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The Official 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

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Credit to TRJessie579 for the following on FR/LG/R/S/E

NOTICE to all that are new to the forums!

This thread is NOT for asking about avatars, sigs, Trainer Cards, or how to make friends! Please go to the Newbie section for that:


That is all.

This thread is for discussing shiny Pokemon in R/S/E: Any questions you have about them that aren’t answered in the FAQ, plus what shinies you own or want to own.

I’m going to let you all continue to discuss shiny Pokemon you’re trying to get, but please, for the love of God don’t spam. Unfortunately, if I see too many more spam posts of this nature:

“Hatched 5 Charmander Eggs, no shiny yet.”

“10 more Eggs, still waiting for my shiny Charmander.”

etc etc, I will have to change the rules to discussion on shiny Pokemon owned ONLY. Please be considerate of my sanity. :) Updates every day of how many times you’ve soft-reset or how many Eggs you’ve hatched just isn’t fun for me. One post per shiny wanted per person, please.

Don’t post about all the shinies you’ve gotten through cheating. No one cares.

And without further ado:


The main site’s SHINY PAGE

1. Q: Shiny Pokemon? What are those?
A: Shiny Pokemon first appeared in the Gold and Silver games for the Gameboy Color. Basically, they are alternately colored Pokemon (for example, shiny Charizard is black instead of orange).

2. Q: Wow! Are shiny Pokemon more powerful?
A: Unfortunately, no. The ONLY difference between shinies and regular Pokemon is the color. They’re pretty much just for bragging rights.

3: Q: How can I find a shiny Pokemon?
A: Every Pokemon that you see in the wild, hatch from an Egg, get from an event (such as your starter, Beldum, etc) has the same chance of being shiny: 1/8,192. These are pretty high odds, so you need to be very lucky to come across one. There’s no place that they’re more common, and no surefire way to find one. You just need luck.

4: Q: But I’ve seen over 10,000 Pokemon in my game and haven’t found a shiny yet! That can’t be right!
A: 1/8,192 is a probability. That doesn’t mean that after 8,192 Pokemon, you will automatically find a shiny.
A good example of this is when you roll dice. You have a 1/6 chance of getting any particular number when you roll, such as the number 2. That doesn’t mean that you will roll a 2 in six rolls, or that your second roll will be a 2, etc.
The same goes for shiny Pokemon. You may find a shiny on your first try, or within a hundred tries, or maybe not until 10,000 tries.
To delve in a bit deeper, picture that whenever you encounter a Pokemon, a random number between 1 and 8,192 is generated. Let’s say that the number 500 is the “shiny number.” If 500 happens to be the random number that’s generated, the Pokemon will be shiny. If the number is anything else, it will be a normal Pokemon. Nice odds, aren’t they?

5: Q: If I breed a shiny Pokemon, will the baby from the Egg be shiny as well?
A: Unlike in G/S/C, where you had a higher chance of hatching shiny offspring when the parents were shiny, this is NOT true for any of the 3rd generation games. Every Pokemon has the same odds of being shiny, no matter what.

6: Q: What is this “soft resetting” thing I’ve been hearing about?
A: Soft resetting is when you press Start + Select + A + B to reset your gameboy (just like turning the system off and on). It’s helpful when trying to find a shiny of a Pokemon you can save in front of, such as your starter at the beginning, legendaries like the Regis and Rayquaza, etc. Save, soft-reset, see if the Pokemon is shiny, if not turn off your game and try again. Just like finding any shiny, this depends completely on luck, but if you’re patient you should eventually get your shiny. Keep in mind that this could take hours or days with luck, and months and months without.

7: Q: What does a shiny _____ look like?
A: The Pokedex on the main site shows sprites of every Pokemon:


Just look up the one you want.

8: Q: How do I know if I have a shiny Pokemon?
A: Besides the change in color, a shiny Pokemon will sparkle when it comes into battle. There are also a couple changes on its summary page, which you can see on the main site’s shiny page (link above).

9. Q: When will I know if I’ve gotten a shiny starter?
A: When you’re choosing your starter, the game will show you a picture of each Pokemon. This picture will NOT show you whether that Pokemon is shiny or not. You will have to choose it and check its summary, or use it in battle, to find out if it’s shiny or not.

10. Q: Can I save before hatching my Egg, and reset until I have a shiny?
A: No. Unfortunately, everything about the Egg is set when you receive it, so you'll end up with the same Pokemon every time if you use this method. You can, however, save before you take the Egg from the Daycare man, hatch it, and reset until you have a shiny.

11. Q: If my shiny Pokemon evolves, will it stay shiny?
A: Yes. Shininess isn't something that changes.

12. Q: Do shiny Ditto transform into shiny versions of the opponent's Pokemon?
A: Yes.

If any more questions are asked multiple times, I’ll add them to the FAQ.

