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The Official D/P Recent Happenings Thread!

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Dark Sneasel

Pokemon Prodigy
Been on the north eastern island for a awhile. Evoled past gen pokemon like tegetic, magneton, and Rhydon. Training most of my pokes for a tournamen that my friend is having. Right now I'm at Stark mountain to get a Magby.


Well-Known Member
Finished EV training my Rhydon, I'll try and find someone to trade with me so I can get Rhyperior. I went back to my Emerald to breed for a Hasty HP [Ice] Gengar with good IVs.


Panda Power
taught Gible fire blast,taught cranidos thunder, beat gym 3 with mothim and riolu, got hm fly, and evolved Gible

lvl 25 shellos
lvl 25 Grotle
lvl 25 Riolu
lvl 25 cranidos
lvl 29 mothim
lvl 25 Gibte

im on my way back to eterna city to get the friendship checker on the poketech

Update: Riolu evolved
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water types rule

Well-Known Member
I got Seaking and Golduck, now working on Snubbull.


I repeatedly trained my team. I'm going to do the new section of Victory Road soon.
My team:
Torterra lv 74
Honchcrow lv 75
Girafarig lv 75
Leafeon *shiny* lv 73
Gengar lv 71
Lucario *shiny* lv 60 [Need to catch him up]


Blaziken Breeder
I have a delibird swarm today and I am trying get him shiny.
Plus I found not one but two lucky eggs today.
I feel lucky =P


Panda Power
i caught a swinub in a swarm and might look for a shiny l8er....im now gonna go see what pokemon appered in backlots garden


Belgian Waffles!!!
I finally got a magmarizer to evolve my Magmar.


Well-Known Member
I had a really good battle with CookieMonster earlier today, and now I'm breeding Gastlys.


Got Expert Belt from guy near Pal Park, Beat Rival with Infernape, Hes level 72.


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I caught a female snorunt with a horrible nature but a high speed IV, so I'm going to breed it with my timid ditto after I finish EV training my togepi.


Well-Known Member
Took the time to breed a Burmy SEVEN times. So I now have a Mothimm, All 3 forms of Wormadam, and all 3 Burmy forms!
I also used the GTS glitch to evolve my Porygon 2 and Dusclops.

Flame Haze SnS

Currently leveling up Ponyta to get Rapidash and just hatched Ledyba.
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