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The Official DPPt Recent Happenings Thread (Remade ~ READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Erik Destler, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. So, the older one was pretty long, and pretty spammy. So, I remade it. :]

    ~The Rules~

    * Don't attempt to trade here
    * Don't spam
    * Do not post unless you have a paragraph's (for this case, THREE good sentences) worth of information. We don't need separate posts for every little detail.

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 22, 2014
  2. VTUSH

    VTUSH <---Hatched

    firstly i bred hippopotas to try and get a really good iv one but they didn't turn out that great :( then i spent a whole hour levelling up my slowking, got a quick claw and now going to chain budew or wooper. but before that im sorting out my wifi team.
  3. Capt. Price

    Capt. Price GIMME MY ZUBAT

    Can they be 4 things in one really long sentence?

    Finished training my Pokemon, I also evolved Price. I beat the 5th gym and now I'm looking for a Fighting pokemon to replace SSgtGriggs. Should I wait for Lucario or no?

    Oh by the way I just talked to Cynthia and I'm heading to Canalave. Still need some hints on how to get fast cash, getting low on supplies.
  4. zombietrudy

    zombietrudy Well-Known Member

    I just caught my first shiny ever =]! I had been chaining Shinx for a while, and after 40 I started resetting. After about 20 MRs' worth of nothing, I decided to continue chaining. After 55, I started resetting again. After about a half hour, I was about to go back to chaining when BAM! Right in front of me, sparkle patch! I totally freaked, and scared my dog XD I named him "Lux" with stars at the beginning and end.
    Also today I levelled up my Squirtle (now Wartortle), Cubone, Duskull, and evolved my Weedle into Kakuna and then into Beedrill. I'm taking a little break now but I might go back to chaining later. Pidgey is swarming today =]
  5. Kass

    Kass ...

    I did the Iron Island challenge with Riley... The thing I like about playing with NPCs is that they heal your pokemon automatically!! So I took advantage of that and raised my Gyarados for fighting Byron. : D His Bronzor kept putting Gyarados to seep so I ended up having my junk Roselia against Byron's Bastiodon, which I believed was part ground?? But Mega Drain did hardly anything and he kept healing. e_e It took forever to beat it. Then his last pokemon... Steelix?? Was a OHKO. XD Sucker.

    So then I trudged my way slowly up to Snowpoint City where I SAVED MY GAME and now I'm online. : P I have to raise my levels a little higher before challenging the next gym... I'm thinking I'd like to be around level 42-45 as opposed to 35-38. ^^;
  6. AysionJ

    AysionJ Member

    Hmm, I caught about 6 pokeradar-exclusive pokemon. I'm trying to breed for a Trapinch at the moment, but all the bug egg group pokemon I breed with it don't like it. <<

    I'm also trying to grow some berry bushes that DON'T yield only 2 berries.
  7. Tri hawk

    Tri hawk Say no to Poké-drugs

    I walked around for a bit, and now i'm training this Mime Jr.
    I'm almost complete training for my Regice as well, off to Regirock and Registeel soon.
    Attempt at catching Trapinch -Failed.

    Tune in later for more thrilling adventures!
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2008
  8. Capt. Price

    Capt. Price GIMME MY ZUBAT

    Just got my 6th badge, going to go get my Riolu egg before I move on in the game.


    Warpig (Torterra) lvl 33
    SSgtGriggs (Ponyta) lvl 28

    Soap (Shellos) is also one level from evolving. Exp Share ftw.
  9. Tri hawk

    Tri hawk Say no to Poké-drugs

    Welcome back to Tri hawk's thrilling adventure!

    Surskit were in abundance today as a swarm, and I managed to catch a few before sundown.
    Regice has completed training, and is ready for online. See you on the battle field!
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2008
  10. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    Wondered where the old thread had got to. I was all OMGWTFBBQPIEBAGDESU? *bricked*

    Okay so anyways. I beat the Elite Four once again and four of my Pokemon gained a level... alas, Senirasu is only level 98. Good for most but not for me; I wanted her on level 100 already so I can put Arkhaios on my team. I'm also getting two darling Sneasels ready for transfer over to Pearl. One will have the moveset Swords Dance/Crush Claw/Ice Shard/Brick Break and the other Swords Dance/Shadow Claw/Ice Punch/Brick Break. I like to experiment with Sneasels movesets. :)
  11. AmazingChi

    AmazingChi Volcanic Rage

    Exp Share on Garchomp to try to get it to 55 and Dragon Rush.

