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The Nova Travels

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Another great chapter. The only thing I have to point out this time is that there's a double negative in the first paragraph. Other than that, it's nice to see some more personality from the characters.

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Thanks for catching that. I fixed it, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. The main purpose for this chapter was for some more character development.
Another major character is coming soon, so I figured I should make sure we know as much about Jake and Christy as possible.
Anyway, the next chapter is very short, so it'll be out first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks for reviewing!


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Here's a new chapter!

Chapter Six: Super Happy Fire Monkey Fun Time Day

Jake pulled out some Oran berries they would have for breakfast. He was getting tired of raw berries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and he was running out of berries too.

“Oran Berries Again?” Christy whined as she rubbed sleep out of her eyes and walked over to the table.

“Unless you have the money to buy something else. We need to find your bag today. This time, we’ll avoid whatever that pokémon was. Actually, my pokédex probably recorded it.” Jake pulled the gadget in question out of his bag as they ate. Scrolling down until he saw the picture of the pokémon, he found its name, and read it out loud. “Munna.”

“So we just turn tail and run if we see it?” Christy seemed confused. “Can’t we just close our eyes so we can’t see the rings?”

“Oh, yeah. I never thought of that,” Jake said, feeling stupid.

“Well, there’s no use talking about it anymore. We’d better go back to the dreamyard.” Christy Got up and walked out the door. Jake stood up and followed her.

As they walked out of the pokémon center and towards the dreamyard, Jake thought about the dream he had while the Munna had hypnotized him. Why should I even care that Christy was making out with Frank? I can barely even tolerate Christy, let alone like her. And how was that the thing I’m most afraid of? I’d much rather lose Christy than die. Although I guess the author would rather make this romantic but-No! Stop! Your breaking the fourth wall again!

The duo walked into the dreamyard once again and Jake had an Idea. “We found that thing on a lamppost right? Maybe that means he likes manmade structures. Why don’t we try on the walls of the warehouse?”

“Good Idea! But how are we going to get up there?” It was then that Christy noticed the stairs. “Oh. I guess that works.”

Jake led the way up the staircase onto the wall. Luckily for them, the builders were pretty big on insulation. Scanning the area, Jake finally found something. It looked like a nest of leaves with something red sitting inside of it.

“Look! Over there! I think I can see the pansear!” Christy began running along the wall towards the nest. Jake was about to warn her that she’d scare the pansear away, but he noticed that it wasn’t moving. He ran behind her until they reached the nest. The pansear was sitting in the nest next to charities bag. Its eyes were wide open as it looked pleadingly at the pair.


“It looks hurt pretty bad. We’d better help it.” Christy pulled a potion out of her bag and sprayed it on the monkey.

It perked up immediately and jumped onto Christy’s shoulder. It reached into to the pokéball pocket on Christy’s bag and pulled one out. It disappeared into the ball and made no attempt to escape. “Well, I guess you want to come with me,” Christy said, very surprised. She let the pansear out of its ball. “I guess you need a nickname,” she said to him.

“Pan! Sear Pan,” is what Jake heard, but Christy could now understand him. “Ooh! Ooh! Name me George!” The pokémon was obviously excited about the prospect of a name.

“Well, the cartoon character Curious George is an aipom, but I suppose that still works.” Christy smiled. “George it is.”

George let out a squeal of excitement as the group headed back to the pokémon center. Once they arrived, they let out all their pokémon. “Well, George, this is Leaf, Tails, and Stinger,” said Christy, indicating each of the pokémon as they introduced themselves.

“Pleased to meet you, George.” Leaf held out her hand to shake, and George high fived it.

“You’re not going to hurt me are you?”

“Oh, calm down, stinger. Great to have a new addition to the team!” Tails patted George’s back, and recoiled in pain, his hand getting burned.

“Sorry,” said George, grinning mischievously.

“Well, let’s go to bed then.” Jake lay down on his bed and let his pokémon lie down around him. Christy did the same, and they went to sleep, ready for a new day.
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Cool, another pokemon. Still haven't seen much of Stinger's personality, but maybe Jake will use him in an upcoming battle? Anyway, it's nice that they finally found that Panear. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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Stinger will be in an upcoming battle, and I'll do a side chapter about how Jake captured her. If people like the idea, I might do a chapter staring just the pokemon. I hope you enjoy the upcoming chapters!



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I totally used your idea. Remember the chapter when Jake and Christy were dreaming? Well, the most recent chapter in my fic also shows some of the characters' dreams, except they're good dreams instead of bad dreams like in this fic.

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Well, I'm glad I could be of help! I'll read your new chapter tonight and leave a review. I was actually inspired by another fic (much better than this one) called Lull by an author named Breezy. Although the dream in that story was a bit more-shall we say-"intense" than mine. Anyway, I've been writing it for three days now, but here it is:

Chapter Seven: Money, Meatloaf, and Other Useless Inventions

“Wake up, Christy! We’ve got work to do.” Jake was sitting at the table with Stinger and Tails next to him.

Looking out the window, and then at the clock, Christy began fuming with anger. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? IT’S FOUR THIRTY IN THE F***ING MORNING! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND GETS UP AT FOUR THIRTY?”

