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The Official Coronavirus (COVID-19) Thread

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by Poke Trainer J, Mar 24, 2020 at 12:23 AM.

  1. Poke Trainer J

    Poke Trainer J Well-Known Member

    I think we might still have a chance to save physical retail, brick-and-mortar, and mom-and-pop stores from going extinct If the U.S. Government acts quickly enough. Congress's first attempt at the Coronavirus Stimulus bill didn't go through so hopefully both Republicans and Democrats will find some wiggle room to get it passed for the President to sign. I overheard that they're injecting $1 trillion into this piece of legislation though I don't know If it'll be enough to save these "non-essential" small businesses in the long run.

    Recently at work I was given a parole slip to show to police officers notifying them that I work at a supermarket during this 30 day "Stay at Home" Shutdown so that I won't lose my job or get laid off. I was also rewarded with a $25 gift card to spend in case I needed to buy groceries for my family as well as getting a 50 cent raise on my next paycheck. Just spent $100 worth of groceries so I'm set for the next few weeks. I might pick up some more toilet paper If my store happens to restock them.

    It's imperative for the U.S. Government and Congress to suspend evictions, mortgage / rent, and utility bills / payments during the Coronavirus Lockdown in order to prevent potential economic collapse without intervention. Without acknowledging the crisis we all face currently we're at a much larger risk than just the health concerns over COVID-19. You can help sign the online petitions below to help fight in the effort:



    Also you can help urge Congress to send substantial, regular payments to the people:


    Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib also introduced a Universal Relief Proposal to Congress:

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