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The obligatory introduction

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Greetings serebii, or Sppf

Holy has this place ever changed, I was here back in... uhm 2008? Maybe sooner I cannot remember. I tried to find myself but obviously I had no luck, so I guess I have to make a new name, which is fine mind you! Just a shame that it couldn't be found.

Anyways folks my name is Westport. Well no my username is Westport, my real name is Ryan, an average country-ish Canadian that works in the American Tele-Communications industry. When I am not at work being a supervisor for overgrown kids being masked as adults I am at home with the family, playing videogames, working around the house and... well I could go on.

I've been on forum site for way too long, all revolving Pokémon, other animes, sports, cars, and heck even the one we have at work. But of course I'll check out the rules and regulation, wouldn't want to make chaos on the very get go, maybe the pot could be stirred later ~

Well time to wrap this up, I'm here to make new friends, rub elbows with some of the forum locals and just kick back and take the next few months of my life at a nice pace and enjoy myself. My vm box will always be open!
Not open for further replies.