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The Nova Travels

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Dude you and gelatinos books are nearly the same could you stop copying eachother?

You could make the same argument for me and Missingno. Master. I pretty much got all of my inspiration from the Adventure of Adventureness.

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Well, the new chapter is up. I'm sorry it took so long, but the original copy of this chapter was lost due to general incompetence. A backup was prepared, but that was also lost, once again due to general incompetence. After several hours of procrastination and wondering how I was so incompetent, I eventually rewrote it. This copy was also lost due to general incompetence. I then relocated the first copy, (which was the best one anyway) so here it is.

Chapter Ten: General Stupidity, But With Water This Time

“Christy! Get up!” Jake shook his traveling companion awake, and she yawned groggily.

“What? Is the forest on fire?” Christy sat up to find that it, in fact, was not.

“No, but we ought to get moving. We’ve spent too long on route three already. Eventually, the author’s going to run out of ideas, and then the fic will be over and we’ll be out of a job!” Jake said in a cheap attempt to get reviewers by breaking the fourth wall.

“Okay, I’m coming.” Christy got out of her sleeping bag and the two packed up the camp.

Heading west, the path was fairly uneventful. After a while, the two young trainers and their pokémon reached a fork in the road. One path led south, and the other continued west, up a hill.

“We’d better check the map to see which way to go.” As Christy pulled out her pokénav, a blue frog walked out of the woods. Jake and Christy pulled out their pokédexes, which spoke simultaneously.

“Croagunk; the toxic mouth pokémon. It rarely fights fairly, but that is strictly to ensure survival. It is popular as a mascot.” Before they could make am move, the croagunk had stolen Christy’s pokénav and run along the path to the south.

“Get back here!” Christy, Jake and their pokémon chased the croagunk, but it disappeared into the underbrush. “Why is it that pokémon always steal my stuff? Can’t they take your stuff for once?” she complained, looking at Jake.

“Well, we know which way to go now,” Jake said.


As the group walked along the path, they came across a huge lake with a bridge all the way across it. On the beach before the bridge, something glimmered in the sunlight.

“I think that’s your pokénav, Christy!” Leaf ran towards it with the others in tow to find that her assumption was correct.

“How did it get here?” Tails wondered. The group all looked up to see the croagunk unconscious underneath a tree, apparently having run into it while it was looking in the opposite direction.

“Serves it right for stealing my pokénav.” Christy looked satisfied to see the pokémon that had robbed her knocked out on the beach. She looked thoughtful for a moment, and seemed to come to some kind of decision. “Hey, Jake, it’s only four, and Nacrene city is just past that bridge. We’ve been working ourselves to death, and I was thinking that maybe we should just spend the rest of the day at the beach. What do you think?”

“Say yes! Say yes! I want to go swimming!” Tails was jumping for joy, and though Leaf was silent, she clearly wanted to relax too.

“Sure, why not? I think we’ve earned a day of rest.” This response was met with cheers from everyone.

“Great! I’ll go change into my swim suit!” Christy grabbed her bag and ran in to the bushes. Going off into the bushes in another area, Jake went off to change into his own swimwear, leaving Leaf and Tails alone on the lake shore.

“I don’t get this obsession humans have with clothes. We pokémon are perfectly fine without them.” Tails threw a stone across the lake’s surface, and it skipped several times before plopping into the water.

“Tell that to sawk, throh, gardevoir, hitmontop, hitmonchan, hitmonlee, jynx-”

“Okay, point taken.” Tails hurled another rock across the lake. As he did so, both trainers came out from the bushes. As Jake saw Christy in her two piece bathing suit, his chin hung down a bit.

“Close your mouth, psyduck boy. You’ll catch venonat.” Christy said as she passed him. She pulled a towel from her bag and lay down on it to get some sun.

As Jake pulled his eyes away from his suddenly attractive companion, he saw Tails looking at him funny. “You’re acting weird, Jake. Maybe a swim would help.” With this, his pokémon dragged him into the water.

What’s wrong with me? Christy isn’t hot, she’s…well, she’s Christy! Jake decided that a good swim would help him. “Hey, Tails, I’ll race you to that piece of driftwood floating out there!”

“You’ve got yourself a deal,” Tails agreed as he eyed the floating stick about twenty yards away. The two swam as fast as they could towards the branch. They were fairly evenly matched, as Tails wasn’t a water type, and Jake ended up making it there first.

The girls watched from the shore, and once Leaf was sure they were out of hearing range, she spoke to her trainer. “Really nice with the suit,” she commented sarcastically.

“What do you mean?” Christy asked her snivy.

“Come on,” Leaf laughed. “We both know why you chose that particular bathing suit, and that’s to impress Jake.”

“Why would I want to impress him?” Christy said, struggling to keep her voice down. “He’s barely even my friend, let alone someone I would want to ‘impress’!”

“Keep telling yourself whatever you want to believe. I know what I know, and you know what you know. I’d never fall for a boy that way though.” Leaf lay back down and went back to sunbathing.

“You mean like Tails?” Christy said playfully.

“What? N-no, of course not! Don’t be ridiculous!” Christy could tell that she had caught her pokémon off guard.

