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The Official American Election 2008 Thread

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by The_Panda, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. The_Panda

    The_Panda 恭喜發財

    NOTICE: This thread has been fully approved, endorsed and made official by Eszett. This will be the one and only thread about this year's presidential election, so don't let the jargon spill into other threads.

    Later this year Americans will go to the polls to decide who is the president of the United States of America. As we are getting closer the election date, Eszett has agreed that there should be a thread for all the ranting, discussion and debating on the 2008 election, and this is it. Remember this is the Debate forum, so you are obliged to support your opinions with arguments, not just your own faith.

    In addition you may discuss current news relating to the election. Here is some of the latest news:
    Hillary wins Ohio and Texas, McCain secures Republican nomination.

    Oh and here's a nice source of general information on the campaign, key issues, its candidates and their policies. We expect you to use it, being misinformed about what you're debating is not an excuse when the information is staring you right in the face!

    So, discuss who you would think would be the best of the candidates to become president and why. Let the debate begin!
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2008
  2. Ethan

    Ethan Banned

    I figured this would show up somewhere down the road. Out of all of them candidates running there are three major players as of the moment. Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain. The other candidates such as Huckabee which merely continue in the race because the they have the time, money, and resources to do so. The best Huckabee can hope for is a vice presidency with McCain. Out of all the candidates I prefer McCain out of all of them. I consider myself independent, because of this McCain especially appeals to me because even as a conservative he has a few liberal policies on which I agree with. The first being his opposition to the Bush tax cuts. From my perspective tax cuts for the rich makes little to no sense. We need tax cuts for the average, middle class, working man. Then ofcourse there is Iraq, one of the pivotal issues in this election. The popular opinion opposes the Iraq war and we can see this even further by Bushe's 30% approval rate. I support the war in Iraq. Maybe we didn't have the best intelligence going in, maybe our decision to go to war was fueled by the fear 9/11 caused, maybe there really were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the catch is the deed has already been done. Our troops are already in the heart of Iraq. Too many people have died for us to shovel on out and go home. I do not want their deaths to be in vain. Look at the amount of money we have spent in the first month of the war alone. We have put far too much effort and resources to give up now. What kind of message will we be sending to other arab countries surrounding Iraq such as Iran or Syria? I don't want to take the gamble we did in the cold war. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and the only reason that country still exists is because throughout that bloody ten years we supplied them with the military technology to match the Soviets.

    When the war was over we simply left their country in ruins after being ravaged for 10 years by the eastern superpower. Pulling out now seems so...indifferent. As many people have said, there is something about Hilary that I simply don't trust. I know it may be entirely irrational, but there is something that just sends me a very negative vibe from her. Especially when I view her debates with Barack Obama(Barack Obama is also guilty of this.) they seem to tell the crowd what they want to hear. Such as we are the party of "change" yet they are always very ambigous about what kind of changes they want to implement. Hilary nor Barack seem to add any substance to their blatant appeals. Which must be conveniant because if your not saying too much there can't be very many people that disagree with you. I want them to make it clear to the American people how they are going to give universal healthcare, free education, pull us out of our economic recession, pull our troops out of Iraq, etc. I also want them to make it very clear of the consequences of the changes they want to make in America. When you make it clear that you want to change something, especially in politics you do not simply say your going to do it, but how you hope to accomplish your goal and further more what possible sacrifices the American people will have to make to achieve it. The democratic party has failed to do this, which leaves people like myself very suspicious.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2008
  3. Pure_Dalek

    Pure_Dalek God of all Daleks

    all republicans are war mongers imo its either Democrat or World war 3
  4. Ethan

    Ethan Banned

    Come on man. >:[
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2008
  5. Death dealer

    Death dealer Pavane of Slaanesh

    Ever heard of Ron Paul? Theres a rupublican who opposes the war, and supports things like privacy and personal freedom. That kind of republican, while I don't agree completely with them, are much more sensible choices than fundie panderers like Romney and Huckster.
  6. The_Panda

    The_Panda 恭喜發財

    It's a shame Ron Paul has zero chance, he's probably one of the best of the lot; and one of the only ones who seemingly comes close to understanding economics (the other being McCain). At the moment my favourite candidate is John McCain. Though unfortunately he does support the war in Iraq, I really do like his domestic policies specifically on economics (though like pretty much everyone else in politics he probably freaks out at "recession" and "inflation"). However above all I prefer his healthcare policy - going for a public health insurance programme like that here in Australia, while still retaining the independence of individual hospitals avoiding teeming bureaucracy. For me I don't see Iraq as that much of an issue, in any situation I would think domestic politics is far more important (though I don't specifically favour the war, if I was a US citizen it probably wouldn't affect my vote that much).

    For the rest of the Republicans (ie Huckabee) I would kill myself if they got in power.

    On the democratic side, I prefer Obama for his energy and ideas, though like so many candidates one always has to wonder whether there actually is any substance besides charisma. He seems like one of those people who you could talk to for half an hour and come out with absolutely no idea what his actual policies are besides a few slogans. And I don't like Hillary too much either - while I wouldn't too much mind her (as long as the Huckster loses I'm ok) I agree with Babs that there is some sort of aura of mistrust around her (but what can I say, she's a politician). In addition her idea of the government is too statist, my primary objection to her on policy grounds.

    My choice goes to the candidate who can fix the public service and at the same time maintain large economic and personal freedom - for this my choice (even though I don't vote) goes to John McCain.
  7. BigLutz

    BigLutz Banned

    Ron Paul is also a complete nut that would be dooming the security of the country becuase of his isolationist ideals, and would be dooming millions to death by leaving them in the hands of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.
  8. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    LOL. Yes.

