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The Official D/P Recent Happenings Thread!

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I want shinies!!
im bout 2 beat lucain (last of E4)
goin 4 E4 champ

Twilit Dragoon

*omnious thunderstorm*
Training Luxray up a couple levels..it is now at Lvl 70..going to get it to Lvl 100..

SRing for shiny Palkia in Pearl, 1010 SR's total so far..


Bred an Adamant Sneasel with 30 Atk IV...

Bred another Adamant Sneasel with 31 Speed IV.

Too bad they're both male. I'm just gonna take the one with the 31 and hope I can pull something good out of it.


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Expert Evan

Old Fogey
Acquiring all 150 sinnoh pokemon is now within reach as I get a drapion on GTS for one of my L1 gibles. Now I need to palpark up a raichu & a seaking, get snorlax into my pearl version, and evolve roselia in diamond.

Shall soon be EV training 2 jolly gibles that are both flawless in attack/speed and will probably use Acuity lakefront for attack & speed EVs while holding a power bracer and switching to one of my stronger pokemon.


Well-Known Member
I pal parked over some of my pokemon with the contest scarvers. Maybe now my Uxie can win master rank smart... I barely lost last time.

Diaruga's Master

Fear the Blue Blades
Lot's of things happened to me, so i'll put those things in a list;
1. Beat the E4 finally,
2. Got Pal park open,
3. Transfered a male kirlia and evolved it,
4. Transfered a magneton and evolved it,
5. Caught Rotom and maned it Motor,
6. I went into the battle tower with Tortster and Raptor and beat all the peoples!
7. And finally caught Uxie with mah master ball
And that's what i've done so far.
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Well i've Caught a drifloon today it was lvl 22 and female don't know nature ATM

Trained Luxray to lvl 52 gonna train rest of team to lvl 52 aswell in victory road also yesterday i hatched a happiny.


I want shinies!!
WOO i beat E4 about 3 hrs ago!! i was tryn 2 gt in but da forums crashed or sumting...

FireHead Hank

Matt Fanboy
I'm currently hatching for a timid Riolu with flawless spA&Spd. The fact that Riolu cant breed makes this more difficult.


PokeTrainer Miki
i managed to clone with the wifi cloning glitch:)

FireHead Hank

Matt Fanboy
can't you just breed lucario? or no.

Sure I can breed Lucario, but if I want to change one of the parents(because of better IV's), I have to evolve the Riolu. And Riolu evolves with happyness during the day. That's why it's rather difficult.

That's why I'm trying the lock up method at the moment....even though I dont think that I'm going to get a doubleflawless Riolu through that....I've locked up a male, steadfast, timid Riolu and I'm SRing for good Iv's.


I want shinies!!
Just put my PC in type order for my pkmn. i like it that way. i started it in sapphire:D

Charizard The Great

The Great One
Heh, pretty amazing \o/

Traded my Deoxys, Lugia and Ho-oh (all holding Masterballs) for a 10th Anniversary level 70 Celebi, aswell as a Manaphy egg :)

Currently training my Electivire against some Sailor's level 57 Mantine and level 59 Pelipper (my Electivire is currently level 53) with 4x damage :)
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