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The Official FR/LG Recent Happenings Thread - Fresh Edition

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by Angeling, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. Angeling

    Angeling true love

    Likewise, the other thread has been here since 2004 and the first few posters are already pruned. As with the RSE's Recent Happenings thread, there will be NO spamming and try to keep your posts to at least two full sentences. Nothing like "I just restarted ____", please.

    ABSOLUTELY NO SPAMMING! Unless you want an infraction.

    Now, carry on.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2008
  2. Champion Jared 14

    Champion Jared 14 Well-Known Member

    Umm, first post? Yay... Anyways, I'm looking forward to eventually finding a chansey with a lucky egg. If if it means risking losing another shiny there, I want the lucky egg on 3rd gen soo very badly. Other than that, I'm buying abras on leaf green in order to get a shiny one. Or, I will get ones with the random natures to send over to my emerald. Other than that, no I haven't got a new team to pwn the second round elite four with yet...
  3. Sladazo

    Sladazo Member

    I'm just training my Pokemon for the next gym. Nothing too interesting. I've put a Raticate in storage though because I dislike it now and I've also raised a Diglett to Dugtrio and put it in storage. Maybe I should keep it for Blaine though even though I'll have a Pokemon type advantage over him anyway. So yeah, nothing really exciting.
  4. OJG

    OJG r u not entertained

    I'm training my Pikachu, Charmeleon and Clefairy. Beat Misty (<3 Pikachu), now doing the bridge. Aiming for level 28 for my team to face Surge.

    I'm going to add a Poliwag, when's the earliest I can catch one?
  5. I am training my themed teams, as I finished the main story already. For this I need many "national" pokemon, and seeing them in FRLG is fun, especially after a long time of seeing the same Kanto ones.
  6. MekeHeke

    MekeHeke Well-Known Member

    The earliest you can catch a Poliway is fishing after obtaining the Good Rod, I believe.

    My LG arrives tomorrow! yay!
  7. OJG

    OJG r u not entertained

    I've decided on final 3 members of my team.

    Exeggutor, catchable when I get to Fuschia. (will be Modest/Timid)

    Poliwrath, also when I get to Fuschia. (will be Jolly/Adamant)

    Piloswine, when i'm at 4 island. (will be Adamant/Impish)

    Those three, added to Charizard, Raichu and Clefable make a reaaaaly cool team :)

    Currently at Vermillion, team is;

    Charmeleon, female, Naive, level 22 (Scratch/Dig/Ember/Metal Claw)
    Pikachu, male, Mild, level 22 (Thundershock/Mega Kick/Thunder Wave/Quick Attack)
    Clefairy, female, Careful, level 22 (Doubleslap/Water Pulse/Mega Punch/Sing)

    About to train to level 28. Will be evolving Pikachu at level 33, and Clefairy at level 45 (<3 Meteor Mash)
  8. noobers

    noobers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

    I just busted the Team Rocket Hideout, evolving my Pidgotto in the proccess. Now I'm training Dugtrio, Flareon, and Pidgeot for Erika.
  9. phish

    phish New Member

    I decided to restart a new game on my LG and not use any of the starters. Im around Celedon City right now and im most likely going to add Vaperon.

    Nidoqueen lvl 32
    Sandslash lvl 32
    Machop lvl 27
    Eevee lvl 25?
  10. Sladazo

    Sladazo Member

    I finally got a Vaporeon on my team and I've trained it to match my other team members levels. I shall go do whatever I do next, which I think is go around the hideout in Celadon or do that thing in Lavender Town.

    So, my current team is Venusaur, Vaporeon, Kadabra and Fearow. I can't trade Kadabra then back since I don't have that cable thing or whatever.
  11. Yaoi Fan Boy

    Yaoi Fan Boy Official Crobat Love

    I'm looking for Items that pokemon hold: Silver Powder, Spell Tag, Poison Barb, Focus Band, and Dragon Fang
  12. OpalDragonStar

    OpalDragonStar <-- Please Shine!!!

    I'm still trying to get shiny Squirtle...442 soft resets so far.
  13. OJG

    OJG r u not entertained

    I'm currently moving through Rock Tunnel. I'm doing all battles, hoping they'll be at level 35 by Erika. Team;

    Charmeleon, Naive, female, level 33, Scratch/Dig/Ember/Brick Break
    Pikachu, Mild, male, level 30 (will train outside because of the rock and ground types), Thunderbolt/Quick Attack/Mega Kick/Thunder Wave
    Clefairy, Careful, female, level 33, Cosmic Power/Water Pulse/Mega Punch/Sing
  14. MekeHeke

    MekeHeke Well-Known Member

    I FINALLY HAVE THE GAME!!!! I can finally contribute to this thread after weeks of waiting and wishing...Anyway, I am only in Viridian City, with these Pokemon:

    Charmander: Lv. 10, Serious, M
    Pidgey: Lv. 5, Rash, F
    Rattata: Lv. 6, Quiet, M
    Mankey: Lv. 5, Hasty, M

    I am currently hunting for a female Spearow!
  15. cheshirekatt80

    cheshirekatt80 I'mma spriter :D

    I'm currently at the elite 4. I get to ary but keep on losing :(
    I'll beat him the 4th time though. My Blastoise will beat his Pidgeot...
  16. Yaoi Fan Boy

    Yaoi Fan Boy Official Crobat Love

    I was looking for Venomoths in Bery Forest to get the Silver Powder, but bumped into a shiny PIDGEOTTO!!!!!! And i was weakening it to catch it....but totally forgot that pidgeottos can have Whirlwind.....and....u can guess what happened from there! T_T
  17. Yaoi Fan Boy

    Yaoi Fan Boy Official Crobat Love

    i was able to get three of the five! X3 i just need Poison Barb....which i need to get from my bro's FR....adn the Dragon Fang. i'm SRing to get a shiny porygon
  18. MekeHeke

    MekeHeke Well-Known Member

    My team against Brock was Charmander (13), Pidgey (12), Mankey (12), Spearow (12), Beedrill (12) and Butterfree (12). I had Pikachu (10) and Rattata (10) in storage. I first sent out Charmander, I used Metal Claw, Geodude used tackle, I used Metal Claw again and knocked him out. Agaisnt Onix, I sent out Mankey and used Low Kick - I got a critical hit and KO'd him. So overall I lost a total of 7HP!! I was ecstatic to do so well but it was a bit.....anticlimatic, especially after the training and all. Do you think I am over-training?
  19. Yaoi Fan Boy

    Yaoi Fan Boy Official Crobat Love

    Um, i was in Island Seven heading to the two cooltrainers close to the house with chansey, and bumped into a Shiny Phanpy! X3 OMG!!!! It's soooo cute!!!!! i caught it! :)
  20. OJG

    OJG r u not entertained

    No, you're fine. I'm finding myself caining trainers around Lavender because my team are all mid-30's and theirs are 19/20 :(
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