, the sixty year old berry growing teacher was run over repeatedly by a confused onix which had been blinded by the excrements from the bird pokémon overhead. As irony would have it, these were the same bird pokémon that had been stealing the unfortunate man’s berries.

Christy was excited to see who her new companion would be. She pushed through the crowd, but was repeatedly shoved back. “Hmm… Leaf, use toxic on the floor.” As the lizard pokémon spit poison on the floor, it began to dissolve the shoes of various students, causing them to clear a path. As an unintended extra effect, it caused the badly bruised Mr. Peter to slip and fall flat on his face. Needless to say, this was not the professor’s best day ever.

The smirking Christy and Leaf ran through the poison quickly enough that it would not melt their feet. They finally reached the table with the list at the same time as Jake and tails, who was now healed and back out of his pokéball. It took a while before either of them could find their names, since they were not in any apparent order. Each of their eyes stopped.

They all spoke in unison “Oh crap.” The table said this:


Well, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it. Please review, and I will release the next chapter as soon as possible!
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Oh no, you did NOT just copy two syllables from my fic's title and paste it on to yours! What kind of sick joke is this? Make up your own title!

Joking aside, this looks like an interesting fic. I like how the pokemon can talk and I can't wait to see how the two main characters get along. Should be interesting.

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Thank you very much for the review, and I'm glad you found it interesting. Lol, sorry about the title, I didn't realize that there was already one like that. I will try to read your Fic and leave a review as well.


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I hope the next chapter's up soon. If it's good, then I'm subscribing to this thread. Try to impress me.

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I'll certainly try, Gelatino! Well, Here's the next Chapter.

Chapter Two: Home Bittersweet Home

“Mom, where’s my experience share?” Jake was packing his bag for his journey, contemplating whether he should run off before his stupid traveling partner could find him. He had no idea how he was able to fit six pokéballs, eight potions, twenty berries, a pokénav, a pokédex, a tent, and a full sized bike into a small backpack, but he decided not to look a gift ponyta in the mouth.

“I put it in your closet!” Jake’s mother was happy that her boy was going on a journey, but sad to see him leave. She remembered when he had first hatched Tails when he was only four years old. He had been so happy that he didn’t even care about going to see Brendan Birch, the Hoenn champion. Jenna Thomas sighed, and bent down to pet Loopy, their pet mightyena. Loopy rolled over, hoping for a belly rub. He was sadly disappointed as Jenna stood up as she heard Jake call back.

“Where in my closet?” Jake was still having trouble finding his things.

I swear, if that boy’s head wasn’t attached, he’d lose that too. “It’s next to your Itemfinder!” It turns out that Jenna’s statement was only half true, as Jake would be seeing out of his head, and knowing where it was, therefore his body would be what he lost.

“Okay, thanks mom!” Jake was almost packed when his pokénav started to ring. He saw the name on the caller ID. It was Christy Aben. He was going to ignore it, but decided he’d better see what she wanted.

“How the hell did you get my number?” Jake asked as he answered the pokénav. He would listen to her, but there was no way he would be polite too.

“The school sent everyone an email with their partner's number. I just wanted to say, don’t bother running. All the roads out of town have annoying little kids standing there telling you not to pass.”

Damn! How did they know he would try to run? “Well, we all know how difficult it is to walk past a road with a little kid guarding it.” There was no sarcasm in his voice, as everyone in the world knew that this was impossible.

“Just remember that I’m just as miserable about this as you are, psyduck boy.” Christy hung up her phone and walked outside. Despite being completely carefree most of the time, she was very organized and had already finished packing. She and Leaf were taking a walk around Nuvema town before they had to leave the next day. “Well, we leave tomorrow. As much as I hate Jake, I wouldn’t want to travel alone. There have been tons of muggings in Castelia City recently.” Leaf rolled her eyes at her.

“Come on, Christy. That Hilda girl took down team plasma years ago, and that was the only crime organization in Unova. Any tiny little muggers we can take care of ourselves.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” She didn’t sound very sure of herself. Suddenly, her pokénav vibrated. She got a text. It was from a ‘Prof. Juniper’. The text said this: Please report to my lab ASAP. Professor Juniper, the famous pokémon professor wanted to see her? “Leaf, return!” She ran as fast as she could to the pokémon research lab.