    Charizard up to 95, Empoleon up 95,

    Hatched a Mantyke and Gible beforehand (not same Gible that's a Garchomp now.
  12. PurpleMew

    PurpleMew no promises

    PEARL- Still hatching chimchar eggs, i have hatched about 200 already but no shiny yet
    i've been entering contests in beauty and cute to win the master ranks
    I have also been picking berries to get some more accessories from floraroma town

    DIAMOND- I descided to re-battle the elite 4 with my infernape, staraptor, roserade, floatzel, drapion and lopunny
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2008
  13. Connor69

    Connor69 Well-Known Member

    Diamond: Just defeated the E4 for the 28th time, LVLd up my Snorlax to LVL 95 (getting pretty bored of this), My Dialga got Pokerus and now three more on my team do, i chained 45 Machops for a lousy stinking Geodude to come along and wreck it.

    Pearl: Restarted, Chose Piplup, got him to LVL 18 before seeing Prof. Rowan, now have Staravia and Graveler, I just defeated the Ghost Gym, and am now in Iron Mountain thraing with Riley, Piplup is now Empoleon LVL 63, Staravia is still the same level as well as Graveler.
  14. Kass

    Kass ...

    Beat Candice by the skin of my teeth with pokemon level 39-ish... And completed the Veilstone Galactic HQ before bed. Next I guess I'm off to Sunyshore.
  15. Dark FireBird

    Dark FireBird Ah ha!! ♪

    pearl: growing some berries for trades, just traded with Spodee for a wish eevee (thanks! ^^) so going to use him for breeding, won an exp share in the lottery (i can never seem to get all the numbers. >.<). also wanting to start doing some contests (since i haven't even tried 1 yet, lol), so trying to decide on a good contest pokemon... would really like to use 1 of my shinies, since they probably won't be used for much else and it seems a bit of waste to have them just lying around the pc...

    diamond: haven't done much lately, but going to check swarm pokemon *crosses fingers that it's cubone* and trophy garden pokemon to see if there is anything interesting to chain today. also will head to the resort area to get a massage for togepi sp that she hopefully evolves soon!
  16. ~Heaven Help Us~

    ~Heaven Help Us~ Well-Known Member

    Skitty was swarming today and i caught 2, one i kept as a skitty, the other into a delcatty.the mansion pokemon was bonsly but i had it already. won the lottery for the 3 time in a row, pp ups.gave my eevee massages to increase its happiness and now i need to get umbreon at night.and now imma go catch lapras.
  17. fireblast_10

    fireblast_10 Pokemon trainer

    Just beat the battle tycoon's 1st team for my 25th time! Yay! Hoping to get past 60 wins this time at least with my new gengar I trained up specially for the battle tower.
  18. Kass

    Kass ...

    Forgot that I had to do Mt. Coronet before going to Sunyshore, so did that with level 40-41 pokemon. ToT Just barely beat Cyrus, I don't think I've ever been this reckless before in any of my games. o.o; BUT I caught Dialga in only two Ultraballs. : D Thn I finally got to go towards Sunyshore and after about half an hour, found a female Chatot to add to my team. Next I'm going to the name-rater and nicknaming all my pokemon. Chatot so far is the only named one, Finch.
  19. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    I watered my berries before going to work today. I have an obsession of sorts with the Kelpsy Berry... and i'm not sure why. I don't use them to make Poffin and I don't use them to drop my Pokemons base attack... ah well. Always helps to have a lot, right?
  20. Kass

    Kass ...

    I just caught two Ditto and gave one to my friend... I'm trying to plan out a semi-competitive team but it's hard with the differences between special and physical attacking between the 3rd and 4th generations. e_e So I do all my breeding/training in the 3rd gen and when I migrate my awesome pokemon...... It sucks. Like my ele-punching Alakazam. All she can use now is Psychic because her punches don't do any amount of damage.
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