“Oh, come on. Do you honestly think that I haven’t noticed the way you look at him?” Christy giggled as she saw Leaf flinch.

“Why don’t we let George and Stinger out? They’d enjoy the beach too.” Christy saw right through Leaf’s pitiful attempt to change the subject, but decided to cut the poor snivy a break, plus she was right about them enjoying the beach.

As Christy pressed the button to open the pokéballs, a gligar and pansear popped out of them.

“Hooray! I love the beach!” George laughed, followed by using his ember attack to superheat the sand into glass. Viewed from above, the words ‘the game’ were visible.

“Oh, cool! Let’s make sandcastles!” Stinger sat on the ground and started forming the sand into a mound that had very little in common with a castle.

As the group went about their various activities, a tadpole-like pokémon leapt from the water to smack Jake in the face with its tail. “Ow! What was that for?” he said, rubbing the spot where he was hit. Christy jumped up and pulled out her pokédex.

“Tympole; the tadpole pokémon. By vibrating its cheeks, it emits sound waves imperceptible to humans. It uses the rhythm of these sounds to talk.”

“I have a grass type and a fire type pokémon, so a water type would be good to have If I can catch it! Come on Leaf!”

“Eh, I needed a swim anyway.” The snivy jumped into the water at her trainer’s side, and the two swam out to where the pokémon was. It jumped again, and Christy took the opportunity.

“Keep it out of the water with vine whip!” Before the tympole could fall back in the lake, vines shot from Leaf’s shoulders and held it suspended in the air, squeezing it at the same time.

“She’s a really good battler,” said Jake to himself.

“Then why don’t you watch the battle instead of her? Besides, Leaf’s doing all the work.” Tails stared at the snivy intently, waiting for her next move.

Before she had a chance to choose the next attack, a mud shot flew from the pokémon’s mouth, hitting Leaf in the face. “Gah! That’s disgusting!” Leaf said, wiping the mud out of her eye, while still holding the wriggling tympole and staying afloat.

“Try leaf tornado, but don’t hit your vines!” Leaves started appearing above Leaf in a vortex that flew at the tympole. It couldn’t break free of Leaf’s grasp, and was hit head on with the attack. It was weak and tired, and didn’t look like it could fight anymore.

“Go, pokéball!” as Christy threw the red and white sphere at the pokémon, it was immersed in red light, and it disappeared inside the ball. It wiggled once, then twice, a third time, and then clicked.

“Yes! I caught a tympole!” Christy high fived Leaf, then they left the water with the pokéball in Christy’s hand.

“Great job Christy!” Jake and Tails had followed them out.

“Well, leaf did most of the work,” Christy said, slightly embarrassed. “All I did was through the ball.”

“Still, you had a good battle strategy. Anyway, we should get going now. It’s getting late.” After Jake and Christy changed back into their clothes, they continued along the bridge and into Nacrene City, their journey unfolding ahead of them, and the author continuing to write an unbelievably cheesy chapter ending.


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You should probably read the Adventure of Adventureness, especially since you seem to be going heavy on the fourth wall jokes. Now that guy knows how to break the fourth wall.

As for this chapter, more character development is always good. Tympole is an awesome pokemon to have. I use a Seismitoad on my team in White, so I would know. Do you keep your story saved in a word processing program like Miscrosoft Word? It would really help so you don't keep losing your work.

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Yes, I do. The problem was mainly due to me repeatedly leaving my laptop unplugged several times for hours without saving the document. I eventually realized that I had saved it onto the wrong file, so I copied and pasted from there. I think I will read that. Thanks again for the review!


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I like it but I'm justa starter fan fix person and I've never wrote one so I cant really review that much.

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Well, here it is. Chapter Eleven. A character you know and hate is coming back, but I'd say he does some good, even if he doesn't realize it. This chapter was fun to write, and I hope it's just as fun to read! Enjoy!

Chapter Eleven: Return of the Jerk

As Jake and Christy walked into Nacrene City, they looked at the city’s appearance. There were no houses, only hundreds upon hundreds of warehouses that had been converted into residential buildings.

“Hey, Jake? I still haven’t come up with a name for my tympole. What do you think?” Christy asked, looking for the pokémon center.

“How about dumb-arse?” replied Jake, still angry at it for slapping his face. His face was further injured by Christy’s infamous mallet. “God! I thought you were over that! Do you realize how painful it is to be smacked in the head with a hammer?” Both Tails and Leaf failed to suppress a smile.

“I’m serious! I think he looks like a Paul. How about you?” Christy looked thoughtful for a moment.

“If it means you won’t hit me again, than sure. He’s definitely a Paul.” Jake was happy to see that Christy seemed satisfied with this.

“Thanks! Paul it is!” The two trainers finally saw the pokémon center. As they walked in, an all too familiar face appeared in front of them.

“Oh, so it’s you two again. Did you think about my offer, Christy?” Leo grinned.

“In your dreams you pathetic jerk.” Christy glared at the annoying boy they had met at the Striaton City gym.

“Meh, you’ll come around. I’m surprised you haven’t ditched that loser yet.” Leo glanced at Jake.

“Hey, you can shut the hell up, you little-” Jake was cut off as Leo continued talking.

