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The Office Shippings

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Obsessive Shipper
I can't believe no one's made a thread about this yet. Well, anyway, discuss your favorite "Office" ships here. The usual rules apply: no bashing, spamming, or otherwise bothering others. So... the ones I support are pretty much the canons:

Jim/Pam- Not one of my favorites, but still cute. They go together well.

Micheal/Holly- Pretty much my favorite on the show. Their interactions are sweet yet awkward. The way they complement each other is funny, especially the way Holly thinks Micheal is such a great catch. She's coming back next season, yay!

Dwight/Angela- They kind of remind me of a couple of middle schoolers who just started going out: sweet, awkward, and innocent (ok, maybe not so innocent). Also good for lols.

Andy/Erin- Pretty much adorable. They're both kinda awkward, and Erin is especially naive.

Ryan/Kelly- Such a dysfunctional relationship, but so funny. I'm not sure which one of them suffers more from their relationship.

Micheal/Erin- I like this almost as much as Micheal/Holly. They're both so juvenile, and it's cute how Erin looks up to Micheal. I especially liked their interactions at the end of "Secretaries' Day" or whatever that episode was called.

Micheal/Jan- Don't want this one to actually work out, but it's great for lols. Jan is psycho!

So that's it for me, but I'm sure there are lots of different combos people like. I'm especially interested to see how many people seriously ship Jim/Dwight...
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