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The Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Thread


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Hmm, not too surprised by today's outcomes. Maybe I'll be good with tomorrow's then :)

Paraguay 1 - 1 New Zealand
Slovakia 0 - 1 Italy
Cameroon 0 - 2 Netherlands
Denmark 2 - 1 Japan


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And Australia is on its way home! Finally the hype will end, even if we have to endure hearing about unfair decisions for a few weeks - at least they left on a winning note so it won't be quite as bad as it could have been.

While I congratulate England, and the US, for qualifying for the group stage (in America's case talk about leaving it late!) I feel intensely sorry for Slovenia - I thought they were the most deserving team in Group C but results conspired to eliminate them.

Ghana and Germany definitely deserved to qualify from Group D, though Serbia gave us all a surprise when they beat Germany (even if Germany was reduced to 10 men in that match).

Paraguay 1 - 1 New Zealand
While I'd say Paraguay should win the match New Zealand have absolutely stunned all observers in this cup.
Slovakia 0 - 1 Italy
Hopefully Italy can follow England's lead and lift in this their final qualifying match.
Cameroon 0 - 2 Netherlands
Can't see Cameroon throwing a spanner into the gears of the clockwork that has been the Netherlands at this World Cup.
Denmark 2 - 1 Japan
Denmark seem to have been one of the teams no-one expected much of and so their good play has surprised everyone. Japan is good but I don't think they're as good as the Danes, still if the match ends in a draw I won't be stunned.


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Well sadly, the Australians are out of the World Cup, so I am tipping Brazil to win the cup for a sixth time. And the South Africans has created history for all the wrong reasons: becoming the first host nation to be knocked out in the first round.

I am already looking forward to the second round. May the best teams win.


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Seems like my prediction for who would win Group D was right. Germany did win & Ghana was the runner up. I'm quite interested in their matches against USA & England now. :)

So my predictions for tomorrow:
Paraguay 1 - 1 New Zealand
Slovakia 0 - 2 Italy
Cameroon 1 - 1 Netherlands
Denmark 0 - 1 Japan

As for the winner & runner up of Group E, I'm gonna say Netherlands will win it while Japan takes the runners up.

EDIT: Forgot that the rest of Group F was being done today too. So I think Italy will be able to take the win for the group while Paraguay takes runner up.
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Not a big suprise, I knew England, Germany and Ghana will make it.

As for group 5-6, let's see if Japan and Denmark can provide us a big drama.

Paraguay 3-1 New Zealand
Slovakia 0-1 Italy
Cameroon 2-2 Netherlands
Denmark 1-0 Japan
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Germany were shaky in the first half. I must congratulate Ghana. They played fabulously. But in the 2nd half, we played much better and dominated. And a fantastic goal it was from Mesut Oezil, one of the best strikes of the tournament so far, but Villa's first was probably better.

So now, we're all set for a Germany - England clash. I'm in a dilemma now. One of my favourite teams will soon get eliminated. I'll feel deeply sorry for England if they do go out but nonetheless, I'll definitely be on the German's side. We can tame the Three Lions!
This should be the highlight of the Round of 16, even more than the potential Spain - Portugal clash.

My predicting is improving! I predicted exact for USA and England's games and well as correct result for Germany's!


Slovakia 0-1 Italy
Paraguay 2-0 New Zealand(Paraguay are a much better side than Italy...)

Japan 1-1 Denmark
Netherlands 2-0 Cameroon


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Points for predicting group places:

Night Walker: 21*(umm, in the other thread you predicted England and USA/Algeria will qualify. I know the prediction game wasnt announced then, but since you chose 2 teams, i gave you 7 points or predicting who will advance from group c correctly instead of 15. You still got 15 for predicting winners of group d.)
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Whatever happens, I hope we won't have to play Netherlands in the next round. My two favorite teams against each other would suck.

Best case scenario is a goalless draw between New Zaeland and Paraguay while Italy beats Slovakia with many goals. Unlikely? I think so.

EDIT: Gah, kinda late, but I want to try predictions too:

Italy 2-0 Slovakia
Paraguay 3-1 New Zaeland

Holland 1-0 Cameroon
Japan 1-1 Denmark
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paruguay - new zealand 1-1

slovakia - italy 0-2

the Netherlands - cameroon 2-0 sadly I can't watch it because my damn boss decided to change my working time to that time -.-..

japan - denmark 1-2

King Lawliet

Cero Miedo!

Paraguay 3-0 New Zealand
Slovakia 0-2 Italy
Cameroon 1-3 Netherlands
Denmark 2-1 Japan


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Oh no! The Italy v. Slovakia match is judged by Howard Webb! He's the Public Enemy #1 in Poland.

That's because in the Poland v. Austria match on Euro 2008 he gave an unreasoned penalty to Austria in the additional time of second half of the match. Because of it, instead of winning 1-0 we drawed 1-1. That killed our chances to pass to Second Round.

I smell trouble. Where's Webb, there's harm.
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lol at italy not making it trough :D it was a really exciting match especialy the second halve


So Italy are OUT already NOW. Just can't believe it, but that's what happens when you're bot bringing Totti, Toni and Giovinco .

Cannavaro shouldn't be in the squad anymore in the future.


I'm speechless. The first half and most of the second half we were dreadful and the team woke up a little too late. Amazing game overall though, the last 10 minutes of insanity were pure adrenaline. The 3rd goal was really stupid, plus there was a totally onside goal by Di Natale disallowed... but who cares, we wouldn't go far with this team anyway.

*insert comment about not being France here*


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what a complete mess and screw those russians, it was all ******** but i dont really care since italy won 4 years ago, good 4 u slovakia,get lost!


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Man, the Slovakia-Italy match was totally worth watching, just for the last 10 minutes of insanity.

Amen. The rest of the game was a joke (more like a farce). I'd say bye bye to Italy in Italian but I took German in high school instead. :p


Wow. World Champions Italy out! Right after the Finalists! France and Italy out of the World Cup, with no wins, finishing dead last in their respective groups.

I didnt expect Italy to go far, expected them to crash out against the Dutch in the Round of 16, but damn. Still, one of the greatest matches in this World Cup, possibly an all time World Cup classic. 3 goals in the last 10 minutes.


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I think its the first time in history that the champion and Vice champion are both getting relegated in the first round, that's pretty amazing.

And New Zealand- well done, they finished without a loss.


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Well, I was wrong about Italy and Paraguay. But at least Paraguay made it. Hopefully my prediction for Netherlands & Japan is true~

Felly said:
So I guess I'll make some predictions for today's matches~

Germany 3 - 2 Ghana
Australia 0 - 1 Serbia

For who wins group D, I'll go for Germany winning & Ghana being the runners up.

Hey, Overheat. I know I was wrong about Germany vs Ghana & Australia vs Serbia, but my group predictions were right. Shouldn't I get points for that? I still only have 3 points. :/