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~+The Official Fanfiction Writer's Club+~

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+Approved by PsiUmbreon+

Welcome writers of Serebii and other such forums! This club is in dedication to all those who enjoy writing fanfiction and/or are brimming with creativity and imagination.

Here writers can discuss writing tips, story ideas, writing styles, genres, thoughts on UU and OU Pokemon and much more!

Ok, enough with crappy intros and I'll get on with the rules -_-;

~The Rules~

One. No spamming, flaming and all that other crap - you know what it is so just dont do it.

Two. No requesting to be Co-owner. That role is to be decided by myself so we dont get any cruddy co-owners. You will most likely be appointed the job if you keep the thread alive (without double posting or spamming) and if you post often with decent and helpful comments.

Three. No advertising, you're allowed to point out your fics (if you have posted any) in your sign up. But just plain saying "Take a look at my fic: {URL}Ben's Pokemon Journey{/URL}" is just against the rules. Updated: Previews are allowed to be posted also in your sign up thread. Just edit them as you wish. If possible, post a link as it saves space - but never mind if not.

Four. No critisizing fics, those comments should be left for the thread the fic is in. Goes without saying really...

Five. Only one topic can be posted every day unless stated otherwise. This means all can post a topic unless one is already in progress; in which case you must wait until the following day in order to post a new one. If you like, you can PM me to reserve a topic, and I will add you to a newly formed list at the bottom of this post. To make this fair, you can't post two topics in a row. (Rule declared by Psychic - edited a little by myself)

Six. Following from topics, be sure to check the list at the bottom of this post regularly if you wish to post topics. If there is a new topic already in action, dont post the topic. If there is a topic in the request list, dont post a topic. If you realy want your topic to be up, PM me with the topic and I'll add it to the future topic list. Further details can be found here and through my answering PM (if you PM me).

Seven. Be sure to check out my important posts in order to get up to date.

I'll add more as the ideas come.

*~Sign Up~*

Nothing too hard, in fact, the only thing you really can mention after asking to join is links to any fics you may have posted. You do not need a fic posted to join though you must enjoy creating/writing them of course =P. If you like, you can include favourite genres, favourite books/authors etc.

About it methinks.


Tale (Owner)

Psychic (Co-Owner)

Ledian_X (Co-Owner)

Mimori Kiryu



Power Shot




Shadow Forte.EXE


Proffesor Pikachu


~*Commander Blizzard*~

Shiny Flygon

Elemental Charizam

Blackjack Gabbiani

Burnt Flower



Brian Powell


Sike Saner

Torkoal Stu


Willow's Tara



Serpant Syra





Blingin G

The Big Al





Saffire Persian





The Cheshire Cat

+Chaos Blade+




pisces (banned)


"What aspects of fanfiction are you thankful for this year?" Negrek

Topic Waiting list

Have fun!
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Mimori Kiryu

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I'd love to join! I love writing fanfictions so much. My newest one comes later in November. I don't have a link yet, but I can let you all see the banner created for it by Dark Latias:


I'm a big fan of the fanfictions here, especially stories by xXSaberXx, Scrap and The Cheshire Cat. I'm hope the story above is going to be at least as half as good as those. ^.^


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Sorry I didn't reply sooner ^_^;; but yeah, course you can join! The club doesn't look so popular at the moment though -_-;

And yeah, don't we all love those authors. Not familiar with Saber's story myself, perhaps I'll check it out, but Scrap and my adopter =D The Cheshire Cat, yeah, definately phenominal authors. And Serpant Syra, I just had to add him =P

Oh, and I'm sure your story will be more than half as good as those. Just from looking at your name and sig one can tell you have a creative aura. I'll check it out as soon as it comes out ^.^

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
Thanks, Tale ^_^

I've been trying for almost the whole time I've been here at SPPf to create a good story and it's my first try at a horror/romance/action story.

Oh, yeah, I've also decided to bring it out earlier. Not this weeked but next weekend. I'm about to post the preview today sometime....I don't know...


The magic of Pokemon
Count me in!

I mainly enjoy comedy, adventure, and musical fics.

My currently active projects:

"Born to Be a Champion: Pikachu's Johto Diaries"-Technically number three in a series, I chose to write it first b/c there aren't that many Johto fics anyway.
"The Battle Frontier of the Bands!" My musical fic that I need to finish...
"Adventures in Pokesitting II: Double Trouble"-The sequel to my comedy fic "Adventures in Pokesitting", you can read the original here

Please leave reviews and I'll review yours in return!


Team Awesome
Can I join? I don't have any Pokemon fanfics just yet, but I have several planned, and I have over 60 Xena and Highlander fanfics written. I prefer writing dramatic stories with a little humor thrown in here and there.


Well-Known Member
Yes and yes to both of you.

FR, I've heard of your musical fics, very original style I have to say.

Wubbanut, 60 fics in phenomenal! o.o I guess you like Xena and Highlander then, eh?

I'm glad the two of you could join. Perhaps a banner or button will be in order soon...

