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The Official DPPt Recent Happenings Thread (Remade ~ READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE)

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PS. I have the most posts in this thread, such a loser of a record :3

At least 200? That is quite a bit. I have 31 :p

Anyhow, on to Joe's elite Elite Four encounters, he faces...

Confidentially Cindering Cool inCinerator

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;229;;136;;392;;078;;467;​

Surprisingly this battle was harder than the next. Quite a Demolosse V.S. Houndoom stalling match arose, with Dark Pulses and Hidden Power Rocks thrown around until Joe's Houndoom won. Emolion carefully defeated Rapidash with multiple Sparks. Another stalling war was between Ghostfreak and Flareon. It took way more time than it needed to for the Ghost to pull off the win. Stinkfly took down Infernape with an Air Slash. Mastazu took on Magmortar. It charged up a Solarbeam, but Surf didn't KO it. Joe then switched to Rosemon to take the hit and KO it with Sludge Bomb. After burning Flint to cinders, it was time for the final Elite Four member...

Psychic Spectacle Superstar, Secretly a Story Slasher

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;122;;196;;437;;065;;475;​

Mr. Mime magically set up a Reflect before fainting to Emolion's Crunch. Demolosse Flamethrowered the Bronzong harshly. Gallade took on Ghostfreak, who got its Reflect broken first with Brick Break. Espeon and Alakazam were both OHKO'd by Stinkfly's Bug Buzz, with one of them being a critical hit.


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So... I'm kind of playing these DS gens in reverse. I did just about everything possible with White, and now I just got Diamond. Currently, I'm about to arrive at Hearthome City. I've played it on an emulator before, but never the DS. My current team is:

I plan to add Gible as soon as I get Strength. I follow different criteria for in-game teams than I do for competitive teams. This team is by no means competitive.


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Well, it was then time for Joe's battle with the champion. Said boy walked into the dark, but small-looking room, and encountered the champion.
"Have you been keeping well? Thank you for Mt. Coronet. And the Distortion World. I'm truly grateful."
"Oh hey, it's that lady who never helped me at any time during this adventure."
"Together, you and your Pokémon overcame all the challenges you faced, however difficult. It means that you've triumphed over any personal weaknesses, too."
"Uh... No I haven't Emolion is still weak to Ground..."
"The power you learned... I can feel it emanating from you."
"Woah... how can you do that?"
"But that's enough talk."
"No seriously how can you do that? Tell me!"
"Let's get on with why you're here."
"To tell me how you can emanate power?"
"As the Pokémon League Champion, I accept your challenge!"
"I still wanna now! Well, at least now I can get revenge for all of this stuff that you were to lazy for do! It's on, lady!"

Spicy Stalker Sensation Superpower Sorority Sister Summoning Serious Business Super-Monsters

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;442;;407;;448;;350;;468;;445;​

The epic final League battle between Joe and Cynthia began with both of their Dark types, Demolosse and Spiritomb, facing each other first. Demolosse set up a Nasty Plot while the spirit thingy tried a Silver Wind. Demolosse OHKO'd Spiritomb with one Flamethrower, but had to face Milotic next. He Dark Pulsed as much as he could but got drenched by Surf. Ghostfreak finished Milotic off with a Thunderpunch.

Lucario was next, and Mastazu attacked it with Earthquake. It threw back a few Shadow Balls and was healed before Mastazu eventually took it out with Earthquake. Roserade was next, and took on Rosemon. Both had a nearly identical moveset, both throwing back Extrasensories. Rosemon was quicker though, and beat it first, but both had similar Sp. Attack power. Stinkfly went against Togekiss as a risk. Stinkfly used Ancientpower, but Shock Wave did as much as it. After some healing though, Stinkfly barely won.

Last up was the big, hefty, Uber-leveled Garchomp. Stinkfly tried to outspeed it and Air Slash, but was outsped and given a rushed Dragon Rush. Emolion came out to try and halt it with Ice Fang, but Earthquake did a lot more than it should've. Mastazu tried to give it an Ice Beam but it got taken down with a critical hit Earthquake. Rosemon didn't take Earthquake well either. Ghostfreak was left as it tried Shadow Punching, with Garchomp missing Dragon Rush. Joe revived Mastazu just in case with Garchomp hitting hard. Ghostfreak Shadow Sneaked right before he fell. Emolion was up left but Cynthia jerkishly healed her dragon. Emolion Ice Fanged, but Earthquake made Joe have to heal. It kept using Earthquake, but in the bridge of despair Emolion finished Garchomp off with an Ice Fang, defeating Cynthia for good, making Joe the Sinnoh champion!

