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The Official DPPt Recent Happenings Thread (Remade ~ READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE)

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I've Been Canceled!?
Started my new game on Platinum. Picked Turtwig as my starter and trained it up to Level 15 on Route 202. I was going to wait till Friday to get Driftloon but I couldn't be bothered so I bred an egg on Pearl and traded it over. My team at the moment is:

Driftloon Lvl 14
Turtwig Lvl 15

I might give them nicknames later on but I'm rubbish with them. Suggestions Plz. :)

First up came a starly which i decided to keep and named Sunset because thats when i caught him. Then i saw two Shinx that were both knocked out by Twiggy and as i was starting to give up on shinks this beauty came out of the blue! A SHINY SHINX!

PICTURE Afraid of being knocked out i used starly and well i caught it.!

You're so lucky. I never seem to get Shinies. I've only got 3 and one of them is SR'd. :(

EDIT: I need some help. I was going to get a Gallade but I'm not so sure now. If someone could help me pick o Pokemon to replace it I would be grateful or do you think that I should have a Gallade.
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The Mighty Wurmple

Well-Known Member
Lost in the Battle Factory just before the Brain again.

Jynx vs. Vileplume
Jynx used Blizzard! But it missed!
Vileplume used Grass Knot! (some damage)

Jynx used Blizzard!
Vileplume fainted!

(Opponent) sent in Tyranitar! (turns out it's the Scarfed one with the elemental punches)
Tyranitar used Ice Punch! (against Jynx? o_O)
Critical hit! *insert obscene language here*
Jynx fainted!

Cameron sent out Floatzel!
Tyranitar used Ice Punch!
Floatzel was frozen! *insert more obscene language here*
Flotzel is frozen solid!

Tyranitar used Ice Punch! (about 1/3 damage)
Floatzel is frozen solid!
(sandstorm damage)

Tyranitar used Ice Punch! (about 1/3 HP now)
Floatzel is frozen solid!
(sandstorm damage)

Tyranitar used Ice Punch!
Floatzel fainted!

Cameron sent out Flygon!
Yeah I died.

Starting again >_>

edit: 2 battles before the Brain.
Lost after Signal Beam missed three times in a row on a Weavile with Brightpowder Night Slash had a critical hit on Lanturn, Night Slash OHKOed Victreebell with a critical hit and Lucario was dead from a different Pokemon. God this pisses me off >.>
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From Zero To Hero
Well I finally beat Tower Tycoon Palmer in the second round, it was my Starmie, Scizor, and Garchomp against his Cresselia, Heatran, and Regigigas.

Scizor VS Cresselia
Crit Psychic does 1/3 while I used Swords Dance.
Crit Psychic does 1/3 while I used Swords Dance.
Psychic does 1/6 while I OHKO with X-Scissor.

Scizor VS Heatran
Bullet Punch does 1/6, while Magma Storm missed.
Bullet Punch does 1/6, while Magma Storm missed.
Bullet Punch does 1/6, while Magma Storm missed.
Bullet Punch does 1/6, while Magma Storm missed.
Bullet Punch does 1/6, while Magma Storm finally hit.

Starmie VS Heatran
Surf KOs Heatran.

Starmie VS Regigigas
Surf does a little less than half, while Crush Crip does 2/3
Surf again, leaves it with at least 10 HP, while Crush Grip finished me off.

Garchomp VS Regigigas
Earthquake missed and Crush Grip does 1/3
Earthquake hits and KO Regigigas.

Now I'm going to move on to the Factory, and from there I'm going to get the Gold Prints in the Castle and the Hall.


I've Been Canceled!?
Beat Roark with ease using my newly evolved Grotle. Beat the Galactic goons in Jubilife and Valley Windworks. Evolved my Drifloon into a monsterous Drifblim while trekking through Eterna Forest. Got to Eterna City, healed up and went and caught a Nosepass. Then I demolished Gardenia with my Drifblim then I evolved my Nosepass into a Probopass. I trained it up to the level of the rest of my team then I went to Hearthome. I meant to enter my Probopass in the Tough Contest but accidentaly entered him in the Smart Contest and he didn't have any Smart moves. He won anyway. I beat Fantina to get my 3rd badge then proceeded on towards Socaleon. I've just caught a Scyther and added it to my team.

At the moment my team is:

Torterra ;389;
Lvl 36 @ Meadow Plate
Sassy Nature

-Razor Leaf
-Leech Seed

Personal Note: This guy is amazing. He can take out most thing at this point in one move.