“Calm down Jack. No need to throw a temper tantrum.” Leo saw the fury in Jake’s eyes when he got his name wrong.

“It’s Jake, and if you don’t leave us alone, I’ll make you.” Jake was fuming with anger at this point, and was even more angry that Leo was completely calm.

“So how about a battle? Two on two, outside, right now. Get ready to lose.

“I accept. There’s no way you can beat me.” Jake was cooling down, and he walked outside with Christy, Leaf, and Tails beside him.

“I hope Jake beats this cocky jerk. He’s irritating, egotistical, and sarcastic,” said Leaf, showing some actual emotion for once.

“You mean like you?” Tails grinned, and was smacked in the face. “Ow! I’m gonna need all my strength for this battle. Hitting me isn’t going to help!” Leaf only smiled at the treecko.

“Let’s beat this pest! Go, Philly!” Leo threw a pokéball at the ground, and the ponyta that he had used in the gym battle appeared.

“Come on out, Stinger!” Jake threw his own pokéball, and his timid gligar came out. She saw Philly on the other side of the battlefield, and screeched, then clung to Jake’s face. “It’s okay, Stinger. You’ll be okay.” Jake patiently waited for Stinger to climb off of him and stand on the ground.

“Pathetic,” Leo chuckled. “Your pokémon’s too scared to even face mine. This should be easy. Philly, use flame wheel!”

“Stinger! Fly up to dodge it, and use sand tomb!” Stinger flapped her wings, but couldn’t get far enough up to avoid the ponyta flying at her, cloaked in fire. She was hit head on, but didn’t seem hurt too badly. She shoved her pinchers into the sky, and a portal opened over Philly. Sand poured from the sky and covered the ponyta, causing massive damage. An equine head popped out of the sand.

“Urg… I forgot that gligar was a ground type. Fire attacks won’t help much here.” Leo seemed to be losing the air of confidence he had before the battle. “Philly, use strength to break free, and keep going to hit the gligar!”

Philly glowed white, and charged forwards out of the sand. As he approached Stinger, Jake called out to her. “Quick! Sidestep and use poison sting!” Stinger moved out of the way at the last second, and jabbed her stinger into the ponyta’s side, holding on with her claws.

“Ow! You’ll pay for that, you little pest!” Philly bucked around in an attempt to throw Singer off, but the young gligar held on and kept injecting venom.

“I’m sorry! I have to help Jake!” Stinger was effortlessly holding on despite the ponyta’s tossing around.

“Philly, use double edge on the sand pile!” Leo yelled. Philly ran incredibly fast at the pile of sand left over from Stinger’s sand tomb.

By this time, a crowd of people had gathered around to watch the battle, and had started cheering for their favorite. Christy watched excitedly as Stinger seemed to be beating Leo’s ponyta. As Philly charged at the sand pile, she started to get worried. If this hits, it’ll be hard to recover from.

“Quick, Stinger! Jump off and use steel wing!” Jake yelled to his pokémon.

“Oh, no you don’t! Philly, speed up!” The ponyta flew forwards at unimaginable speeds, and hit the sand pile with huge force and slammed Stinger into it. Stinger was exhausted, but Philly also looked tired from the attack.

“Use steel wing, Stinger!” Jake called out. Singer nodded, and her right wing glowed silver. She slammed it into Philly, who fell backwards from the attack. He stood stubbornly for a few seconds, but collapsed from exhaustion.

“Ugh…Philly, return!” Leo called reluctantly, holding out his ponyta’s pokéball. “Go, Leroy!” Leo’s larvitar appeared from the pokéball he threw in front of him.

“Stinger, use steel wing before he can attack!” Jake called. Stinger flew towards the larvitar with her metallic wings.

“Leroy, block it with stone edge!” Leo called out. Sharp rocks shot from underneath Stinger, blocking her from continuing. As the edges cut into her, she fainted from the attack.

“No! I’ll get you for that! Stinger, return! Go, Tails!” Jake pulled out Stinger’s pokéball, which she disappeared to in a flash of red light. Tails leapt out from behind him to battle Leroy.

“Hey, Tails. You’ve got a sweet girl over there. You mind if I have her?” Leroy smirked at Tails, and winked at Leaf, who rolled her eyes.

“Jake, can I destroy this idiot?” Tails calmly asked his trainer.

“I’d love that. Try bullet seed, and go for the face.” Tails nodded happily, and began to shoot large, round seeds from his mouth towards Leroy’s face at incredible speed.

“Leroy, dodge it!” Leo yelled, but it was too late, and the attack hit head on.

“Ow! I’ll destroy you for that!” Screamed Leroy. The attack was super effective twofold because of Leroy’s typing. It was as if he had been hit with four attacks.

“Leroy, use bite!” Leo’s cool confidence was completely gone.

“Tails, when he comes close, hit him with absorb!” As Leroy ran towards the treecko, his jaws opened wide, and he clamped down onto his leg with great force.

As Tails winced in pain, he concentrated hard on the larvitar on his leg. Green spheres shot from his body and into that of the treecko he was grabbing onto. With yet another super effective attack, he fell on the ground and fainted.

The crowd cheered loudly for Jake, and Leo scowled, then walked off. “Don’t forget this, Jake!”