"...Just moments ago, you were the most powerful challenger, and now, you're the most powerful champion! I-"
"Are you going to teach me how to emulate power?"
"No that was just a joke."
"..." Joe at this point ignored what Cynthia said, went up the magic elevator, Prof. Rowan somehow caught up to him and gave him a chat of coming of age, and Joe left his Pokemon in the Hall of Fame while Cynthia was still babbling.

What will become of Joe, Emolion, Rosemon, Ghostfreak, Stinkfly, Mastazu, and Demolosse? I don't know... Is this adventure over? Well I'm not sure. Considering how slow this thread moves along and the fact I get no posts from it, it's really disencouraging me to keep posting. If people really like it, I guess I could keep going. Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoyed this, and I hope to see you next year, when I start up FireRed.


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I finally caught Dialga (modest) and Palkia (hasty) in my Platinum version. I've been meaning to do this for months now...


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What will become of Joe, Emolion, Rosemon, Ghostfreak, Stinkfly, Mastazu, and Demolosse? I don't know... Is this adventure over? Well I'm not sure. Considering how slow this thread moves along and the fact I get no posts from it, it's really disencouraging me to keep posting. If people really like it, I guess I could keep going. Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoyed this, and I hope to see you next year, when I start up FireRed.

Keep going!! I loved reading your adventure, and the names you came up with were very funny!

Oh, and I reached Sunnyshore. Twice, since my DS decided to turn off randomly, so I had to start at Turnback Cave again... Won't post levels yet, since I don't have my DS to hand.
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Why not? I'm on Christmas Break anyways.

Joe and his team were sleeping on the floor of his room, when his Mom told him Ron wanted him to go to a faraway island via Snowpoint... So he gave chase after him to make sure he doesn't kill himself, or at least so he's there to see it. At Snowpoint, Joe was going to be on a boat with drills on the front of it. Best boat ever. He ignored Cynthia's rambling and went at high speeds to the island.

Once there, Ron was angry at him for waiting, but ignored it as he showed Volkner and Flint randomly decided to go against them. After a brief chat, a very massive fight occurred with...

Bashful Blonde Bolt Boy with Bad Intentions Teamed With the Confidentially Cindering Cool inCinerator

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229;;398;;407;;078;;214;;143;;395; V.S. ;405;;229;;135;;136;;466;;467;​

Uh... hate to tell it to you, Flint and Volkner, but you're SERIOUSLY outnumbered right now. Mastazu starred in this fight with Demolosse coming in near the end. Ron's Staraptor, Snorlax, and Empoleon all made appearances. The rest of the Pokemon were either taken down or had no appearances at all. I forget what the fight was like- it happened long ago, but I do remember Mastazu spamming Earthquake as much as she could...

After dominating with an entire team left to battle, the crowd fled, and Ron found his long lost father Palmer, as they bumped into each other. They also run, leaving Joe to himself. He picks up a Super Rod before he headed east.


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After I break from my Platinum Challenged, I continued, and began in the Sunnyshore terminus. I entered the city, and was greeted by a guy with, quite frankly brilliant hair, named Flint, who turned out to be a member of the Elite Four! He said something about cheering the Gym Leader up, I don't know. I was too mesmerised by his hair. Anyway, once he ran off, I decided to heal up my Pokemon, then I decided to wander round abit. Whilst on the solar panels, I saw a rock, shaped like a Munchlax?! I was like OMGGGGGGG...

Moving on. I went to the lighthouse, and met Volkner, who decided to return to the gym. Sorry for being such a burden, but you know, THAT'S YOUR JOB?! So I went to the gym. It proved to be good training, and when I reached Volkner, my team was pretty strong, and I was quietly confident. I spoke to the leader, and the final Gym battle began!

Kayla -VS- Volkner!