“Someone who wants to be the first to sign up for a battle at the Striaton City Gym.” Jake grabbed his bag and walked towards the door.

“Don’t I get a say in this? We haven’t even had breakfast yet!” Christy yelled.

“We don’t have to. The Striaton City Gym doubles as a restaurant. We’ll eat there.” Jake reached for the doorknob, but was stopped again.

“Have you forgotten that we don’t have any money? How are we supposed to buy food?” Christy had calmed down a bit, but was still angry.

“That’s what I’m trying to fix. The prize money for winning the gym battle is five hundred dollars each. We’d have plenty of money if we spent it well,” Jake explained.

“Well what are we going to eat now? Even if we win, we can’t use the money before we get it.” There was no way Christy was going to go without breakfast.

“We’ll just eat the free mints at the counter.”

“Won’t that get us kicked out?” Christy asked.

“Probably. If we need to, we can always have George cook up some berries on the way.” With that, Jake walked out the door with Christy behind him.

“You know, that whole discussion about breakfast sounded like something a lazy author would throw into a bad fan-fiction just to take up space,” Christy pointed out.

Thinking for a moment, Jake replied thoughtfully. “Wow. You’re right.”

Quiet enough so that only those who were listening could hear, an evil chuckle came down from the sky and spread across the city.


The automatic doors to the gym opened up to reveal the lobby of a generic restaurant with a red curtain with a flame pattern on the back. Jake and Christy walked up to the desk in the front of the gym.

“Welcome to the Striaton gym and café. Would you like to be seated?” The woman at the desk smiled in that way that waiters and waitresses do that says ‘I’m required to smile at you, but I really just want to go home. Why the hell didn’t I go to college?’

“No thank you. We’re here to sign up for the gym battle.” Christy smiled back in that way that says ‘I see right through your fake smile, but your poor decision making skills aren’t my problem.’

“In that case, you’re going to need another partner. The gym is a triple battle where each challenger is allowed to use two pokémon.”

Just as the waitress finished talking, a boy of about the same age as Christy and Jake walked into the restaurant. He had spikey blonde hair and wore a gray *** shirt. “I’m here to sign up for the gym battle.” It was then that he fist seemed to notice Christy and Jake. “Do you two need a partner?”

Annoyed with the new kid’s ostentatious attitude, Jake was about to respond that they would find someone else, when Christy responded first. “Yeah, thanks! We just signed up.”

Seeing that Jake stopped when Christy accepted his offer, the kid laughed. “Do you let your girlfriend make all your decisions for you?”

“She’s not my girlfriend!” Jake was really getting pissed off at this point.

“Well is she available then? My name’s Leo, by the way.” Leo winked at Christy.

“No! Well, yes, but-”

“Don’t I get a say in this?” Christy said, amused at the boys at each other’s throats.

“NO!” both boys yelled in unison.

The waitress that everyone had seemed to have forgotten about spoke up. “Your gym battle’s ready now. You just have to solve a little puzzle to get to the back of the gym. Step on the symbol on the floor that’s super effective towards the one on the curtain. And don’t bother trying to walk through. The door behind the curtain won’t open until the puzzle is solved.”

Jake rolled his eyes as he stepped on the water symbol, and walked through the door. A waiter was waiting for him as the others followed through the door.

“Hello children! Would you like to try our meatloaf?” the waiter asked them.

“No thanks.” Christy walked towards the leaf symbol on the floor, as the next curtain had a water droplet on it.

“Are you sure? The meatloaf is really quite good.”

“We really don’t need any meatloaf.” It was Leo who spoke this time.

“This meatloaf is truly the best in Striaton-no, Unova-no, the entire world!”

“WE DON’T WANT YOUR MEATLOAF!” the trio yelled in unison. Christy stepped on the leaf symbol, and the door opened.

As they walked into the next room, a waitress approached them. “Have you tried the meatloaf?”

Before the waitress could ask again, Leo jumped on the fire symbol and the group ran through the door. They finally reached the final room, and saw the gym leaders Cress, Cilan, and Chili, whom they recognized from TV.

“Good morning, trainers,” Cress said.

“Are you here for a battle?” Cilan asked.

“Have you tried the meatloaf?” Chili had to duck as a conveniently placed brick flew at his head. “A simple ‘I don’t like it’ would have been fine.”

“We’re ready for our gym battle.” Leo’s impatience really got under Jake’s skin.

“Then let us begin! Go, panpour!” A blue and yellow monkey appeared in front of Cress.

“Pansage! Let’s do this!” Another monkey, this one green, came out of Cilan’s pokéball.

“Come on out, pansear!” Chile yelled as a pokémon looking just like George appeared on the scene.

“I choose you, Stinger!” Jake decided to keep Tails as a reserve. Stinger squealed in terror when she saw the opposing team. She jumped onto Jake’s face and clung on for dear life. “Come-on-Stinger! You-can-do-it!” Jake encouraged his pokémon, prying her off of his head.

“Go! Leaf!” The snivy came out of her pokéball and smirked silently at her enemies.