Jake sat in the laboratory’s lobby, waiting for the professor to come out. I wonder what this could be about. I already have a starter, so I wouldn’t be receiving another one. Does Professor Juniper want me to do research on something? His thoughts were cut short as an all too familiar girl walked through the door. “Not her!” he groaned.

“Oh, no. Not him!” Christy said as she walked into the building. Professor Juniper walked out of the back room.

“Ah, I see you two have met. You must be wondering why I called you here,” she said. “The reason why is because I need your help. I’m sure you are aware of the pokémon from other regions that seem to simply appear here in Unova.” She waited for confirmation of this and continued after seeing two nods. “You two are going to find out why as you travel on your journey.”

“Why us?” Christy was the first to speak up. She was flattered, if a bit annoyed that Jake was chosen too, but she was curious as to what made them different from the other kids at trainer’s school.

“I’m very glad that you asked that. You will be using your pokédexes to gather data on-” The pokémon professor was cut off by Jake.

“You never answered the question.”

“Ummm… If you’d like to make a call, please hang up and try again.”

“So we aren’t going to find out?” Christy seemed annoyed.

“If you need help hang up and dial your operator.” With this, Juniper ran off and hid behind a glass wall that was sitting in the middle of the room for some reason.

Christy looked confused. “She knows we can still see her, right?”

“I don’t even know.” Jake walked out the door, and Christy followed.


The next morning, Christy woke up to her alarm clock’s loud buzzing. She got up angrily, and was about to turn off the alarm, then thought about it. I won’t need it anymore, so what the hell. “Go, Leaf, and use vine whip on that alarm clock!” Leaf seemed to enjoy crushing the annoying piece of crap with its vines as much as Christy did.

“I’ve always wanted to do that,” Christy said happily. “Let’s go downstairs! We can eat breakfast, and then we can leave!” Very excited to go on her journey, she ran downstairs, and had some cereal with nanab berries.

After her final goodbyes, she left home, and went to the entrance to route one, and saw that Jake wasn’t there. “I guess the lazy jerk decided to sleep in today. Huh? What’s this?” She found a note stuck to a bench. Reading it, she screamed in anger. It was from Jake: So long, loser! By the time you read this, I’ll be in Accumula Town. Have a nice life!

Christy ran onto route one, in hopes of catching that idiot. “Leaf, come back! Run away from me will you?” she grumbled as she ran. She screeched to a halt as she saw a huge spider web stretching across the road. Stuck in it, she saw patrat, pidove, sewaddle, nidcada, and- Wait, is that… It was. Christy made no attempt to stop laughing.

“Yes, it’s very funny. Ha, ha, ha. Now will you get me down from here?” Jake grumbled down at her.

“No thanks. I think I’ll just sit here and enjoy this for a while longer.” Christy continued to laugh.

After about five minutes of this, Christy decided to help. “Come on out, Leaf! Use tackle on that web!” The snivy nodded, and hurled herself at the web with enough force to smash through it. Jake fell to the ground face first.

“Just so you, know, you getting me down from there doesn’t mean I’m going to travel with you.” Jake started to walk away.

“Hold it!” Christy yelled out. “I challenge you to a battle! If I win, you travel with me, If you win, you can go.”

“But I can just go anyway.”

“Fine, I’ll give you this luxury ball too.” Christy held out a black pokéball with a gold stripe down the middle and a red one on top. Luxury balls were very expensive and hard to find. If this didn't convince him to battle, nothing would.

“You’ve got yourself a deal.”


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Awesomeness. Can't wait to see how that battle turns out. Also, it's nice to see that this isn't just any old journey fic. So they have to find out why all the non-Unova pokemon are in Unova? Sounds interesting.

Also, I keep thinking about what Leaf's reaction will be when it evolves into Serperior. "WTF? Where did my legs go? You can't expect me to slide around on my belly everywhere! That's disgusting!"

Subscribed. Can't wait to see some more chapters.

