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The Official 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

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<- Currently Hunting
I think I know D_S's way but right now I think I will go for something like abra at the game corner so wish me luck

Taylor Ray

Newest shiny
Well for the time being I'm stopping on Dratini. I don't have enough coins, seeing as I bought Thunderbolt and Ice Beam. Once I beat the E4 I will go back to it maybe.

Now I'm hunting whatever pops up in the wild. I'm training Seadra, Haunter, Growlithe(soon to be Arcanine), Raichu, and Pidgeot.


Teh Spriteh Dude
I have been trying to look for a shiny - no luck. I have never seen a shiny in my FR or E, only two in my various Saphire restarts. So far I am at 3000ish Abras, no luck.


Cyrus fangirl
I decided to take a short break from shiny hunting, after 2 weeks of sring for Latias (a LOT this weekend) and play on my Firered which I still haven't finished. But who knows, maybe I'll find a shiny there!


Kyokudo <33
Okay,sorry for my lack of activity.I just got Vista on my computer,so I still have to re-install Photoshop,Net Battle,and blah,blah,blah.

Haven't hunted recently,but will start soon.
Congrats,good luck,etc.


Yeah, that's what I meant lol. Shiny. I don't expect anyone to have got them shiny without cheating, that's like 1 in a million lol
Not open for further replies.