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The Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Thread


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
Mexico moves on! Bring on Argentina!


Shiny Flygon
I feel sorry for South Africa! They were so worth it... Lets hope that Ghana or Nigeria will qualify to the top--16 since Africa wants at least one representative from Africa.


mia san mia
I'm hoping Ghana qualifies for the round of 16 only so the USA can knock 'em right on out. And I think South Korea will finish off Nigeria after they were upset by Greece.


Pokemon master
Looks like Argentina and Greece are going for another 0-0 dull moment. Greece might even score from their surprise counter-attack, you never know

King Lawliet

Cero Miedo!
I wanted to watch the other match...

Greece are sooooo entertaining. The way they sucked out any spark in the game is truly the stuff of brilliance. Thank goodness Argentina just scored to put the Greeks out of their misery, maybe the Greeks might be convinced to attack a bit more...and hopefully Argentina can punish them for attacking.

7 tyranitars

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predictions for tomorrow

slovenia -england 0-0 I have lost hope for england.

usa - algeria 2-0

ghana -germany 0-2

australia - servia 0-1

argentina scored 1-0 when I typed this :p

nigeria - south korea still 2-2


The #1 Remus Lupin f
The Greece vs Argentina game was horribly dull until Argentina scored. I'm quite glad they did too. I was about to switch over to the Nigeria vs South Korea game too. xD

So of the four teams I'm cheering for, none of them have made it to the knockout stage yet. France didn't advance from group rounds, so they're out. I still have England, USA, and Spain though. Hopefully USA gets the win or draw they need to go to the knockouts. Hopefully one of the teams I'm cheering for makes it to knockouts. D:

And these matches at the same time are killing me. I'm mad US vs Algeria and England vs Slovenia are at the same time at 9:30am EST. D; Looks like I'll have to try & listen to 2 matches at once. So much for sleeping in.


Greece are sooooo entertaining. The way they sucked out any spark in the game is truly the stuff of brilliance.

They didn't even try to attack after they were 1-0 down and NEEDED to score. Samaras was up there alone for 90 minutes. Amazing performance by Messi, even though there were 3 greeks glued to him for the duration of the game he managed to play well.

It's really a shame that Nigeria didn't make it through, they were a decent team.

France's game was hilarious. You know something is very wrong in a team when Cisse is starting for it.


Pokemon master
Disappointing performance from Argentina. Maradona basically deployed a Argentina 2nd division team in the field. I understand that he wanted to rest the key players for this game, but that's not excuse for playing a 2nd division team. Anyway, Messi showed some sparks of his brilliance; he has yet to find the back of the net though. The rest of the Argentine team was dull otherwise.


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
Mexico vs Uruguay
Well I won't be able to eat Carne Asada since we didn't win, but I can still make some Nachos and tacos cause we're going to the next round to face Argentina, they beat us last time in this same match, but it's rematch & revenge time!

France vs South Africa
Well at least they didn't go out with 0 goals, those French tisk tisk. South Africa played very well, sadly they won't be going any further in their hosted world cup, but they certainly left a mark no one will forget, I certainly won't doubt their skill in future tournaments.

Greece vs Argentina
Argentina beat the greeks, so long greece your greek gods didn't help you this time. Argentina with the best record so far 3 wins 9 points.

South Korea vs Nigeria
A draw, but in reality a win for South Korea cause they're going to the next round.

U.S vs Algeria 1-2 I think the U.S will blow it.
Slovenia vs England: 0-2 Come on England you invented this sport (i think) do something, surprise us.
Australia vs Serbia: 0-1 I think Australia will do it.
Ghana vs Germany: 1-2 Germany goes on.

Well the last matches before the next round are here! An unpredictable world cup makes for suspense, nerve wrecking, and shocking tournament which is Good! My favorite game so far is the Brazil vs Cote d Ivorie it was pretty good.


So Group A and Group B concluded. France were....woeful. Horrible. Disgraceful. Laughable. Brave Bafana Bafana gave their supporters what they deserved. And we all know most of the blame will go to Domenech. But i dont blame him. I blame the attitude of the players. Deserved finishing bottom.

Argentina vs. Greece was Attack vs. Defense basically. Attack won. Diego's reserve Argentina won against Greece. Credit must go to all the players and specially Diego Maradona who really proved his critics wrong.

With group A and B complete, i will give points for predicting the places correctly tomorrow, cuz its 2:45 AM here today and i really need some sleep. I, however, despite leading in the Prediction points chart, I deserve a kicking. I predicted France finish first(lol), South Africa 2nd, Mexico 3rd and Uruguay 4th. ROFL. Turned out to be exactly opposite. But i dont think anyone expected France to do so bad, since Argentina barely qualified aswell, but upped their game at the World Cup, which France failed to do.

The Prediction Points total are being updated in the front page. I will update today's ones tomorrow cos its really late here.
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I can see the future
I've missed making predictions the last few days, so I'll make the ones for tomorrow.

USA 2 - Algeria 0
England 1 - Slovenia 1
Ghana 1 - Germany 2
Australia 0 - Serbia 2

Unlike some people, I'm confindent that the US will find a way to win.


I can see the future
Did anybody else catch "The Two Escobars" that aired tonight on ESPN (assuming that you get it, of course)? Definitely a powerful documentary about the Andres Escobar murder.


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Well last night didn't go well for me... oh well.


USA 1 - 0 Algeria.
Going on the results I would say the US are simply too good for Algeria.
England 1 - 1 Slovenia.
Like France last night I think England will either come out and go to work with the pressure on them to perform or they'll fumble. For safety's sake I'm going with a draw but if either team won I wouldn't be surprised - and if Slovenia don't get through I think they have a right to feel disappointed because they've played beyond all expectations of them.
Ghana 1 - 2 Germany.
This will be a tough game for both teams but I think Germany are simply much too good.
Australia 0 - Serbia 2
Australia has improved through the run of the tournament but I don't see them being as good as Serbia.


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Here's my thoughts on tomorrow's games (which I may be able to watch because no school for me!)

USA 1 - 1 Algeria
England 2 - 1 Solvenia
Ghana 0 - 2 Germany
Australia 1 - 2 Serbia
I'm going to do this prediction thing because I can. :3

USA 1 - 0 Algeria
England 1 - 2 Slovenia
Ghana 1 - 3 Germany
Australia 1 - 2 Serbia

Also Domenech is a faggot.


USA 1-0 Algeria
England 1-0 Slovenia(tough on Slovenia, still think it could be a draw but i want the Three Lions to roar!)

Ghana 0-2 Germany(come on Germany!)
Australia 0-1 Serbia


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USA 1-0 Algeria
England 4-0 Solvenia

Ghana 1-1 Germany
Australia 1-0 Serbia

France should do a serious housecleaning. With the new coach, I'm sure they will.