Christy ran up and hugged him, with no apology this time. He hugged back, and Leaf and Tails did the same. They didn't move for five minutes, but it felt to them all like an eternity, and they didn't want it to end.
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Nice chapter. There seems to be a problem with the third paragraph. I love how Stinger is apologizing in the middle of the battle to the other pokemon. I think it would be cool if you showed the pokemons' thoughts when they faint, since we don't really get to hear what they're thinking when they lose the battle. Also, the ending seemed a little abrupt if you ask me.

Also, you may as well add me to the PM list, just to make sure I don't miss any chapters.

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Yeah, your right about the ending, and I think I'll edit that before I release the next chapter. Something must have gotten cut off in the third paragraph. I'll fix that too. I think I'll try your suggestion of the fainting thoughts in the next battle. I'll add you now, and I hope you enjoy the later chapters!



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Nice chapter it was fine :D

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Well, I finally finished the next chapter. It's not that interesting, and is really just setting up for the next few chapters. I hope you enjoy it anyway! Also, if you're reading, please please please review. Gelatino and bob are really helpful, but anybody who can review would help! I'll be glad to review your fics in return!

Chapter Twelve: The Museum of Big Giant Dragon Thingies

What am I doing?” thought Christy after she had been embracing Jake for a full five minutes. She let go of him and blushed. Leaf saw this, realized what was going on, and released Tails.

“Um, it’s getting late. We should get a room at the pokémon center.” Jake understood her attempt to avoid the awkwardness of the situation, and went along with it.

“Yeah, good idea.” The pokémon wordlessly walked into the pokémon center behind their trainers.

After healing their teams, the two travelers got a room, went upstairs, and lay down to sleep, each sharing a bed with their starter.

“Jake?” Tails looked at his trainer, lost in the thought that rarely came to him, speaking quietly enough so that only he could hear.

“Yeah?” Jake appeared to be thinking himself.

“What happened today, after the battle? I was hurt and tired, but I still felt great. Was it Leaf? I’m just…I don’t know…” Not knowing something was not a new feeling for Tails, but, for some reason, it bothered him this time.

“I know what you mean, buddy. Unfortunately, I don’t know any more than you do. We should just go to sleep.” Tails was happy to comply. The two fell asleep with their questions still buzzing in their minds.

Christy waited until she was sure they were both asleep. “Leaf?”

“I know what you’re going to say, and I have no idea what it was. I felt it too. Now go to sleep.”

Christy smiled at her pokémon’s ability to tell exactly what she was thinking. “Okay. Good idea, Leaf.” Trainer and pokémon both went to sleep, ready for the next day.


“Christy, wake up!” Leaf shook her trainer awake. She found that she was once again the last one up.

“What’s for breakfast?” asked Christy, knowing full well that it was roasted berries courtesy of George.

“I got us some bacon at the pokémart downstairs. With five hundred dollars from the last gym battle, we can afford that.” Jake smiled as Christy’s eyes lit up with glee.

“I thought you couldn’t cook!” Christy wasn’t sure she wanted to eat something made by somebody who had no experience with making food.

“Well, I’ve been helping George with the berries recently, and figured I’d give it a shot.” Jake brought a steaming plate over to the room’s table, and Christy had a quarter of the bacon in her mouth before it touched the table.

“Easy,” laughed Jake. “Save some for the rest of us!”

“Fovy. It’f vevy gud!” Christy said, her mouth full of bacon, which muffled her speech.

“Well, thanks!” Jake laughed. As they dug in to the food on the table, along with their pokémon, who were out of their pokéballs, Christy’s pokénav started to ring. She picked it up and saw that it was from Professor Juniper.

“Hello?” she said, answering the video call. The professor’s face appeared on the screen.

“Ah, Christy, Jake. I see that you’re doing well. My assistants have told me that you have earned your first gym badges, and are in Nacrene City.” Neither trainer bothered asking how she knew, in fear of another breakdown like the one in the lab.

“That’s right. We also collected data on a few species of non-native pokémon.” Jake aimed the pokénav’s camera towards Stinger. “I received an egg as well, but we don’t know what it’ll hatch into.”

“Perfect. I’ve gone over your pokédexes’ data, and our research is coming along well.” Juniper smiled at this. “All the pokémon seem to have come from one area’s population at some point in their genetic history, although we can’t pinpoint where it was. Anyway, need you to visit the Nacrene museum. We’ve already contacted the head researcher of the museum, and he’ll tell you what you need to know.” Juniper looked behind her for some reason, and continued talking. “I have to go now. It’s time for muffins!”

“Wait-” Christy started, but the video call ended, leaving her confused. “Muffins?”

“I really don’t know.” Jake took another piece of bacon, Christy and the pokémon doing the same.

“There’s something wrong with that lady.” Tails took a bite of bacon.

“You’re right there,” Leaf agreed. George simply nodded, as did Stinger.

“If she chose Jake for anything, there sure is.” This earned Paul a series of angry stares from all the pokémon, along with Christy, to which he looked saddened.

“Why don’t you like Jake?” Tails asked the Tympole.

“He’s a jerk,” replied Paul, taking another strip of bacon with no fear of being overheard by Jake.

