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The Official 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Shining Mew, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Shukaku

    Shukaku Lunar Origin

    I'd say as many as you can...
  2. i dont know where it is :'( *looks*

    Well in sapphire im looking for a shiny surskit and roselia*points to sig*
  3. Shiny Supercow

    Shiny Supercow S*ck My PokeBalls

    I'll join u too :D, 50 Resets so far ;)
  4. kirby

    kirby Guest

    Thanks Shadow Lucario, i'll start hatching now with a Slugma.

    Since I never told you i'm going for a Shiny Mightyena.
  5. right now on my sapphire im on route 102 searching for a shiny im on route 102 because i like the shiny form of every pokemon on the route so far ive encounter 31 pokemon and not even 1 surskit yet
  6. Shukaku

    Shukaku Lunar Origin

    No problem!
  7. here is my shiny hunting team so far

    Torchic lv 15 and 4 zigzgoons(low level)i have the ziggys sso i can gett nuggets and sell em for pokeballs i can get ultra balls and rare candies too :) soon ill add a surskit to this team :) so far i have encountered 52 pokemon with no surskit
  8. legendary pkm master

    legendary pkm master Water Pokemon Master

    omg i just saw a shiny absol
    its so kool looking cuz its red and white

    im about to catch it rite now and clone it
  9. kirby

    kirby Guest

    Well, right now I've hatched 25 eggs. I'm aiming to do 50 before swimming leassons, and maybe another 50 after.

    I'm biking in a straight line from Verdenturf to Mavvile (or w/e).
  10. OMG YOU LUCKY SON OF A *hears a beep noise*
  11. Shukaku

    Shukaku Lunar Origin

    Hey, That's what I do!
  12. i am taking a break from shiny hunting to train my new surskit(on the 72 battle) i have found 100 pokemon none shiny
  13. Turtloopa

    Turtloopa Nintendo!

    10th box of makuhitas is going to be full soon.....
  14. kirby

    kirby Guest

    :) It's pretty good. About 134 steps. :p

    35 eggs hatched, still awaiting my shiny Mightyena. I one time got 9 females hatched in a row. o_0
  15. Zahro

    Zahro Well-Known Member

    I won't count them. It slows me down... And I always lose the count.:p Anyway, congrats to the ones that got a shiny and good luck for the searching ones! Still SRing for a Shiny Charmander.
  16. no nobody wish me luck on my shiny hunt(jerks)
  17. Turtloopa

    Turtloopa Nintendo!

    Warning: Attention *****. He did wish.
  18. kirby

    kirby Guest

    Just cause they didn't say gl doesn't mean they don't care, but if you want it so bad...gl

    I've hatched 50 eggs so far. Do you guys think i'm better off catching in the wild?
  19. legendary pkm master

    legendary pkm master Water Pokemon Master

    i want that d*mn magikarp
    but dis absol is pretty kool
    i found the rong shiny but absol is freakin nice so dis will do
  20. help

    help Wi-fi name is Spice

    400 sr for shiny registeel. no luck yet.
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