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Well, Thanks! I'm glad you like it! I'll just say that The battle was very fun to write. And you read my mind with the Serperior thing. I was planning to do exactly that, and since you predicted it, Leaf's going to have to put a spin on that. If you'd like, I can start a PM list and put you on it. After a bit of editing and revising, I plan to release chapter three tomorrow. Thanks!


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Well, there's no need for a PM list right now since I'm subscribed to the thread. However, if you get a cult following someday, you should definitely put in a PM list. Still can't wait to see how that battle turns out. I'm sure it will be even more fun than a normal battle since we get to see what the pokemon are thinking while they're battling.

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Well, I finished earlier than I thought I would, so here it is:

Chapter Three: Kicking Grass

The sun was shining, and the leaves on the trees were fluttering in the breeze. Two trainers stood in the clearing with pokéballs in hand. The battle was about to begin.

“Go! Tails!” The tree gecko pokémon flew onto the battlefield and began feinting punches.

“Leaf! Let’s do this!” The snivy came out of the ball and did a backflip before landing.

“Show off…” Tails mumbled.

Starting the battle, Christy yelled out a command to her pokémon. “Use toxic and go for the face!” Leaf spat out a glob of poisonous goo at the other lizard pokémon.

“Dodge it and use leer!” yelled Jake. Tails attempted to jump out of the way, but it was too late. The toxins covered his eyes, making him unable to see or use leer. “Ok, try dig and wipe the poison off in the dirt!” Tails’ arms moved in a blur as he dug a hole in the ground.

“Did I mention I’m a freaking awesome digger too?” Tails grinned as his arms moved even faster.

“Don’t let him finish, Leaf! Use vine whip to grab him, and then use leer!” The pokémon shot vines out of her body, trying to get a grip on the treecko.

“Stop…Moving…Your…Freaking…Arms!” Leaf couldn’t get through to Tails because of his flailing limbs. Finally, an opening appeared over his head, and Leaf went for it.

“Block the vines with bullet seed, and keep digging!” Seeds began shooting out of the mouth of the treecko, knocking the vines out of the way. Tails was finally too far down for the vines to reach. “Now use the special combo we’ve been planning!”

“You’re screwed now, you pointy nosed freak!” Tails laughed from underground.

“Leaf! Get out of reach by climbing a tree!” Leaf nodded and jumped up onto a tall oak, only to be knocked down by a ball of green light. The energy balls were coming up from all different holes in the ground.

Jake grinned as he gave another command to his pokémon. “Quick attack, now!”

“YAHOO!” The pokémon came shooting out of the ground and hitting snivy head on.

“No! Leaf!” Christy shouted towards her now weak and tired looking pokémon.

Jake grinned again. “Now! Finish her off with absorb!”

“Gladly.” Tails began the attack.

“Perfect!” whispered Christy as the green balls of life energy flew from Leaf to Tails. “Leaf! Use toxic on yourself!”

“What?!” exclaimed Jake as Leaf coated herself in poison. He realized what was going on and shouted out. “NO! Tails, stop using absorb!” But it was too late as the poison was sucked away from the snickering Leaf and directly into Tails’ life force. The treecko fainted instantly.

“Looks like I win, psyduck boy!” Christy returned her pokémon at the same time as Jake and laughed.

“Stop calling me that!” yelled psyduck boy. “Look! Now you even got the author doing it!” Jake yelled as he looked angrily up at the sky. “Fine. I guess I don’t have a choice now. I’m coming.”


The duo walked off of the road going through route one, and stepped into Accumula town. “We’d better stop at the pokémon center and heal up. Oh, and we need to reserve a room.” Christy was looking around for the pokémon center. She pulled out her pokénav and opened a map of Accumula town. Suddenly, a red monkey dropped down from a lamppost. They both pulled out their pokédexes and listened to what they had to say.

“Pansear: the high temp pokémon. When it is angered, the temperature of its head tuft reaches six hundred degrees Fahrenheit. It uses its tuft to roast berries.”

