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The Official CELEBI Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation I & II Discussion' started by grem, Sep 2, 2005.

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  1. grem

    grem Proud Father

    Contrary to popular belief, you CANNOT get Celebi in the games, so stop going on about it.

    We do not want or need topics saying "omg i know how to get Celebi" or "omg how do you get celebi?!?!" so please stop it.

    • The only way to obtain Celebi in a Gold, Silver or Crystal game pack is if you have the Japanese version, and it is done through Kurt and the GS Ball.
    • The only LEGIT way to get it in the English versions is if you got it from a Nintendo Event. This event was much like the current ones where rare Pokémon are given away. They don't do this for older games anymore. :/.
    • The other way is via Gameshark/Action Replay, which is bad, children :( so don't use them. They can glitch up your game and they're evil and stuff.

    The "bad egg" glitch can also be used to get a Celebi, but it also risks glitching up your game. Please refer to the Official Glitch Thread for more information.

    This topic is being Sticked for future reference, reply if you feel more should be added.

    peace out


    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 12, 2012
  2. Ninjit

    Ninjit Banned

    Also, there is a more complication to that too, to get the GS Ball, you need to first have a Japanese Version of Crystal, and cellphone adapter thingy, and well, that is also hard to get, as it stopped production nearly right after Crystal was launched.
    Anyway, Go to goldenrod, then the PC, and do some other stuff, it's complicated when you've only heard of it, but yeah.
    Edit: Actually, that's the only way :p
  3. Loxam

    Loxam Guest

    I have managed to secure a cellphone adapter * i think *, does it actually need to be hooked up to a phone to notice it, or can it pick it up if its just attached to the GB - i.e. allowing you to access the GS ball.
  4. shadowlink

    shadowlink Guest

    You got the adapter? Kewl. Now, you need a japanese Crystal and then trade it over to the english one.
  5. poke_girl

    poke_girl The Amazing

    You also need to go to Japan... but oh, I don't think what ever the line you had to call is up any more ^^;
  6. Loxam

    Loxam Guest

    Getting the Japanese Crystal isn't a problem, although im still concerned about what you do with the adapter once it arrives :)

    I am going Japan in a few years to live there for around 3 on a course, so if it comes to it I can get it when im there.

    Do you actually have to ring a number or anything? Ive read a few places that it picks up the device is attached, and then the game itself activates the GS ball thing.

    If anyone knows anymore on this please post.
  7. Loxam

    Loxam Guest

    The only information on how-to use this adapter I can find on the net is this, and presuming from this you just need the device attached...

    Celebi (Japanese version):

    Note: This trick requires the mobile adapter for your cell phone which is available only in Japan. Go to the Communication Center (Pokemon Center) in Goldenrod City, and read the message on the lockers to the right of the room. They will talk about a present from the future. Leave and the blue-haired nurse will ask you to defeat all sixteen gyms in order to obtain the GS Ball. Once you have done so, give the GS Ball to Kurt. The next day, he will give it back. Put it in the shrine in the Ilex forest and a level 30 Serebii (Celebi) will attack you.
  8. Loxam

    Loxam Guest

    Celebi (JAPANESE VERSION ONLY): In the Japanese version of Crystal, after defeating all 16 Gym Leaders, you will get a GS Ball after pluggin in the Mobile Adapter and activating the Communication Center in the Pokemon Center in Goldenrod City.

    This sounds promising to me! Looks like its an activation thing, that picks up you have the device connected and then unlocks the secret.

    God i hopes so, although I may have to find a crap old japanese phone or something to get it working ;)
  9. Rui Gomes

    Rui Gomes Guest

    Well, I found a Celebi in my old Silver Game once. Level 11, in Goldenrod. But that was a glitch (game froze after some days). But a friend of mine was able to get a normal Celebi, level 30. Don't ask me how. But, thanks to him, I have Celebi (and it's not that good).
  10. TyraniRay

    TyraniRay Dragon Master

    There was a Nintendo event some years ago at Fountain Gate, a shopping centre, in the southeast suburbs of Melboune. Needless to say, I have a Celebi on my Gold. Oh, and Celebi RULES!
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2005
  11. Rui Gomes

