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The Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Thread


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
North Korea vs Ivory Coast
Okay so North Korea loses again, I guess they weren't as good as I thought they'd be after they played Brazil. But at least it was good to have them in this cup, gave it a strange diverse flavor. Neither of these 2 move on though.

Portugal vs Brazil
They tied, but Brazil wasn't using their stars like Kaka and Elano so I guess it was pretty evenly matched. Both of them move on anyways so I guess they didn't want to go all out on each other.

Switzerland vs Honduras
Yeah, Honduras had a strong defense again, but didn't score so yeah. Switzerland I love your cheese, but not your team sorry.

Spain vs Chile
So the Muy picante Chile took on the Spanish Bulls. Spain showing their ex colony how soccer's done and they win. A great passing game and Chile's goalie mistake gave Spain the 1st place spot. Now Spain goes against Portugal and Chile faces it's south American friend Chile < whoops I meant to say Brazil here.

Well the 1st rounds are over, and tomorrow the big battles take place.

Uruguay vs South Korea: 2-1 Uruguay wins
U.S vs Ghana: 1-2 I think these 2 are even, but there is no ties anymore so I'll give Ghana the upper hand they held out Germany fairly well.
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LC Koffing Abuser
Well who knows, my score for spain was exact, and the result for Honduras was too, and I was about to write 0:0 instead of 1:1, oh well.

Germany 2-2 England

england winning later.

I might change this later thouugh


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Hmm, I was thoroughly disappointed with the Brazil/Portugal game, but I suspect (as mentioned before me) that because they were both moving on anyway, there was no real need to go all out against each other anyway.

But it does not do well to dwell in the past if the future is bright. Therefore, I shall now present my predictions for tomorrow :)

Uruguay 1 - 2 South Korea (I'm still very convinced that SK is going to go somewhere)
U.S.A. 1 -1 Ghana (I'm not too familiar with Ghana, but I figure that they'd do alright against the U.S.)


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Well have to say I'd have liked to see Brazil and Portugal put on a show, but then with little on the line for them and the more important matches lying in wait I'm not surprised they played out a goalless draw.
...Was pretty spiteful in the first half though.

Uruguay 2 - 1 South Korea.
South Korea, along with Japan, have surprised me during this cup but I think given the teams they played Uruguay looks like the stronger of the teams.
U.S.A. 1 - 2 Ghana.
Ghana are definitely favourites, in my book, here. Groups C and D surprised me, in C Slovenia put in a great showing (and were desperately unlucky not to go through) while in D Serbia proved to be a surprise package as well (turning it into the "group of death" it was claimed to be at the start of the tournament).
Personally I think Ghana had the tougher group stage, considering England didn't really hit their straps until the last group stage match whereas Germany was only wrong footed in the match with Serbia where they were reduced to 10 men, and hence I think Ghana are the stronger team.

Still as we've seen, with some of the big upsets (Switzerland beating Spain, Serbia beating Germany, France self destructing, Cameroon not playing nearly as well as was expected of them), anything can happen in Football especially on the grandest stage of all.
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Bad red card ruined the Chile-Spain game. I honestly expected Spain to better with Chile a man down. I still am not convinced they'll win the World Cup and i think its set to be another disappointing WC for the under-achieving Spaniards. On the other hand, Villa has been tremendously impressive, so has Iniesta, and i back David Villa to be the top scorer of the World Cup. He is already joint top scorer with 3 goals.

Oh and one more important thing. About the Group Placement predictions(and the other rounds which i will add before today's matches). Do you think they are interfering too much with the Match points prediction games? If they are, and i get 3 answers saying yes, i'll cut those points and make two separate prediction contest, one for match predictions and the other for placement predictions.

Group Placement prediction points for 24th:

J-Myc: 9
Timothy mimefan Sillery: 18
Vincenzo Hikari: 30
masukippa: 6
7 tyranitars: 6
Overheat: 3
Night Walker: 6
Ash-kid: 6
LucarioWolf: 15
bigtukker: 6
The Boss Giygas: 6
Natsu's inferno: 3

Group Placement prediction points for yesterday:

J-Myc: 35
Timothy mimefan Sillery: 21
Vincenzo Hikari: 18
masukippa: 41
7 tyranitars: 70(got both groups correct!)
Overheat: 70(got both exact too!)
Night Walker: 18
Ash-kid: 18
LucarioWolf: 6
bigtukker: 30
The Boss Giygas: 10(would have got 18 but late edit...)
Natsu's Inferno: 6

Match prediction points(for yesterday)

The Boss Giygas: 3
shinyponita: 3
Felly: 12
Night Walker: 12
Double-oh-Platypus: 9
otaku-dono: 12
Overheat: 9
J-Myc: 3
Lugia4ever: 9

Ash-kid: 3
7 tyranitars: 12

7 tyranitars

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noo! especialy not after those 70 points ;x

but people who got less points from the group predictions will say yes and people who got lots of points will obvious say yes so let's do every for every no there has to be another yes? :D because it will be unfair if 3 people didn't do the placement predictions so well and the other did :p


I think Chile were better even with 10 players. Spain should have been better, I really doubt if it will be enough against Portugal in the next round. And yeah, my predictions for the eight finals:

Uruguay 1-0 South Korea
U.S.A. 1-3 Ghana

King Lawliet

Cero Miedo!
The year of the underdogs? Yes it is

Well, many of us got Group G exact(expect for the ones who thought Ivory Coast was going through and the odd J-Myc, the only person in the world, who thought Korea DPR was gonna top the group.......)
I am disappoint, North Korea was robbed in all of their matches, because of the awful design of the ball they lost the first match against Brazil and the referee blatantly conspired against them against Portugal and by the time the Ivory Coast match came around they were already going home. Should of finished top D=

I suppose in some ways it's a good thing Chile are facing Brazil because at least it'll be a high scoring fixture just like past encounters between the two of them and because Portugal seem intent on just not conceding a goal in fact I can see Portugal just getting as far as they can on the back of 1-0 wins and penalties so I suppose they as well knock out Spain in the process since I'd rather Spain not win the World Cup.