“Whatever,” Leaf replied to the quarreling pokémon. “We know each other’s opinions, and we know that we’re all too bullheaded to change them. Let’s leave it at that.”

“Well, it’s about time to be going,” Jake said as they finished off the last of the bacon.

“Great. Let’s go to that museum place.” Christy returned George and Paul, and Leaf hopped down to the floor to walk beside her. Jake pulled out Stinger’s pokéball to which she returned.

The trainers and their pokémon walked out of the pokémon center, towards the northern side of town. “I think that’s it over there!” Christy said, indicating a large building with Greek style columns holding up the roof in front of the entrance.

“Probably,” Jake agreed, and the two walked towards the huge double doors.

“I wonder if we’ll see any giant prehistoric pokémon!” Tails was bouncing up and down with excitement.

“Probably,” Leaf nodded. “The museum is famous for its dragonite fossil. The Unova region was home to many species of pokémon that no longer live here. Of course, now they’re all back. Maybe that’s why we’ve been asked to visit.”

The group walked into the museum, where a man in a white lab coat ran up to them. “Ah, you must be Jake and Christy.” A colorful, ancient looking bird was perched on his shoulder.

“Archen arch chen arch archen?” it screeched. Tails and leaf could understand the archen, and it seemed to be quite a nerd. “Are you the ones looking for information on the Mesozoic nonnative Unovan megafauna?”

“Um…I…guess?” Tails clearly had no idea what the pokémon was talking about.

“That means big pokémon that used to live here, but don’t anymore.” Leaf was much more capable of understanding this scientific language.

“Oh. Why didn’t you say that first? Yeah, that’s probably us.” Tails seemed much more comfortable now that he understood the pokémon’s terminology.

“Marvelous!” the archen said happily. “My name is Albert, by the way. Tails and Leaf, right?” Once they nodded as confirmation and the researcher (named William) had explained the same thing to the trainers, Albert led the pokémon into a large room with an enormous dragonite skeleton in the middle of it. As William walked in behind them with the trainers, they all gawked at the size of the fossil. It was fifty feet tall.

“But…dragonite are only supposed to grow to be seven feet…” Christy managed, but Jake could only stare.

“Seven foot three, actually. In prehistoric times, many pokémon were shown to grow much larger. Some people claim to have seen these giant pokémon still alive today.” William grinned at the visitors’ surprised expressions.

“I wonder if there were giant treecko back then!” Tails was also amazed at the skeleton.

“It doesn’t matter. All the giant snivy would outsmart and out-power them,” Leaf said mischievously.

“I have a fossil and a few papers for Professor Juniper. She told me you would take them to a pokémon center and transport them to her lab.” William handed Jake a package.

“So we were just running an errand?” Jake asked the William, slightly annoyed.

“Oh. I had assumed you knew that already. I’m sorry.”

Christy looked at no one in particular in disgust. “I cannot believe this. Let’s go, Jake.”

“Come again!” William called out as they left the building.

They walked with the package over to the pokémon center, to deliver it to their favorite partially insane professor.


“Ooh, thank you!” Juniper seemed ecstatic about receiving the package. Her smiling face was displayed on the screen of the PC in the pokémon center. “I’m very happy that you completed your task so quickly. I think I’ll double your pay!”

“But we aren’t getting paid,” Christy said, confused.

“Then I’ll triple it!” Jake simply gave Christy a look that said ‘don’t bother.’

“Well, is there anything else you need us to do in Nacrene City?” Christy asked, taking Jake’s hint.

“Other than the gym battle, I think that you’re ready to move on. With the basic badge, continue on through pinwheel forest. You will reach Skyarrow Bridge, which will take you to Castelia City,” Professor Juniper explained.

“Thank you. We’ll continue our research, and we’ll be happy to complete any other tasks you have for us.” Jake nodded and hung up the pokénav.

“What is wrong with that woman?” Christy asked.

“Who knows?”


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I hope we eventually get to find out why Professor Juniper is acting like a mental patient. It's really getting on my nerves. On the other hand, with all that mention of fossils, I hope somebody gets a fossil pokemon.

Let me work my prediction magic here and say that Christy's next pokemon will be named John. And the one after that will be Ringo.

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It will all come in time. I will eventually explain Juniper. Someone may or may not get a fossil pokemon, and I'm not going to spoil anything yet! I wasn't planning on the whole beetles thing, but maybe it would work. I just thought tympole looked like a Paul.



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Make sure that Ringo is an Alakazam that uses its spoons as drumsticks. That would be hilarious.

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Hmm...I actually had a different idea for Ringo, that is equally hilarious. What do you think about
a Spinda that plays drums


Not a tool
I don't like Spinda. I think it's ugly. But whatever, it's your fic, so do what you want. The Alakazam that plays drums is actually from the Adventure of Adventureness, so I can understand if you don't want to use it.

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Well, I finally finished the next chapter! It's a long one, and it contains the next gym battle! @gelatino: I may or may not use spinda. I still haven't decided. Anyway, sorry for the wait, but here it is!