“Come on out, Leroy!” Leo threw a pokéball at the ground, and a larvitar popped out.

“Leroy?” Jake chuckled.

“Shut up! I was five when I named him.”

“I was four when I named Tails. At least I came up with something better than Leroy.”

“Both of you shut up! We’re not battling each other! Leaf, use vine whip on the panpour!”

“Stinger! Poison sting on pansage!”

“Leroy, use rock slide on the pansear!”

“Panpour, use water gun on the gligar!”

“Pansage, vine whip on larvitar!”

“Pansear, let’s see an incinerate, and center it on that snivy!”

Leaf was the first to move, hurling her vines at the panpour and squeezing. As she was doing this however, flames burst from the ground at her feet, and at the pokémon around her. While Leroy and Stinger were able to get out of the way on time, the attack hit Leaf head on. She screamed and let go of the panpour, freeing it to use water gun on Stinger.

“Quick! Stinger! Use steel wing to block the water, and the hit pansage with that poison sting!” The flying scorpion’s wing glowed silver as it covered her body. The water gun bounced off harmlessly as she flew towards the pansage.

“I’m sorry about this! Please don’t be mad!” Stinger jabbed her tail into the monkey’s forehead.

“AHHH! GET IT OFF OF ME! OWOWOWOW!” The pansage tried to shake her off, but she held on and kept injecting poison.

Tearing himself away from the spectacle, Leroy focused on the ceiling, and portals appeared, boulders falling out of them and onto the pansear. It took massive damage and began to look tired.

“Panpour, use lick on the snivy! Finish it off!”

“Leaf! Try using tackle before it can reach you!”

The panpour stuck out its tongue, which grew to enormous size. Leaf tackled it and it flew backwards. “This is disgusting.” Leaf gagged as she was covered in the monkey’s saliva.

As this was going on, Stinger was still stinging the screaming grass monkey’s face. “GET THIS THING OFF OF ME! OH MY GOD! Night, night, Mommy…” The pansage fell flat on the floor, knocked out cold.

“Pansage, return! Go, leafeon!” A green, fox-like pokémon emerged from Cilan’s pokéball.

“Panpour! Try water gun on the gligar again!” Before Stinger could make any attempt to avoid the blast, a spray of high pressured water hit her, knocking her out with a super effective attack.

“Stinger, return!” Jake pulled out the pokéball that had returned to his hand somehow, and a red beam of light shot out and Stinger disappeared back into it. “Go, Tails!”

“Let’s do this!” Tails exclaimed loudly as he appeared from his pokéball.

“Leaf, use vine whip on the panpour again!”

“Leroy, try rock tomb on pansear!”

“Tails, let’s get a leer in here!”

As the first to move, Tails’ eyes glowed red as he stared evilly at the opposing pokémon. “Scared of a little treecko, huh?” Tails continued to stare down the other team. While they were distracted, Leaf and Leroy used their attacks. Leaf’s vines gripped the panpour, and more portals appeared over pansear. Boulders encased the monkey, and its head was all that was still showing. It was clearly unconscious from the attack. Leroy winked at Leaf, who rolled her eyes and removed one vine from panpour to slap him.

“Pansear, return! Go, flareon! Use ember on the snivy!”

“Panpour, try to break free using scald!”

“Leafeon, use razor leaf on the larvitar!”

Boiling water began shooting out of the mouth of the water monkey, causing Leaf to recoil in pain as it burned her vines.

As flareon shot a ball of fire at Leaf that would most likely knock her out, Christy’s eyes lit up as she had an idea. “Use toxic on the ember attack!”

Jake caught on to Christy’s plan and shouted out to Tails. “Use energy ball to push the attacks back, but at leafeon this time!” The pokémon both nodded, and two balls of energy appeared in front of Tails and shot forward to both hit leafeon, exploding as they came into contact. The grass fox fainted instantly from the explosion.

“Take that! Who’s awesome? We’re awesome. Suck on that!”

“Tails,” Leaf said.


“Shut up.”

“Okay.” Tails looked disappointed.

“Panpour! Use water gun on larvitar!” Cress looked scared that they were losing, as did Chile, and Cilan simply pouted in the corner as he was out of pokémon.

“Leaf! Use tackle to stop it!” The snivy hurled itself at the monkey, but it was too late to stop the attack. The stream of water hit the dinosaur-like pokémon, causing it to faint from the super effective attack with a power boost from torrent. Panpour fainted as well.

“Leroy, come back! Come on out Philly!” A ponyta appeared from the ball.

“Philly? You haven’t gotten much better at nicknaming either.” Jake smirked at Leo.

“You can shut up! I don’t-”

“Can you two quit bickering for long enough to finish a battle?” Christy seemed genuinely annoyed at this point.

“Panpour, come back! Let’s win this, Vaporeon! Use water gun on the ponyta!”

“Philly, charge through it with flame wheel!” The fiery mane of the ponyta flared up and covered the horse’s body. As she ran through the blast of water, it evaporated before it even touched her. “Now try stomp on the flareon!”

“Leaf, use tackle on it!”

“Tails! Bullet seed on vaporeon!”