;424;;428;;242;;400;;398;;474; -VS- ;135;;026;;405;;466;​
The battle began with Volkner sending out Jolteon, and me sending Hanna into the battle. Probably because of the 4 level difference, Hanna outsped the Eeveelution, and hit it where it hurts with Return, 1HKO'ing it! I kept Hanna in, him sending Raichu out. Hanna outsped the Electric Mouse too, and also took it down with one Return! However, Static paralysed Hanna! So I switched to Roboto to battle Electivire. I bagan with a Nasty Plot, and he ThunderPunch'ed, taking about a 3rd of Roboto's health. Next, I used Tri Attack, pummelling Electivire with its Adaptability boost! Last up was Luxray, but Roboto used Tri Attack again, earning Kayla the Beacon Badge and TM57, Charge Beam!

I exited the gym, and flew to Canalave to delete one of Race's moves, so there's room for Waterfall. Then I flew back, and spoke to Jasmine, who gave me the HM07! I taught it to Race, and started my journey up route 223! I battled the trainers, collected the items, and eventually reached a huge Waterfall! Race climbed it, and we entered the PokeCenter at the top, where Kayla healed her team, saved, and quit for the day.

The Team so far!
Ciara, Lv 56
Hanna, Lv 54
Roboto, Lv 53
Dream, Lv 44
Reach, Lv 44
Race, Lv 33

As you can tell, I have my top 3 (Ciara, Hanna and Roboto), the two I'd love to be strong, but raising them is tough at this stage (Dream and Reach), and Race is my HM slave, pure and simple.
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Joe and co. Surfed east, fighting a bunch of swimmers, some with odd Pokemon he's never seen before. Though, he just had to laugh at Luvdisc...

At the far east part of the island, Joe reached the Resort Area. His first incentive was to go into the Ribbon Building, but a blonde kicked him out for not having enough types of ribbons. Even if he had a thousand of the same ribbons she would not let him in. Even by threatening to burn the building down the ribbons with Demolosse there was no response. Ghostfreak didn't feel like sneaking him in somehow that day.

Other than that, Joe flew back to the original part of the island and headed north. There were even more trainer, most of them were Aces or Rangers, with a Bird Keeper and Psychic randomly thrown in their as well. A man in a building randomly gave him water as well. How generous. There, on the middlemost part of the island, was an odd arrangement of houses, one had Joe unable to ruthlessly enter.

So he continued on, but had to bring a Bibarel for Rock Smash. After a bit more trekking he met a Hiker called the Meister, and immediately ran away from him, but then realized he was deserted on an island. How did he get here, anyway? Did he swim? Continuing even further, Joe went face to face with a Sandstorm! A Hippowdon must've been hiding somewhere. It was a harsh track full of hax with abilities, but Joe and his team barely made it threw. He didn't get was that a Fighting dude was hiding in the sand, and that no sand fell into the water... Joe passed the sandstorm and a few extra trainers, and healed in the Resort Area, curious to see what the jungle-like place above was.


I'm having a dilemma right now. I have a copy of pearl that currently has three stars 610 hours of play and began on Apr 22, 2007. I have taken the time to transfer every single Pokemon off of the game and every rare item I got. So I am now ready to restart the game. My problem is that I want to replay bad and I hate the character name I chose back then, but I don't want to lose that start date. Am I being stupid? Should I restart?


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Deleted my last post so I could post this one, so I'll repeat what happened yesterday: I continued from the Pokémon League PokéCenter, exited, and flew to Canalave to delete Reach's Defog. Then, we flew to Pastoria, and entered the Great Marsh for the first time! The point of this was to find blue shards, so I have enough to teach Ice Punch to Ciara. While there I ran into two Noctowls that would not flee, at all, and a few other Poké's. Anyway, I got the Matchup-Checker, flew to Pastoria, got Ice Punch.

Today, I flew back to the Pokémon League, and entered Victory Road! The strong trainers were brilliant training for the up coming challenge! I found a few TM's, Rare Candy's etc., but I used Repels so I wouldn't run into wild Pokémon. Once I finally reached the Pokémon League building, I restored my Pokémon, then flew to Canalave to begin the final preparations. I deleted Dream's Strength, and replaced it and Psychic with Softboiled and Substitute, to make the perfect Toxic staller, who will help me shut down Spiritomb, hopefully, despite the level difference! Then, I flew back to the League building. I went up to challenge the Elite, but before I could, Rob came running in and challenged me to a battle!

