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The Official 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Shining Mew, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. help

    help Wi-fi name is Spice

    No new shinies yet but I'm sr on emerald for a shiny registeel.
    On leafgreen I'm sr for a shiny abra at the celadon game corner.
  2. Alex219

    Alex219 Blaze Trainer

    I got a shiny tentacool two days ago,
    and I SAW a shiny Breloom at the battle pyramid
  3. Encyclopedia

    Encyclopedia Beginning Trainer

    Finding the Shiny Charmander

    I got sick and tired of trying to hatch a shiny Charmander. It's takes way too long to hatch and I just decided to trade over most of my Pokemon (after over 160 hrs of play on FR) to Sapphire and start over to get a shiny Charmander. Two days and no such luck.

    My recommendation: Trade over and restart your game for a shiny starter, if you can. Otherwise, have patience and good luck. :)

    My Shinies: Nidoking, Flygon, Porygon, Alakazam
    Seeking: Charmander for Charizard, any shiny that looks better than the default.
  4. legendary pkm master

    legendary pkm master Water Pokemon Master

    you should have a marcargo in your party bcuz it halfs the number of steps u have to take for your eggs 2 hatch :)

    good luck
    im looking for my Shiny Magicarp
  5. Turtloopa

    Turtloopa Nintendo!

    6 boxes of makuhitas. I'm not giving up!! I'm going to get a shiny hariyama no matter what.
  6. legendary pkm master

    legendary pkm master Water Pokemon Master

    im at the point where wen ever i see a magicarp it looks shiny for 3 seconds then it turns bac to normal

  7. thats for pokemon emerald the person hunting charmander is talking about FR/LG
  8. legendary pkm master

    legendary pkm master Water Pokemon Master

    o careless mistake sry
  9. DarkParukia

    DarkParukia Dragon Lord

    90 Feebas eggs no shinies yet
  10. Seth_X_of_Fortree

    Seth_X_of_Fortree Torterra Firma

    lookin for shiny poochyena in EM

    Got shiny sandslash in SAP.

    Wonder why no one has a shiny sandslash?
  11. Shiny Supercow

    Shiny Supercow S*ck My PokeBalls

    Because it isn't a common pokémon, and not very populair. (good but not very populair).

    Still SRting for a Beldum, 3 days now.
  12. Mr_Confused

    Mr_Confused The Ultimate

    Im finally back from being banned.

    no real updates on shinys sr for a shiny aerodactal and almost fully ev trained my shiny blastoise
  13. _Goats_

    _Goats_ Pool's Closed

    I only have a shiny Dugtrio (was a Diglett) and Bellosom (was an Oddish) . I'm currently sr-ing for a shiny abra and hatching for an eevee.
  14. legendary pkm master

    legendary pkm master Water Pokemon Master

    this is so hard omg i want that magikarp NOW!!

    o yea i saw a tentacool to day ( shiny) green yeys and all but for some reason i ran..

    i no it dumb
  15. lol a carless mistake legendary pkm master(no offece)

    OT:I bought a used sapphire today and it had 5 shinies one it

    anorith(sorry i was thinking of a cradily so i put that instead),Mudkip,Relicanth,Elekid(YAY!), and a magikarp

    does anyone know how to tell if they are cheated or if the games een cheated?
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2006
  16. Mr_Confused

    Mr_Confused The Ultimate

    what were their levels natures moves etc.
  17. Anoith Lv 20:impish sane noves and almost same stats as my level 24 one

    Relicanth:Lv 43:adament Acient power Secret power Take Down Yawn

    Mudkip level 5:Jolly Tackle and growl

    Garados Lv 20 Impish Thrash Bite Tackle splash

    elekid Lv 12 Bashful Thunder Puch Quick Attack Leer cross Chop(egg move)

    All male except elekid
  18. Icicle

    Icicle Well-Known Member

    Damn, you are like so lucky o_o! *goes off to try and get her shiny Mudkip*
  19. if you get wifi ill trade it too you i hate mudkips and purple
  20. Icicle

    Icicle Well-Known Member

    Sweet! Lol, I'm totally gettin' teh Wifi.. I'm so impaient for it xD I no longer have to be all "Dad.. I need both games because no one I know plays Pokemon" xD
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