The combined attacks hit the flareon, and it was weakened drastically. Seeds shot out of Tails’ mouth and hit the water fox at supersonic speed.

“Flareon! Use ember again to stop that treecko!”

“Philly! Jump in front of him!” The fire horse leaped into the path of the fireball, but instead of hurting the pokémon, it seemed to make her stronger.

“That’s Philly’s flash fire ability,” Leo bragged. “Fire attacks actually heal her.”

“We know how abilities work.”

“Do you know how magnets work?” Leo grinned.

“Sure, they boost electrical- Oh dammit!” Jake cursed.

“Vaporeon, Use ice beam on the snivy!”

“Flareon, use bite on the treecko!”

“Leaf, try to dodge, and use leer!”

“You too Tails!”

“Philly, use tail whip!”

Jumping out of the way of the beam of ice, Leaf’s eyes glowed red and she stared maliciously at flareon and vaporeon, while Philly whipped her flaming tail around in a threatening manner. The eeveelutions looked intimidated and let down their defenses in their panic. The fire fox ran forward and clamped its jaws onto Tails’ leg.

“GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!” Tails cried as he shook his leg. “OH MY GOD THIS HURTS!”

“Get rid of it by using quick attack on vaporeon!” Jake yelled to his treecko.

“OWOWOWOWOWOWOW!” screamed Tails as he ran at astonishing speed towards the vaporeon. As he crashed into it, both it and the flareon biting his leg flew at the wall. Both foxes fainted as they fell to the ground.

“Well, you won.” Cress smiled at the trio.

“Here are your badges and prize money,” Cilan said, handing each of them a small pendant and a wad of cash.

“Yes! We won! We did it!” Christy ran up to Jake and hugged him. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t-”

“That’s okay. It’s-”

“Hey. Christy, isn’t it? Do you want to ditch this loser and come with me? You’re too cute to be with a moron like that.” Leo winked at Christy. He winced as she slapped him as hard as she could.

“Go to hell, Leo,” she said cheerfully. “You’re a smug little *** who thinks he can get anything he wants just by asking. Jake’s my friend, and I’m not going to leave him for a jerk like you.”

“Ouch,” said Leo, smiling as he walked out the door. “You’ll come around.”

“So I’m your friend now?” Jake chuckled as he and Christy walked out.

“Don’t get used to it, psyduck boy. That kid just needed his ego readjusted.” Christy looked surprised that Jake didn’t seem to be annoyed at his old nickname.

“Whatever you say, stupid.” Jake ducked the mallet heading his way and was hit by the second again. “You’re gonna give me a concussion one of these days.”

“One can only hope.”

And there it is! The longest chapter so far! And in the next post is the special chapter about Stinger!

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Warning: The majority of the following chapter is very boring. It is mostly incredibly sappy conversations. You have been warned.

Special Chapter One: The Sting of the Crybaby

Jake pulled the unconscious Christy onto the top of the cliff. Tails followed with a backpack that held Leaf, who had fainted from pure terror. I hope Christy’s okay. Jake won’t admit it, but I know he’d be devastated if anything happened to her. Leaf’ll be fine, she’s just scared. But Christy seems hurt pretty bad.

“It looks like something stung her hand. The only thing I can think of that could do something like this and would be living on a cliff would be a gligar.” Jake’s talking broke Tails’ train of thought.

“We could always go down there to check it out. I bet I can beat whatever did this.” Tails watched his trainer squeeze a peacha berry over a bandage from his bag and wrap it around Christy’s right hand, where the sting was.

“I suppose seeing whatever did this could help me treat it. Good Idea Tails.” Making sure that Christy was securely in his sleeping bag, Jake followed Tails down the side of the massive wall of rock. They reached the hole in the wall where Christy was stung.

“We don’t want to get ourselves stung too, so let’s get whatever’s in there out in the open. Try using energy ball, so it can light up the cave and scare out whatever’s in there at the same time.”

“Can do!” A small, dim, green orb of light appeared in front of Tails, growing larger and brighter continuously. Eventually, He released it and jumped out of the way as a purple, flying scorpion flew out of the cave.

“So it was a gligar. Quick, use bullet seed to force it back to the wall!” Tails looked at the gligar from his position clinging to the cliff side, and shot seeds out of his mouth in front of the pokémon, forcing it backward until it was pressed against the cliff face and couldn’t fly.

“Don’t hurt me!” squealed the gligar pitifully. “I was just scared! I didn’t mean to hurt anyone!” Tails felt pity for the thing.

“Jake, the gligar says she wasn’t trying to hurt Christy. She’s just a baby. Can we keep her?”

“Well, that depends on whether she wants to come with us.” Jake smiled kindly at the gligar.

“You’d take care of me? B-but… I hurt your friend…”

“It doesn’t matter. We know you didn’t mean it. If you’d like to, you can come with us. Jake’s a really nice guy. You’ll love him!” Tails knew that he was telling the truth as he told the young pokémon this.

The gligar started tearing up. “You want to help me…even after what I did to your friend?” She began crying out loud and flew up to cling to Jake’s head.

“I’m guessing that’s a yes,” Jake laughed as he carried the gligar up the cliff.

