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The Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Thread


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Man, the Slovakia-Italy match was totally worth watching, just for the last 10 minutes of insanity.

Definitely. My dad and I were ****** off when Slovakia got the last goal. My team is out now. The last 15 minutes had some insane moments.

Time to cheer for the Netherlands.

Anyway, Japan-Denmark is on now. Go Japan!

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England appear to have Germany.

Good, we can see just how good England are. Who cares if the route is harder, the World Cup was meant for England vs. Germany, not England vs. Ghana (more intense rivalry, not a put down to Ghana at all).

This competition has shades of the 2002 World Cup. Defending champions crashing out in the Group Stage, South Korea and Japan progressing (this time without being co-hosts), England finishing second, shocks all over the place.

Hopefully Chile will top their group :D A draw is all that's needed. It is against Spain however. But who knows, Chile could knock Spain out :D

Also, one of Uruguay, South Korea, USA and Ghana will be in the semis, which is excellent. Also one of Paraguay and Japan will be in the quarters. Loving it.

Dark horses? The Netherlands. They're gradually ploughing through the tournament relatively unnoticed.

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the Netherlands won 2-1 :D couldn't see the match but the last 5 mins
and japan played 3-1 against denmark so

the Netherlands


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Slovakia vs Italy
Oh lord I’m off Pizza for a long while after this, how could you Italy did you not learn anything from Mario strikers? Mama mia they’re out, the ex champions won’t have a chance to “defend” their title, From what I know Italy didn’t have all their same players from the last world cup rather new ones this time around, why they let them go? It’s sad and will not be the same without them. But Slovakia won for a reason cause they’re good so we’ll see them again.

Paraguay vs New Zealand
Well Paraguay ties this game, but moves on, a team I didn’t think was “good” compared to the other Latin American countries, they certainly proved me wrong.

Cameroon vs Netherlands
Netherlands or as some call it Holland, they win move on and will face Slovakia, Netherlands quickly becoming a favorite amongst the European countries what with Italy gone and Germany & England not as strong as they should be.

Denmark vs Japan
Alright the home of Pokemon amongst other things moves on, good for them they certainly surprised a lot of people and they face the other team that surprised me Paraguay.

A good mix advancing so far: some Europeans, 2 asian teams, 1 African, 2 North American countries, and of course the South American teams.

For tomorrow:
North Korea vs Cote d Ivoire: 1-1 I think they’ll draw
Portugal vs Brazil 1-3 Brazil is gonna dominate
Chile vs Spain: 0-3 Spain has to go one they have to!
Switzerland vs Honduras: 0-1 come on Honduras get at least 1 win.
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this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨
Japan beat Denmark 3-1. They finally got more than 2 goals in a game.


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Denmark certainly wasn't coming back after Japan's 2 goals against them. I knew that after that 2nd free kick came in. And I'm really happy Netherlands won 2-1 to Cameroon. Shame Cameroon was already out, so I had a feeling that the Netherlands would beat them anyways.

Predictions for tomorrow:
North Korea 0 - 3 Ivory Coast (After North Korea's performance against Portgual, I doubt they'll be winning against the Ivory Coast let alone scoring anything.)
Portugal 3 - 1 Brazil
Chile 0 - 2 Spain
Switzerland 1 - 1 Honduras

For Group G, I'm going to say Portgual will win the group while Brazil takes runner up. For Group H, I'm gonna say Spain will win & Chile is runner up.

EDIT: Well, looks like my prediction for Netherlands & Japan was right as well. That's two group predictions correct since I was right about Germany & Ghana as well~
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Darn it Denmark! Can't I rely on anyone to cause an "on paper" upset?

*Shakes head sadly* Italy... What happened? You're the defending world champions for crying out loud!

Well done New Zealand, this is how you announce yourself on the World Stage, I'll be happy to see you again in four years time.

