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The Official G/S/C SHINY Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation I & II Discussion' started by Psychic, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Espeonite

    Espeonite Well-Known Member

    Trying to sr for a shiny ho-oh did about 300 no luck yet.
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  2. pok3maniac

    pok3maniac New Member

    Just a quick question - should NPC trainer's pokemon ever be shiny? I'm sure I've just encountered one while playing through Silver on the virtual console.

    Inside the Rocket hideout in Mahogany Town and battling one of the scientists. I'm using a (non-shiny) Heracross, his Ditto uses transform and the resulting sprite is very clearly a shiny purple Heracross. Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention when the battle started so have no idea whether the Ditto was shiny before transforming.

    I was always pretty sure that NPC trainers never have shinies, so my assumption is that its some glitch to do with transform? Unfortunately my knowledge of the mechanics isn't good enough to know, but I thought it was pretty interesting nonetheless!
  3. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    It's not shiny; it's just that the Transform sprites have a different colouration than regular sprites in GSC.

    Check the image here - regular Ditto Transforms into a regular Snubbull, but the Transformed Snubbull sprite has a purplish palette.
  4. Ace Trainer Alex

    Ace Trainer Alex wants to fight!

    Yesterday I bred a Shiny Voltorb (named Great Ball), and the day before that I bred a Shiny Nidoran Male (which I plan on sending up to Gen 7). Thinking of breeding a Shiny Eevee or two next, but I think I'm gonna further the story a bit more in both my games.
  5. PsychoIncarnate

    PsychoIncarnate Well-Known Member

    I'm chain breeding to get shinies and to pass on moves.

    I have a shiny ditto from the gen 1 glitch, a shiny gyarados - which is nothing special, and a shiny dragonite. I'm trying to get a shiny charizard but it's REALLY REALLY slow because the dragonite and charmander don't like eachother very much. I don't really NEED a shiny charizard other than to pass Outrage onto Tyranitar, then have that Tyranitar pass Crunch onto Feraligatr. I want the Tyranitar and Feraligatr to be shiny in the process. Maybe I should pass on Rock Slide to the Feraligatr too.
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  6. mew 2000

    mew 2000 Shiny Celebi

    After 757 soft resets I have my shiny celebi
    This goes hand in hand with my shiny ho-oh Lugia and ditto.

    Just a question, will these shinies lose value since they can be cloned?
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  7. PsychoIncarnate

    PsychoIncarnate Well-Known Member

    I just had the most insane thing happen

    2 days ago I caught a wild shiny geodude, then yesterday I breed a shiny Squirtle form just 7 eggs

    Then today I breed a shiny Farfetch'd from 5 eggs and a shiny Exeggcute from 1 egg.

    Also, I thought no shinies could be female except female exclusive pokemon. But I was wrong. It's just starters and eevee and junk that can't have a shiny female.
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  8. Crystal_Knight

    Crystal_Knight Dragon Tamer

    I caught a Shiny pink Celebi during the GS ball event. I had to reboot my game one time because I accidentally fainted the green one in battle while I tried to catch it, but as soon as I reopened my save file and restarted the GS ball event where I last saved, the Celebi that showed up on my second attempt was a Shiny. Had to be REALLY careful battling THAT one to weaken and catch it. *lol*

    Your game sucks if it took 757 resets to get a Shiny Celebi. I wasn't even trying to get one or KNEW I could get one until it appeared after I had to reset my game ONE time during the GS ball event because I fainted the normal Celebi I was trying to catch. The shiny showed up out of nowhere after I rebooted one time and I managed to catch it.

    Though my game sucks too. I have Pokemon Crystal on both of my DS units and that Celibi is the ONLY shiny ANYTHING I've encountered so far. *pouts*
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 19, 2018
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  9. mew 2000

    mew 2000 Shiny Celebi

    Y-You do know its based on chance right? It could have taken me 8,192 resets (or more) or hell could have been on my first try o_O hell I also randomly encountered a Yungoos in Sun, Tentacool in Alpha sapphire and Pancham in X but that doesn't mean some one who breed 800 eggs fo those shinies has a shitty game. >_>
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  10. Axle755

    Axle755 New Member

    So I am on day 11 of 2k resets a day for Shiny Larvitar from the game corner. I am so discouraged right now, I just want it to be over.
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  11. PsychoIncarnate

    PsychoIncarnate Well-Known Member

    Shiny Charizard in Silver/ Crystal isn't glitched or anything? I've gotten many shinies in Silver/ Crystal but I've been trying months to get a shiny charmander. It just won't happen.

    I only need it to spread egg moves and breed with a tyranitar to make it shiny.

    I'm playing on two 3ds' at the same time and hatching egg after egg. It should be 1/50 since I'm breeding one with a shiny ditto and one with a shiny dragonite.

    It only took me like 7 eggs for a shiny Squirtle
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  12. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before. Staff Member Moderator

    Working on soft resetting for a shiny Cyndaquil in Silver and a shiny Totodile in Gold. No luck in either yet. Hoping to try to get a shiny Celebi in Crystal down the road.
  13. PsychoIncarnate

    PsychoIncarnate Well-Known Member

    So after failing to get a shiny Charmander consistently, I realized I only needed it for the moves. So I breed it's moves to a Larvitar and then breed that Larvitar with a shiny Ditto. Now I have a shiny Larvitar.

    I'm going to breed that shiny Larvitar with a female totodile to pass Crunch and Rock Slide. And get a shiny Feraligatr.
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  14. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before. Staff Member Moderator

    Still busy working on soft resetting for Cyndaquil and Totodile in Silver and Gold. They're very, very stubborn. No luck yet. Been running into my share of both games having a female starter though.
  15. PsychoIncarnate

    PsychoIncarnate Well-Known Member

    Shiny Lugia, lol. Through coin case glitch.

    Because I can only soft reset for a week before I give up and just cheat.
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  16. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    I found a Shiny Dogars (Koffing) on Gold version while lurking around the Burned Tower this morning. I wasn't sure whether to capture it or not since I had one already, but I ended up getting it anyway just because I like the coloration.
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  17. Tiger21820

    Tiger21820 Master of Fire & Ice

    Has anyone ever encountered 2 shiny Pokémon in a row? I actually have! I calculated the chances of this happening and I came up with the following result:
    The chances of encountering 2 shiny Pokémon in a row in G/S/C are 67125265 to 1 (0.000001489752%)! :eek:
    You are more likely to win the 1st (not grand) prize of the PowerBall Lottery (For those who live in the US) then to encounter 2 shiny Pokémon in a row in these games!

    Has anyone else ever witnessed this?
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  18. Noa

    Noa Pokemon Crystal is my happy place

    I hope i'll be alive to see that.

    Myself, i'm SRing for a shiny chikorita in my crystal rom. I've always wanted one...
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  19. Venomshock

    Venomshock Well-Known Member

    I found out that the Celebi from the Ilex Forest in Crystal can be shiny so I'm doing some SR hunting for one right now. Gonna take a long time and might be my hardest shiny hunt in Gen 2.
  20. FlamebirdXZ

    FlamebirdXZ New Member

    Any luck yet? I'm doing the same hunt and currently at 500 soft resets!

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