Rose -VS- Rob
;424;;428;;242;;400;;398;;474; -VS- ;398;;419;;214;;078;;143;;389;​
Rob sent his Staraptor out against Ciara. Ciara moved first, with Ice Punch, but because of Intimidate, it didn't even take half it's health off! After surviving a Close Combat, the lowered defence meant after another Ice Punch Staraptor was down! I switched to Hanna against Heracross, and used Arial Ace. Down in one! Floatzel V Roboto, next. One Tri Attack later, Floatxel was gone. Ciara was sent out against Robs Torterra, despite her low-ish health. An Ice Punch left him on very low health, but an Earthquake took Ciara out. I sent out Reach, and healed Ciara while he used Synthesis! I flew up, and he used Synthesis again! Next turn, Reach used fly, taking him down to half health, and he crunched, not doing much damage, but lowering Reach's defence! I used fly, but he used Synthesis. He used Leaf Storm after Fly took him down to half health again. This time I used Secret Power, which Paralysed him! However, a Crunch defeated me! Ciara finished him off! Ciara defeated Snorlax with two Jump Kicks, and Rapidash fell to Roboto's Tri Attack. Rob had been defeated for the final time!

I healed, saved and came off. As this is the last post before I challenge the League, I'm going to do an extra long team post.

The Team

Ciara, the Lopunny @ Kings Rock
Lv 60
Cute Charm
-Jump Kick
-Fire Punch
-Ice Punch
Ciara's my main Pokémon, and hits hard, and fast. Her Return is especially powerful.​

Roboto, the Porygon-Z @ Wise Glasses
Lv 55
-Ice Beam
-Nasty Plot
-Tri Attack
-Dark Pulse
The special powerhouse, nothing hurts more than a double STAB damage Tri Attack.​

Reach, the Staraptor @ Kings Rock
Lv 44
-Close Combat
-Secret Power
First and foremost a flyer, she gets me where I need to go. Her Fly is pretty powerful, though.​

Dream, the Blissey @ Amulet Coin
Lv 46
Serene Grace
Hit her with a physical move, and she goes down quicker than lightning, but she walls special attacks like a pro.​

Hanna, the Ambipom
Lv 55
-Brick Break
-Shadow Claw
-Arial Ace
Fast, strong and diverse, Hanna is also brilliant for picking useful items up.​

Race, the Bibarel @ Quick Claw
Lv 33
-Rock Climb
-Rock Smash
Race's speciality are HM's, and that's what he does best. He gets me to those hard to reach places.​

I'm coming to the end of my challenge now... it's quite sad... unless I continued after the League? I'm not sure. Well, I'll decide later. I've enjoyed this challenge alot!
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After being dissapointed with a Nugget found by a random man north of the Resort Area (Joe was already rich), Joe started going towards Stark Mountain. Along the way, he encountered Ron and Crasher Wake, who the former wanted to go into somewhere cool. They both left, and Joe slept in an old ladies home for no particular reason.

Joe then found a guy who talked to him earlier- his name was Buck. Buck wanted Joe to investigate Stark Mountain. Joe said he just wanted to beat up all the trainers, not investigate. However, Buck was an overall jerk and stated "I'll keep asking until you say yes!" I wish you could do that in real life, but that's sadly impossible, as people would ignore you. Joe wanted to ignore him, but couldn't as Buck was wrestling him onto the floor. So Joe was forced to bicycle over thin ledges and fight more trainers, one with a Dragonite!

Right before the entrance, Joe encountered some Galactic Goons! He followed them in finding out the whole thing was an ambush! Mars and Jupiter were there as well as an old guy. Both Admins challenged him, and were promptly swept with Mastazu, Emolion, and the like. The two became ordinary girls magically and fled. The Galactics and old man went further into the cave. At that point Buck HAPPENS to arrive then, and the two guys tag team to face all the guys in the cave who didn't happen to encounter the Galactic Goons at all or mention or try to stop them. Nope, just Joe and Ron. The other trainers stared at each other as if love at first sight.