    Rui Gomes Guest

    What's so good about Celebi? There are many stronger Pokémon, and easier to get too. I thought it would be amazing, but after getting it, I got really disapointed. Mew owns Celebi (almost same Stats, less weaknesses, can learn any TM or HM), and you can easily get it in R/B/Y.
  12. TyraniRay

    TyraniRay Dragon Master

    Yet Mew is not allowed in most places on Netbattle and Celebi is. Mew may be able to learn all those moves but how many of them are actually used? Not too many. Have you ever used Double Team, or Waterfall, Rock Smash, Flash, Reflect, Light Screen, Toxic, Hail, Sandstorm, Overheat, the list goes on. It's stats ARE the same. Celebi also has more resistances. Water and Electric are my favourite two. And some people don't like to use glitches. Celebi can learn Baton Pass as well (not the best at it though, just more likely to pull it off).
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2005
  13. Raiden

    Raiden Guest

    >_> Celebi has more weaknesses as well. 7 in fact: Fire, Bug (x4), Dark, Ice, Ghost, Flying, Poison. That's A LOT.

    None the less, Celebi is still cooler than Mew.
  14. Poke Freak

    Poke Freak Guest

    Also you are forgetting that Celebi learns the nice moves Leech Seed and Heal Bell and Mew doesn't. Celebi can also learn Baton Pass, Future Sight and Perish Song and Mew can't, but meh, I really prefer the first two moves I mentioned.

    The weakness thing well, I was never all to fond of the grass type. It's still cool though.
  15. Rui Gomes

    Rui Gomes Guest

    Well, of course: I CAN'T use them all. But Celebi can't do it too. And Celebi can learn "useless" (for battle) moves too: Cut, Flash, Rock Smash... Have you ever used these for a serious battle? Celebi can learn them too. And you're right, some people don't like to battle with Pokémon that they got trough glitches (like Mew). But tell me, how are you suppose to get Celebi? I suppose, a GLITCH. That's how I got my first Celebi. And I'm sure my friend got his Celebi trough a glitch too.
  16. shadowlink

    shadowlink Guest

    Celebi=Mew, imo. Celebi is for the more advanced players and mew isn't. Mew is damn easy to use and celebi can die fast in the wrong hands and help (by BPing and such) sweep teams away in the right hands. You see, Celebi is for advanced players, because you need to know what to expect (and not to expect, but keep in mind) of your opponent. If played right, Celebi>Mew. And Mew>Celebi is some cases, too.

    And Celebi isn't a glitch. It is a poke. There is a way to get it legally. That makes it not a glitch.
  17. TyraniRay

    TyraniRay Dragon Master

    Everything other people have said about Mew vs Celebi is relevent. Mew learns one hell of a lot more of those useless for battle moves, but some, Mew just sucks at using them cmpared to things like Charizard (Overheat). Of course you can't use 10 moves with a single Pokemon at once. And like I said before, I got Celebi on Gold through a official Nintendo event at a shopping centre. Mew was also given away, but two years before. Also, not that half of the moves I mentioned ARE used by other Pokemon, and do it much better than Mew. Mines just a mixed sweeper. Do you know why? Because thats the one of the few things it can do better than most other Pokemon that do it. And I got the Mew through an event as well so don't say it's only obtainable through a glitch. If you were going to more events, tourneys and such five years ago, you would probably have a legal version of these Pokemon. They're both great, but Mew is two basic for me. Celebi is easily the most defensive Pokemon that has Heal Bell, and is good in speed too. Perish Song simply pisses people off, and so does Future Sight. Leech Seed and Heal Bell are some of the best strategic moves out there, and Mew doesn't get them. Like Shadow Link said, they are equal in power, but, Celebi is much more effective for people like me who use strategic sets, like most good players. Mew is bettter for people who are newer, or who want to surprise their opponent, but Smeargle is better at that since it can learn every move.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2005
  18. poke_girl

    poke_girl The Amazing

    It seems Celebi is the only one we've never really got.. I wonder why..
  19. shadowlink

    shadowlink Guest

    We aren't talking about stats, but usefulness.

    Future Sight is the most terrible psychic atk eva.
  20. Altmer

    Altmer breathe, spit, walk

    sure is but both mewtwo and celebi get psychic anyway so what's your point?

    also celebi is only cool on netbattle with psychic/recover/leech seed/heal bell.
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