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The Official Advice Thread

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Mariya Shidou, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Mariya Shidou

    Mariya Shidou Banned

    Now, as many of you may have noticed, a lot of old threads were deleted recently. The previous (far from original) incarnation of the advice thread was one of the threads lost in the blast. Unfortunately, the thread... is unrecoverable.

    However, instead, here is a new version of the Advice Thread. The purpose of this thread is very simple: You post questions asking for advice in your life. Other members can browse the thread, then, and post answers to the questions you posed. I can't guarantee the quality of the responses, unfortunately, this being where it is, but hopefully you will get some answers from someone that will prove useful to you.

    Do note, though, that there are some things not included in the scope of this thread. If you want to know what bands you should listen to, what shows you should watch, what video games you should play, etc., there are other, better places for that throughout the forum. Do not post these questions here.

    And with that, you may begin.
  2. Alright, I'll kick things off asking for some sound advice, preferably from someone who knows what they're talking about.

    I'm graduating from technical school in December, and I'll be out with an Associates in the Applied Science of Visual Communications. Better than a general education Associates, but still, it's only a two year degree. I obviously can't get very far with just this, but seeing as I'm coming from a private, technical school, most colleges won't accept my credits, and I'll end up having to retake almost all of my classes. Should I just stick with this for awhile, or should I keep trying to find somewhere to transfer to after graduation? What's the best way of going about finding somewhere that will accept my credits so I can just continue onto my Bachelor's and not get an entirely new Associates?
  3. Spookz

    Spookz Lumos

    Have you talked to your Advisor about any of this? I feel that may be the best place to start if you haven't. Seeing as I don't know squat about your degree, I can't personally offer any schools or suggestions on what path is better. Your advisor is bound to have a few good ideas regarding what's best to do post-graduation.
  4. The only thing close that we have to an advisor Career Services, who just help us find jobs after we graduate. I've asked a few times, but they say little in terms of us going to another school. The best suggestion they've given me is to go into another program here, preferably one that has a Bachelor's program, and I'm like "Lolnothanks."
  5. Spookz

    Spookz Lumos

    That's a pisser.

    I know some universities offer features within their websites that allow you to check what courses you've taken will transfer, but you probably already know this.
    From what I understand, it seems like it might be easier to start from scratch, but that's naturally means more time and money invested into school. Honestly I'd just try finding some good schools that have the degree you're looking for and seeing what they can do for you. Speaking from personal experience, my program says it's near impossible to transfer in without restarting as a freshman, but I've seen several transfers join the ranks.
  6. Mr. Joker

    Mr. Joker keep calm & carry on

    With school starting up I would like to ask something about keeping organized.

    Last year, my locker was a mess. I had eight different classes, and a total of 10 binders that I had to use. It was difficult talking one or two textbooks along with up to three binders with me from class to class.

    What I am asking is: Is it easier to use one of those "Five Star" binders that would have all 7 of my classes with me? Most of my classes this year only require a notebook and a folder. Would it be easier to just use one of those things and go back to my locker for whatever textbook I may need between periods? I don't know how much I will need. I am in Creative Writing, Meteorology, General Business, Choir, Photography, Pre-Calc, and College World History.

    And my second question is: What is the best way to organize a locker? It's about a foot and a half wide and six feet tall. There is only one shelf on the top and there are three hooks in there for backpacks/coats. Should I buy or make a shelf?

    Thank you! :)
  7. intergalactic platypus

    intergalactic platypus Only rescues maidens

    Depends on what your institution was. If it was one of those "for profit" schools like ITT Tech, most employers and other colleges regard those as a scam so it's essentially a useless degree. Try Community College to re earn the credits for cheap.
  8. Buchou

    Buchou filch some swag

    In high school and even in college, I still carry everything around in binders. It can get a bit heavy and is a pain, but I've used nothing other than binders since middle school. I tried those Five Star things, but they, IMO, confused me too much. I do think that running to your locker for which text book you may need is a good idea, though.

    If you can make a shelf, great. It could be cheaper or around the same price to buy one, though. I used to organize my locker by classes, so I could quickly grab the binder or text book and go, because I would go to the locker in the order of my classes.

    That's really all the advice I can give. I always carried around my things.
  9. Malanu

    Malanu Est sularus oth mith

    The cynic in me says this is because the adviser doesn't want to advise you to take your college money to another school.

    That said, I'd think doing your own research is your best bet. first search the field you intend/desire to enter and find out what education they are specifically looking for. Then tailor your continued education around the jobs knowledge skills set. Also try to find a college that will give the best credit for the classes you've already taken (yeah... I know, Duh!). Finally look for an entry level job where you want to work. Having a foot in the door often works better than a cold interview. Let them know you are taking classes to further your career with them, that you eventually want to work into "X" job position. Who knows they may have programs to help with the college expenses.
  10. KickAsh

    KickAsh halted development

    I have a question.