Scyther ;123;
Lvl 21 @ Shell Bell
Impish Nature

-Wing Attack
-False Swipe

PN: Don't know alot about this girl as I haven't had her for long. Will probably keep her in my team now though.

Drifblim ;426;
Lvl 35 @ -
Naughty Nature

-Ominous Wind

PN: This will be the teams flier. He also has decent stats so he can hold his own in battle.

Probopass ;476;
Lvl 35 @ -
Quirky Nature

-Rock Slide
-Rock Throw
-Thunder Wave

PN: It's ability is annoying. Magnet pull tends to bring Bronzors to battle and I don't have any move handy against them. I'm gonna teach it Fire Punch when I get to the Shard Person.

I also have a Bidoof as a HM Slave but I'll swap that for a Bibarel.


From Zero To Hero
After managing to beat Palmer at the second round battle, I tried at the Battle Factory, but got really bored and started messing around.

After that I tried the Battle Hall with my Scizor, only made it to Battle 10 of Fire because the Infernape managed to OHKO me with Flare Blitz despite me holding an Occa Berry.

I hate the Battle Hall -_-


Shiny Collector
Well I'm still in the Battle Frontier in my Platinum game, still holding one gold symbol, Battle Tower, and 3 silver symbols? from the Arcade, Hall, and the Castle. I still have yet to beat Thornton in the Battle Factory but, I'm going to continue to try for all gold symbols:) As for my Diamond, I'm starting breeding up again, beginning with Gastrodons.


Well-Known Member
At victory road's beginning in my diamond. My team was severly underleveled (av of 40 when I got there) so I decided to train to lvl 50 before progressing further. Here are details
Mamoswine lvl 44 @Luck Incense(RSmash,EQ,IceFang,IceShard)
Heracross lvl46 @Cleanse Tag(AerialAce,Dig,CloseCombat,NightSlash)
Weavile lvl46 (BrickBreak,IcePunch,Pursuit,NightSlash)
Shelgon lvl46 @ExpShare (ZenHeadbutt,HydroPump,Fireblast,DragonClaw)
Slaking lvl46 (GigaImpact,Yawn,Pursuit,Earthquake)
Ambipom lvl 46 (Pursuit,FakeOut,Return,U-Turn)

And the pokemon here are strong. Anyway, gonna level 'em all up. Shelgon and Mamoswine are really hard to level up. Mamoswine faints easily with all the machoke/steelix/meditite evo stab super effective attacks, and shelgon doesn't pack a punch yet. Just waiting till it hits lvl 50, courtesy of exp share.

In my other games, I decided to breed lopunny. Also, I'll trick the Pokemon Box into giving me a good IV adamant zigzagoon with extremespeed tonight.


In vanilla twilight☆
Neat story, 3 days ago I was breeding two Tyranitar for a Adamant Larvitarar.
After a little over 30 eggs hatched, I came across a Shiny Larvitar! I also completed my original objective after I hatched the Shiny.


slice and dice
reached i think 8 or 10 boxes full of eevees from breeding pm me if anybody needs specific nature and wants one


Samurai Pizza Cat
Two wonderfully wonder things happened today.

I go right outside Hearthome City with my thief, a yanma that knows thief. Casually running through the grass when a chansy pops up. I use thief on it. "Lucky Egg has been stolen!" I about crapped myself.

Then I was out by Snowpoint City, training my lucario so he can be of help for the Mt Coronet events I'm about to do. Spam killing ice types like lucario likes to do, when BAM, a shiny swinub appears. I cry out in happiness, then panic. I was carrying a team of all 40+'s. Luckily I had fast balls and tossed one at the swinub. Didn't even fight the ball. I now have Oinky, a female, brave natured, shiny swinub.

Current team for Mt Coronet: ;389; ;448; ;215; ;134; ;078; ;445;


Shiny Collector
Congrats Chappu on your first shiny especially on a random encountered shiny. Anyways I still have yet to start breeding Gastrodon's as I've been preoccupied with the Platinum Battle Tower Singles but, I'm going to begin breeding tonight by catching random Ditto's and Gastrodon's searching for good IV'ed ones, yay me:D


ミッドナイト ミュウツー
Ok so here is the odd thing.. Last time I saved the game was apparently back in January... Lols... SO I cannot remember a thing..