Chapter Thirteen: The Chapter Which the Author Was Too Lazy To Come Up With A Title For, Mainly Because He’s About To Start School, And Hasn’t Done Any Of His Assigned Work YetThe Chapter With A Really Long Title No Longer In Use

Jake woke up suddenly with freezing water trickling down his face. “What was that for?!” he yelled at Christy, standing there laughing with a wailmer pail in her hand.

“Planning to do that to me earlier!” Christy laughed even harder.

“Well what did I do?” It was then that Jake noticed that Tails was also soaked in icy water.

“For you, it was more a matter of my being bored.” Tails was sitting on the other side of him with another wailmer pail.

“Well, I suppose I deserved that.” Jake said. “But not as much as you deserve this!” With that, he snatched the watering can and dumped the remaining water on Christy. Tails caught on immediately and did the same to Leaf.

“Oh, really mature,” the now sopping wet Christy said to Jake, who was practically laughing his head off.

“Oh, but it was so funny when you did it!” Jake continued laughing, sarcastic as ever.

“Someday I will get you for this, Tails. I hope you know that.” Leaf simply stood still, trying her best to look dignified.

“Go ahead and try,” Tails said back.

“Okay, we’ve all had our fun. We should probably head to the gym now.” Jake got out of bed, still soaked. “I still can’t believe Christy got up before me.”

“I woke her up, actually. We’ve been planning this since Accumula Town.” Leaf sat down and started eating the leftover berries, which they were back to eating, with the other pokémon, while Jake and Christy took turns changing in the bathroom.

Not much had happened after the visit to the museum the day before, outside of a quick trip to the gym behind it. Jake and Christy had reserved a double battle for today, and were clearly looking forward to it.

“Hey, Leaf, are you excited about the battle today?” Tails asked his friend the snivy. “I’m pretty sure we’ll get picked to battle, since we’re Jake and Christy’s highest level pokémon.”

“I don’t know,” George interrupted. “A lot of normal types can learn fire type moves, and two grass types might not be the best choice, especially if they can only send out only one pokémon each.”

“You’re right, so Christy might choose one of us,” agreed Paul. “But Jake’s too stupid to figure that out on his own.”

“Okay, we know you don’t like Jake, but you could at least try to be nice.” Stinger frowned at the hateful tympole.

“That’s true, but I did some research on this ‘Lenora’ person.” Leaf said. “The only pokémon she use are herdier and watchhog. Both of them can learn one fire type move, but neither of them has been shown to use it before, so most people assume that they don’t know it. In fact, I’m pretty sure they don’t know any moves that are strong against grass types.”

“Are you guys ready to go?” Jake asked as he walked out of the bathroom. Christy must have come out a while ago, but none of the pokémon had noticed. After receiving five nods, Jake and Christy returned all their pokémon except for Leaf and Tails, and they walked out the door, ready for a battle.


“This will be a two on two double battle.” A young man stood in the gym in between the two trainers and the gym leader, announcing the rules of the battle. “Each challenger will use one pokémon, and the gym leader will use two. The first team to knock out both of the opposing pokémon is the winner. Begin!”

“Go, herdier and watchog!” Called out Lenora. From the two pokéballs appeared a small dog-like pokémon, and a slightly larger groundhog-like one.

“Come on up, Tails!” Jake called out to his pokémon, who jumped out from behind him to battle.

“I hope you’re ready to lose!” Tails called out to the opposing team. Leaf rolled her eyes and smiled from beside Christy.

“Let’s win this, Leaf!” Christy yelled towards her snivy. Leaf happily jumped forward to battle for the next gym badge.

“I’d be happy to,” Leaf said, eager for the upcoming battle.

“Tails, start things off with bullet seed on the watchog!”

“Leaf, vine whip on herdier! Hold her in the air, and don’t let her attack!”
“Herdier, use bite on the snivy, and watchog, crunch on the treecko!” Lenora commanded her pokémon.

Tails was the first to move, and the seeds shot out of his mouth at amazing speed. Before the watchog could even register what was happening, they hit the pokémon head on. He still seemed relatively unharmed, despite the attack. As this was happening, Vines shot from Leaf’s body and gripped the herdier by her waist.

“Gah! Let…go…of…me…you…stupid…lizard!” Herdier said while being constricted, but Leaf only squeezed her harder.

Watchog opened its mouth and lunged towards Tails, who jumped out of the way in time to dodge the attack. “Nice try, you giant rattata!”

“Whatever, Yoshi.” The meerkat pokémon retorted.

Tails’ eyes narrowed. “Oh no. You did not just call me Yoshi. YOU! WILL! DIE!” A white glow enveloped Tails’ body, and his form began to change. His two tails pulled farther apart and elongated and flattened. A long leaf grew from the back of his head, and his entire form grew taller and leaner, and three large leaves grew from each of his wrists. The light disappeared, and a grovyle stood where a treecko had been a moment before.

“What? Tails…evolved?” Jake stood dumbfounded, as his pokédex went off.

“Grovyle; the wood gecko pokémon. It lives in dense jungles. While closing in on its prey, it leaps from branch to branch.”

“Wow…” Leaf murmured, her eyes glued to the newly evolved pokémon. “Tails is…a grovyle now.”

“Yeah, I’m awesome, we all get it. Can I kick this stupid jerk’s butt now?” Tails’ personality certainly hadn’t changed along with his body.