Fernando Torres diving to get the player sent off, oh dear, that seems to be the only decent contribution he's made since coming back from injury.

Uruguay 2-0 South Korea
USA 1-1 Ghana (Ghana to win on penalties) Ghana proving that they are best African team in this tournament. Much better than the quite frankly overrated Ivory Coast.

Either way, I'm glad to see that one of these teams will get to the semis, would prefer Uruguay and Ghana there to see a bit of diversity in the World Cup finals and all.

Tomorrow, I hope England lose because they are such poor winners (poor losers too) and they have an extremely average team and yet they think themselves as world beaters though the match against Germany is certainly winnable.
Hopefully, as an English man, hopefully we lose against Germany.


noo! especialy not after those 70 points ;x

but people who got less points from the group predictions will say yes and people who got lots of points will obvious say yes so let's do every for every no there has to be another yes? :D because it will be unfair if 3 people didn't do the placement predictions so well and the other did :p

Yeah, i got 70 points too, and we both will be topping the placement points table. Just saying cos its unfair for people like Double- Oh - Platypus, who would've been 3rd i think if the placement game was separate, or people like Night Walker who didnt predict fully. And i'm announcing the next placement game right now, so it'll be even more unfair for the people who dont come online right now. Although they still will be able to predict the other placements. I'll look into this later, and with more suggestions.

The placement game for all the other knockout rounds is to who faces who in
the next round. Like right now you can predict the quarter finals to be USA vs. Uruguay etc. Got the picture? And deadline's before the match takes place.

And results in extra time and penalties will be treated as a separate match. You cannot predict a result 2-1 and get it correct on extra time. You still get the points for predicting win though. If you predict a draw, give the score on extra time and if you think it will go to penalties, predict who wins(dont have to predict penalty scores). It will be treated as 3 matches should it go down to penalties, and if you get those exact, you can earn a massive amount of points.

So for the quarters i predict Uruguay vs. Ghana.

Uruguay 1-0 South Korea
USA 1-1 Ghana, 1-2 extra time

I know USA are comeback kings, but i dont think they can pull it off again. Ghana are a strong side.


I can see the future
I'll give my predicitons. Sheesh, it's like I'm the only person who's confident in the USA.

Uruguay 2 - South Korea 1
USA 2 - Ghana 0

7 tyranitars

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overheat then it will be uruguay- usa next match up for me btw do you calc it with the predictions we said for me I said uruguay s korea 2-1 and usa - ghana 1-0 that would be uruguay- usa and they are still at the anthems so just in time :p
FYI, I've already did my predictions for the knockout stage.


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
Uruguay vs South Korea
I got this one right, 2-1 Uruguay wins. South Korea was great during this world cup, the way they did Greece in their first game was the best game of that group I think. Of course Uruguay is no easy picking, they are former champions as well 2 times! Uruguay wins today.

U.S.A vs Ghana
Again I got this 1-2 Ghana, but won in the extra time So I don't get the points since I didn't claim extra time. Ghana is certainly the strongest African team and a historic win for them as they advance even further. They play Uruguay which is gonna be a hard match.

Well the first shots have been fired and Uruguay and Ghana start the knock out round winning. All this FIFA advertisement is certainly taking it's effect on me as well, I went to McDonald's today just cause it's all over the world cup, I haven't been there in literally years. I drank cocacola today though I haven't touched the drink in months, but hey it's world cup spirit.

Argentina vs Mexico: am I willing to sacrifice betting points for team support? Hell yes I am, Go MEXICO! 2-2/ 2-3 extra time, Mexico wins!

Germany vs England
Now this is hard, Germany lost 1 game while England won 1 and tied the rest, but then again Germany did get 2 wins so Germany 3-0 Germany wins!
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Uruguay really were great, and Ghana too. I feel sorry for U.S but they haven't the power to make it to the next round, and Ghana again have qualified over them, like in 2006.

England 2-1 Germany
Argentina 1-0 Mexico


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Oh yes, 2 from 2 score-lines and all :)

The early goal from Uruguay was exactly what that game needed, even though both teams got started

Argentina 2 - 1 Mexico.
Will be a tight one, but I'd expect to see Argentina pull out the win.

Germany 1 - 1 England.
Germany wins 2-1 in Extra Time

This may be the match of the night.
I think the result will depend on which England side turns up for this match - the one that played the first two qualifiers will definitely lose the one that played the last one will give us a fantastic match against a very good German team.
I really think the difference will be that the German team is younger and will have more staying power in Extra Time.


Do The Tevez!
After watching the Ghana match, was anyone else impressed by Andre Ayew Ghana's left winger? I thought he played a blinder.

Argentina 3 - 1 Mexico