Apparently the old guy Charon wants to revive Heatran from the dead and burn everything with the power of legendary. But then Looker transforms from being a rock and arrests him! The other grunts flee and so do the trainers. Team Galactic is officially gone for good, and Looker leaves to go gamble in Veilstone City, waiting a few years down the line for another adventure... In the past? It's a secret to everyone. Buck returns the magical Heatran summoning thing and invites Joe to his battle place, full of people who battle.


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So this is it. We entered the door after getting our badges checked, went down a corridor, and entered a room where a green haired guy waited for us. We spoke to him, and the battle between Rose and Aaron began!


Rose -VS- Aaron
;424;;428;;242;;400;;398;;474; -VS- ;469;;212;;416;;214;;452;​

First up was Ciara, against his Yanma! Ciara's Fire Punch got him well below half health! He Double Team'd. Next turn, he U-turned to Heracross! Ciara's Fire Punch bought him down to just below a quarter health, and another Fire Punch took him down! I sent Roboto against Vespiquen. I used Ice Beam, taking it down to very low health, and freezing her for the turn! He used a Full Restore, and Roboto used Ice Beam again. A Tri Attack finished it off. Yanmega V Reach now... after flinching from an Air Slash, I switched to Ciara, and he used Bug Buzz. U-turn switched the Ogre Darner pokemon with Scizor, who resisted Ice Punch! A Fire Punch bought it down though. I switched so Roboto faced Drapion. He used Cross Poison, hardly damaging me at all, and Roboto used Tri Attack, which got him to red, but he restored his health with a Sitrus Berry! Cross Poison from Drapion, but Tri Attack took it right down. Yanmega V Hanna now, and the battle began with Hanna using Arial Ace, which finally defeated the U-turning Pokemon! One down, three to go...


Rose -VS- Bertha
;424;;428;;242;;400;;398;;474; -VS- ;340;;472;;450;;076;;464;​

So Bertha, the Ground type specialist, was next. I healed, then began my battle with her! First up, was Roboto battling Whiscash. Roboto used Ice Beam, taking it down to roughly half health. She used Sandstorm. I used Ice Beam again next turn, defeating my opponent! Roboto was kept in against Gliscor, and it used Ice Beam, and 4x damage was more than enough to 1HKO the flying bat... thing. Next, Ciara V Hippowdon. After being horrified because I thought she had a Shiny Hippowdon, then remembering that's what it's gender difference looks like, I used Ice Punch, which didn't even bring it down to half health! She used Earthquake, which did the same, but Sandstorm bought my health down more! Next turn, I risked a Return, which did not defeat her, but for some reason it Yawn! So, next turn, she healed. Of course. Ice Punch, not doing enough, and now I'm asleep. Damn. I switched to Reach to avoid Earthquake. Reach flew up high! When he came down... Fly did next to nothing. And he got Yawned, So I U-turned to Roboto, which is what should have happened in the first place, really. Roboto took a Stone Edge to his... 'face', but survived it, and took the bloody hippo down with Ice Beam. Finally... next was Golem. I risked sending Race out first, for some reason... I couldn't outspeed it (duh), and was Earthquaked right out of battle, so I sent out Roboto, who used Ice Beam, which bought it to red, but a critical hit Earthquake defeated me! Hanna was next, and used Brick Break after she Full Restored Golem. Not even half gone. Another Brick Break, survived an Earthquake, and took it down with another Brick Break. Last up was Rhyperior, and I switched to Reach, so I could revive Roboto. The rhino's Rock Wrecker missed, so I Close Combated next turn, and Rhyperior flinched thanks to Kings Rock! Another Close Combat bought him to yellow, but he used his Sitrus Berry to heal, and took me down with Avalanche. Roboto was next, and Ice Beam secured the win against Bertha! Two more left!


