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The Official DPPt Recent Happenings Thread (Remade ~ READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE)

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The King of Ho-oh's

<---- Newest Shiny
I was playing in the battle tower with one of my Sunny Day Teams (Nidoqueen, Ninetales, Venusaur) yesterday. I think it was around match 15 and the guy's first Poke is a Torkoal, I think "Just great for setting up on!". My lead is a shiny nidoqueen and here is how the battle went:

Nidoqueen uses Sunny Day
Torkoal uses Ember deals around 12%
Nidoqueen uses Stealth Rock
Torkoal uses Ember deals around 12%

Luke switches Nidoqueen with Ninetails
Torkoal uses ember, it activates Ninetales' Flash Fire
Ninetales uses Nasty Plot
Torkoal uses smokescreen
Ninetales uses Flamethrower deals 100%

(Blank) sends out hitmontop
Ninetales uses Flamethrower deals 100%

(Blank) sends out Solrock
Ninetales uses Flamethrower deals 100%

50% from sunny day + STAB + Nasty Plot + charcoal + Flashfire= Pwntales :D


From Zero To Hero
Being cleaning my 2 1/2 year old Pearl file out comepletely so I can sell it and my Diamond for a new Platinum. Been doing it about half the day, and have to go through another 100+ pokemon, and have 3 1/2 boxes filled up to trade to my current Platinum.


Fear the Deer
I got bored and traded out my Shining Prinplup, and then restarted. This time I thought I'd make it a bit more challenging. I decided to only use Pokemon found before the first badge. I started with Piplup, as I didn't want to use Bibarel or Gyarados, and nicknamed it Emperor. The first Pokemon I caught was a Starly, which I named Raptor. After a bit of searching, I finally managed to find a Male Shinx with Intimidate. Caught it and named it Flash. I, before heading to the Trainer's school, went to catch a Budew. Managed to catch a male one with Poison Point. As I hit okay after naming it, I realized I'd accidently misspelled the name as "Toxen" instead of "Toxin". As soon as I got to Eterna, I'm going to rename it with the correct spelling. Upon beating my rival, I went into the grass of Route 203 to find a male Abra. When I found it, I chucked a pokeball at it, and suprisingly caught it without any effort. I nicknamed it Psy while thinking to myself how it would be awesome if it was holding a Twistedspoon, and lo and behold, it was holding one. Once I made it to Oreburgh, I immediately went to Route 207 and caught myself a male Machop, which I nicknamed Champ. I got everybody to Lv.14, causing Raptor to evolve, and beat Roark. As I was heading back to Jubilife, I was forced to battle a trainer that I for some reason hadn't beaten yet. Emperor evolve after this battle. I beat the two Galactic Grunts in Jubilife, and made my wait to Floaroma Town. Upon beating the Grunt in front of the Valley Windworks, Flash evolved. I'm now going to do some more training before battling the grunts in the Meadow.

Current Team:
Psy(Abra)-Lv.14 W/Twistedspoon


the sakura trainer~
So like...

I decided screw normals, hello flying. Caught a Combee and Drifloon after using Staravia to solo everything.

Now getting ready to enter Eterna Forest. Gonna train Combee up into a Vespiquen there. Probably gonna add Beautifly as the team's final member and I'm set to stomp with a weird team! yay.


From Zero To Hero
Have gone through everything on my Pearl, and have to trade 95 pokemon and about 200 items, including various TMs, shards, Masterballs, and berries.


I started yet another new game on dimaond,my current team is
starly-level 13
chimchar-level 15
i'm gonna try to catch the whole sinnoh dex.
Now to fight Roark.


Well-Known Member
Bruce's Pokémon Diamond Adventure
Twinleaf Town towards Jublife City

Named my player: "Bruce"
Named my rival: "Barry"

Saw the 'Red Gyarados' on the TV.
Mom told me that Barry came looking for me and that I shouldn't go into the tall grass without any pokémon..
Rushed over towards Barry's place.
We went together towards Lake Verity.

Saw Prof. Rowan & Dawn there and they went towards Sandgem Town without the briefcase.

So Barry & I, looked in the Briefcase of Prof. Rowan and I chose my first pokémon..........