Once they reached the top, Jake pulled a pokéball from his bag. “How does this look for your new home?”

The gligar practically jumped into the pokéball and it didn’t even shake. Jake pressed the button on the ball. “Jake!” yelled the gligar as she popped out and hugged his face again. Now able to understand her, Jake chuckled.

“Nice to see you too, buddy. Well, I guess you need a nickname, don’t you? How about Stinger?”

“Yay!” Stinger hugged Jake’s face even harder.

As Jake set up the campsite, Tails was left to his own thoughts. I hope Leaf’s not hurt. She looked terrified when she fell. Wait, why am I worried about Leaf? Christy got hurt much worse. I should be thinking about whether she’s okay. But I’m thinking about Leaf instead…


Sitting in the tent, Leaf was now awake and watching over her trainer. She had been acquainted with Stinger, who was now asleep in her pokéball. Jake and Tails were out searching for more peacha berries, as their supply was low. Tails…he saved my life today. If it weren’t for him, I would have died falling from the cliff. Maybe he’s not as big of an idiot as he acts like. Wait! What am I saying? Tails is a total moron! There’s no way I could like him! Sure he saved me, but still…

Leaf was glad that her thoughts were interrupted by Tails and Jake returning with armfuls of peacha berries. “Hey there Leaf! Is Christy showing any signs of waking up?”

“What does it look like, stupid?” she snapped. There was no way Leaf could like someone with an IQ so low it takes a week to write all the decimal places.

“No need to be mean. I was just asking.” Tails looked hurt and walked over to Jake.

Uggh…Now I feel guilty. I should at least try to be nice to the pokémon who saved my life. “I’m sorry Tails. I didn’t mean it. I’m just…confused right now.”

“Well, thanks for apologizing!” Tails instantly looked happier. Leaf sighed inwardly and walked over to Christy.

I really need to work on being nicer. I almost hurt Tails’ feelings really badly. What’s wrong with me? Tails curled up in the corner of the tent, said goodnight to everyone, and went to sleep. Leaf decided to follow his example, and she leaned against her trainer, leaving Jake the only one awake.


A few hours after the pokémon had gone to sleep, Jake was changing Christy’s bandage. The smell of peacha berries filled the air. He pulled the old one off to find that the sting had shrunken in size. Is she going to wake up soon? I really hope she’s okay. If she gets hurt…What? What happens if she gets hurt? It doesn’t matter. She’s not even my friend. Why do I feel like I need to help her? I guess I just want her to get better because I want to keep moving, but it feels like more than that. Is she maybe starting to become my friend? I don’t know. I just know that I can’t let her get hurt.


Stinger woke up as she was released from her pokéball. “Good morning everyone!” She circled around the campsite atop the cliff. She hoped that that girl she stung would be okay. Jake had started looking at her funny. When the humans she had seen looked at each other like that, they sometimes tried to eat each other’s faces. She liked grabbing on to Jake’s face, so she didn’t want it to get eaten off.

“Good morning, Stinger!” Jake said to her.

“Buenos dias Aguijón!”

“Tails, why are you speaking Spanish?” Leaf looked confusedly at the treecko.

“Qué? Yo no estoy hablando español. Oh. Lo siento. Good morning Stinger!”

“I don’t think I’m going to ask,” Leaf said.

“My egg was once kidnapped by an evil mariachi band. It took all of my wits and strength to escape. In other words, I was dropped and rolled down the hill to where Jake, my original owner, just happened to be standing. I recovered fully, but I still speak Spanish occasionally.”

“That’s a lie. He fell asleep to a Spanish soap opera marathon,” Jake told everyone.

“But my story is much more interesting. You know, it seems like there’s some fan-fiction author out there somewhere who just tricked us into wasting a half a page of space because he’s too lazy to come up with something worthwhile to write.”

“Dammit Tails!” Jake yelled. “Do you know how many times we’ve had to fix the fourth wall already in this story? And you just go ahead breaking it like we have an unlimited supply of duct tape!”

“Isn’t the fourth wall hypothetical though?” Tails asked.

“Well, it was until some jerk actually built a wall that breaks every time you reference the real world!”

“So through this conversation alone, it’s been smashed into dust?” He was still a bit confused.

“Yep. Screw fixing it, though. Somebody else can do that. I’m going to wait for the author to come up with some decent Ideas.”


“That sunset sure is pretty, huh Leaf?” Stinger sat watching the sun set over her old home with Leaf.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. It is. I’m sorry. I’m just upset. About Christy.”

“No you’re not. You’re confused. About Tails.” Stinger said, shooting a worried glance at her friend.

“I guess I can’t fool you. I mean, he’s weird, stupid, annoying, but also kind of sweet. He did save my life, you know.” Leaf tried not to mention that it was Stinger’s fault that her life was in danger in the first place.

“I’m still little, so I’m not quite sure what’s going on, but I can tell you that however you feel about Tails, he feels the same way.”

“Thanks, Stinger.” Christy said to the young pokémon, though she still wasn’t sure how she felt about Tails, or how the baby gligar could tell.

“Come here! She’s waking up!” Jake called. He returned Stinger to her pokéball so as not to scare Christy, and Leaf and Tails stood beside Jake as she opened her eyes.