“Go ahead. Do you know leaf blade now that you evolved?” Jake was answered with nod, followed by Tails charging forward with the leaves on his wrists glowing green, he slashed at the opposing watchog.

“Oh god. Curse you Yoshi!” The watchog fainted almost immediately from the powerful attack.

“Urg…Watchog, return. Well, I still have herdier. Break free with take down, and keep going to hit the Snivy!” Herdier nodded, and started smashing through the vines binding her to attack Leaf.

“Leaf! Counter with leaf tornado!” Christy said.

“Tails, jump into the middle and help with leaf blade!”

“Got it!” the pokémon agreed in unison. Just as herdier broke free and launched herself at Leaf, leaves began swarming around in a circle in front of her. Tails jumped into the middle of the storm, and his arms glowed green. Before the herdier could stop moving, the two grass types unleashed their attacks on the pokémon.

“Mommy…” whimpered the pokémon, then it fainted.

“Well, I guess that means you win,” Lenora reluctantly conceded. “You’re battling was brilliant, and you really do deserve these badges.” The gym leader reached into her pocket to produce two metal items and a wad of money that was their winnings. “With these, you should proceed to Castelia City. I wish you good luck.” The two trainers thanked her, and began to leave. “Oh, wait!” Lenora called back. “I thought that you two should have this.” She held out a luxury ball and Christy took it. “Your pokémon deserve better than regular pokéballs.” Christy looked slightly guilty that she had forgotten about the luxury ball she was planning on giving Leaf.

“Thanks!” Jake said, clearly surprised by the gift.

“Don’t mention it. I hope you have a good trip to Castelia City!” With this, she waved them away, and they walked out the door.
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I'm sorry to see that this chapter was horribly lacking in description. You just throw the characters straight into the gym battle, not even bothering to explore the gym that the readers haven't even seen yet. On a positive note, I really loved Treecko's evolution.

Before the watchog could even register what was happening. They hit the pokémon head on, but he still seemed relatively unharmed.

Those are two sentence fragments that must be formed into one sentence in order to be grammatically correct.

Patrat opened its mouth and lunged towards Tails, who jumped out of the way in time to dodge the attack.

Could've sworn that was a Watchog.

Treecko's Awesomeness

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Yeah. I'm really not too proud of this chapter myself. I was busy for most of the last few days, and I was in a rush to write it, so I didn't do as well as I could have. I'll probably rewrite it at some point. I'm glad that you caught the mistakes. They're fixed now. I'm glad you liked the evolution though, and I liked that part myself. Once again, I apologize for the general low quality of this chapter, and I assure you that it will be rewritten once I catch up on writing the new chapters. I hope that the next one's better.



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Don't ever rush with your writing. You're not obligated to meet the demands of your fans. Take your time on it. Some respected authors take more than a month to write their chapters. Just focus on your quality and don't rush.

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Well, I've had a lot more time to write in the last few days, so I finished this chapter a lot quicker than the last one. I do think that I did a better job with this one though, and I hope you do too.

Chapter Fourteen: The Problem with Accordions

“I can’t believe you evolved, Tails!” Leaf was talking to her newly evolved friend in the pokémon center room, as the group packed their bags. “I wonder when I’ll evolve into servine. I’m sure evolving was awesome! What did it feel like?”

“I don’t know how to explain it…It was like a huge amount of power surging through me…but not like that one time at the graduation. This one felt…good,” Tails answered. “Probably the second best feeling I’ve ever had.”

“Really?” Leaf said. “What was the first?”

“Um…Hey, why don’t we try out our luxury balls?” Tails quickly changed the subject.

“Great idea, Tails,” Jake said, not able to understand Leaf, but sensing that Tails was stuck in an awkward situation, he decided to help out. He pulled the new pokéball out of his bag, and pulled Tails’ old pokéball out as well. Pressing the button on the normal pokéball, he returned Tails into it. Aiming it at the luxury ball, he held down both the buttons for five seconds. A blue beam of light shot between the two capsules. He waited as Christy performed the same transfer process.

The two sat on their beds for a few minutes while their pokémon explored their new pokéballs. “Hey, Christy?” Jake spoke to his companion, breaking the awkward silence.

“Yeah?” Christy turned her head towards Jake, and tilted it slightly.

“We still have a lot of money left over from our first gym battle, plus the money we just got from beating Lenora. I was thinking that, since we’ll be on the road again tomorrow, we should eat dinner at the Café Warehouse. It’s supposed to be one of the best restaurants in Nacrene City.”

“Sounds great,” Christy said. “It’d be great to get a real dinner again.”

“Thanks. Hey, how about we see how Tails and Leaf liked their new pokéballs?” Jake looked at the black ball with a red stripe on the top. He pressed the golden button on the front of it and a beam of white light shot at the floor and a reptilian form materialized.

“That ball is awesome! It comes with high speed Wi-Fi and the TV has almost a thousand channels!” Tails said excitedly as Christy released Leaf.

“That place is incredible,” Leaf said, stunned. “The hot tub is huge.”

“Wow,” Christy said. “Now I want a luxury ball,” she added. Releasing the other pokémon from their pokéballs, she motioned for Jake to do the same. Once all of them were out, she turned towards them. “Who wants to go out to dinner tonight?” Her question was met by a series of cheers.