Won my first battle against a level 2 Starly.
While Barry chose a Piplup and he won his battle.

Prof. Rowan let us keep the pokémon we used earlier, so I got my first pokemon!

Went to my mom's, did a little bit of resting at home, also got my Running Shoes.
Went the next day towards Sandgem Town, while heading towards Sandgem Town, I did a little bit of training with my Chimchar.
Leveled Chimchar up towards level 6.
Arrived at Sandgem Town, got greeted by Dawn and we went towards Prof. Rowan's Lab.
Prof. Rowan gave me my Chimchar and I nicknamed him "The2Bizzle", he also gave me my Pokédex.
Dawn told me she had a Turtwig, she also showed me around the town.

Went back towards my mom, to let her know I was going away on a long adventure and told her that she shouldn't stay up tonight.
Barry's mom gave me a parcel to deliver to Barry.

Went from Twinleaf Town towards Sandgem Town, did some training in between. (Still 'The2Bizzle' is at level 6).
Once I arrived at Sandgem Town, I went towards the Pokemon Center to heal my 'The2Bizzle' and I continued my journey towards Jublife City.

Came to route 202, Dawn teached me how to catch a pokemon and gave me 5 pokeballs.

Came across my first Pokemon Trainer battle against..: Youngster Tristan
Youngster Tristan sent out.. Starly (m) | Level 5
Bruce sent out.. 'The2Bizzle' (m) | level 6
- Starly used Growl
* 'The2Bizzle' used Scratch (1/5 down)
- Starly used Growl
* 'The2Bizzle' used Scratch (1/6 down)
- Starly used Growl
* 'The2Bizzle' used Scratch to knock it across halfway down
* 'The2Bizzle' used Scratch (1/6 down)
- Starly used Growl
- Starly used Quick Attack to take down 4hp
* 'The2Bizzle' used Scratch (1/7 down)
- Starly used Quick Attack to take down another 4hp
* 'The2Bizzle' used Scratch to knock it down in the red
* 'The2Bizzle' used Scratch to K.O. Starly
['The2Bizzle' grew to Level 7, 'The2Bizzle' learned Ember]

Came across my 2nd Pokemon Trainer battle against..: Lass Natalie
Lass Natalie sent out.. Bidoof (f) | Level 3
Bruce sent out.. 'The2Bizzle' (m) | Level 7
* 'The2Bizzle' used Ember (60%)
- Bidoof used Tackle to take down 2hp
* 'The2Bizzle' used Ember to K.O. Bidoof

Lass Natalie sent out.. Bidoof (f) | Level 3
* 'The2Bizzle' used Ember (60%)
- Bidoof used Tackle to take down 3hp
* 'The2Bizzle' used Ember to K.O. Bidoof
['The2Bizzle grew to Level 8]

Came across my 3rd Pokemon Trainer battle against..: Youngster Logan
Youngster Logan sent out.. Shinx (m) | Level 5
Bruce sent out.. 'The2Bizzle' (m) | Level 8
* 'The2Bizzle' used Ember (65%)
- Shinx used Tackle to take down 3hp
* 'The2Bizzle' used Ember to K.O. Shinx
['The2Bizzle' grew to Level 9, 'The2Bizzle' learned Taunt]

Arrived at Jublife City.

'The2Bizzle' ;390; | Level 9

Tomorrow an update.. on the progress.

Zero Nexus

Stand up, go for it
I've never done any EV training in my life, but after hearing how helpful it is, i intend to start.

I decided to start by EV training a Trapinch, but i don't have one, however i've seen one... somewhere... so i grabbed one of the many starters i breed just so i can put them on the GTS - a Treecko i nicknamed Arumat - and put it on the GTS.

Now, i wait...

Once i get a Trapinch off the GTS, i'm gonna breed it to get one with a naughty nature - again, i never usually care about that, but i think i should start - and then i'm gonna give it the Experience Share and battle until it's about level 30, then i'll start EV training it properly.