“Oh, good, you’re awake.”


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Some very good chapters here. No need to worry about sappy conversations, as long as you mix a little bit of action in there as well. Helps build character.

I personally hate Leo and hope he never comes back, or maybe they just see him every now and then. But that's just my opinion so far, don't take it as advice. I think the mixed feelings about each other are pretty funny, and the Spanish soap opera bit was pretty cool. It would have been pretty cool if Tails used to belong to a mariachi band.

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Thanks! If you've ever read Calvin and Hobbes, You'll probably understand why I don't react positively to the phrase "It builds character", but I know what you mean. I hate Leo too, but I wrote him to be hated intentionally. Sorry, but you'll be seeing a bit more of him. I believe that as relationships are a jumbled mess in real life, they should be written as such. Any author who writes them as making any sense is merely deceiving him/herself, as well as his/her readers. [/RANT] Anyway, I'm glad you liked the soap opera bit. I was originally going to use the mariachi band, but I realized that that would require effort to wright, which I am much to lazy for. All joking aside, it may be awhile until the next chapter is out, mainly because it is not written yet. I'd better get back to that as soon as I review your new chapters, so adios!


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Well, I've finished with chapter eight, and I hope you enjoy it! This chapter is a bit dark, and it's where that violence mentioned in the rating starts. Also, considering the three hundred sixteen views on this thing, I'm guessing I've got more than three people reading. If you're out there, don't be afraid to review! I don't bite! Unless of coarse you're just lazy, in which case, I can understand that.[/RANT] Well, here's the next chapter!

Chapter Eight: A Legendary Problem

Christy and Jake walked back to the pokémon center to pack their bags and leave for route three. “You know, the Pokémon Day Care is on route three,” Christy pointed out. “We should stop by for a visit.”

“Sure. As long as we make it to Nacrene City soon, we can stop anywhere.”

The group stepped into their room after healing their pokémon downstairs. Immediately, they were grabbed and stuffed into a single large sack before they could see their attackers.

“Let us out of here!” Christy yelled. She struggled wildly.

“Christy, it’s no use. We’re not getting out,” Jake whispered into the ear that was pressed against his face. “Whoever’s kidnapping us isn’t too bright; they didn’t take our pokéballs. Keep them hidden in your pockets. We can come up with a plan to escape.”

It was then that the two heard the noise of helicopter rotors.

“Where are these bastards taking us?” Christy whispered to her sack-mate.

“I don’t know, but it’s far away, or they wouldn’t risk using a helicopter.”

“Well, I have an idea.”


The sack holding the duo was thrown at a wall harshly, and the noise from the helicopter rotors faded away. The sack was opened up, and Jake and Christy were grabbed by two men in the same red tuxedos that they had seen on the rude man back in Striaton City. A man in a tuxedo that was both red and black greeted them.

“Hello, children. You’re probably wondering why you’ve been taken here.”

“Let me guess. You’re a pedophile, but none of the kids want your candy?” Jake spat on the man’s shoe. One of the men behind them slapped him with the back of his hand, causing his lip to bleed as a ring scraped across it.

“Ah, so this one’s got a mouth on him. We can soon fix that. The reason you are here is because you are looking for something that must not be found.”

“What? How miserably lonely you are with no chance on earth of you ever getting a date?” Jake was slapped again, the ring tearing skin off of his cheek this time. Blood dripped on the floor from his lacerated face. He merely scowled, while Christy winced a bit.

“Control your mouth, Mr. Thomas, and you will live much longer. I will offer you the chance to join us before you are executed.”

“I’d rather die fighting than live as a low life coward who kidnaps children.” As yet another slap met his face, the blood dripped faster from another wound.

“Allow me to explain our goals before you make that decision. We are Team Legend, and we seek to unify the world. When God created the world, He also created Arceus. Arceus created pokémon from what God had given him. God gave us pokémon to use. The vision of these creatures as our equals is a perversion of every truth known to man! In order to do God’s will, we must rule over these vermin! Team Legend’s goal is to take control over the world’s legendary pokémon and force every one of the vile beasts into submission, along with any humans who stand in our way! Humans will all come together as the dominant species on the planet, and we, Team Legend, will forever be remembered as the heroes who righted the world!” The man’s voice rose from a calm, matter-of-fact, quiet speech to a psychotic uproar.

“God created pokémon and humans together as one! We were made to work together, not rule over one another!” It was Christy who spoke this time. She received a slap as well, and although this did not break skin, Jake was put into a rage.

“Get your hands off her, you filthy bastards!” Jake surprised the guards and himself by breaking free of their grasp. Before they could react, he pulled a pokéball out of each of his pockets, and reached into Christy’s to grab hers. Releasing the pokémon, Jake punched the guard holding Christy right in the face. She squirmed free as the guard screamed in pain, blood gushing from his now broken nose. “Christy! There’s a window! Jump through it!”