“So this thing can cook? Cause I can’t.” Christy looked at Jake. He shook his head. “Maybe we should catch it then.” Christy threw a pokéball at it before Jake had a chance to pull one out. The monkey pokémon disappeared into the ball. It shook once, and then broke open, the pieces flying to opposite sides of the road. Before Christy could react, the Pansear grabbed her bag and ran off. “Hey! Get back here!”

Christy started running, but Jake grabbed her arm. “Don’t bother, Christy. You can’t outrun the thing. Let’s go to the pokémon center tonight, and we’ll search for your bag tomorrow.”

“But all my stuff’s in there!” Christy said angrily.

“You can borrow some of mine for tonight,” Jake offered.

“Okay. Thanks.” Christy looked at him for a while. “Um Jake, you can let go of my arm now.”

“I’m not-Oh. Ok,” Jake said letting go of the arm that he just realized that he was still holding.


The two travelers walked in to the pokémon center. There was a store on the right side, and stairs in the back leading up to the (fortunately free) rooms. They first went to the desk in the back to heal their pokémon.

“Okay, your pokémon are all healed up! See you soon!” Nurse Joy said after taking the pokéballs out of the healing machine. She started to sit down, but Jake stopped her.

“Wait, can we get a room for tonight?” Jake asked the nurse.

“Well, we only have one left, but it only has-”

“Great, Thanks!” said Christy, grabbing the room key and running upstairs. Jake sighed then followed her.

“One bed,” finished Nurse Joy.

Upstairs, Christy stuck the key card in the slot of the door, and walked in. “There’s only one bed in here!” she said, surprised. Jake quickly jumped into the bed before his traveling partner could. Christy calmly walked over, and kicked him in the side, causing him to fall off. She climbed in and lay down.

“I guess I’m sleeping in a chair tonight.” Jake walked over to the only chair in the room, a cheap wooden one. He sat on it, and it immediately fell over. He picked it up and repeated the process, but it wouldn’t stay up. “On the floor it is.”


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Nice chapter. I liked the creative stuff that was going on in the battle there, so nice work with that. Jake and Christy seem to have a pretty interesting relationship going on, so I can't wait to see how that turns out.

I was saddened by the pitiful advertisement that you have in your sig. You don't even have any pictures. Maybe tomorrow I'll make a userbar with Treecko and Snivy on it. Does that sound good?

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Thank you! I suck at making things like that, so it would be great if you could do it! I'm glad you liked the battle, and you'll see more of Christy and Jake in upcoming chapters. I'll try to get the next chapter up soon!



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Can I be on the pm list please?


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Wow, this is great for a first fic, very nice work. You already have budding character personalities and an interesting plot!

I have a few things to mention, however:

Don't get rid of the hostility between Jake and Christy just yet... Take it a little slower. Make them absolutely hate eachother for a while, but gradually take the walls between them down. You have some good character development, but I think you can improve on it.

Am I the only one who thinks the scene with Prof. Juniper was really weird? There wasn't an explanation for her actions either, so the reader is left confused. Maybe your planning on explaining later... But yeah...

Haha, breaking the 4th wall made me laugh. I laughed a few times actually.

I'm not sure if Absorb can move physical objects, but it was an interesting way to end a battle; very unique. I liked it.

I was very impressed by the fact that there were zero typos, and this is your first fic.

Nice job on this once again. I'm curious as to how this turns out!


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Hooray for reviewers!

@bob517: Added
Don't get rid of the hostility between Jake and Christy just yet... Take it a little slower. Make them absolutely hate eachother for a while, but gradually take the walls between them down. You have some good character development, but I think you can improve on it.
I'm trying to write Christy and Jake's relationship as alternating quickly between hatred and friendship. I guess I should make that more clear from my writing.
Am I the only one who thinks the scene with Prof. Juniper was really weird? There wasn't an explanation for her actions either, so the reader is left confused. Maybe your planning on explaining later... But yeah...
The whole scene with Professor Juniper was meant mainly to be funny and to show that the professor's not quite right in the head. Now that you mention it though, I think I will put in a scene explaining her odd behavior.
Haha, breaking the 4th wall made me laugh. I laughed a few times actually.
By the time I'm done with the fourth wall, it'll just be the fourth pile-of-dust.-didn't-there-used-to-be-a-wall-here?
I'm not sure if Absorb can move physical objects, but it was an interesting way to end a battle; very unique. I liked it.
That was one of the things I mentioned in the intro that I have to change for the story to make sense.
I was very impressed by the fact that there were zero typos, and this is your first fic.
The lack of typos was a result of too much ice cream before bed, causing an absence of sleep, and boredom to the extent of reading over the fan-fiction I was writing a dozen times. The ice cream was good though.[/OFF TOPIC RANT] @Gelatino95, thanks so much for the userbar. I've already put it in my sig.