Credit to Sherlock Shuckle for the following on Colo/XD

I have read many threads asking about shiny shadow pokemon and so I decided to give coronis my idea via PM, he said I could post the thread and he would sticky it.... I Don't have much information at the moment but I have PMed people who have snagged shinies Questions and I will update with their answers if the deside to answer....

this information was collected from loads of posters in the shiny snag threads and members who have snagged shinies:


Shiny Pokemon, just like in the Gameboy games are very rare and some are even pretty, the chances to find one is 1 in 8192, that dosent mean after 8191 battles the next pokemon will be shiny, because every battle has a 1 in 8192 chance of being a shiny pokemon.
Your shinies may look pretty in the GBA games but when you put them onto colosseum or XD they will look different:

shiny Pokemon that are completely different colours then the 'normal' ones are noticable, like Dragonite is dark green instead of yellow, very noticable! Unlike Smeargle, who looks like the normal smeargle should look in the GBA games

Identifying a Shadow shiny​

Firstly when they are sent out two orange orbs will fly around them, not stars, as a shadow the shiny may be visable when you place it into the PC
The pokemon may a different colour, my flygon was manky yellow instead of green and green instead of blue, not a pretty sight.

Shadow Lugia​
The Shadow Lugia, very cool in colour but loads of people have been wondering what will it look like if it is shiny. Well I have come up with the conclusion that the Shadow Lugia will look normal in appearance until it is purified, then you will see the differenct in colour

Smeargle is one of the biggest problems for shinies in colosseum and XD.
In colosseum no matter what the smeargle with have a red tail, like the shiny form in the Game boy advance games, this is due to the fact that colosseum uses the same 'models' that the stadium games use. Smeargle has a green tail in colosseum and XD, if it is shiny it is a dark manky green tail

Unconfirmed information
this is for Information I have discovered but Do not know if it is true
the orbs on shiny shadows only appear the first time you send them out

Latest Update:
Picture of Shiny Smeargle
credit to ******* for hosting and credit to my friend for letting me take a picture of his Smeargle


Q: are shadow pokemon available in XD?
A: if not then why make this thread?

Special thanks:
ssw for the information about the PC
my freind for letting me use his smeargle as a 'model'
Coronis for allowing me to post this thread and for stickying it
My mum for buying the camera which I used
Me for being so helpful


Josh trainer
I have a shiny Groudon I caught in Emerald.

What I'm searching for: Any shiny Pokemon that crosses my path xD
contributing! 8D

Ive never seen a shiny in any of my 3rd gen games. Because I suck. ;-;


it is mine at last..
why is shiney charmander so hard......2 boxes full already.... so i decided to take a break and soft reset for mewtwo...I SHALL PREVAIL!!!!! one day....


The picture of shiny smeargle isnt a picture of a shiny smeargle. It's a picture of changing pics of women


Well-Known Member
I just got a shiny Latias from Southern Island Ruby, I'll post a pic tonight after work. Good luck guys.


Well-Known Member
My dream is to have a shiny Sneasel, but that's predictable. I had over 1,000 Sneasel eggs on Pokemon Box and after hatching them all none were shiny. However I doubt i'll ever get one as I cannot release a Sneasel. Even the Modest and Quiet natured ones. So yes, i'll always have over 1,000 Sneasels on Pokemon Box.

Don't look at me like that.

All I have from the 3rd generation is a shiny Zigzagoon. I might try for a shiny Banette.

Shiny Supercow

S*ck My PokeBalls
Yesterday i caught a shiny linoone, and i'm currently Soft reseting for a Beldum :)

Canis Lupus

Well-Known Member
I currently have: No shinies. How sad! I have played so much, but still none!
I am SR'ing at the lottery in Emerald to get a Master Ball, and then I will Soft Reset for a shiny Kyogre/Groudon. It depends what the guy at the institute says.


Beginning Trainer
I cant keep up with my charmander eggs, 3 boxes saved up and only 22 hatched. Hope I get lucky :D


Well looks like the threads started again! O well. Currently I am training on my Emerald so hopefully will find a wild shiny sooner or later.
Good luck Parukia in your hatching spree!
Here we go again. =P

I have:
-Shiny Metagross(Emerald, 5 Restarts)
-Shiny Magnetric(Ruby, about 4-5 Hours in)
-Shiny Peliper(Got from Trade)
-Shiny Tangela(Got from Trade)

I am Soft Restarting for:
-Shiny Mudkip (Sapphire)
-Shiny Dratini/Abra (Fr(Buy 3 Dratini and 2 abra from Game Corner))
-Shiny Mewtwo(Leaf Green)
-Shiny Latias(Emerald, Eon Ticket)

Hatching for:
-Shiny Beldum(My friend is bugging me for one)

I'm not playing the games as much, so I do about 5-10 restarts for each game each time. It worked for my Shiny Metagross, so I am trying it for the others.


Wi-fi name is Spice
look at my sig for the shinies. I'm currently sr right now for a shiny abra at the celadon game corner on leafgreen.
All I have are 3 Zigzagoons and 1 Linoone. The three from the PC in NY and the Linoone from my ruby. It was a zigzagoon.

And I was SR'ing for a shiny totodile, but i stopped because I lost intrest. I might go after shiny articuno, but I'm not sure.
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Dark PokeHunter
Well im currently SRing for a shiny Charmander..............*No Luck*
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