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The Official 3rd Generation Shiny Discussion/FAQ Thread

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Shining Mew, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. ShinyFufu

    ShinyFufu Arriving glacially.

    I feel ecstatic, and I feel lucky, too. I feel like if I were to hunt for something else, it would come really soon. :D

    Good luck, everyone.
  2. Heliotrope

    Heliotrope it shone! ^_^

    Congratulations on the shiny Bulbasaur, SFF! I think you won the race. And it has a good nature too. ^_^

    I did some Whismur hunting earlier. I've encountered over 6000 of them so far, but no shiny one yet.

    However I did have some luck with certain other shinies today... *points at sig* ^-^
  3. Shellos

    Shellos From the East Sea!

    I have a shiny Linoone on Emerald and a shiny Geodude on FR. Once I get past this one cave on FR, I might start SRing for some shinies.
  4. Tyranidos

    Tyranidos Well-Known Member

    As I asked earlier about the Shiny Palkia, How do you feel Heliotrope? And are you going to try to get Dialga again?
  5. Well 2 people are having very good days...Heliotrope got Shiny Palkia, while ShinyFuFu got Bulbasaur. Shame its too late for me to get much hunting done...could continue the good luck chain...
  6. Twilit Dragoon

    Twilit Dragoon *omnious thunderstorm*

    Congrats again on shiny Bulbasaur, makes me want mine *bribes shiny Bulbasaur with cookies and cake*. I'm SRing for shiny Bulbasaur, as usual. I now am at 17500 SR's for it, I'm still hoping to get it under 20000, but I sincerely doubt it.

    When I finally get shiny Bulbasaur, I'm going to be going after shiny Eevee, one of the 3 birds and a Game Corner Pokemon. Hurry up and shine Bulbasaur, I'm waiting.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2007
  7. Tyranidos

    Tyranidos Well-Known Member

    Well, I was SRing for Shiny Charmander before the race, I think I got about 100 back then and so far I got about 35 so a Grand Total of 135 SR's for Charmander. Same goes for Shiny Rayquaza, except for the numbers. I think the total for that is around 60. Good luck on other shiny hunts.
  8. Congrats on shiny bulbasar shinyfufu. I remember when I got mine, just 2 days after I got LG(which was a looooong time ago)
  9. JD2Tk

    JD2Tk Pokémon Breeder

    I caught a shiny Poochyena the other day...

    I don't yet think it has hit me that I'm extremely lucky.

    Meh... I've always liked how shiny Mightyena looked.

    Now, I'm up for any shiny that dares cross my path!!!!!
  10. Twilit Dragoon

    Twilit Dragoon *omnious thunderstorm*

    Changed my ID in FR yesterday, it is now 33753. I'm going to keep this one for a little while. I'm thinking half the reason Bulbasaur isn't showing up is that I'm changing my ID too much, but I think I'm just superstitious. Total SR's for shiny Bulbasaur is 18300, I'm still aiming to get it under 20000, but I'm losing hope.

    I also managed to get some SR's for shiny Mewtwo yesterday, I only did about 20, but I was more interested in SRing for shiny Bulbasaur. I'm hoping at least 1 of my SR targets will show up before the end of this month.
  11. mrrrrrrr KENNEDY

    mrrrrrrr KENNEDY Latest (SR)

    Wow Major Congrats to Fufu on bulbasaur. I hope mines comes soon.

    Also Off topic but congrats on palkia Helio.

    Well feeling better now and been hunting but i think there will be a very minimum of hunting as my prelims start tomorrow :)o you have no idea how nervous i am right now).

    Also my little project some people will know about is delayed until i am finished my prelims (6th of December) i will get invites out just after that.
  12. ShinyFufu

    ShinyFufu Arriving glacially.

    Hey, MKen! It's been a while; good luck on your prelims, though!

    Since my brother is done hogging my LG, I think I will be able to soft reset for Squirtle now. Unless my cousin wants to use it, too (today is the last day he will be here, after all).

    Playing through FR, as well. I'm about to reach Vermilion City.
  13. mrrrrrrr KENNEDY

    mrrrrrrr KENNEDY Latest (SR)

    Thanks for the luck fufu :)

    Since the Bulba race has been won now i may switch from Bulbasaur and get back on with Charmander.
  14. ShinyFufu

    ShinyFufu Arriving glacially.

    Hm, seems like everyone is switching to shiny Charmander all of a sudden...

    Do I smell a Great Charmander Race in the near future? ;)
  15. Twilit Dragoon

    Twilit Dragoon *omnious thunderstorm*

    I'm thinking about starting over LG and SRing for shiny Bulbasaur there too, should I? Or should I keep SRing for shiny Mewtwo? The reason why I don't think I should is, what if I get shiny Bulbasaur in FR. Then it'll take me even longer to get to Mewtwo.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2007
  16. Dark_Steelix

    Dark_Steelix <~ Yo quiero!!

    I've found more shinies in my ruby, 7, then 5 in FR and 4 in each sapphire and emerald, 3 of my emerald shinies were super random encounters though.

    HUGE CONGRATS FUFU!! Man you totally deserve bulba after going after it for so long. I almost thought it might take as long as latias took you. Heh now you can move on and go for things like lapras and the birds again :) Lol You won the Great Bulbasaur race too, well deserved! Hmm anyone up for 2nd place? I've been doing some SRs for it too, but mostly treecko in my Sapphire. I want treecko so badly. I've been hunting it since july argh... Good luck to everyone on their hunts!
  17. Shellos

    Shellos From the East Sea!

    I began SRing for shiny Eevee in FR last night...I never got the Flash HM on route 2, so it took me forever to get through Rock Tunnel. I think I've had 76 sof resets so far...I wanted to do 100 but then my Gameboy had to charge.
  18. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    Decided to SR for a Shiny Treecko in Ruby. Around 350+ SR so far.
  19. Jolteh

    Jolteh The one and only.

    Sounds like a great idea. ;D

    Still no shiny, yet. I've done about 3,000 SR's in total. =P
  20. Tyranidos

    Tyranidos Well-Known Member

    Lets do a Shiny Charmander race because I actually was SRing for Charmander before I joined the Great Bulbasaur Race and I switched back. I don't really care about 2nd place, either I win or I don't, that is my philosophy. Anyway, congrats again Fufu, well deserved!
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