Christy smashed through the glass and plummeted towards the ocean five hundred feet below. Alongside her were George and Leaf as they watched the tower fly by. “Leaf! Use vine whip on a tree branch to catch us!” As the girl and her partners fell towards the sea, vines shot from Leaf’s body and grabbed a tree branch hanging out over the water. Swinging around the limb as they grasped each other’s hands, they gently plopped into the ocean and began swimming out to sea. As she looked behind her, a treecko and a boy swam up behind them with a gligar circling over them as the tower collapsed upon itself in the distance.

“Tails used bullet seed to soften our landing, and if it happened to destroy the base of the tower, that’s an added benefit.”

Christy nodded approvingly and pulled out her pokénav. Thank god these things are waterproof. Once they were a safe distance from the tower, they sent their coordinates to the emergency line along with the letters SOS.

After a few hours of treading water, a boat appeared with red and blue lights flashing. Several police officers hoisted the pair and their pokémon up onto the boat. After asking a few questions about what happened, the police officers took them back to Nuvema Town. After checking in with their parents to make sure that they knew that the two were okay, they joined back up at the town entrance. They would take the subway back to Striaton tomorrow, and continue their journey from there.

“Well, we only just started our journey, but it feels like forever since we were here last.” Jake looked out at the sunset over route one, and smiled at the memories that felt years old, but took place less than a week ago.

“So much has changed. We were just trying to get the gym badges before, but now we’re trying to stop an evil organization from taking over the world, and trying to find out where all these new pokémon came from. It’s funny how these things work.” Christy smiled as well, and the two sat down on the same bench where Jake had left the note telling Christy that he had left without her.

After the sun went down, the two trainers went home to sleep in their own beds one more time.


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Team Legend, eh? The descriptions of their outfits made them sound like Team Magma when I first read it. A radical religious group should put a nice twist on the series. It seemed a little unrealistic how Jake didn't even complain about the Team Legend guy beating him nearly to death, but that's just my opinion. When he was getting beat up, I felt like saying, "Is this what God would want you to do???"

I'm also a bit surprised that their parents would let them continue their journey after being kidnapped, brutally mistreated, and taken miles out to sea.

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Yeah, not my best chapter in terms of realism. Jake not complaining was more him just refusing to give in. The evil group was something key to the plot, and the whole terrible violence thing was kind of meant to add hypocrisy to the list of things to hate about Team Legend. And about the costume design, meh, I got lazy. The parents letting them continue was more that they can't do anything about it. I should probably write something in the next chapter to explain that. I'll be writing the next chapter, and it will hopefully be finished tomorrow, but I won't make any promises. Thanks for the review!


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Well, I finished another chapter. School starts soon for me, so I'll be slowing down with my writing a bit. I'll still try to get a chapter in every day, but I won't be nearly as fast as I usually would be. As for this chapter, it's not great, but it introduces a new...well, I don't know if you'd call it a character, but that's the only thing I can think of without giving away the ending. Here we go...

Chapter Nine: The Day-Care Dilemma

Jake and Christy stepped onto the subway car that would take them to Striaton Station. Their parents had begged them to stay at home after their kidnapping, but they had both refused. According to law in the Unova region, once a child received a trainer’s license, they had the right to travel anywhere in the region without parental consent. Both trainers wanted to continue their journey, and find a way to take down Team Legend. The two promised their parents that they would keep their starters out at all times for protection, so Leaf and Tails walked next to them onto the car.

After a trip in silence, the train pulled to a stop. “Mmf grw rtl mrgn. Wrql p ynhg fyd mn.” An incomprehensible voice came over the loudspeaker.

“Considering the train only has one stop, that probably said ‘Striaton Station’.” Jake stepped off of the train alongside Christy and the pokémon. The police had already retrieved the group’s bags from the pokémon center and retuned them to their owners, so Jake and Christy went straight towards route three with Leaf and Tails behind them.

As they took their first steps onto the road, they saw that it was a forested area where vines hung from the trees. As they walked along the path, the trees thinned out a bit to reveal a large house just off the path.

“Hey, Jake! This must be the pokémon day care!” Christy said as she saw the building. “We should stop and check it out!”

“We need to get to Nacrene City, but I guess one visit wouldn’t hurt. Why not?” The group headed towards the day care.

“Cool! Isn’t this where pokémon come to-” Tails was smacked in the head by his trainer’s hand before he could finish. He realized that what he was about to say might not be the best to say in front of Leaf and Christy. “-level up?” he finished instead.

“Yep. Apparently, somebody spilt a truckload of rare candies on the ground behind the day care, and the rain washed them into the soil. Pokémon can still benefit from the effects if they walk around in there.” Jake pretended that he hadn’t interrupted Tails at all.

“By the way, Tails,” said Leaf, “I know what you were about to say, and you’re disgusting.”

“Hey, you thought of it too.” Tails ducked, grinning as Leaf attempted to slap him.

“You know, I think I read somewhere that treeckos who keep their mouths shut can live up to five times as long as those who don’t.” At this, Tails whimpered and hid behind Jake.

“Welcome! Are you here to leave one of your pokémon to be raised for you?” An old woman sat at the wooden desk at the back of the brightly painted room. Behind her was a door leading to the field where the pokémon were kept.

“No thank you. We’re actually here to see if you offer tours.” Christy smiled at the old woman.