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New chapter out!

I'm finishing chapters faster than I ever thought I would! I hope you all enjoy the newest addition!

Chapter Four: Rock Climbing and Mysterious Mallets

Jake woke up sitting on the floor of a room in a pokémon center. His back hurt like hell, and he felt like he got no sleep at all. It’s Christy’s fault. If she wasn’t traveling with me, I would have gotten a bed. Christy was meanwhile still asleep in her comfy little bed. Jake scowled, and then grinned maliciously. He took his wailmer pail out of his bag, then filled it with cold water from the bathroom sink.

Standing over her, he began to tip the pail and then- “Don’t you dare, Jake Thomas.”

“I…But…I…Nothing…” Jake managed. He cursed under his breath.

“If we’re going to be traveling together, you should know that I’m a very light sleeper.” With this, Christy got out of bed and looked, annoyed, at Jake. “Well?”

“What?” Jake replied, resulting in a groan from Christy.

“Come on!” Christy said angrily.

“What do you want from me, woman?” Jake retorted, resulting in a smack on the head with a rubber mallet. “OW! What was that for? And where were you keeping that hammer?”

“That’s not the point! Leave the room so that I can change!” Christy yelled.

“Ok, god, why didn’t you just say so?” Jake said angrily walking into the bathroom with his own change of clothes. “Must be that time of the month,” he murmured under his breath. He felt the pain of a mallet to the head again.

Why does that boy have to be so difficult? He has no reason to be rude like that.
After changing into a pair of Jakes jeans and a *** shirt that Jake let her borrow, Christy called into the bathroom that she was done, followed by some choice words describing Jake. He came out in a new set of clothes.

“Well, we’d better find that Pansear that stole your bag. The pokédex says this one was from a place called the dreamyard. Apparently it’s to the east of Striaton city. We have to go through route two to get there.”

“But route two is covered with cliffs! We would have to hike all day to get around them and-”

“That’s why we aren’t going to hike around. Do you have any escape ropes?” Jake asked.

“Oh no! There is no way that I’m going to climb up those cliffs! They’re Huge!” Christy was terrified of heights. If Jake saw her freaking out like that on a cliff, well, she didn’t know why he couldn’t, but he just couldn’t.

“I suppose you’d rather walk all day to get to Striaton? Even so, we might not get there before nightfall,” Jake explained. “The only way to be sure we get there today is by climbing.”

“We have tents and sleeping bags.” Christy glared at Jake stubbornly.

“No, we have a tent and a sleeping bag. Yours were stolen, remember? So unless you want to sleep together-OW! I didn’t mean it like that! Get your mind out of the gutter!” Jake yelled after yet another hit from the mallet.

“Fine,” Christy reluctantly agreed. “We can climb the cliffs. But you had better be careful!”


After leaving the city, they had each released their pokémon. “This’ll be great!” Tails seemed to be the only one genuinely excited about the climb. “You know, all treecko are great climbers. I’m great even for a treecko though. You know, once-”

“Shut up Tails.” Leaf was even more afraid of heights than Christy was. She planned to keep her feet firmly on the ground whenever possible. Unfortunately for her, she had to stay out of her pokéball so that Christy could use her vine whip attack to scale the cliff. Christy would borrow Jake’s bag, and Leaf would sit in it and pull Christy and herself up the face of the cliff. Jake had learned expert climbing from Tails, so he would scale the wall unassisted.

