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The Official D/P Recent Happenings Thread!

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<-most recent shiny
still ev training shiny dragonite and SRing for shiny kyogre on sapphire


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Now got my 3rd badge and the last member of my team, Hippopotas.

Current team:
Torterra - Lv32
Staraptor - Lv34
Floatzel - Lv32
Gengar - Lv33
Ponyta - Lv32 (Adamant)
Hippopotas - Lv23 (Adamant)
Just got my 6th badge now.

Torterra - Lv38
Staraptor - Lv38
Floatzel - Lv38
Gengar - Lv39
Rapidash - Lv40
Hippowdon - Lv38


< Aww.
Pearl: I did alot of stuff, like leveling my Giratina and my Ageto Celebi to 100. I'm currently leveling up a Shelgon, which is going to take a while since I can't train him in my usual spots since he's not strong enough, and I hatched him in Pearl. He's only Level 33 (IIRC). I can't use the Day Care, since they might get rid of Dragon Dance...I've hatched and bred so many Pokemon X_x


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Taking a break from my adventure now. Going to catch 114 Starly/Biddofs so I can trade all my Pokemon back so then I can hopefully give my friend's game back on Monday.


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I've decided to forget about EV training except for my ubers and certain other Pokémon (my IV bred Dratini being one of them...maybe some others later on). With that said, I'm currently levelling up Blitzy, the first shiny Starly I caught. She's currently a L25 Staravia; hoping to have evolved her by the end of today.


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My Bonsly chain reached 40 =D
now resetting the radar
no shiny yet

edit: 1st shiny appeared
Edit2: 2nd shiny appeared
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EV training Eevee in Special Defence. I've done its HP already (Bidoofs <3), then i'm off to Oreburgh to batter 3 Geodudes. Tentacool are a ***** to defeat when they're the same kinda level as you, especially with such a crap attacker like Eevee.

Oh yeah, I finished Eevee's HP without upping level. When I did, the HP stat was + 21!

FireHead Hank

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Still breeding for my 6th team member.

My wireless connection strangely doesnt work today. Yesterday, everything was fine, I got two Pokemon(Piplup&Turtwig) from the GTS , but today, my DS cant connect to the access point. Very strange, I really hope I can fix it.


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I walked out of range while resetting the radar..so only 2 shiny bonslys
shiny1: Bonsly, Male, Lv 16, Quirky, Quick to flee, Rock Head
shiny2: Bonsly, Male, Lv 16, Quiet, Good Perseverance, Sturdy

Im at the fight area now...gonna battle my rival Tommy ..

Updated my signature


< Aww.
Pearl: Watered my Watmel Berries, they should be ready to pick in a few hours. Won a PP Up at the Lottery, used it on my Movie Darkrai's Dark Void. I decided to go up to the 3rd floor of Jubilife and check my Records...

Pokemon defeated: 6492
Pokemon caught: 236
Pokemon eggs: 286 (I thought I'd have more...)
Encountered while fishing: 98

I don't battle compettitvely, so I don't have any wins/losses.

Contest Wins: 6 (no Master Rank, yet... X_x)
Contest Losses: 0

Oh yeah, my Swarm today is Corsola... *sigh* I hope I get an Electrike Swarm soon...I might try chaining them if I get bored.


r u not entertained
Finished EV training, got it spot on as I got the Effort Ribbon.

Now E4'ing it for levels, then onto Doduo.

I plan to evolve Eevee tonight into Umbreon.


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Just watered my rare berries. They should be ready to harvest in the next 2 hours.
I've watered them more than the last harvest, so i'm hoping for more than 2 per plant.

Uberchu took down my rivals team, needed a revive due to a bit of bad luck, but meh.
Won another PP up, with all the trading, i seem to win it 3/4's of the time.

Absol trainer

Hidden Valley...
Ev training my electrivire in speed and attack, and won a pp up in the lottery

Dark FireBird

Ah ha!! ♪
traded a focus sash for a shiny magikarp, hatched another female starter- squirtle this time, with gentle nature and 31 max iv's in everything except spd which had 13, lol. think will train her up at some point maybe...
also still need to check my swarm for the day and the lottery. if the swarm's rubbish i'll go try chaining zangoose or swablu again.


Pearl: My swarm of the day is Electrike and I've wanted one since RSE, so I decided to chain it but started a Mareep chain instead. It got to 22 before it broke. Now, my Electrike chains keep breaking at 4 or 5.
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