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
Glad to have you join, FlamingRuby and wobbanut! I posted the preview to my story if you all want to read it. Just click the banner in meh sig! It would mean so much to me! ^_^


The magic of Pokemon
Here are the other "Pikachu Diaries" I have planned:

"A Heart So True: Pikachu's Kanto Diaries" (this one's next)
"To the Ends of a Pokemon World: Pikachu's Island Diaries"
"From Champions to Heroes: Pikachu's Houen Diaries"
"Emerald Skies: Pikachu's Frontier Diaries" (tentative, this may change)

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
Emerald Skies sounds really interesting, FR! ^_^ I'd definately want to read that! *_*


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Now, now people, lets not turn this into an advertising thread. I've let Mimori off for that sneaky advertisement there, and in turn I must let off FR. But no more advertising.
Any links to stories should be edited into your sign up post if you wish, but no links in discussions. Referrals are acceptable, but no links.

Thank you for your time. And I left a reply, Mimori Kiyru.

Well lets get on with a topic then.

What do you look for in a fic?

I personally look for plotlines and description. I don't like masses and masses of description to the point where a blade of grass is described in two paragraphs (unless its special), but a decent amount of description is good in my opinion. However, an easy read with a fair amount is also very enjoyable.
As for plots, I stated in Mimori's thread, I enjoy original ones, gripping plots. But then, so does everyone =P

I also added a rule; hope its not too restricting.


The magic of Pokemon
That's just a tentative title until the US gets a theme song for the Frontier episodes...and "Unbeatable" is technically a Houen song, even though part of it spills into the frontier

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
What do you look for in a fic?

Mystery. I love it to the core. Also I like gripping stories with a little history. Unlike most readers I love stories where the main characters are connected to legendaries. As long as it's done in an interesting way, and described in detail. It would have to really well done, an example is....Pokemon Revelation: Cross of Fates. That's a good example of what I look for in a fic. Comedy/Drama/Romance/Friendship/History/Background/Struggle/

It's the best. I'm allowed to refer people to a story, right?


The magic of Pokemon
I like:

--an engaging plot--or else I wouldn't read it
--magical items or magical powers/creatures--I'm basically a sucker for fantasy, and magical items/powers/creatures are my favorite things to see in fantasy.
--humor-I love a good laugh, especially after a tense scene. My only pet peeve is potty humor...
--music--sometimes you get the message across better in a song...I've been told I do music the right way...


Well-Known Member
FR said:
music--sometimes you get the message across better in a song...I've been told I do music the right way...

I COMPLETELY agree! So much inspiration can come from music, and posting a song to listen too while reading, I've always thought, would really heighten the effect of the story; as if it were a film in words.
I think you've done a fic on a fantasy adventure with interactive music, FR, am I right? Great idea in my opinion.

Power Shot

Reignited with Ego!
I would like to join. I'm a struggling sixteen year old that can't get any reviews.

But enough of that. I want to be an author, or a story line worker at Nintendo one day. I have two fan-fics right now, both Zelda fics, both on the site. I'm working right now on a Pokemon fic that still hasn't got a name.

If you like, you can look at my fics to see if I'm good enough to join. The links' are on my sig.


Really and truly
Hey, Tale! I'd love to join!

My fics:
The Mutations
About a group of misfits searching for a home in which they can be accepted.
Cries In The Dark (One Shot)
A Lapras cries out, mourning the loss of his loved one.

What do you look for in a fic?
I like a fic that features the Legndaries. One with a good plot.
I always look for good, original characters. Those are always interesting to read about.
It should have description. I hate fics that lack description, as I find that it's one of the most important aspects of writing. However some writers can pull off writing a good fic that doesn't have a great deal of description, which I always find impressive. I like different writing styles. Ones that are creative and new spark my interest.

(Oh, and Tale, your request is done. I finally finished it. Go to the FanArt Request section and tell me if you like them.)



The magic of Pokemon
Tale-Yes, I was working on an RPG adventure with music inside it, but that project is on indefinite hold now.


Well-Known Member
Oui and Oui to both of you.

Power Shot, thats a big dream you have there, hope it all goes well. I'm sure that the best way to improve would be to gain reviews so I also hope you get some soon. On that note, I'd say that your fic has little reviews right now due to it being Zelda and not Pokemon. I dont know why, adn its rather unfair, but people do seem to stick more to the Pokemon Fic forum. However, I hear the mod, RaZoR LeAf is a fan of Zelda fics, so perhaps he'll spot it. Good luck anyhoo ^.^ and welcome to the club.

Hiya Psychic, just read your post and felt a massive blow to the stomach by guilt as I found 'The Mutations' which I promised to review. I'll slap myself and get round to it asap and with a decent one too - so sorry about that. And just for good measure, I'll take a look at the one-shot too.
I completely agree with your answer to the topic, on all of the points, a story really isnt a story wihtout description and interesting characters are a sure, fine way of pulling in readers, especially when introduced early. And legendaries, yeah, usually the base of a good fic - not that its anything to do with anything but I'm planning on making an RPG based heavily on all legendaries so yeah. *Sneakily slides in advertisement* heheheh...
Oh, and I'll check out the request thread =P

Welcome to both of you!

EDIT: Flaming Ruby: Well, I'm hoping its back up soon, gives me some time to read it at least =P

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member
Anyone have any advice on how not to run into writer's block? I'm going pretty good on my new story The Revolutionary Battle...but I'm afraid that sooner or later, I'll fall into a block of some sort...advice anyone?
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