So I turned on the game, and apparently I was at that Shaymin Rock, but something didn't look right, there was a path going north that I have never seen before, so I decided to follow it... Well, I turned around 3 times because I thought it was a never ending trail. So I decided to place something on the arrow button until I hit whatever... So after leaving the ds alone for a second I run into this Shaymin.... I was like.. "Umm ok?" So I decided to capture it.. Duh... And wow, just my luck, it was a shiny... Now I didn't remember how or why I wound up there, but I was at the right place, at the right time. Luckily I had a few master balls left from numerous trades... So I used on... Ok I have a shiny Shaymin.. Don't get me wrong, it was a glorious moment =D... But its the next story that gets weird o_O

I decided, after getting a shiny Shaymin, that it was time to revisit that mountain top where I got Palkia, Diagla and company. So along the way, I hit the usual wild pokemon, taking them down with my 82 Mewtwo.... Forgot I had a Mewtwo... Until finally I get to the mountain stairway peak.. NOW... Here is the kicker... I take 2 steps, and I stopped... I tried to move and it won't let me... Dumb me, there was a textbox saying do I want to play the flute.... This was my reaction "What flute is this game talking about".... So I clicked yes of course, and boom, a set of stairs played... My intial thought was... "Did I just die or something" So as I am climbing the stairs... Ironcially Stairway to Heaven was playing on the radio at the time... And I saw this pokemon I have only seen on the card =P An Arceus... I nearly FLIPPED... So I saved it and had a snack...Then I went into battle.... Not only was it THE arceus... But it was gold =D....Wait.... OH MY.. It was shiny to XD lol... Anyways... Yeah, I captured it. So I did a celebration dance, *Walks to the left, up, down, left, right ,right, up, down.. and fly =D... XD

So afterwards, I flew over to the town with the casino, and lost about 50 coins before I won about 3000 back XD.... Then I got very very bored, and went to the fronteir island... Eventually my feet took me to Stark Mountain... I knew there was Skarmory here, so I decided to find a shiny one =D... About 50 minutes of searching I had no luck -_-;;;;... So I was about to leave, when I found a shiny Camerupt..... Wow.. Seriously

So in about 2 hours I found 3 sihnies for my collection.... It was a really lucky day....... Going to the lottery centre... I got no prize XD So for the next hour after that, I just randomly walked around aimlessly around the Sinnoh world.. Saved the game.. And played Soul Silver XD

neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
Diamond and Pearl 3 Year Anniversary Post

I can't believe it. It's been exactly 3 years since Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were released in the US. The changes they brought were amazing in my opinion and I personally like the games.

Back on topic. To commemorate this event, I just traveled all over Sinnoh to enjoy the scenery and see what's changed from Platinum. On my travels, I noticed that Snowpoint City has diamond dust which may or may not be a coincidence. My final thing I did was withdraw my starter, Torterra, and walked into my house in Twinleaf Town. I saved at the exact spot I started playing Pearl.

I hope Gen. V will be just as good as this Generation.


Samurai Pizza Cat
Wow, nice. Grats on the shinies. Especially shaymin. Always wanted that little bugger.

So I pushed through to the rest of the game. Did the giratina event. Decided to let him go for now, as I was not prepped to catch a legendary (no status causers except for the occasional freeze via ice punch and aurora beam). Will go after him again shortly.

Went to Sunnyshore and obliterated the gym. Torterra and garchomp made mince-meat of anything that stood in their way. Began heading north and nearly danced in surprise. Jasmine, one of my favorite gym trainers (Next to Flannery and Maylene)! She gies me waterfall and I head through to victory road.

I wasn't ready for the Elite Four. Or at least so I thought. After one defunct attempt at Aaron (vespiqueen took me by surprise), I plowed through them. Really surprised. I was under-leveled to the extreme. Went against Cynthia. Dropped Spiritomb with a Wood Hammer via torterra, togekiss got ice punched, roserade dropped my weavile, but got dropped by my rapidash, lucario met the broadside of torterra's earthquake...

And then I slammed head-first into milotic. She ice beamed my torterra. Dropped my rapidash (sent her out to stall). So I threw out my favorite wall: vaporeon. Dragon Pulse barely hurt, surf and ice beam tickled her. I used a dire hit and x spdef on vaporeon and then proceeded to use bite. Critted several times, and after exhausting almost all of my uses of bite, milotic fell. And then she sent out garchomp...Vaporeon stayed out. I fully expected her to drop. Garchomp earthquake'd and vaporeon barely survived. She countered with an aurora beam, which criticalled and 1HKO'd garchomp. I beat her, somehow. My team was, on average, 7-10 levels under her's.

