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The Official "Claim Your Favorite Video Game" Thread [V6]

Kira Yamato

Ghost of Razgriz
Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War [PS2] - Kira Yamato [07/02/2013]


Protect The Smiles!
Forza 4 [XB360] - HeroicRein [02/07/2013]


Well-Known Member
Metroid Prime Trilogy [Wii] - Cobalt_Latios [07/10/2013]


It's a mystery.
Sorry about the lack of updates. I've had some internet issues for some time, and I recently just set up a new router. Things should be finally running smoothly now. xD
Every claim and claim change up to this point have been updated! Except for this....

Forza 4 [XB360] - HeroicRein [02/07/2013]
Wrong date format. But since your first strike is already over, you may try again.

Strike 1 → Banned until [07/09/2013].


Well-Known Member
Old Game: Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition [Wii U] - The Eleventh [02/07/2013]
New Game: The Last of Us [PS3] - The Eleventh [08/27/2013]

~Kingdom of Earth~

Sun shines through
Old Game: Pikmin 2 [Wii] - ~Kingdom of Earth~ [01/21/2013]
New Game: Mother 1 [NES] - ~Kingdom of Earth~ [08/27/2013]
Persona 4 the Golden [PSV] - Fox Mulder [9/8/2013]

Is this even acceptable since the original P4 has been claimed? Just curious.