Rose -VS- Flint
;424;;428;;242;;400;;398;;474; -VS- ;229;;136;;078;;392;;467;​

After healing, I entered the firey next room, and faced the red afro guy I saw in Sunnyshore! Flint was my next battle! It began with Dream against Houndoom. He used Sunny Day, and I set up a Substitute. Next I used Toxic, which missed, but not before he broke my Substitute with a sun boosted Flamethrower! He used Flamethrower again, and I used Softboiled. Next turn: Flamethrower, Substitute. Next turn, he used his Flamethrower (I know, so surprising!), and I used Toxic, which finally hit. His flamethrower hardly did anything, and I used Softboiled again. While he used Sunny Day, I set up a Substitute (Yep, this is as boring for me as it is for you). I think you get the idea now, I'll just skip to the end. Dream won thanks to Toxic Damage, and was safely behind a Substitute when Infernape came on, meaning I could Toxic him before he defeated me! When a Mach punch took me down, I sent out Ciara, who used Return! It didn't quite defeat the monkey, but after Ciara survived a Flare Blitz, the recoil did! Next was Flareon, so I switched to Roboto. He used Tri Attack, twice, but not without being burned in between. I stayed in to face Rapidash, and used Tri Attack, which so nearly defeated it! The horse used Sunny Day, and healed next turn, while I used Tri Attack again. Somehow this one took it down. Eh? Anyway, Rapidash was down, which only left Magmortar. I switched to Race to heal Roboto, and was taken out soon after with a Flamethrower. I sent out Roboto, and the real battle began. A Tri Attack took the... thing down to yellow, but his sitrus berry restored him! Flamethrower did a scary amount of damage, but Roboto hung in there! Another Tri Attack was later, Flint was down, and but one Elite Four member remained!


Rose -VS- Lucian
;424;;428;;242;;400;;398;;474; -VS- ;122;;196;;437;;065;;475;​

Lucian, the final Elite Four challenge, and master of Psychic Pokémon. I healed, then spoke to him to begin the match! First of, I sent Ciara against Mr. Mime. She used Return, which took the Mime Pokémon down in one! Next up was Gallade. Uh oh. I switched to Hanna, who Arial Aced, not quite taking half his health off. His Drain Punch took me down, AND completely restored him! Roboto was next up, and he used Dark Pulse... Yeah the same problem as with Hanna, although Drain Punch didn't defeat me. I used Tri Attack and hoped for a Status Problem, but He didn't contract one. But then his Stone Edge missed! So I used Tri Attack again... and took the Psychic/Fighting Pokémon down! Alakazam was next, so I switched to Ciara. His Focus Blast missed, and Return did big damage... but not big enough. He hung on, and restored. I used Ice Punch. Next turn, his Focus Blast missed again, and Return defeated him! Ciara stayed in against Espeon, and used Return. Took it to yellow health, and it used Psychic back at me. He Full Restored next turn, and I used Return again. One more Return and Espeon was no longer a problem. Not that it ever was. Ciara took Bronzong down with a few Fire punches, and Lucian, the final of the Elite Four, was finished! But then he told me there remained the champion, an immensely powerful trainer who was most definitely not Cynthia. I healed, took a deep breath, and... saved and came off for now.

Won't post my team again, check the last post if you're interested, theres only minor changes since then. Since this thread moves very slowly, if no one posts between now and the next time I play, I'll just edit this post.
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Heh heh, I see my style is catching on! Someday it will be revolutionary!

So Joe went to Buck's place, the Battleground, and encountered the trainers he helped, plus the gym leaders. He fought some of them, leaving out Volkner because he couldn't find him. Right outside of the Battleground, on a Saturday, Ron was rearing to battle.

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;398;;407;;078;;214;;143;;395;​

Ghostfreak encountered Staraptor and gave it a nice Thunderpunch. The bird chickened out and U-Turned to Heracross. Ghostfreak also switched to Stinkfly, and Air Slashed the bug. Rapidash tried to burn it but Demolosse gave it a few Hidden Power Rocks and Dark Pulses. Rapidash wanted to Bounce around more than anything though.

Empoleon went against Emolion, who shot out harsh Hydro Pumps, but Emolion just Sparked it to death. Rosemon went against her counterpart Roserade, and defeated it with just two Extransensories. Last up was Snorlax, which Mastazu couldn't really take out on its own, nor with the help of Ghostfreak, so Emolion finished the fat cat off.