“Sure we do! Come on in!” The friendly day care lady opened the gate to the desk and beckoned for them to enter. As Christy, Jake, Leaf and Tails walked into the yard in the back, several pokémon came into view. A buneary was playing with an emolga and a cinccino in the field, while an alomomola swam with a basculin and a whiscast in a pond. “This is where the pokémon that trainers leave with us stay. We have habitats ideal for all different types of pokémon. If you’ll look to your left, you’ll see-”

“Freeze!” While the day care woman complied, Jake and Christy turned around to see a man and a woman in red tuxedos. A koffing and purrloin stood in front of the Team Legend grunts and glared at Leaf and Tails. “Come quietly and nobody gets hurt.”

“Are you threatening us with those?” Christy laughed at the pokémon. “Come on Jake. Let’s destroy these two!”

“I’m still confused as to why these crime syndicates use about fourteen species of pokémon.” Jake laughed along with Christy at the two. “Let’s get ‘em Tails! Use quick attack on the koffing!”

“Leaf, try vine whip on the purrloin!”

“Koffing! Use Smog on the Snivy!” yelled the male grunt.

“Purrloin! Hone claws!”

Tails shot forward at incredible speed and rammed the koffing into a tree. “Take that, you stinking ball of gas!” The koffing seemed heavily damaged by the attack and he squirmed away before Tails could do anything else. While he fled from the treecko, he spewed poisonous gas at Leaf, causing her to choke.

While this was going on, the purrloin was scratching its claws in the air. It grew visibly stronger from the move, and scratched away Leaf’s vines as if they were nothing.

“Leaf! Stop it from doing that again with taunt!” The snivy nodded and looked at the cat pokémon mockingly.

“Oh, does the wittle putty cat want its mommy?” The purrloin grew angry at this. “Do you need to wick yourself and poop in a witter bawx?” The purrloin could take no more and lunged at Leaf without waiting for its trainer’s orders.

“DIEEEEEEE!” yelled the cat as it pounced.

“Now, Leaf, use leaf tornado!”

“WHAT?” screeched the female grunt. “THE BOSS DIDN’T TELL ME YOUR SNIVY KNEW THAT!”

Leaves twirled around at rapid speeds in front of Leaf. The purrloin crashed into the storm and fell on the floor, KO’d in one hit from the powerful attack.

As this was happening, Tails simply unleashed a volley of quick attacks on the koffing before it could get a move in. After a while, it fainted at almost the exact same time as the purrloin.

“You’ll regret ever messing with Team legend!” The female grunt yelled as they ran away.

“You saved the day care!” The woman who was running the center said.

“Well actually, the grunts just wanted-” Jake started, but the day care lady cut him off.

“Take this egg as a token of my gratitude!” The woman pulled a large, orange egg with a black, crooked line around it out of nowhere in particular.

Probably the same space Christy keeps her hammers. Jake thought.

“A flygon was sitting on it, but it left it here when its trainer picked it up. I really have no idea how it got there. The flygon was getting along very well with a drapion, but then the two started wrestling, and I found the egg the next day. They were right back to being friendly with each other again as soon as they were done wrestling though...It’s quite odd.”

Jake tried to keep from laughing, and Christy rolled her eyes. “Grow up.”

“Thank you for the egg!” Jake called out as they left the building with their pokémon beside them and the new egg in Jake’s arms.

“It’s getting dark already.” Christy was surprised at how long they had been in the day care. “We should set up camp for the night.”

The two walked a bit into the woods so that a passing Team Legend grunt couldn’t find their camp. Setting up the tent, the two laid down in their seeping bags with their starters curled up on top of them.

“Good night Christy.”

“Good night Jake.”


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Oh, I get it. Hammerspace. That joke took me a while to get. Very clever.

As for the egg, I'm assuming that there's a Trapinch inside? That would be awesome. It's funny how ridiculously easy it was to beat the Team Legend grunts. And I loved the... mature jokes associated with the day care. Keep 'em coming.

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Huh... I'm glad you liked the chapter, because I didn't. I got stuck while I was writing it, and ended up staring at a blank Microsoft word document for a half hour. You assume correctly on the contents of the egg. I really just want a flygon in my story, but it'll have to wait. The point of the grunts was a reference to how they never put up a fight in the games. They'll probably get tougher later. I'm happy you caught the hammerspace joke, and I wouldn't be me if I didn't include several mature/immature jokes while visiting the daycare. The next chapter may or may not be done either today or tomorrow, and probably not yesterday. Anyway, my writer's block is cured(thanks to the new thread in the author's cafe) so the next chapter will be better!



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I didn't even notice any creativity problems in that chapter. You must be really good at dealing with creator's block.

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Well, thanks! I try to bury it under a bunch of bad jokes(of which I am a master), and I guess it's working! Hooray for humor!


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Dude you and gelatinos books are nearly the same could you stop copying eachother?

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Hmm... Sorry you feel that way bob. I didn't notice it, but I guess his writing rubbed off on me when I was reading his fic. That's probably a good thing, though, since his writing's a lot better than mine! I'll try to make The Nova Travels a bit different though. New chapter will be out soon!