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The Official 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

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Just go to the port in vermelion city and if you've gone to the islands before, you can go to them again. Go to the move relearner with 2 tinymushrooms or one big one.


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Oh crap, I just realized something... in the process of finally catching Suicune, I realized that I used up my only Master Ball! So there's no way I'm going to continue SRing for Moltres... I won't let the possibility of finding a shiny only to run out of Ultra Balls rear its ugly head. So I think I'm going to have to reset Firered to get another one... BLAST!

Should I make it a speed run to get back to a legendary bird or SR for another Kanto starter?
I'm going to regret saying this, but you should soft reset for a shiny starter. RACE ME!!!

There, I said. Now I'm going to lose.


What's the longest it's taken and the quickest it's taken for someone to get their prized shiny by SR ? Also, am I the only one who's spent 4 days trying to get a Kecleon ?lol


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Not necessarily SS has been in a longer shiny drought than you. I'll never reset for a starter again, dunno if ill continue totodile.

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yea try going five months without even seing shiny regirock i hunted that since august also it took me 427 sr for shiny charmander and over 300 for shiny ho-oh but it is all on luck

for regirock i stoped at like 19,000


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LOLZ!!! That would be a great picker-upper, CC, for me to beat you in another race. :)

I think I may go for Squirtle... heheheh.


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YAY, i checked my game and it still works
the bad news is that it deleted all my boxed pokemon which was two
the first was my shiny shuppet (sigh) the second wasa pikachu (a normal one) because i was only at the eigth gym
but i never really looked at it much and it was in my box because i was at a gym leader


lol did you really count them all the way to 19,000 ? I couldn't even stand to count to like 20, let alone anything even in the hundreds.I'm measuring by days :/


Ahh. *SIGH*. I haven't even attempted to SR for Ho-Oh for like 1 1/2 to 2 weeks? It's just so boring and I might give up but I haven't decided. It's taking up my Fire Red file. So can anyone cheer me up and try to get me to SR?


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Kabuto, its not even worth your time trying to find a code that actually lets you get the tickets onto your game. I have tried millions of times to try and get the aurora ticket onto my fire red game and none of the codes worked. I just warped to birth island on emerald and have been sring since. If you want the ticket so that you can go back and forth i just say that you just use the code again to get back to the island if you want to go back and forth regularly. I'm not leaving birth island until i see or hear yellow deoxys


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I'm starting to go for Shiny Eevee again. I stopped the week before Christmas. I started again two weeks ago. Wish me luck. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WISH ME LUCK!!!


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Good luck with the Eevee :p

I'm still after my lovely golden Vulpix, but I've moved to hatching them instead of hunting in the wild - that way I get 5 in a short space of time, and there's no chance of running into a shiny Shuppet instead :p


Arriving glacially.
LOLZ!!! That would be a great picker-upper, CC, for me to beat you in another race. :)

I think I may go for Squirtle... heheheh.
Se, even SS knows that he's gonna win when he races me!

Hirschberger said:
**** I WANNA SHINY SOOOOO BAD. ive been playing for over 200 hours and I havent even seen a shiny...
Oh, he Hirschberger. What's up (I'm Fufu3000)

If you want a shiny, I suggest you soft reset for one. You probably have lots of patience from breeding for Pokemon with flawless IVs, so you could hatch for one, too, if you want.
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