    I, for one, am a Conservative. And I completely support Hillary Clinton. If I could vote, I would be a swing voter to put it simply.

    Clinton, even though I disagree with some things, I think would be the best for the country. The one thing I don't think she is right on is the war on Iraq, but I think she would have a firm standing on foreign policy.

    John McCain is my second pick. If it comes down to him and Obama, I'll totally support him. I think McCain would handle the war best out of anyone. Though, I don't think his economy plan is the best.

    Barack Obama. No. Just no.

    Huckabee and Paul just need to give it a rest. In the end, it's gonna be Hillary/Obama vs. McCain/Romney.
  9. Josiah

    Josiah is your favorite

    Huh. I expected this thread to be started by an American.
    You sound like my pastor. Except she called them fear mongers. And Babylon, do you have those pictures of evil Hilary that you posted a while back in Carlisle's thread?
  10. Cain Nightroad

    Cain Nightroad Daydreaming

    Actually, Romney's already dropped out, if I remember correctly. I agree on Huckabee and Paul, however. Paul doesn't have many supporters, and is in dead last. Huckabee's campaign is pro-Christianity and mainly just that. That shows he is not fit for presidency if he focuses on one religion only. He has to remember that Christians aren't the only people in the U.S.

    I also agree on this; McCain's been out there and has been a PoW during Vietnam. He would definitely be able to know when enough is enough, and not decimate our troops. I think the main focus right now is Iraq, and McCain might be just what we are looking for in these terms. However, rebuilding the U.S. is also a core issue. We need a strong economic plan.
  11. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    I meant Romney running as vice president with McCain. Sorry bout that.
  12. Ethan

    Ethan Banned

    I know I'm not supposed to do this but maybe Eszett will give me amnesty^^;


    http://www.all4humor.com/images/files/Scary Hillary Clinton.jpg

    I couldn't find the vampire one agian:(

    Okay lets get this back on track before I get harpooned:p
  13. BigLutz

    BigLutz Banned

    Don't expect Hillary to choose Obama as their running mate and vis versa. There is just too much hatred between both, and it would be even more of a gamble for them by having another minority onboard. Expect either one of them to choose a Safe, White, Man as a Cannidate.

    As for the Iraq war, do not expect the democrats to pull us out either, unless things go incredibly bad in the next year.
  14. Josiah

    Josiah is your favorite

    Lol at the second one. But I miss the devil one D:. Anyways, yeah back on topic. Hilary just doen't strike me as trustworthy and imo, if she were as strong a woman as people claimed, then she would have divorced Bill. I feel like she is using him for political gain.

    Barack is definitely a great speaker, but he didn't come up with all of his speaches. Yes, he is inspirational, but I don't know exactly what he is planning to do as he is very vague. The experience is another problem. I don't agree with either of them on Iraq at all.

    John McCain has experience in war and I agree with his stance on it. Plus, he cusses like a sailor. Therefor, my vote's for him. At least it would be if I could vote.
  15. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    Who the heck else WOULD they choose? They know if they chose one another, they'd get all the votes. Neither of them truly care about this country.
  16. BigLutz

    BigLutz Banned

    Part of it is Ego, the other part is that a person is more likely to vote for a White Woman and White Man or a Black man and a White man. Then they are to vote for a Black man and White Woman together. It is just too much overload at one time.
  17. Cain Nightroad

    Cain Nightroad Daydreaming

    Is this the devil one? http://images.wikia.com/uncyclopedia/images/2/2a/Hilldemon.jpg

    Anyways, I agree that Obama has little experience in politics. If he ran for president in 2012, I would probably vote for him. However, he needs more experience to be president of the U.S. McCain's been a PoW and knows when enough is enough in Iraq. He is experienced enough to be able to keep his cool and counter the "wild card" in this sadistic "game" -- Al-Quaeda. That's something we have to watch out for, as 9/11 could repeat itself if we aren't careful. I feel that McCain's experience is enough to rebuild the country and have a stronger governmental body. Hillary, on the other hand, is like a polar opposite of the two of them. She uses tactics that come close to my definition of "low". Really: crying? Although attacking sympathy is one thing, using it as a weapon in politics is a whole other idea. I feel that with Bill behind her as her husband, things could fall from where we've been left after Bush.

    Of those now, this is where they stand:

    1. McCain
    2. Obama (may be 3rd)
    3. Hillary (may be 2nd)
    4. Huckabee
    5. Paul

    Here's where they stand in helping the country, in my opinion:

    1. McCain
    2. Obama
    3. Paul
    4. Huckabee
    5. Hillary

    I randomly threw Ron Paul in, though. And I may be a bit biased Huckabee-wise due to being atheist, but that's where the candidates stand in my opinion.
  18. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    I don't think so. But still. WHO else is there? John Edwards? I doubt he'd take it. He's more focused on his wife and family now.

    .....could Bill Clinton be vice president?
  19. BigLutz

    BigLutz Banned

    I have a feeling John Edwards would gladly give up his family for a chance of being one death away from the Presidency. Especially with as much as he tried to make his wife's cancer a campeign sympathy issue.

    I want to say yes, I believe he can be either for one term, or for two years. I'm not sure...
  20. Cain Nightroad

    Cain Nightroad Daydreaming

    I don't know if Bill could, but if that's who Hillary chooses as her vice president, she throws her campaign down the toilet. Bill may have been president at one time, but he wasn't very good...and with him behind Hillary the whole time anyway, as her husband, it wouldn't be good for her to be president. Bill is like the monkey wrench in her campaign; before this, she should have divorced him. Thus, her campaign would be better and my vision as her as the president would be better.
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