Prince Amrod

Dragon Tamer
itll gain ev's from the exp share. if you want to ev train it properly then start from lv1 nd use another pokemon to do the actual battling. either have the trapinch as the lead nd switch it out or use the exp share, either way it will gain the same amount of ev's unless u use power items, pokerus or the macho brace


~:.let love in.:~
I just started my adventure on the 11th, and I've been training in between college and such, so here's my team so far:

Shinx (Nala) Lv. 12
Turtwig (Sammy) Lv. 11

I love these little guys. :] I'm going to capture a Machop soon, then take on Oreburgh Gym.

Wizard of 'Cos

Hi I'm Joe
Ive recently been doing sum chaning for Buizel ('cos he looks so cool in yellow) but they keep breaking around 14-18ish :( well when i get him im going to train him up and use him in the battle tower.


The hoopy frood
Finally defeated the Elite Four (and Cynthia) on Pearl with:

Flame (Growlithe) lv.71
Gary (Garchomp) lv.71
Magnus (Magnezone) lv.71
Celia (Walrein) lv.71
Loom (Breloom - shiny) lv.71
Yorun (Noctowl) lv.71

Only took 103 hours and over a year of on-and-off playing...:D Needless to say, though, I breezed through the Elite challenge, and now my pokémon are level 72. I took them to the battle area and now am going through the unlocked part of Victory Road. I'm thinking of raising more pokémon teams to fill up the dex, but I have enough to keep me very much occupied until HG/SS come out!


Well-Known Member
Went Lucky Egg hunting, got 6 of them. They're all going to my Platinum.


~:.let love in.:~
I've finally made it to Floaroma Town. It's so beautiful there, I really like it. So, I went off to the Valley Windworks and captured a Buizel. So now, here's my team:

;387; Sammy: Level 16
;404; Nala: Level 16
;066; Apollo: Level 16
;418; Zale: Level 7

I'm going to go train Zale for a while, then take on those Galactic Grunts near the Floaroma Meadow, And hopefully within the next few days I can find myself in Eterna City. :]


I've recently restarted my Pearl and everythings going great at the moment, i traded away my starter Pokemon (Turtwig) for two eggs from a nice person on serebii wifi, those two eggs ironicly hatched into the starters Chikorita and Charmander ^^.
I beat Roark and earned my first badge, beat the Galactic grunts and made my way towards Eterna forest,since i have been there i have captured a Buneary and i plan to capture a female Mismagius.

I am currently training my newly caught Pokemon all while trying to capture a mismagius.

Current team:
Bunneh - Buneary - Serious nature - Lv12 - Male
Squidgey - Pachirisu - Quiet - Lv16 - Female
Buckie - Bibarel - Bold - Lv16 - Female
Chico - Bayleef - Quiet - Lv17 - Male
Salem - Charmeleon - Mild - Lv17 - Male


Team Rocket Trainer
I got around to restarting pearl as I want to get some good natures on the pixies

Just got to Eternia in my new game of Pearl, though I wont even bother with the pixies and just trade them over and back for the dex so I can catch them post E4 and have the National pokedex.


~:.let love in.:~
I've been training Zale, and he just got to level 17, so he's all caught up with the rest of my team. :] I'm in Eterna Forest right now with Cheryl, and I'm scouting for a Misdreavus. I have also been using the honey trees in the hopes of capturing a male Burmy so I can get a Mothim.

So my plan of attack is to just take each battle one at a time and do my best to take down my opponents with the help of Cheryl's Chansey.


Well-Known Member
Hmm, been a bit idle on here. Mainly been on Misc. and playing Platinum/Gold. Anyways, I dug out my diamond today, since its my only game with pokeradar. Currently chaining for Shiny Snover/Sneasel around Lake Acuity. Stupid Medicham just broke a chain of 39 Sneasels and now i don't seem to be able to find Snovers or Sneasels. Ill report back when i get something interesting.

Edit: My Snover chain just got broken by a Sneasel.. typical.
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The Ghost of Tsushima
Gotten to around 460 Pokémon.
Currently training, breeding, and evolving several pokémon.


Pokemon Caretaker
I have a need of both many items and Pokemon in Platinum, so I'm catching Pokemon in Pearl to fill in the gaps to trade over, with the items I need attached. Been at it most of the day, and I just need to grab an Ursaring, Seedot and Ariados before I'm going to give it a rest.
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