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The Official DPPt Recent Happenings Thread (Remade ~ READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE)

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/Blue Flames
I just spent all my money on like, 999 full restores. Keep checking Dawn's stupid sister for outbreaks of Beldum... nothing. Ugh, I want a Metagross. Oh and I finally hatched a Timid Riolu. Hatching is even harder than battling I reckon.

Blazing Charmander

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A while ago I challenged the Elite 4 for the first time on my Scramble Challenge file. Of course, it was as challenging as always, but I also felt ill-equipped in the challenge, which turned out to be correct. I managed to scrape past Lucian and his ever-resilient Bronzong and went on to challenge Cynthia. Surprisingly, my Pokemon did well against her considering the state of my squad, and the difference between success and failure showed when we losto out against Garchomp.

So yesterday, after a few week's break from my file I decided to try again. I have reached Lucian again so far, and have attempted him once more with me frustratingly losing against his Bronzong again (this time it had just a fraction of HP left with paralysis and I was sure Mismagius would take it out with Shadow Ball, but it only reduced it to ONE HP. A Psychic from it meant Game Over...). Luckily I saved in front of Lucian so I shall try again today and will update this post if I beat Cynthia too.

EDIT: It turns out I'm still having trouble defeating Cynthia. I finally beat Lucian (and Bronzong!) with high hopes on finally defeating Cynthia, but it seems that i'm still too weak. At the moment I find her Milotic too difficult to break down and by the time I do, most of my Pokemon have fainted. I'll continue persevering though... hopefully.
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Teh Golduck Freak
Okay,now there's a lot of things to type.After training,i went to challenge Maylene.I don't remember how it was,i only remember that my Shellos beat Lucario and evolved.Also Luxio evolved too.So it was time for Crasher Wake and his water-filled gym.He and his puzzle was easy.Gyarados fell to Luxray.Quagsire was ripped apart by Torterra and Luxray prevailed through the big,bad Floatzel.I talked to that Galactic Grunt and he ran.I entered the Great Marsh and got Defog,and got to the Northeast exit of Pastoria.I made the Galactic Grunt run again,almost being flattened by !!!(that's what i named Rival LOL)He was easy as usual,so i kept making the grunt run until he battled me with his wimpy Glameow.Then i met Cynthia again.She gave me the SecretPotion(G/S/C anyone?)to cure the Psyducks on route 210,so i flew to Solaceon and got there.After i cured the Psyducks,the spooky lady,Cynthia,appeared and gave me the Old Charm.I went through the fog(WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO)and entered Celestic town.Stopped the Galactic dude with the Galactic Bomb!KABOOOOOOM!!Okay,so i got Surf,flew to Hearthome,owned Fantina with my little Harry Crow and Bioshock.Now is the exciting part.I did a lot of sidequests,and got to Canalave,home of the Sixth Badge and my fifth member!I went to Iron isle,and got myself Powerhouse the Steelix.So i trained,beat the gym,said Yay,teached Flash Cannon to Powerhouse,said Yay again,and went to Wayward Cave Secret entrance.Why?For Gible.Gave SpeedShark the Gible my EXP. share until he evolves.Beat Candice,and all the Lake Commanders.Training for Veilstone warehouse.Also,Murkrow evolved with the Dusk Stone

TEAM PWNZORS(i'll add details later)

Steelix lvl 44

Gabite lvl 45

Honchkrow lvl 41

Torterra lvl 41

Gastrodon lvl 41

Luxray lvl 41


Panda Power
Earlier i beat Gardenia and the team galactic Base both being pretty easy except for Purugly who defeated half my team B4 Luxio took it down. My Combee then evolved on the way down cycling road. I then put honey on the tree and caught a stunky. I then defeated all trainers outside of Mt coronet after healing my pkmn. Then today I found another Combee on the honey Tree. I then went threw the mountin and beat all the trainers on the otherside as well. I have now put honey on that tree and have saved by it

Buizel lvl 21
Monferno lvl 21
budew lvl 21
Vespiquen lvl 21
Luxio lvl 21
Stunky lvl 19


r u not entertained
Started again. Began with a Chimchar, then deposited it once I caught a Shinx. I then levelled to 13 and shut it off to do some bloody work.


the sakura trainer~
Restarted my game. Called myself Venus and my rival Mercury! Darn, this is when I want the option to join Team Galactic.