Ron said he didn't care and would keep training. Joe decided he should rematch the Pokemon League once more now that all of his Pokemon were lv. 70 automatically, so he flew to the league via small Starly.


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Pearl: Caught a Volbeat for Ranch, and Nosepass were swarming on Route 206, so I caught a bunch of them, and then was rudely interrupted by a Baltoy. Stuck them all on Ranch.

Ranch: Transferred lots of Nosepass on, traded Hayley her Snover for my Volbeat. Picked up Phione and some other Hayley Pokémon. 315 in the Ranch now, and she wants a Lapras. I have never caught one in Pearl ever, so I guess that's a to do. She wants that by 01/01/2012 so that's feasible.


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It was then time for Joe to refight all the Elite Four Masters and Dr. Cynthia in a free-for-all brawl via Pokemon. First up on the roster is Bug Man- I mean Aaron.
;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;469;;212;;214;;416;;452;
The fight against Aaron was more or less the same. Stinkfly Ancientpowered Yanmega for a start. Demolosse destroyed both Scizor and Vespiquen. Emolion took out Heracross, and Mastazu Earthquaked Drapion.

Next up was Earth Woman- I mean Bertha...

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;340;;472;;076;;450;;464;​
Mastazu eventually defeated Whiscash with a bit of time. Rosemon destroyed Rhyperior and Golem with a bit of Ghostfreak's help. Mastazu took down the surviving Hippowdon and Gliscor.

Who wants a bonus battle? Joe then fought against Fire Man... No wait, Flint.

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;229;;136;;078;;392;;467;​

Demolosse went agaisnt Houndoom, but for once Flint actually was smart and switched it out for Flareon. It got Dark Pulsed and so did the following Rapidash. Infernape got Air Slashed by Stinkfly, luckily. Magmortar charged up a Solar Beam against Mastazu, but once again Rosemon Sludge Bombed it. Demolosse came out one more time to defeat the leading Houndoom.

Three Elite Four members down, one member and an Ex-Champion to go.


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Whilst watching a Muppets Christmas Carol (standard, really), I finally began my way to challenge the champion, who without a doubt couldn't be Cynthia... Oh wait, it was, how 'surprising' that was! Speaking to her began my final challenge...


Rose -VS- Cynthia
;424;;428;;242;;400;;398;;474; -VS- ;442;;407;;468;;448;;350;;445;

The epic battle began with Cynthia talking, as always. After she finally shut up, wind somehow entered the room, despite there being no windows, and epically blew Cynthia's hair... Anyway, to begin the battle, Dream faced the champion's Spiritomb! Dream used Substitute, and the Ghost/ Dark Pokémon used Dark Pulse, which didn't even break Dream's Substitute! Next turn, Dream used Toxic, and Spiritomb broke Dream's Substitute with Dark Pulse. I'll shorten the next turns, in fear of it becoming like the Dream/ Houndoom battle report.
D: Substitute - S: Dark Pulse
D: flamethrower - S: Dark Pulse
D: Substitute - S: Dark Pulse
D: Flamethrower - S: Dark Pulse.
After that, Spiritomb fell to Toxic damage. Next was a Lucario VS Ciara battle. Ciara began with Jump Kick, and Lucario used Stone Edge, both getting their opponents health to yellow. Lucario then surprisingly used Extreme Speed, defeating Ciara! I sent Race out to restore Ciara, and Race was defeated by an Extremespeed soon after using a Max Revive. Ciara defeated Lucario with Fire Punch. Togekiss was next. Ciara used Ice Punch, and Togekiss didn't even loose half it's health! It sent a powerful Aura Sphere at my Lopunny. Ciara used Return, Togekiss using Air Slash, defeating Ciara. Roboto used Nasty Plot while Togekiss was Full Restored. Next turn, Roboto defeated Togekiss with an Ice Beam. Next, Roboto took on the ultimate Dragon, Garchomp! Garchomp used Earthquake, but Roboto hung on, and defeated Garchomp with a double Super Effective, Nasty Plot boosted Ice Beam! Milotic was next, and was taken down to very low health with Tri Attack! Unfortunately, Milotic survived and defeated Roboto with Surf. Hanna was next, and Milotic was restored before Hanna could use Return. Another Return took the Water type down to red health, and Milotic used Surf. One more Return, and Milotic went down! Last up was Roserade, and Hanna started with Return. Down to red health! But Sludge Bomb defeated my Monkey. I sent Reach out next. Roserade was faster, and 1HKO'd Reach with a Sludge Bomb! I sent out Dream, and Revived Ciara. Dream was also defeated by Sludge Bomb. Ciara quickly and easily handled Roserade with Ice Punch!