The Clockwork rolls on unimpeded :)

North Korea 0 - 1 Cote d Ivoire.
North Korea surprised against Brazil but I think that was a bit of a fluke and they'll have drooped after their drubbing by Portugal.
Portugal 2 - 2 Brazil.
This'll be the match of the night, and I think both teams are both fairly evenly match.
Chile 1 - 2 Spain.
Chile will give Spain a fight but Spain should win it.
Switzerland 1 - 0 Honduras.
I think the Swiss, who have surprised through out this tournament might just squeak out a winner here.


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Hmm, managed to catch the tail end of the Solvakia/Italy game, but in time to see Slovakia's goal and then Italy's. A little disappointed, but oh well.

Tomorrow's predictions:

North Korea 1 - 1 Ivory Coast
Portugal 2 - Brazil 2
Chile 1 - 3 Spain
Switzerland 1- 1 Hondouras
NZ too pro. gg guys.

North Korea 0 - 2 Ivory Coast
Portugal 2 - 2 Brazil
Chile 1 - 2 Spain
Switzerland 2 - 0 Honduras



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Slovakia vs Italy match was full of drama. After 1-1 draw with NZ, a TV reporter said that "C'mon Italy is the reigning champion. They're known for slow starters, so don't underestimate them. Give them the credit where it's due". Now that reporter must be shoving his own comment down his throat.

Isn't it ironic that both of last World Cup's finalists - France and Italy, have been eliminated in the group stage?
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Japan did it, ha? I thought Denmark will win the game, but Japan's star (don't remember his name) give a great game.

North Korea 1-4 Ivory Coast
Portugal 1-2 Brazil
Chile 1-1 Spain
Switzerland 3-0 Honduras

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the boss giygas, you can better say the netherlands then holland :)

ash kid you mean honda?

north korea - ivory coast 1-3
portugal - brasil 2-2
chile - spain 1-2
switserland - honduras 1-0


I'll write about yesterday's matches(and controversy) later cos i'm going out. Although i kinda expected Italy go out of the tourney quick(round of 16) but not this early.

Just giving today's match predictions:

Brazil 2-2 Portugal( evenly matched, expect to see plenty of goals here)
Korea DPR 0-1 Ivory Coast(ivory coast doesnt look like they can score goals, ironically with drogba in the team. They'll sneak past Korea)

Chile 0-1 Spain(tough match)
Switzerland 1-0 Honduras(just like the ivory coast match, expect them to sneak through)

King Lawliet

Cero Miedo!

North Korea 1-3 Ivory Coast
Brazil 4-0 Portugal
Chile 2-2 Spain
Switzerland 2-0 Honduras
QF matches agogo I predict the winners to be Uruguay V USA, Netherlands V Brazil, Argentina V Germany and Paraguay V Either Spain if Spain are top, or if Spain are runners up, Portugal. Semis. Uruguay V Brazil, Argenina V EIther Spain or Paraguay. Final Brazil V Argenina.


Just watched Brazil - Portugal and i have to say it was a horrible and boring match. Both sides were disappointing, specially Brazil in the 2nd half.

Well, many of us got Group G exact(expect for the ones who thought Ivory Coast was going through and the odd J-Myc, the only person in the world, who thought Korea DPR was gonna top the group.......) I'll add the group placement points for yesterday and today, tomorrow aswell as the match prediction points for today tomorrow.

Prediction points for yesterday

The Boss Giygas: 9
shinyponita: 3
Double oh Platypus: 6
otaku dono: 6
Night Walker: 6
Felly: 6
Ash kid: 0
Overheat: 3
Fenix: 3
7 tyranitars: 6
J-Myc: 3


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Hey I am big soccer fan, by team was France but then, they suck right now and got eliminated so I'm going for a country close to my home country, Spain and the Netherlands.

However I will start the predicting game now, but only for the knockout rounds and the final group games.

Chile 1:2 Spain

Switzerland 1:1 Honduras

USA 2:1 Ghana

Argentina 4:1 Mexico

I also think Argentina Mexico might be 3:1 but I'm going to go with 4:1

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uruguay - south korea 2-1

USA -ghana 1-0