    So the last school year, I talked to this one guy a few times. He seemed pretty funny, and genuinely nice. However, as I got to know him a bit better, he became clingy and really annoying. He really doesn't have many friends, so when he began considering me a friend, he didn't know how to react. So he went overboard--he calls me or texts me every day, he writes annoying messages on my Facebook wall a lot, etc. All in all, he has become extremely annoying and I regret every talking to him.

    So my question is this: how do I get this kid off my back? Has anyone else ever been in this situation? I would just tell him to back off, but he's a really, really, really fragile guy.
  11. Unpredictable-Strategist

    Unpredictable-Strategist Unorthodox Trainer

    I recently started using Five Star binders and yes, they really do help with organization. A way I organize sections without dividers is by ordering the sections in the order I have my classes, then ending each section with looseleaf paper in each subject. That way, when you hit handouts, you're at your next section.

    Lockers are a bit trickier. I usually just put my lunch and empty backpack on each hook, then put my textbooks, folders, and binders in a pile on the bottom. It shouldn't be a problem unless you have a habit of accumulating a lot of unwanted trash, in which case you should attempt to throw out what you have before getting to your locker.

    Honestly, the only way to get him off your back is to explain to him how he's acting in your eyes. He may be fragile, but think of it this way: most other people who have met him probably didn't tell him he was being clingy and annoying for the same reason. If you don't, who will? If that doesn't work, block him from your phone, delete him from facebook, and ignore him. It may hurt at first, but it needs to be done.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2011
  12. Ze DreamGirl

    Ze DreamGirl Future Vaporeon

    Now I am serioulsy wondering about my sexual orientation or lack thereof...

    I had a dream during the night and I don't know if it can qualify as erotic or not...I was with some guy I can't remember the appearence and at some point he said that there was something wrong with my heart, and put one of his hand on my chest to check my pulse, for some reason I was wearing a dress that was open for easy access there, I didn't stop him thinking that it was non-sexual since he had claimed to be homosexual previously in the dream and I was asexual anyway...So he stayed with is hand on my left breast for quite some time, time during which I didn't tried to stop him since a) In my opinion there was nothing wrong with that, b) it was for ny own good, c) His touch was warm and soothing...then I woke up seriously wondering if it was an erotic dream and if I was as asexual as I thought I was...

    So what, am I conciously asexual but subconciously not? How does that work?
  13. Malanu

    Malanu Est sularus oth mith

    Ze had you not woke up that may have become an erotic dream. But it ended before any "sexual" play had begun.

    I honestly think you'll figure out what is right for you, but if you really want help with this, ask a counselor not us yahoos. The majority of people here don't have enough life experience to be of any real help, and as for me... I'm at least 2 generations out of date. You might be asexual or you just might be a late bloomer. My daughter takes a lot of ridicule because she doesn't really want sex, but does like to have a boy/man (she's 20 that's why the waffle there) to snuggle with. So like I tell her, when the time comes that someone stirs your heart, you will know. Don't dwell on it, because it can keep you from seeing your hearts desire, and keep you from having a happy life.
  14. Ang3l

    Ang3l Well-Known Member

    I totally agree. My partner and I don't have sex very often at all and it doesn't bother either of us, we just enjoy being with each other. Having no interest in sex doesn't necessarily mean that there's something wrong with you, just wait for the feelings to come =)
  15. BarkingRat

    BarkingRat 'Sup.

    I wouldn't put much stock in dreams. People dream about all kinds of things. Just consider them your brain's way of sorting through memories in a sometimes entertaining/sometimes troubling way.
  16. Ze DreamGirl

    Ze DreamGirl Future Vaporeon

    Any solution do be less naive...? I thought I had stopped but no...
  17. BarkingRat

    BarkingRat 'Sup.

    Pardon? Are you saying you're still having dreams like that?
  18. Ze DreamGirl

    Ze DreamGirl Future Vaporeon

    No it's unrelated...Someone lied and I belived him and i could have been in trouble because of that...
  19. BarkingRat

    BarkingRat 'Sup.

    Oh, I understand now. Learn body language. Two books I recommend are What Every Body is Saying by Joe Navarro and The Definitive Book of Body Language by Allan and Barbara Pease. But make sure you have your BS detector on while you read the Peases' book. It does have a lot of good info, but some things in it strike me as peculiar.
  20. Ze DreamGirl

    Ze DreamGirl Future Vaporeon

    Yes but what if someone lie on the internet? I can't really check their body language in that case...

    Now I won't believe anything anymore...

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