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The Official DPPt Recent Happenings Thread (Remade ~ READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE)

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Finally got Magnemite as my swaring pokemon, (been waiting about a month) so was able to use my Linones Covet attack to steal one of the magnemites metal coats. Now I can finally evolve my Onix :) Also caught a Igglybuff in the Trophy Garden so I now have every baby pokemon.


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Been EV training a drifloon and a Gardevoir.Been going through all the contest with Milotic just beat the first tough contest after clearing out beauty and cute contest.


That = GG.
I've been Training an Exeggcutor and XD Tangrowth for sunny day team.
With Morning Sun, HP Ice and Chlorophyll, I can finally try the GrowthTran combo I always wanted to. =D

I've also been training a Relicanth for my main team, and looking around for a good Jirachi and Gyarados to compliment it. So I've had a pretty good haul recently.


-/-Dutty Love-/-
EV training my Makuhita, finally bred a good one with 31HP/28Atk/30Def, which works for me. I still have to finish slowpoke, I've put him off for about a week.

Should be done both this weekend^^

Dragon trainer

Arise from the Ashes
Brought Diamond, started with a Chimchar, trained up, evolved into a Monferno and then tried my luck with gym leader, got slaughtered at the Cranidos and then caught and raised a Budew and a Shinx and got Bidoof as a HM Slave, going back to catch myself a Murkrow if i cant find one at the town with the lost tower.

So next target is a Murkrow.

Team is currently:

Monferno: Level 23
Luxio: Level 22
Budew: Level 24
Bidoof aka HM SLave: Level 4


Espeon will own all!
I beat the Elite Four with only 5 revives left. Darn Cynthia's Lucario's Aura Sphere. Recieved the Eevee from Bebe.
I sailed to mini Sinnoh area. Completed Stark Mountain. Back to Sinnoh, Finished the Victory Road.
Saved the games, Talked to Mr. Backlot and reset till he put in an Eevee. Caught 4 Males and one Female. Bred a female and male. Use stones to get the Eeveelutions. Flew to the Rocks. Evolved more Eevees. Hatched Eevee eggs. Transfered some Pokes from 3rd gen games.
I only need 2 Eeveelutions to complete my Eevee family.


Not really here.
Been raising my dex more and more. I evolved the three Johto starters to their final forms. Evolved my Swinub to Mamoswine, my Tangela to Tangrowth, my Spoink to Grumpig, etc. I caught a Steelix and Golbat, as I didn't want to waste my Metal Coat on something I could catch. I am raising the Golbat's happiness currently, as well as my Riolu's. I need to transfer my Treecko and Mudkip still, then I will have all the starters on my Diamond. I also transferred my Metwo, Moltres and Articuno.


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Tixylix is now fully EV trained and is raring to go, so i'm just battling the Elite Four until my Arceus, Arkhaios, is level 100. He'll then be replaced by Teliyu, my Sneasel-to-be-Weavile who will have the typical Swords Dance moveset. *claps excitedly* I cannot wait! :}}}}}


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Trying to get every pokemon from 1-491 in my PC. Only need Rapidash, Slowbro, Haunter, Marowak, Kangaskhan, Electabuzz, Magmar, Mew, Hoppip, Scizor, Entei, Tyranitar, Lugia, Vibrava, Altaria, Milotic, Kecleon and Rhyperior.

Blazing Charmander

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Over 200 hours into my Diamond file, I have really grown bored of it. I have got myself a team I no longer feel bothered to train up, I have a fair few chained shinies, and I have a barrel-load of Pokemon that I could potentially train up - but cannot be bothered to. I have really lost enthusiasm for this file. I would start a new one if I had another game to train my valued Pokemon (i.e. team and shinies) to, but trouble is I don't possess one.

Nonetheless, until I have the ability to trade these over and start a new game, I'll try my utmost best to enjoy training a new team, and chain for more shinies.



Active Member
Caught Snubull

Watered berries, I'm making an attempt at growing some Watmel ones so I can train a Cleffa for a cute contest.

Tried to find the Mt Coronet waterfall and failed.

Checked the honey tree I put honey on earlier and got an Aipom.

Looked to see what pokémon I had to train a team with.

Made many many Ralts eggs to try get one with good IVs, ability and nature, still trying on the first two but got almost all of them with the right nature.

Genesis Gackt

Finally I trained my shiny gyarados to lv100 and now i'm gonna start to train a japanese piplup to lv 100. I'm getting more money for buy ribbons and drinks and planting more berries, specially, pamtre, enigma, petaya and watmel berries. Finally, i'm trying to get a female Riolu at daycare center :). That's all for today

Genesis Gackt

Finally I trained my shiny gyarados to lv100 and now i'm gonna start to train a japanese piplup to lv 100. I'm getting more money for buy ribbons and drinks and planting more berries, specially, pamtre, enigma, petaya and watmel berries. Finally, i'm trying to get a female Riolu at daycare center :). That's all for today


Not really here.
Caught 7 Eevee's and evolved five of them (Vaporeon, Glaceon, Flareon, Jolteon, Leafeon). I am trying to raise the happiness of the other two Eevee for Umbreon and Espeon. I caught them in Luxury Balls to help raise the happiness. Golbat and Riolu still won't evolve. Next, I am going to catch all of the Cartrigde inserted Pokemon and evolve them, hoping to get someone with enough happiness to evolve. :/


New Member
Restarted Diamond because I was bored. Got to Solaceon Town and saved and quit. Not really looking forward for that trainer with the Gyarados.


King of the reptiles
Battled in the battle tower. Two bizzare occurances of ownage occured. I was faceing a dragon Tamer, he sent out a garchomp wich sweapt my first two pokemon while taking quite a bit of damage, then I sent out my Entei. Entei got rid of garchomp, then proceded to knock out the guys kingdra while unfortunatly falling asleep in the process, but then woke up and trashed the guys Nidoqueen, talk about comming through in a pinch.
Later I faced Palmer, he used his haxxed accuracy Milotic against my Venasaur. Venasaur then went on to kill off all three of his pokemon while only being near to feinting near the end when his dragonite got a lucky hit, then it went down due to leech seed.


Kanto Trainer
I decided to do another playthrough in pearl. Started out with Turtwig. I won my first badge caught geodude, machop, shinx, and starly.


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Battled several trainers and 7 star restaurant for the money. Bought 400 Max Repels and several stickers at sunyshore city(or somthing).
Lapras reached Lvl 100. Lapras entered Normal Rank Beauty contest and won on the 2nd try. Todays swarm is snubbl...Fished around route 219.


Newest Shiny~
Been filling my "Obtained" National Dex.
I did trade-backs for Pokémon like Arceus and Celebi.

So far I have: Seen 432, Obtained 364
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