Anyway chose Turtwig and then found a Budew to catch! Caught her and trained her up. Blah blah blah, went on to defeat Roark and now in Floaroma Town! =( She still hasn't evolved yet T.T

Ohwells, Turtwig is my HM Slave now! =D And Budew is nicknamed Elaine for the luls <3
Main Diamond: Traded on the GTS... and did some withdrawl/deposit stuff with My Ranch.

Other Diamond: Finally beat Team Galactic in Eterna City. Stunktank gave me trouble with Smokescreen (since Sheildon is so slow). But I sacrificed my Bidoof and all was good.


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Hatched over 100 tropius eggs at work yesterday. Went underground, but only found spheres, shards and evo stones.

Went underground. Found 2 fossils and 1 old amber. Going to do some more SRs for shiny Spiritomb today.

Blazing Charmander

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Guess what...

... I finally beat Cynthia! It's been a long time coming but last night the battle went my way and I entered my name into the prestigious Hall of Fame! What makes it all the more impressive is that I did it a team member short (i.e. with just 5 Pokemon), as I gave up on getting Munchlax. I guess you could say I made up for this by reviving Mismagius at one point, thus effectively making it 6 on 6. Here's how my battle ultimately went:

Spiritomb V Vespiquen: Vespiquen wins
Milotic V Roserade: Roserade wins (just about lol)
Lucario V Mismagius: Mismagius wins
Roserade V Mismagius: Roserade wins
Roserade V Vespiquen: Roserade wins
Roserade V Lopunny: Roserade wins
Roserade V Mismagius (revived): Mismagius wins
Gastrodon V Roserade: Roserade wins
Garchomp V Roserade: Garchomp wins (only sent out Roserade to paralyse 'chomp, and you'll see why below))
Garchomp V Gastrodon: Gastrodon wins (Garchomp's paralysis allowed me to get moves in first, and his need to recharge after a Giga Impact afforded me time to Ice Beam KO him)

That was an enjoyable battle but i'm glad i've finally beat the Elite 4, and that i can now have a well deserved rest (well not really as I still have the very real prospect of studying for A-levels xD) after 2 and a bit months of playing Diamond on and off.

Team (Hall of Famers :D):
Roserade/Blossom) - Lv55
Gastrodon/Shelldon) - Lv53
Vespiquen/Honeybee - Lv53/4
Lopunny/Thumper - Lv48
Mismagius/MISMAGIUS - Lv57

FireHead Hank

Matt Fanboy
After two long months of unsuccessful "quad-flawless Chimchar"-breeding, I decided to move on. The motivation boost I recieved after having bred a quad-flawless Gliscor has worn off and I decided to lower my expectations and give up my goal; I wanted to keep the next triple-flawless(ATT, SPA, SPE) Chimchar that got out of the egg, ignoring it's bad defensive IV's. Little did I know what kind of Chimchar had hatched, when I checked the IVs of the Chimchar which appeared to have flawless IVs in the stats I was aiming for;

;390; Naive, Male : 22 / 31 / 22 / 31 / 23 / 31
Hidden Power Type is 'Ice'. Hidden Power Power is 70.

I wasnt excpecting this at all!!! I was so happy when I saw that not only his defensive IVs were all 20+ but also that the Chimchar had the highest possible Hidden Power ICE. I'm so glad that the two months of breeding did pay off after all. This is amazing. Especially after I threw all my hope away of getting a decent IVed Chimchar. The Chimchar line is my favorite starter line and Infernape is one of my top favorite Pokemon. This is such an awesome, unexpected breed!

I'm going to nickname him "Chimlord", after the Infernape of Pearl, who is my favorite Pokedexholder of the Pokemon Manga Series.

I'm currently EV training Chimlord in attack.


< Aww.
Main Pearl: Flygon, Glaceon, and Honchkrow reached Level 100. EV-trained an Absol (who's EVs were already cleared) and a Palkia, then raised them to Level 85. Hopefully they'll reach Level 100 soon.

I'm going to have to go through my PC and release some Pokémon, since I need space for my Colosseum/XD Pokémon. I'll go look through my PC now, actually...


Screaming Narwhal
Started new game.

Chose Chimchar, went through all the tutorials and stuff and got the Pokétch. Caught pretty much all the Pokémon available so far. (I think) Training my team at the moment, on the way to...the city after Jubilife. (I'm writing from memory, so I can't remember the town name.)