“Ooh! Where are we going?” Tails asked. “I hope it’s good.”

“The Café Warehouse,” Jake answered, looking at his watch. “It’s already five; why don’t we go a bit early?”

“Sure,” Christy agreed, looking to the pokémon, who all nodded.

“I wonder if they have bacon.” Since the breakfast two days ago, bacon had quickly become Tails’ favorite food.

“Probably not. They don’t serve breakfast there, so I doubt they would have much demand for it.” Jake walked towards the door with Christy and the pokémon in tow, his disappointed grovyle included. Paul sat in Christy’s backpack, due to his lack of legs.

“So where is this restaurant anyway?” Christy inquired as they walked, looking around.

“It’s supposed to be in the northwestern corner of the city. It has a patio with a bunch of tables on it, so that should be pretty easy to spot,” Jake answered, still unable to see the café.

After a few minutes of walking, they reached a large one story warehouse just like every other building in the town besides the pokémon center. The only things different about this one were its considerable size and the huge patio extending from the east wall. It was covered with umbrella tables that held many people of all shapes and sizes enjoying delicious smelling food.

A man with an accordion was playing the type of French music you would expect to hear in a cheesy hallmark romance movie in the restaurant scene. You know, the one with plotline number three in the whopping five different plotlines that hallmark movies offer.

“It looks crowded,” Christy commented. “Should we have gotten a reservation?”

“Nah, I can see a few open tables. There shouldn’t be a problem.” Jake and Christy walked in the entrance to the restaurant with the pokémon behind them.

“Hey, Tails. Earlier, you said that evolving was the second best feeling you had ever felt, but you never actually told me what the best feeling was.” Leaf looked curiously at her friend.

“Oh…um…It was…when I…won my first battle!” At this point, Tails truly regretted his earlier absentminded outburst. If Leaf found out what I was talking about, she’ll never let me live it down. Why did I even like it so much? It was just one little hug, and it was from Leaf. I don’t even like her…

“What’s wrong?” Stinger asked the two grass types. “Why are you two always so…weird around each other? You never feel like that around other pokémon.”

Leaf and Tails blushed, and George tried to keep from laughing. Paul smiled at the young pokémon’s ignorance.

“What? What did I say?” Stinger was still completely unaware of what she had said.

“Stinger?” Leaf said patiently, while still blushing. “Next time you sense something between two people or pokémon, it might be best to keep it to yourself.”

“Okay,” replied the gligar, still oblivious.

“A table for seven please,” Jake asked the woman at the front desk.

“Of course,” she responded. “Would that be inside or out?”

“Is outside okay with everyone?” Christy received nods from Jake and each of the pokémon. “That sounds wonderful,” she said, turning back to the waitress.

“Right this way.” The waitress led the group to a large table right next to the accordion player from before. “Here are your menus,” she said, handing each person and pokémon a piece of laminated paper. On it was a list of dishes available at the restaurant, at which the travelers looked hungrily. As they decided what to order, the woman left their table.

“What are you getting, Christy?” Leaf asked her trainer. “I’m looking at the spaghetti.”

“Hmm…The barbeque sandwich looks good to me.” Christy continued looking at the menu, and eventually, the whole table decided to order the spaghetti, because it was slightly cheaper than the rest of the menu items, and because the author was too lazy to write a full list of orders.

“Hello, and welcome to the Café warehouse,” said a waitress with a gothorita beside her. “What can I get for you today?”

“I think that we’ll all have the spaghetti. Oh, and waters all around.” Jake looked around for confirmation, and saw no objections.

“Well, in that case, your food will be out shortly. I hope you enjoy your meal!” With this, the waitress and her silent pokémon left the table and walked back into the kitchen.

After a few minutes, the waitress came back out , her psychic pokémon suspending seven plates of food in the air and lowering them down onto the table. The group dug in to the food ravenously, and didn’t speak, because it would require them to stop eating. After a few pasta filled minutes, the spaghetti was completely gone from the plates.

“Great idea, going out to dinner, Jake.” Christy sat full and content as they waited for the check. “I’m really glad we came.”

“Ah,” sighed the man with the accordion, speaking in a heavy French accent. “Young love, it is a beautiful thing.”

“Wh-what?” stuttered Jake. “Oh, no. We’re just friends!”

“Do you often watch people for ten minutes and assume that you know them better than they know themselves?” said Christy, much more collected than Jake. “Besides, you should probably mind your own damn business.”

The man merely chuckled and walked over to play his instrument next to another table. The group merely sat awkwardly for a few minutes, until the waitress came back with the bill. After paying, the group got up and left for the pokémon center.

“The dinner was good, wasn’t it?” Jake said, attempting to break the awkward silence as they entered their room.

“Yeah, it was. We should probably get to sleep early tonight so we can get going towards Castelia City tomorrow morning.” Christy plopped down on her bed, and her pokémon curled up beside her. Jake did the same, and he held his egg from the day care.

I hope this thing hatches soon. It’ll be much easier to carry once it fits in a pokéball. With this thought, Jake went to sleep, and rested for their travels the next day.