And, with that, Cynthia's final Pokémon was down, and the Champion became the Ex-Champion! We entered the Hall of Fame, and recorded my Pokémon for all eternity. I watched the credits roll, and was a little upset that my Pokémon Platinum Normal type Monotype challenge was over...

Or... was it? After somehow ending back up in Twinleaf Town, in my house, none the less, I went downstairs and spoke to my Mom, who was in exactly the same place as she was in October. Man, she needs to get out more. Anyway, she said something about Rob, and a boat at Snowpoint...

So, here I have a couple of decisions to make. Do I continue with the Story? If I do, do I continue with the Monotype? Do I continue to report it here? So many choices... what do you guys think? I suppose this is also a way to see if anyone reads these ^_^ post with your opinions please!

Ciara, Lv61!
Dream, Lv46!
Reach, Lv44!
Roboto, Lv58!
Hanna, Lv56!
Race, Lv33!


Back in Blue
Considering you were the one who wanted me to continue, I'd say go ahead. Even though this'll be my last post here for several months, hopefully someone in will pop in eventually.

Back to my side of things... Joe faced off against Psychic Man- I mean Lucian up next.

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;122;;196;;437;;065;;475;​

Stinkfly OHKO'd Mr. Mime with one Bug Buzz. Ghostfreak carefully defeated Gallade, taking a Leaf Blade and Stone Edge rather well. Demolosse Dark Pulsed Espeon. Emolion Crunched away Alakazam. Mastazu took a bit of time, but managed to defeat Bronzong with timed Surfs.

And last but not least was the true final boss, Dr. Cytnhia- err, just Cynthia.

;405;;407;;477;;469;;340;;229; V.S. ;442;;407;;468;;448;;350;;445;​

Despite their levels gaining a bit more of an increase compared to Joe's- the battle was a lot smoother. The battle was pretty much the same-

Demolosse Nasty Plotted, but Spiritomb didn't go for Silver Wind and instead Dark Pulsed... Odd, but one Dark Pulse from the dog did it in. Demolosse Dark Pulsed the following Milotic as much as he could, but it got drenched by Surf. Ghostfreak Thunderpunched the sea thing as it set up a useless Aqua Ring. Rosemon faced off against Roserade once more, and the battle was also the same. Both used Extrasensory, with Rosemon winning because she was faster. Togekiss went against Stinkfly, though even after Ancientpowers, the bug was switched out. Ghostfreak cleaned it up with Thunderpunch. Lucario was again up against Mastazu, who kept Aura Sphering it, but Mastazu just ruthlessly Earthquaked everything. Cynthia tried to heal but Lucario still fainted in the end. Last up was the ever-so-uber Garchomp. Emolion came in to Intimidate it, and Stinkfly came in, dodging an Earthquake. It Bug Buzzed as much as it could before falling to a Dragon Rush and Giga Impact. Emolion used that opening to deliver the final blow... an Ice Fang to the knee.

Joe was once again the champion, and his adventure was truly over. Joe then went back to his home, brought out Emolion, Rosemon, Ghostfreak, Stinkfly, Mastazu, and Demolosse, and..... ate pizza.


Well, I decided to restart my pearl and have a character with 2 badges already. I went with turtwig this time as my ranch is very light on them after the great migration to unova. I made it all the way to the commander in the spike building and got my lunch handed to me by the commander. I guess I am a bit rusty and contemplated restarting from scratch in a nuzlocke style of determination. But, no, I'm going to train up and try again, like my hero Jim Gordon would. Sure he got beat and had his kidney taken. But he got up and saved a kid from an explosion. And so will I gosh darn it.

Except I didn't lose my kidney, or explode.

Aura Sensei™

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I made it through Victory Road after wandering about.Then I trained with the Vs Seeker.And I saved.My team:

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