Current Team:
Chimchar: lvl 13
-Leer (or something)

Starly: lvl 10
-Quick Attack
-Wing Attack

EDIT: (Couldn't pad this out to 4 sentences for another post)
New Team Member:

Abra (Kazza): lvl 8
- Teleport

Oh, and is there any good water Pokémon I can get around this point? (First gym)
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FireHead Hank

Matt Fanboy
Finished Ev training Chimlord. He's doing great and is on lv. 45 right now. He's still a Chimchar, mainly because I needed him to learn Flamethrower. I went through the Elite4 with him just to get him into the Hall of Fame as a Chimchar. I'm gonna let him evolve when he reaches the next level. Still not sure if I'm going to use him as an all-out attacker or a nasty ape.

Right now I'm also planing my next breeding project. It's gonna be another fire type. I know I should get different types so I can finally start competitive battling over wifi, but I just love those fire type Pokemon.

Changed my Gliscor's nickname to Sasori, which means Scorpion. I dindt like his old nickname and the new one suits him well.


Beginning Trainer
Default So I haven't played D/P since a few months after I got it...

I had 4 badges and I decided just to restart. I deleted the save file and started a new one. I picked Piplup and caught a female Starly (nicknamed Reba) almost as soon as I could. I switched between those two as my main pokemon, although Starly quite a bit moreso.

Shortly after I beat the second gym I captured a female Psyduck (nicknamed Marina). I trained it up a little bit and then I put Starly and Piplup in the PC. A little while after that I caught a male Bidoof (nicknamed Bido).

So right now I'm heading to Veilstone. I just got HM 04 and I only have two Pokemon on my team: A level 33 Golduck (Marina) that is my main one, and a level 21 Bibarel that functions as the HM slave (I had it hold Experience share for quite a bit). I don't really plan on catching any more Pokemon - hopefully Marina will be strong enough. My only addition is that I will probably bring Reba back to the team when it is time to learn Fly.

My starter is only level 12 or so and sitting in the storage box along with an Abra, Reba, and a Geodude nicknamed Rockguy. :lol. I might just release my starter, Abra and the Rockguy into the wild.

I like the "one Pokemon" approach. It's what I always used to use when I was young and playing R/B/Y and G/S/C. Hopefully Golduck will be strong enough to take on the rest of the Gym leaders and the Elite Four!

I'm not really into all of the serious "EV and IV" training crap. I don't have the time to make my pokemon fight only certain species, breed them over and over etc. Marina is strong enough and she doesn't have all of that special stuff.

Of course, when I want to do multiplayer, I will have to train up 5 more Pokemon...


< Aww.
Main Pearl: Released some Pokémon I don't need, and freed up some space in my PC.

Palkia and Absol are Level 90 now. Oh yeah, I didn't Pal Park my Mewtwo until now, since I used him in Colosseum to obtain the last Shadow Pokémon. Anyway, I Pal Parked him (along with Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Moltres, and Articuno) after trading them to FireRed (obviously), then I caught them (obviously X 2). Mewtwo took a while to show up, though.

Going to Pal Park a Lunatone once I get it out of XD, along with some other XD Pokémon.


Screaming Narwhal
Beat the Oreburgh gym, trained alot and got up to the windworks (or whatever). I write these from memory, like I said, so I'm a little wrong, I guess.

I caught a Buizel outside the windworks, is it worth keeping to use?

Current Party:
Monferno: lvl 15
-Mach Punch

Kadabra (Kazza) lvl 16

~He's not listening to me now. :( Hopefully there's a gym coming up soon, I need Kadabra...unless someone can suggest a good replacement?~

Staravia: lvl 15
-Double Team
-Quick Attack
-Wing Attack

~Not including the newly caught Buizel ('cause I can't remember his moves), and a Bidoof HM slave.~


Currently training my EV trained Ampharos and Salamence up to Lv100. Then I'll start with the rest of my team (which I haven't planned out yet) later.

Ampharos: Lv57 (Modest)
200 Sp.Atk, 200 HP, 108 Spd

Salamence: Lv50 (Adamant)
252 Atk, 200 HP, 108 Spd

FireHead Hank

Matt Fanboy
After my Chimlord reached lv. 46, I let him evolve into Monferno. With the aim to get his picture up in the Hall of Fame as a Monferno, I went through the Elite4 with him again. Chimlord is now at lv. 52. and I plan on letting him evolve into his 3rd stage very soon, so I can use him effectively in the Battle Tower. I really need some useful and basic "battle" hold-items from the Battle Point exchange, I was so busy with breeding projects, that I totally forgot to get them.

As mentioned before, I plan to hatch for a fire Pokemon again in my next breeding project. But it's one I'll have to trade for because it's not available in the Diamond version. You'll soon find me posting in it's trading thread.
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