“Well, here it is.” Jake looked up at the fifty foot cliff. “No sense in waiting here. Let’s go.” While Christy and Leaf were reluctant, Leaf eventually climbed into the backpack and shot her vine whip attack all the way up the sheer face of rock. They started the climb.

While progress was slow, they were moving. It took twenty minutes to get about three fourths of the way up the cliff. “How are you doing Christy?” Jake asked, seeing that her face was slightly green.

“How do you think I’m doing?” she replied sarcastically. “I think I’m gonna hurl.” She put her hand in a hole in the cliff to pull herself up. Suddenly, she screamed in pain and began to fall.

“Christy!” yelled Jake as he grabbed her hand. The pack that had fallen off of her back was caught by Tails, a terrified Leaf trembling inside. Christy began to feel faint. “Let’s get them up now, Tails.” The treecko nodded at his trainer and they had carried the stricken girl and her equally stricken snivy to the top of the cliff in fifteen seconds flat. Just as they reached the top of the cliff, both Christy and Leaf passed out.


Christy opened her eyes to find herself sitting in a tent with Jake standing over her, and Tails and Leaf sitting next to him. She had a bandage on her wrist that smelled oddly of peacha berries.

“Oh, good, you’re awake,” Jake sighed in relief. “You got stung by a gligar. I should have known there would be some in that cliff.”

Well, that explains the peacha smell. He must be using it to treat the poison. “That’s okay. I don’t blame the thing either. It must have been terrified of me sticking my hand into its home like that. What happened to it?” Jake grinned and held up a pokéball. “You did not.”

“Her name’s stinger.” Christy looked in disbelief at the pokéball.

“You caught your first pokémon while I was unconscious? From that same pokémon’s sting?” It was then that Christy noticed that she was wearing a new set of clothes.

“Relax, Leaf changed you. I was outside.” Relieved to hear this, Christy sat up, stretching her arms.

“How long was I out for?” Christy inquired, noticing the setting sun.

“About a day and a half. That sting you got was pretty bad.” He looked down at the bandage, seemingly inspecting it for dirt and debris.


“Believe me, I tried. Light sleeper my ***.” Christy reached for her mallet. “Calm down! I’m sorry!”

“Where did you sleep while I was in your sleeping bag?” Christy stared to feel guilty.

Well, I didn’t sleep. I was taking care of your sting.” Jake looked again at the bandage. “You can probably take that off now if you’d like.”

Christy removed the bandage to find that the painful sting had shrunken down to just a little bump.

“You should take the sleeping bag tonight.” Christy started to stand up.

“No, that’s okay. The grass around here is pretty comfortable.” Jake walked over to the other side of the tent and lay down.

Jake saved my life when he caught me falling. Maybe he’s not such a terrible person after all.


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Another great chapter. Jake and Christy's relationship is still very dynamic, I see. Off-screen chapters always annoy me, though, since we didn't really get to know about Stinger. How long will it be until we get to start hearing what he says in battle? Make sure you give all the different pokemon unique personalities to keep things interesting, and so we can tell them apart.

Keep on making these chapters. The more, the better.


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I really liked it hope the next chapter is out soon :)

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I'm actually thinking about doing a side chapter about Stinger's capture. She's going to be a fun character to write! I'm glad you both enjoyed the chapter! I'm already writing chapter six, but I'm still editing number five. It'll definitely be ready tomorrow.


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New chapter out!

Next chapter out early again! Yay! I'll be slowing down soon because I'm running out of chapters in storage. The special chapter about Stinger's capture will be out after Sorry for the long wait, but I've been having trouble accessing the site for some reason. Anyway, here's the next chapter.

Chapter Five: Not-So-Sweet Dreams

The pair of trainers woke up early the next morning so that they wouldn't have to climb any more. God knows that was an experience they didn’t want to relive. “Good morning Christy. How’s your hand?” Jake was still tired from having to sleep on the ground, but he wasn’t about to admit it.

“Fine, thanks. What’s with the sudden change in attitude?” Christy looked confused as they picked up the campsite.

“What do you mean? I just wanted to know if your hand was okay.”

“Sure psyduck boy. If that's what you wan't to believe."