Currently attempting to round out my Sinnoh Dex. Missing the trio, manaphy, umbreon, and SOMEHOW I missed dusclops. Pretty sure that's all that's left, though.


From Zero To Hero
Haven't done much except breeding for my new Platinum team of Infernape, Roserade, Octillery, Rampardos, Gliscor, Bronzong.

Task List
-Mild Chimchar
-Modest Sniper Remoraid

-Modest Natural Cure Budew
-Adamant Hyper Cutter Gligar
-Modest Levitate Bronzor
-Adamant Run Away Aipom

Trying to find a Modest Natural Cure Budew with either HP [Fire] or [Rock]
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Well, a couple of days, I migrated my Fire Red team (Charizard, Persian, Kadabra, Vileplume, Raichu, and Lapras) to my Diamond game so that my brother could play Fire Red again on a new file.

Today, I was in school, waiting for my Mum to finish what she had to do as usual so we could go home. I got bored so I started playing Diamond with my Fire Red pokemon as my team. I got them up to Level 58 to be even with each other in Victory Road. I then went to the League. I was pretty bored and I was really just seeing how far I could get in the League before getting defeated. I beat the League. The final 'round' of the battle with Cynthia was my Level 59 Lapras vs her Level 66 Garchomp. I thought 'Oh man, that Garchomp has stupid stats and Ice Beam will only do a teeny bit of damage, and my whole team will get slaightered.' But I used Ice Beam anyway and was ready to the face the music.

The Garchomp fainted with one Ice Beam and it wasn't a critical hit. I just beat the entire league, thinking I would be defeated at one point. It only took about half an hour to go through the whole league. I was shocked. Well, that's two ribbons for each Pokemon (one for defeating for the Kanto League and one for defeating the Sinnoh League.)

I also decided to go to the game corner for a round. I can never get above 5 rounds, even if I did what Clefairy 'said' to do and that I didn't appear to get anything wrong. Maybe it's because I don't understand the red moon bit, and I don't understand why I always get replays. And I don't know why there are two Clefairies (One with green-ish ear tips, and looks worried, and one with brown ear tips and is always smiling.)

But Pokemon so far has gone pretty awesomely.


Pokémon Master
Wait, you're surprised that Ice Beam OHKOed a ground/dragon? Why? The only move you could've hit it with that would have been stronger would have been Blizzard. It was even STABed


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Wait, you're surprised that Ice Beam OHKOed a ground/dragon? Why? The only move you could've hit it with that would have been stronger would have been Blizzard. It was even STABed

I kind of forgot that Garchomp is also a ground type. :redface: I remembered he was a dragon type, but I forgot he was ground. So I forgot that Ice Beam would be 4x effective with the STAB bonus as well. I realised a little later on.


I decided to restart my Pokemon Diamond, and so transferred all wanted items and Pokemon over to SoulSilver.

Due to my current Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! craze, I named my female character Mitsumi and the rival Jun. Did the whole intro, and got a female Chimchar first time. And Modest, to boot. I was chuffed to bits, I can tell you that.

Voyaged to Sandgem, nicknamed her Pyra, and as soon as I got the Pokedex I traded over a menagerie of Eevee eggs. Two would evolve into Leafeon and Glaceon respectively. Named two of them Gloria and Verdant. One will become Glaceon, the other Leafeon. Also hatched an Elekid. Jolly <3. Was pleased with my luck considering how rare this is to happen.

Currently doing the whole Poketch thing in Jubilife. Tomorrow, will trade over Gloria and Verdant to Platinum. Can't be bothered to go through a good chunk of the game with just an Eevee. Will also train all up to Lv. 9 for first Jun battle.

Chimchar- Pyra Lv. 9, Modest, Female- Scratch, Leer, Ember, Taunt
Eevee- Verdant Lv. 2, Quirky, Female- Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand
Eevee- Gloria Lv. 1, Timid, Female- Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand
Elekid- Elec Lv. 2, Jolly, Male- Leer, Quick Attack, Ice Punch, Cross Chop


Man of Mystery
- Decided to train up a Dragonite to use in the Platinum BF
- Bred a few Dratini and got 2 Adamant ones, I kept both but decided to train the second one because it had better IV's
- Named it Valiant
- Fought the Old Couple below Hearthome for money to buy vitamins and gave them to Valiant
- After that I begun EV training it against a few trainers with the Vs. Seeker in HP, Attack, and Speed. It's spread is 248 HP/ 56 Atk/ 204 Spe
- I'm now raising it with the EXP.Share in the Trainer Cafe until it's a Dragonite
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