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The Official 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Shining Mew, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Mr_Confused

    Mr_Confused The Ultimate

    thier not cheated because they have different natures and genders
  2. help

    help Wi-fi name is Spice

    Would you trade me your shiny relicanth when wifi comes? please
  3. DarkParukia

    DarkParukia Dragon Lord

    i wish i had a shiny
  4. im gonna search for a shiny spoink
    Edit;i hope you guys dont mind they are cloned

    Edit:SRing in ruby for shiny torchic
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2006
  5. Encyclopedia

    Encyclopedia Beginning Trainer

    I got sick and tired of trying to hatch a shiny Charmander. It's takes way too long to hatch and I just decided to trade over most of my Pokemon (after over 160 hrs of play on FR) to Sapphire and start over to get a shiny Charmander. Two days and no such luck.

    My recommendation: Trade over and restart your game for a shiny starter, if you can. Otherwise, have patience and good luck. :)

    My Shinies: Nidoking, Flygon, Porygon, Alakazam
    Seeking: Charmander for Charizard, any shiny that looks better than the default.
  6. Charmy_Charm

    Charmy_Charm greenking :D

    3 days SRing and still no Torchic, and I swear when I get my shiny, I'm going to kill a billion Zigzagoons cause they're getting on my nerves, although one did come out shiny, again, but no pokeballs :(
  7. Zinimi

    Zinimi Yes, I like Snubbull

    Coin trick in an attempt for a shiny abra. I have now tried 12 times without luck.
  8. Havoc Houndoom

    Havoc Houndoom Cascade Trainer

    You know... the shiny I want, that I have NEVER seen anyone ask for, is Houndoom. The problem is how to get one. The ONLY reliable way I can think of to get a shiny Houndour is to hatch for one - since the only place they appear in the wild is a rare occurence in the Emerald Safari extension. :(

    Go Houndooooooooom! ;229;
  9. Arena Tycoon Slaking

    Arena Tycoon Slaking Well-Known Member

    You are so Lucky!

    Anyway I've started Simaltaniousley(Sp?) Shiny hunting And Pickupping On the Route Near Rustboro
  10. Icicle

    Icicle Well-Known Member

    ._.;.. I keep thinking that the Mudkip I'm picking is shiny because when you realease it to fight.. its shadow ish purple-y looking ><.. I'm also trying to get a Torchic or Treeko on Emerald (I switch the pokemon each time I SR).
  11. Necrith

    Necrith Beginning Trainer

    I am looking for a [​IMG]...
    I have no other shinies...
  12. Dragonking

    Dragonking Well-Known Member

    hey Parukia since you have some new shinies you might want to update your wanted list.
    New banner forme with my new shiny Latias.
  13. I got my 4th Shiny Abra, so now I'm gonna try to get a Shiny Beldum.
  14. Zahro

    Zahro Well-Known Member

    What are you going to do with four shiny Abra's? Oo"
    I will SR for a Shiny Charmander some more, but it's annoying me now. It's getting very boring. :(
    @Encyclopedia: Let's make it a contest. The one who gets Shiny Charmander first wins.:)
  15. Imaketoilets

    Imaketoilets @leftovers

    I never really have been shiney hunting, but i just got my second shiney, it's even a nice looking one: Staryu
    I never looked at my pokemon's natures,ev's and iv's. So I decided to do it, my first pokemon was gonna be Starmie, and the third egg i hatched was a shiney.:D
    But the nature is adamant, so can't use it:(
  16. Zahro

    Zahro Well-Known Member

    You can always use it, but it's really sad. It's probably the second worst nature. (Besides Brave.)
  17. Sapphy

    Sapphy Marina is the best!

    Heck, how'd you get those? Been hatching for shiny Abra a long time, but no luck :( Given up hunting now tho, gonna trade wi-fi with D/P and concentrate on training pokemons I can clone for trading in stead. Already cloned one of my shiny Zubats and my shiny Machamp, so now I have 3 Zubats and 2 Machamps. Gonna trade them for other shineys soon I hope.
  18. Demonic

    Demonic <- Hunting You

    hey everyone sorry ive been really busy im back now and i still have no shiny treeko........im startin to wonder if ill ever get one but dont worry im not gonna give up ...=) allthough i might start doin less cause im losinmy morale lol and i have FF XI back now so wish me luck another 800-1000 resets today
  19. Necrith

    Necrith Beginning Trainer

    Offtopic: I play FFXI too. What server are you on?

    Ontopic: 4 shiny abras? whoa...
  20. superjolteon

    superjolteon TEH-MEH!!!

    4 Shiny Abras? Reckon you should have one of each evolution and the other can be whatever!
    How do ppl get lucky in hatching shinies? Makes me slightly ticked off!
    Anyways, havent really played that much so far but still no shinies seen yet. Thought I saw a green sandshrew but unfortunately it wasnt... :(
    Well Demonic never give up! Trust your instincts! Or in this case "trust in luck"!

    Btw, someone said b4 about no one having a shiny sandslash. Well I'm 99% sure someone has one on here. But havent seen them in a while.
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