“Please. Don’t flatter yourself.” Jake tried to conceal his annoyance at the stupid nickname. “You’d be lucky if any guy was ever interested in you, let alone me.”

Christy pulled out her mallet from thin air again, and Jake flinched a bit before swiping at it, then getting hit by another identical one. “You have two of those things? Where the hell do you keep them?”

“None of your business. Plus, what would be the use of just one?” The duo finally finished cleaning up the campsite and began to hike up the trail.

It took about five hours to reach Striaton city. It was only noon when they arrived, so they had plenty of time to explore. The city was fairly small with very few houses. A huge park was on the west side of the city. On the east was a small path leading off into the forest.

Learning their lesson from last time, the first thing they did was stop by the pokémon center and reserve a room with two beds this time. Walking out, they bumped into a man in a red tuxedo. “Watch it kid!” he growled at one of the trainers, though it wasn’t clear which one.

“What a jerk. Why do people have to be so rude?” Christy pondered as they walked towards the path to the dreamyard.

The dreamyard appeared to be an abandoned warehouse with crumbling walls. The pair had no idea where to start looking for the mischievous pansear. “I guess we should start looking in the forest over there.” Jake began to walk towards the grove of trees when a small shape moved away from it into the tall grass. Before Jake could stop her, Christy chased after it. Jake sighed and followed her as they reached the spot where the pokémon disappeared. The pokémon that came out was pink with a floral pattern.

“Hey, you’re not-” Christy started, but was cut off as golden rings shot out of the pokémon.

Crap! A hypnosis attack! Jake had time to think before he fell asleep and hit the ground along with Christy.


Jake was walking into the battle room in school, and Tails was by his side. He wondered who his opponent would be in this round. His question was answered as a large, tauros of a boy walked onto the other side of the field.

“Hello, loser!” said Frank, a kid from trainer school.

“Hey Frank. Ready to lose?”

“No need to be overconfident nimrod! Go! Ho-Oh!”


A giant rainbow bird appeared from the pokéball and flew around the stadium. “Ho-Oh, fire blast!”

Tails fainted immediately and Jake was too stunned to move. Frank started laughing at him, and everyone in the school walked into the room, joining in. Leading in the laughter was Christy, taunting him. Jake tried to look away, but he was frozen in place staring at the horrible scene. “NO! NO! MAKE IT STOP!”


Christy woke to find herself standing back on route two in a tent. It must have all been a dream. She shrugged and stepped out of the tent to find Jake so that they could get going. Looking around, however, she was unable to find him. She then noticed a plate of bacon sizzling on a log next to the campfire. Smiling, she reached for a piece of bacon, but it flew out of reach, hovering in the air nearby. Confused, she reached for another piece, but all of them flew to hover with the first one.

"What the hell is going on?" She shouted into the woods. It was then that Jake stepped into the clearing, an abra walking next to him. "Jake, you'd better tell that thing to put this bacon down!"

Jake laughed maniacally. "Or what?"

"Or hammers!" Christy answered. She reached behind her, only to discover that the instruments had disappeared. "No," she mumbled. "NOOOOOOOOOO!"


Both Trainers woke up in a pokémon center. They weren’t in a room, however, but in hospital beds. Christy looked over to see Jake in the bed next to hers. “Are you awake?”

He waited a while before responding. “Yeah. What happened?”

A nurse walked in and stood in between their beds. “I can explain that. You were hit by a sleep inducing attack, and then whatever pokémon put you to sleep used the move dream eater on you.”

“Dream eater? What does that do?” Christy inquired. She felt a bit stupid not knowing, but she had to find out.

“It causes the target to have nightmares about whatever it fears most.” Nurse Joy explained. “The attacking pokémon then feeds off of the target’s fear. Now that you’ve gotten some rest, you should be fine. If you need a room for tonight, we can get you one.”

“No thanks. We already have one,” Jake said, getting up, and being followed by Christy. They went into their room, and were thankful that each of them got a bed. Despite having been unconscious all day, Jake fell asleep fairly easily.

Christy followed quickly after yawning and saying one last thing. "We'll get the monkey tomorrow."
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